SCOOP 2012: kev19 comes from behind to win SCOOP Event #35-M $215 NL Omaha H/L

SCOOP logo.gifFor an event that sounds exciting, it turns out that No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo can be a real grind. Sure, you can stick in all your chips preflop if you want, which may attract a few Hold'em players, but in Omaha you're rarely a big favourite, and with so many chopped pots, it takes a lot of patience and not just a little gamble to survive.

The SCOOP Event #35-M $215 No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo attracted a field of 617 runners. That produced a prize pool of $123,400 which was well over double the guarantee. Some of those in the field today were Bertrans "ElkY" Grospellier, Dale "daleroxxu" Philip, George Danzer, Chad Brown, Marcin "Goral" Horecki, Liv Boeree, Eugene Katchalov, Henrique Pinho, Roy "GodlikeRoy" Bhasin, Anders "Donald" Berg, Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome, Martin Staszko, Shane "shaniac" Schleger and George "jorj95" Lind III who narrowly missed the money in 89th place as the highest finishing Team PokerStars Pro.

SHIPP ITT from Costa Rica finished on the bubble as the top 81 players received at least $357.86.

The final table bubble itself lasted almost an hour but after ten and a half hours of chopped pots, the final table was finally formed:


Final Table Line up
Seat 1: KingPaulie (210,827 in chips)
Seat 2: kev19 (410,316 in chips)
Seat 3: PKaiser (963,118 in chips)
Seat 4: WsoPMystEVry (430,585 in chips)
Seat 5: claudioney18 (133,816 in chips)
Seat 6: Macr0s (163,704 in chips)
Seat 7: PaulSmiley (266,847 in chips)
Seat 8: zumytime (178,558 in chips)
Seat 9: F3nix35 (327,229 in chips)

While it was slow going to reach this far, it didn't take too long to see our first significant scoop of the final table. It was a brutal one at that, with Paul "KingPaulie" Hockin and PaulSmiley both finding aces, but Hockin made an unlikely two pair to scoop the lot:

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However it was Macr0s who was first to be eliminated. Macr0s moved all in over an open from claudioney18 who made the call with K♦3♣A♥Q♣. Macr0s showed J♠A♠K♥6♣ but claudioney18 improved to a straight on the board of 7♥A♦T♣J♣2♦. Neither player could make a low as Macr0s headed off with $1,851 for 9th place.

PaulSmiley couldn't recover from his earlier blow as he shoved preflop with 7♣4♠5♠A♣. It looked like he might get through the table, but WsoPMystEVry woke up in the big blind and called with 2♠A♥9♠A♠. The board fell 3♦3♠7♥K♦4♣ to see PaulSmiley beaten for both high and low to depart in 8th place for $2,776.50 in prize money.

Another stalemate developed seven-handed with nearly a full hour between casualties. Zumytime got short and moved all in preflop with 3♠5♣J♣A♠. It doesn't happen too often in Omaha but zumytime was in pretty bad shape against kev19's dominant K♥A♥3♦5♦. Two hearts on the flop, and another on the turn gave kev19 the nut flush to scoop the pot. Zumytime picked up $4,010.50 for 7th place.

Hockin found a key double up with a very pretty Q♥Q♠A♥K♠ holding against F3nix35 who flopped a wheel draw with 9♦A♠3♠6♦ but couldn't improve any further. It left F3nix35 crippled and eliminated moments later when again unable to make a low against claudioney18 who scooped with aces up. F3nix35 was out in 6th place for $5,244.50.

Again things got tight with five players left. Nicolas "PKaiser" Fierro was way out in front, which left the short stacks with only one move -- all in. Of course, in Omaha it's pretty tough to snap call with a monster since one is never a huge favourite. It meant that few hands got to see a flop as the short stacks survived by stealing blinds uncontested.

It was claudioney18 who would crack first, moving all in over the top of Fierro's min-raise. The call was made by Fierro who flopped the nut low against claudioney18's set and it appeared we would be seeing another chop. However it wasn't over just yet...

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Fierro caught runner-runner to improve to a full house to scoop the lot and leave a disappointed claudioney18 heading to the rail in 5th place for a $6,589.56 collect.

Another war developed four-handed with no player prepared to give an inch. It almost proved too much for WsoPMystEVry who tossed up the idea of a deal during the break. Hockin had taken the lead and he was open to the idea, but Fierro had slipped back into the pack and was keen to play on.

After 45 minutes of four-handed play, WsoPMystEVry continued to try and convince the others to look at the numbers, but it was all in vain as WsoPMystEVry was next to go. After shoving nearly 25 big blinds with K♦A♣3♦T♥, WsoPMystEVry ran smack-bang into the A♥A♦8♣4♣ of Fierro. The board ran out [9dJ♠K♠8♥9♠ to leave WsoPMystEVry with $9,378.40 for 4th place.

PKaiser said, "shouldnt have asked for a break... gg"

Hockin was in the lead, but Fierro continued the momentum to take control and pound on his opponents with the following hand a real game-breaker:

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Hockin flopped a set but it got counterfeited by the river to leave a dismayed Hockin back in the danger zone.

KingPaulie said, "mbFn"

The blinds were starting to catch up and Hockin was forced to move all in with 8♥6♠4♠2♥ as Fierro made the call with Q♠4♥A♠9♠. Hockin was in front with two pair when the first four community cards fell 8♦T♥5♦T♦ but the J♦ river gave Fierro a straight to leave Hockin out in 3rd place, giving the Kiwi $12,463.40 in prize money.

Heads-up counts
PKaiser (2,690,446 in chips)
kev19 (394,554 in chips)

With a healthy chip lead and all the momentum, it appeared it was Fierro's tournament to win, but kev19 had other ideas as he aggressively went for glory. Kev19 moved all-in on several occasions over the opens from Fierro and managed to double up twice to level up the playing field.

Kev19 continued to apply the heat and when Fierro moved all in preflop withQ♦2♣T♦4♣, kev19 made the call with 7♣A♠3♠3♥. With the SCOOP title on the line, the board was spread 8♠9♠8♦9♣J♠. Fierro's queen-high straight wasn't enough as kev19 made an ace-high flush to take the win! Fierro collected $16,905.80 for the runner-up result while kev19 comes from behind to win the SCOOP watch and $23,199.20 in prize money.

SCOOP Event#35-M $215 NL Omaha H/L Results
Number of entrants: 617
Places paid: 81

Final Table Results
1st kev19 (Canada) - $23,199.20
2nd PKaiser (Chile) - $16,905.80
3rd KingPaulie (New Zealand) - $12,463.40
4th WsoPMystEVry (Ukraine) - $9,378.40
5th claudioney18 (Brazil) - $6,589.56
6th F3nix35 (United Kingdom) - $5,244.50
7th zumytime (Portugal) - $4,010.50
8th PaulSmiley (Australia) - $2,776.50
9th Macr0s (Germany) - $1,851.00

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