SCOOP 2012: Lind, Jorgensen in hunt for titles as festival nears end

SCOOP logo.gifIn the fog of poker war, hours evaporate. At the beginning of a session, the first fifteen minutes can take two hours. The rest of the 13-hour session is over in the blink of an eye. A big poker festival is no different. When the Spring Championship of Online Poker began, it seemed like its two-week schedule would last forever. Now, it's almost at its end.


There are four more days of SCOOP events. Four more days left to get your first, second, third, fourth, or, Shaun Deeb, your fifth SCOOP watch. As we wake up to the waning moments of what has been a most amazing festival, let's get a feel for the state of play as things stand in the fourth quarter.

So far, the 2012 SCOOP as seen 438,228 entries. That's 34% more than this time last year. As you might expect, the prize pools have seen an impressive jump as well. As of right now, SCOOP has racked up $41,360,449 in prizes. Last year at this time, that number was $27,812,180.

The star of the series so far is impossible to question: Shaun Deeb, who already had one SCOOP title coming in to today, put together three more championship runs to essentially lock up the overall Player of the Series title. He is also leading the high buy-in leaderboard. Here are all the Player of the Series leaders as of right now:

  • Overall: Shaun Deeb
  • High: Shaun Deeb
  • Medium: SebbyGl
  • Low Drew M Scott tied with Team Online's George "Jorj95" Lind III
  • By the way, keep your eye on Lind, as he's in the top ten of Event #29-L that re-restarts today. More on that below.


    George Lind III looking good for second SCOOP title today

    If that's not enough to satisfy the stats junkie in you, here are some 2012 numbers to make your head spin.

  • Overall money leader: Viktor "Isildur1" Blom ($438,597.29)
  • Most cashes Shaun Deeb (21)
  • Most final tables Shaun Deeb (7)
  • Most winnings by country: Canada ($6,634,905)
  • Most cashes by country: Germany (6,513)
  • Most final tables by country: Canada (95)
  • Events won by country: Canada tied with UK (13)
  • In just a few hours, Day 2 of SCOOP Event #29, a big ante no-limit hold'em event, will kick off. The high buy-in competition features a ton of rock stars, including Faraz "The-Toilet 0" Jaka, Steve "gboro780" Gross, Andrey "ThePateychuk" Pateychuk and Team PokerStars Pro Theo Jorgensen.

    Here are the top ten players from each of those tourneys in advance of their 2pm ET re-start.

    SCOOP Event #29-H Day 2 Top Ten
    First prize: $159,101

    1. holdplz 345034
    2. Gribnogrib 330971
    3. bigbluffzinc 292020
    4. Shhh00kem 290643
    5. Jymaster11 263658
    6. The-Toilet 0 236608
    7. zugzwang16 224991
    8. Face333X 185123
    9. JackOrsen72 176176
    10. gboro780 116102


    Theo Jorgensen, also in the hunt in 11th place

    SCOOP Event #29-M Day 2 Top Ten
    First prize: $80,614

    1. djalminha 2359508
    2. kripap 1482543
    3. djk123 1413416
    4. ro_Man777 1283273
    5. pistons87 1273102
    6. matt20 1246945
    7. montjeu8 997495
    8. jtizzo222 928679
    9. Blackbeaty 830090
    10. SvZff 795361

    SCOOP Event #29-L Day 2 Top Ten
    First prize: $42,544

    1.. tollefishy 7961590
    2. MrWeesy 7861943
    3. JBzzzr 7821817
    4. Jorj95 6803705
    5. bliblablupbp 6368678
    6. DrUPSWING 6255553
    7. LTUkaunas 6103375
    8. allinnchic 5994230
    9. gmanrom 5398773
    10. brains-wave 4754773

    Good luck to everyone still in action today and as we head toward Sunday's main events.

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in SCOOP