SCOOP 2012: Maestro Shao masters the field in Event #6-H ($1,050 NL 5-Card Draw)

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Most people regret making a $1,170 mistake, but then again, most people aren't Daniel Negreanu.

At around 11:00am ET Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu Tweeted: "Playing my first #SCOOP2012 2-7 Single Draw NL playing all three, the $11 $109 and $1050"

If that seemed a bit odd to you, it's because it should. There weren't any scheduled 2-7 Single Draw events today. In fact, there aren't going to be any 2-7 Single Draw events all SCOOP.

Negreanu realized his mistake and, a few minutes later, followed up with this Tweet: "Haha OMG I have been playing the wrong game this whole time! It's 5 card draw HIGH oops! Too funny"

Negreanu busted out of the Low and Medium events without a cash, but he managed to make it to the heads-up match here in Event #6-H.



But KidPoker wasn't the only Team PokerStars Pro in the field today (although he might've been the only one there accidentally).

A total of six Team PokerStars Pros and two Team PokerStars Online players registered for Event #6-H. This meant almost 10 percent of today's 84 players had a red spade decorating their name. But the fancy red spade would end up representing 1/3 of the final table.

Victor Ramdin, George Danzer, Eugene Katchalov and Johnny Lodden all signed up for some 5-Card Draw action today, but none of them would make it to the money. Lodden was the closest, he managed to make it to the final three tables and was eliminated in 18th place.

Anders "Donald" Hoyers Berg and George "jorj95" Lind were representing Team PokerStars Online, but they weren't able to see a return on their $1,050 investment.

But our remaining Team PokerStars Pros would do more than cash; they'd go on to final table and finish second and third.

Daniel Negreanu grabbed the chip lead with 25 players left and he kept on winning pots:

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Negreanu's lead would increase as we made our way down to the final two tables, but then another Team PokerStars Pro would burst into the lead.


ElkY might not be human. At times I suspect he's a replicant, a genetically-engineered robot that's superior to human beings in every way. He has an ability to master whatever game he sits down to play, whether it be StarCraft or poker.

Just last year, ElkY won his first WSOP bracelet in the 10K stud event. Yes, winning a bracelet is impressive, but several humans win bracelets. ElkY won his bracelet in an event he'd never played live before.

After winning the bracelet, ElkY admitted that that had been his first ever live Stud event.

Again, replicant.

Oh, he also already cashed for more than $1 million this year.

When we were down to our final six players, ElkY held the lead with 90,062.

The rest of the final table looked like this:

SCOOP Event #6-H.png

Seat 1 - Metalguru84 -- 77,846
Seat 2 - Gagarin007 -- 44,243
Seat 3 - KidPoker -- 57,942
Seat 4- Iftarii -- 58,213
Seat 5 - Maestro Shao -- 82,394
Seat 6 - ElkY -- 96,062

ElkY continued his ruthless run, even taking pots off of his fellow Team Pro. Negreanu raised to 2,400 and ElkY called. Both players drew one card and Negreanu led out for 4,800.

ElkY called and showed two pairs, sevens and deuces. Negreanu also had two pair, but his fives and threes weren't enough to win the pot.

This hand made ElkY the first player to make it past the 100,000 mark. The rest of the players stared at his stack with awe and hunger.


Metalguru84 raised to 2,400 and our table short stack, Gagarin007, made it 6,000 from the button. Iftarii 4-bet to 24,002 and Metalguru84 folded. Gagarin007 upped the ante and moved all in for 41,243.

Iftarii folded and was left with 34,211.

After that, Iftarii was chipped down to 21,000; he didn't see a single showdown in the process. With 700/1,400 blinds and a 350 ante, he was going to need to need to make a move.

And he did.

ElkY raised to 2,800 from UTG and Metalguru84 re-raised to 6,300. Action was folded around to Iftarii in the small blind, who moved all in for 21,861.

ElkY laid down his hand, but Metalguru84 made the call.

Iftarii drew two while Metalguru84 stood pat. Iftarii showed an A♥A♦A♠4♣6♥ for three aces, but Metalguru84 showed a dealt straight, 7♥8♥9♠[10h]J♥.

Iftarii became our first final table elimination and won $4,410 for his 6th place finish.


ElkY continued to amass chips.

Maestro Shao raised to 3,080 from the small blind and ElkY raised to 8,400. Both players drew three cards and Maestro Shao led out for 9,800. ElkY raised to 26,600 and Maestro Shao decided to fold.

This put ElkY at 133,000 and then the following hand happened:

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ElkY managed to get up to 170,000 before other players started chipping away at him.


Maestro Shao joined ElkY in the 100K club after the following hand.

ElkY raised to 3,200 from UTG and Maestro Shao called from the big blind. Maestro Shao drew three cards while ElkY took one.

Maestro Shao checked and ElkY led out for 6,400. Maestro Shao called and showed K♣K♦2♦2♥3♦, beating ElkY's [10c][10s]7♠7♥6♦.

Maestro Shao then took the chip lead away from ElkY for the first time at the final table:

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After losing the majority of his chips to Negreanu, Metalguru84 was left with only 13,000. This was a dangerously low stack with 800/1600 blinds and a 400 ante.

He managed to double back up to 24,000 when his two pair held up against ElkY's busted straight draw, but his two pairs couldn't hold up forever.

Maestro Shao raised to 4,400 from UTG and ElkY called. Metalguru84 moved all in for 20,000 and got one caller, Gagarin007.

Both players drew one card and both players showed two pair.

Metalguru84 showed A♦K♠K♣[10d][10c], but his two pair was slightly behind Gagarin007's A♠A♣[10h][10s]6♣.

Metalguru84 was eliminated in 5th place and took home $5,880 for his finish.


Daniel Negreanu was dangerously short-stacked for a portion of the final table, but he managed to play his way up to second in chips and knock out the fourth place finisher.

In one of his Tweets, Negreanu mentioned that were "lots of "moves" to be made" in 5-Card Draw. We have no idea when these moves were being made, but they're in there somewhere.

Negreanu raised to 4,000 from UTG and Gagarin007 moved all in for 24,948. Negreanu called and both players drew three cards.

Gagarin007 managed to hit ace-high while Negreanu got a pair of queens. Gagarin007 was eliminated in 4th place, earning $7,980.


Our three-way match ended up like this:

KidPoker -- 126,692
Maestro Shao --187,697
ElkY --105,611

Maestro Shao then took and early lead:

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He then won another pot against ElkY. Maestro Shao raised to 4,400 and ElkY called. Maestro Shao drew one card while ElkY drew three.

Maestro Shao led out for 8,000 and ElkY made the call. Maestro Shao showed a pair of aces and sixes while ElkY mucked.

This brought Maestro Shao's stack up to 240,000, while ElkY was down to 77,000.

All three players seemed to maintain their stacks for a while until Negreanu won a big hand off of Maestro Shao.

Negreanu raised to 4,000 from the small blind and Maestro Shao re-raised to 8,000. Negreanu made it 22,000 and Maestro Shao called.

Negreanu drew two while Maestro Shao took three. Negreanu led out for a final 22,000 bet and Maestro Shao called.

Negreanu showed 7♣7♥7♦[10c]K♠ and Maestro Shao mucked. This brought Negreanu up to 143,000.

ElkY also managed to gain some ground, but he was soon shut down by Maestro Shao.

With 1,250/2,500 blinds and a 625 ante, Maestro Shao raised to 5,500. ElkY moved all-in for 110,561 and Maestro show made the call.

Maestro Shao drew two cards while ElkY drew one. At the showdown, ElkY showed 4♣4♥Q♦8♥8♦ for two pair, but Maestro Shao showed 5♦5♥5♣A♥[10c] for the victory.

ElkY was eliminated in 3rd place and took home $11,760 for his finish.

He had this to say after his exit:

"Sick fished out to finish 3rd... oh well good luck to @realkidpoker . was lots of fun anyways. #SCOOP2012"


Maestro Shao came into the heads-up match with the lead, 282,058, against Negreanu's 137,942. But that lead would change.

Several times.

A swingy, 90-minute heads-up battle followed ElkY's elimination.

Negreanu first closed in on Maestro Shao's lead after hitting three kings against Maestro Shao's busted flush draw:

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Negreanu continued to win small pots and he built his stack up to 223,000 against Maestro Shao's 182,000.

Then Maestro Shao raised to 6,000 from the small blind and Negreanu called and drew three cards. Maestro Shao also drew three and led out for 9,000 when Negreanu checked.

Negreanu raised to 30,000 and Maestro Shao re-raised to 84,210. Negreanu made the call and mucked when Maestro Shao showed Q♣Q♠Q♥6♥3♦.

This hand put Maestro Shao back up to 286,000.

Negreanu wouldn't see the lead again until about 20 minutes later when he raised to 8,000 from the small blind.

Maestro Shao called and drew three while Negreanu drew two. Action was checked to Negreanu who made it 12,000, Maestro Shao then raised to 51,450 and Negreanu moved all in for 163,532.

Maestro Shao folded and Negreanu was back on top with 232,000. Maestro Shao found himself down to 187,000, but not for long.


With 2,000/4,000 blinds and a 1,000 ante, Maestro Shao raised to 8,000 from the small blind. Negreanu then re-raised to 20,000 and Maestro Shao moved all in.

Negreanu thought for a while before making the call, then both players drew three cards. Negreanu showed a pair of kings, but it wasn't good enough to beat Maestro Shao's two pair.

Negreanu was now in need of a double up, and he got it:

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The two players started passing the chip lead back and forth, then Negreanu hogged it.

Maestro Shao raised to 8,000 and Negreanu called and drew two. Maestro Shao took three cards and bet 12,000 when Negreanu checked.

Negreanu made the call and showed a pair of sevens. It wasn't the best hand in 5-Card Draw, but it was better than a pair of fives, and that's what Maestro Shao had.

Maestro Shao was down to 180,000 and Negreanu was up to 240,000. Negreanu went on to win a few more pots before Maestro Shao got himself another double up.

Negreanu raised to 8,000 and then a raising war broke out. Maestro Shao made it 16,000 and Negreanu moved things up to 36,000.

Maestro Shao stopped fooling around and moved all in for 169,022.

Maestro Shao drew two cards and Negreanu took one after he made the call.

Negreanu showed A♦A♠[10d][10c]3♣, but it wasn't enough to beat Maestro Shao's 4♥4♦4♠8♥3♥.

After all the ups and downs, the draw-twos and stand-pats, things eventually came to an end.

Negreanu teetered up and down a bit after doubling Maestro Shao up, and when he had about 100,000 left, he made his final move.

Maestro Shao raised to 10,000 and Negreanu moved all in for 102,706. Maestro Shao made the call and Negreanu drew three while Maestro Shao drew two.

When they showed their cards, they revealed the last two hands of the tournament:

Negreanu: 9♦9♣J♦7♦3♥

Maestro Shao: 5♥5♠5♦A♣[10c]

Negreanu became the 2nd place finisher, earning $15,530. This last hand gave Maestro Shao all 420,000 chips in play and the $22,890 first-place prize.

Aside from winning this event, Maestro Shao final tabled the Medium as well. His 6th place finish there added $1,900.21 to his total winnings today.

2012 SCOOP Event 6-H, $1,050 Five-Card Draw results:
1st: Maestro Shao ($22,890)
2nd: KidPoker ($15,330)
3rd: ElkY ($11,760)
4th: Gagarin007 ($7,980)
5th: Metalguru84 ($5,880)
6th: Iftarii ($4,410)

Congratulations to Maestro Shao and all the other Event #6-H cashers, it was a tough one. But as one tournament comes to a close, another is being scooped right up. Go check out the SCOOP homepage to see the schedule, leaderboard and everything about the 2012 SCOOP.

Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in SCOOP