SCOOP 2012: MaiseE makes PLO look easy; Wins Event #24-H PLO

SCOOP logo.gifIt's been a while since an unknown Scandi crashed the party on the nosebleed cash game scene. A couple of years ago, before he became a Team PokerStars Pro, Isildur1's true identity kept the poker community buzzing for months.

These days, an unknown player from Sweden using the screen name MaiseE has been making a name for himself after a couple of profitable sessions at $100/$200 PLO. The identity of the Swede is still a mystery. But now you can add another chapter to the enigmatic legend after MaiseE decimated the field in SCOOP Event #24-High $1,050 PLO (1R+1A Turbo).

The final table for this PLO rebuy Turbo was set in under three hours and the entire thing was complete in 3 hours and 21 minutes. A total of 282 runners contributed 213 re-buys and 147 add-ons, which created a prize pool worth $642,000. Top 36 places paid with $131,289 set aside for the champion.


"Hello, I'm the real Slim Shady."

Several notables took a shot at this PLO event including Team PokerStars Pros Nacho Barbero, Viktor "Isildur1" Blom, Jason Mercier, Martin Staszko, George Danzer, Rino Mathis, and Elky. Also in the mix were Team PokerStars Online members... Anders "Donald" Berg, Roy "GodlikeRoy" Bhasin, Kristian "CharrismA3" Martin, and George "Jorj95" Lind.

The only notable member of Team PokerStars Online to cash was George Lind, who finished in 31st place.


With 10 players to go and action playing hand-for-hand, short-stacked ILIOS72 made a move and got it all-in with A♦7♥6♣4♣ against Danny98765's A♠K♣Q♥2♥. The board ran out Q♣5♠4♥2♠Q♠, and Danny98765 won the hand with a full boat. ILIOS72 unceremoniously bubbled off the final table in tenth place and won $10,272.


Event #24-H PLO - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: MaiseE (535,887)
Seat 2: AlexKP (166,672)
Seat 3: Jamie_KK (153,628)
Seat 4: TheCleaner11 (127,001)
Seat 5: LukeFromB13 (140,469)
Seat 6: IneedMassari (352,308)
Seat 7: Milana Jones (164,464)
Seat 8: JRADF79 (105,419)
Seat 9: Danny98765 (180,152)

Sweden's MaiseE held the overall lead with 535K.

CHILLY WATER: TheCleaner11 eliminated in 9th place

Due to the Turbo supersonic format, the final nine didn't settle into their seats long enough before we witness the first elimination. TheCleaner11 opened to 70,000, AlexKP shoved for 166,672, and TheCleaner11 was covered and called call-in. TheCleaner11 trailed with K♠Q♥J♥2♠ against AlexKP's A♥A♠9♦8♣. The board ran out 8♦5♥7♣T♦K♦. TheCleaner11 whiffed on a gutterball draw and AlexKP's Aces held up. TheCleaner11 became the first player to bust at the final table and collected $12,198 for ninth place.

TRAVELIN' LIGHT: Danny98765 eliminated in 8th place

Milana Jones kicked off the action with a raise to 87,500. Danny98765 pushed all-in for 210,152. Milana Jones accepted the rumble and called. Milana Jones was trailing with K♥A♥T♣4♣ against Danny98765's A♠A♣8♠5♥. The flop was 5♦3♠2♦ and Milana Jones flopped a Wheel. The turn was the J♣ and the river was the Q♦. Neither card helped Danny98765, who had his Aces viciously snapped off by Milana Jones. Danny98765 busted out in eighth place and won $16,050.

SPACE WRANGLER: Jamie_KK eliminated in 7th place

It seems as though A-A and K-K in PLO loses a lot more than NL. Well, in this instance, A-A-K-K held up for Milana Jones. The hand started off when Malina Jones opened to 87,500 and short-stacked Jamie_KK called all-in for his last 43,209. The board ran out 6♠5♠2♦5♦2♣. Milana Jones's A♠A♣K♦K♠ held up against Jamie_KK's busted straight draw with 8♣8♠4♦4♥. Jamie_KK earned $22,470.00 for a seventh-place performance.

With six PLO-junkies remaining, MaiseE retained the top spot with 523K, while LukeFromB13 was the proverbial shorty.

COCONUT: AlexKP eliminated in 6th place

AlexKP opened to 105,000, Milana Jones bumped it up to 180,000, and AlexKP called all-in for 44,209. AlexKP trailed with A♥Q♠5♦2♥ against Milana Jones's A♦K♠4♠3♥. The board ran out 6♥4♦4♥3♣Q♥. Although AlexKP rivered a flush, Milana Jones turned a boat to win the pot. AlexKP took home $28,890 for a sixth-place payday.

PORCH SONG: IneedMassari eliminated in 5th place

MaiseE opened to 140,000 and short-stacked IneedMassari called all-in for 83,970. IneedMassari was ahead with A♥K♣J♠T♥ versus MaiseE's J♦T♦8♥7♠, but the board ran out 9♣6♣5♠7♥T♣. IneedMassari could only muster up two pair while MaiseE won the hand with a Jack-high straight. IneedMassari earned $37,236 for a fifth-place finish.


With four to go and MaiseE holding a significant advantage, a deal was cut. MaiseE was guaranteed $102,422.89, Milana Jones locked up $85,327.82, LukeFromB13 got $81,694.59, and JRADF79's cut was $80,259.70. A total of $5,000 was set aside for the winner. Oh, and how could we forget about the cool watch! Once everyone agreed on a chop, the action resumed.

HOLDEN OVERSOUL: LukeFromB13 eliminated in 4th place

LukeFromB13 opened the betting with 175,000, MaiseE re-raised to 550,000, LukeFromB13 four-bet shoved for 197,504. MaiseE was ahead with K♥K♣7♠7♦ against LukeFromB13's A♠Q♥8♠8♣. The flop was 8♥5♥3♥ and LukeFromB13 took the lead with a set of eights. But the K♠ spiked on the turn, which improved MaiseE to a set of Kings. The 2♥ fell on the river. MaiseE's hand held up and LukeFromB13 was knocked out in fourth place, earning $81,694.59.

With three to go, MaiseE held over 1 million, which was more than half of chips in play.

THE TAKE OUT: JRADF79 eliminated in 3rd place; Milana Jones eliminated in 2nd place

How about two bust-outs for the price of one?

Milana Jones kicked off the fracas with a raise to 210,000. JRADF79 shoved all-in for 111,476. MaiseE called. Three-way pot. The flop was 3♦4♥2♦. MaiseE bet 60,000, Milana Jones raised to 130,000. MaiseE re-raised to 951,476, and Milana Jones called all-in for 225,748. The players showed their hands:

MaiseE: 6♥5♥4♦3♣
Milana Jones: 9♦7♠6♦5♣
JRADF79: Q♥T♠8♦7♦

JRADF79 flopped a flush draw, and although Milana Jones flopped a straight, MaiseE also flopped a straight, yet picked up a boat draw. The turn was the 4♠ and MaiseE locked up the the side pot and main pot with a full house. The river was the a meaningless 9♥. MaiseE knocked out both players to win the tournament. JRADF79 earned $80,259.70 for third place. Milana Jones won $85,327.82 for a second-place performance.

MaiseE won his first SCOOP title, $107,422.89 in cash, and a cool watch.

View the stunning final hand here:

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Event #24-H PLO - Final Table Pay Outs and Results:
1. MaiseE (Sweden) - $107,422.89 **
2. Milana Jones (Russia) - $85,327.82 **
3. JRADF79 (Belgium) - $80,259.70 **
4. LukeFromB13 (Canada) - $81,694.59 **
5. IndeedMassari (Brazil) - $37,236
6. AlexKP (Denmark) - $28,890
7. Jamie_KK (U.K.) - $22,470
8. Danny98765 (Canada) - $16,050
9. The Cleaner11 (Malta) - $12,198

** Denotes deal was cut among the final four players

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Pauly McGuire
@PokerStars in SCOOP