SCOOP 2012: jotothejo goes toe-to-toe heads-up, wins #7-M ($82 Heads-Up)

SCOOP logo.gifDo you remember the Australian kid Corey Worthington Delaney who became a YouTube sensation overnight after throwing a wild party that got out of hand? Despite being interviewed on national TV, Corey was unashamed, unabashed and bare-chested, a large pair of plastic sunglasses on throughout. He didn't care. Rules, regulations and expectations could go hang. A similar policy appears to have been adopted by fellow Aussie jotothejo who came out on top of a field of 3928 players to win $31,037.47 beating a trio of online crushers to take the title.

jotothejo took them all on; TigerMenino ($449,133 in PokerStars tournaments) in the quarters, Sunday Million winner Rens02 ($538,979) in the semi, and Sunday Warm-Up winner flexaccou ($274,849) in the final. jotothejo's previous PokerStars winnings? Zero. It's the beauty of the heads-up game.

scoop2012_event 7m_bracket.jpg

jotothejo had to navigate a tough bracket

flexaccou had taken on Vzsolt800, a player with moderate previous tournament scores ($29,311), to reach the final and trampled him fairly quickly, as he had to his opponent in the bout before. The British player seemed to push to finish things quickly but given that the tournament had been running 12 hours by this point the flailing hard and fast approach was somewhat understandable. jotothejo on the other hand played out his quarter and semi in a long tiring slugfest, slowly battering his opponent, occasionally letting them back up off the canvas, before finally landing the knockout blow. Which technique would play out in the final? The frantic flurry or the rope-a-dope? It was the former.

scoop2012_event 7m_heads up.jpg

The stage is set

The pace was quickly set by flexaccou who on the third hand of the heads up four-bet jotothejo to 850 at the 25-50 blind level. The Australian passed but won the next two pots of significance; first raising the turn of a 6♠3♠K♣9♠ board and then jamming the river of a flushed board (see below). There would only be one further pot that mattered.

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Those two hands left flexaccou on the back foot and down to 3,230. Twelve hands of minor skirmishes followed, in which no pot of more than 600 was won, and it was flexaccou who continued to move in the wrong direction, now down to 2,980 giving jotothejo close to a three-to-one lead. It took one more hand to wrap it up, just 25 in total for a short 12 minute finale.

Presumably trying to leverage his chip lead, jotothejo four-bet shoved into flexaccou with 9♥7♥ and the Brit slowly made the call with pocket eights. The J♦7♣4♣ flop gave jotothejo a couple more outs but the nine which fell on the river would have given him the pot nonetheless. flexaccou adds $19,747 to his tournament stash while jotothejo kicks off his with a a huge ROI-bursting $31,037.

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The quarter finals and beyond
1. jotothejo, $31,037
2. flexaccou, $19,747

Rens02, $9,878
Vzsolt800, $9,878

TigerMenino, $5,497
zdravko, $5,497
carlitos350, $5,497
damiii, $5,497

Other players of note that finished in the money included Faraz 'The-Toilet 0' Jaka (15th, $2,957.78), Andrey 'ThePateychuk' Pateychuk (57th, $936.82), Joao 'Jomane' Nunes (168th , $318.16), DocMick (187th, $318.16) and Bryan Huang (211th, $318.16), while Team Online's Randy 'nanonoko' Lew and George 'Jorj95' Lind, and Team PokerStars Pro Jan Heitmann all picked up min-cashes.

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Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in SCOOP