SCOOP 2012: marroca5 takes out ZeeJustin to win Event #22-H ($1,050 NLHE/PLO)

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Time to mix things up.

No-Limit Hold'em is still the most popular form of poker in the world. The game's balance of revealed information and mystery make mastering it a lifetime goal. The "No-Limit" limit to betting attracts all the gambling fanatics and thrill seekers.

But another game has also gained popularity with gambling and strategy junkies. That game is Pot-Limit Omaha.

With four hole cards at a player's disposal, the action is relentless. There are straight and flush draws in almost every hand, there are pairs of pairs and the pots are large.

If only there was a way to combine these two games for players...hmmm...

Wait, we can! We have the technology.

Event #22-H let players from around (most of) the world play a PLO and a NLHE tournament for the price of one. The cost? $1,050. What did you get? A 5,000 starting stack, 30-minute levels alternating between PLO and NLHE and a chance at a $436,000 prize pool.

436 players made the $1,050 investment today, including 14 members Team PokerStars Pro and Team PokerStars Online.

Out of those 14, George "jorj95" Lind would be the only one to cash. The top 54 players made the money in Event #22-H, and Lind finished 53rd.

While Lind's finish won him $2,180, the tournament champion would have a $83,668 payday.

That payday went to marroca5, who had to best a field of some of the best PLO and NLHE players in the world.

There was a combination of WSOP bracelet winners, EPT Champions, and WCOOP and SCOOP watch owning players like ElkY, Isildur1, Jon "PearlJammer" Turner, Vanessa Selbst, Jon "apestyles" Van Fleet and Julian "MrCoco" Gardner in today's field.

While marroca5 had a dominating lead throughout most of the final table, it's safe to say that he didn't have an easy road to victory.


marroca5 would start the final table as chip leader but, like every player in the tournament, he only started with 5,000 chips.

He had to work his way to the top. marroca5 first closed in on the chip lead with 14 players left.

In a PLO round with 1,500/3,000 blinds, Sira Al Aziz raised to 6,000 from UTG. marroca5 called and the flop came A♦J♥J♣.

Sira Al Aziz led out for 8,250 and marroca5 raised to 21,000. Sira Al Aziz called and a 4♣ came on the turn, marroca5 raised to 29,800 and Sira Al Aziz moved all in for 85,394.

marroca5 called and Sira Al Aziz showed A♣A♠K♦Q♦ for a full house. But marroca5 could beat a full house, he showed J♦J♠5♣6♠ for quad jacks.

That's Pot-Limit Omaha.

The turn was an uneventful 8♦ and Sira Al Aziz was eliminated while marroca5 saw his stack grow to 325,587. Python817 held the lead at the time with 339,623, but marroca5 would win a few more hands and snatch the lead away.

marroca5 really pulled away when he burst the final table bubble.

The game was NLHE and the blinds were 2,000/4,000 with a 500 ante. marroca5 raised to 8,000 from UTG and Exclusive re-raised to 22,500. Action was back to marroca5, who 4-bet to 44,800, Exclusive then moved all in for 278,836, a bet that marroca5 quickly called.

Exclusive showed A♥K♥ while marroca5 turned over K♦K♥.

The [10h]Q♦5♥ gave Exclusive hopes for a straight draw, but the turn was a 5♣ and the river brought another 4, the 4♦.

Exclusive was elimated in 10th place and marroca5 entered the final table with the chip lead.


When our final table was set, it looked something (exactly) like this:


Seat 1: JIZOINT - 353,239
Seat 2: benzidebuc - 95,841
Seat 3: RunThisTable - 215,930
Seat 4: charder30 - 296,118
Seat 5: ZeeJustin - 86,929
Seat 6: birs320 - 56,569
Seat 7: Python817 - 263,629
Seat 8: marroca5 - 727,911

We reached the final table on the last hand hand before the break. When the final nine came back from their five-minute intermission, we had our first elimination.

The game was NLHE and on the first hand of the final table, MrCoco -- who recently won Event #18-H -- moved all in for 83,334.

benzidebuc called and MrCoco showed a pair of 6s. If he was hoping for a flip, he must've been incredibly disappointed to see benzidebuc's K♠K♣.

The board fell J♥3♣5♥4♦8♥ and MrCoco was eliminated. His 9th place finish earned him $7,237.60.

The next elimination came with the next round of Pot-Limit Omaha. Blinds were 2,500/5,000 and birs320 raised to 10,000.

marroca5 -- who had 760,000 compared to birs320's 79,000 -- called and the flop came 7♥5♦4♥. birs320 checked and marroca5 bet 12,500. birs320 raised and marroca5 re-raised, prompting birs320 to move all in.

marroca5 called and showed 5♥6♥8♥8♠ while birs320 showed A♦Q♣J♥3♥. The turn was an A♣ and a 6♣ came on the river, giving marroca5 an 8-high straight.

birs320 was eliminated in 8th place, a finish worth $9,810. marroca5, on the other hand, saw his lead grow to 872,035. Christian "charder30" Harder was sitting in second with 443,443.

A few hands later, benzidebuc raised from UTG:

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benzidebuc was eliminated in 7th place, earning $14,170.

benzidebuc's elimination left Justin "ZeeJustin" Bonomo as the tournament short stack with just under 90,000.

In the same round of PLO, ZeeJustin raised to 10,000 from UTG and marroca5 called from the button. RunThisTable re-raised to 42,500 and ZeeJustin moved all in for 88,429.

RunThisTable called and showed A♣6♠Q♣K♦, while ZeeJustin held K♣K♠Q♠J♠.

The 9♣2♦8♥ flop gave ZeeJustin a straight draw and the river would complete it with a [10c].

ZeeJustin doubled up to about 190,000 while RunThisGame saw his stack shrink to 50,000.

The game switched back to NLHE and the blinds were 3,000/6,000 with a 750 ante.

JIZOINT raised to 144,000 from the small blind and RunThisTable called from the big, putting himself all in.

RunThisTable showed J♦8♦ and was up against JIZOINT's A♦K♠.

The flop brought an A♠ and RunThisTable was eliminated in 6th place. His finish would add $18,530 to his bankroll.


ZeeJustin entered the table short-stacked but managed a double up. But despite his double up, he'd find himself short-stacked again with five players to go

Python817 raised to 12,655 and ZeeJustin called from the big blind. The flop came 6♦4♥[10s] and Python817 bet 17,455. ZeeJustin raised to 44,000 and Python817 moved all in for 230,624.

When ZeeJustin called, Python817 showed A♠A♦. ZeeJustin's 6♣4♣ was significantly worse pre-flop, but now he had two-pair.

ZeeJustin's hand would hold up and he'd double up to 337,966.

Python817 -- on the other hand -- was left with around 70,000. He wouldn't last long.

Python817 moved all in for 66,421from the button and JIZOINT called from the big blind.

JIZOINT showed Q♠[10s] and was going to need some improvement to knock out Python817, who held A♠7♥.

The 3♠[10h]8♠ flop brought the help JIZOINT needed, and a Q♦ on the turn brought even more. A 5♣ came on the river and Python817 was eliminated in 5th place. He'd take home $24,416 for his finish.

When play got down to four players, Justin Bonomo suggested a deal.

"4-way even chop?" asked Bonomo. "it's 56K for all."

"serious question?" morroca5 asked. At the time, Bonomo had around 238,000 while marooca5 had more than 1MM.

The table didn't agree on Bonomo's deal.

But then Bonomo started chipping up:

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Bonomo would keep winning pots until -- all of the sudden -- he snatched the lead away from marroca5 for the first time:

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Four-handed play had been going on for about an hour without an elimination. Then, all of the sudden, marroca5 re-claimed his tournament dominance.

In a NLHE round with 5,000/10,000 blinds and a 1,250 ante, ZeeJustin raised to 20,000. marroca5 re-raised to 50,800 and ZeeJustin made it 100,000 to go.

marroca5 called and the flop came 6♥8♠[10c]. ZeeJustin led out for another 100,000 and -- after thinking for a bit -- marroca5 raised to 220,000.

ZeeJustin folded and was left with 445,571 while marroca5 was back up to over 1MM. Two hands later, marroca5 would get himself a double kill.

marroca5 raised to 20,000 and JIZOINT moved all in for 253,296. Charder30 reshoved for 396,293 from the small blind and ZeeJustin folded from the big blind.

Action was on marroca5, who tanked for a bit before making the call.

marroca5: [10h][10c]
charder30: A♣J♣

The board came 6♥6♣8♦3♦8♠ and all of the sudden we were heads up.

JIZOINT was eliminated in 4th -- earning $34,880 -- while charder30 got 3rd place, a finish worth $45,780.

This last hand also gave marroca5 a 3-1 chip lead in the heads up match.

marroca5: 1,679,274
ZeeJustin: 500,726

ZeeJustin raised to 20,000 in the first hand of the heads up match and took down the blinds.

The next hand would be the last.

marroca5 raised to 20,000 and ZeeJustin called. ZeeJustin checked the 7♦8♦K♠ flop and marroca5 bet 21,800. ZeeJustin raised to 52,000 and marroca5 made it 110,000.

ZeeJustin then 4-bet to 180,000 and marroca5 moved all in. ZeeJustin made the call and showed K♦5♦ for a pair of kings.

marroca5 held K♣8♥ for a pair of kings and a pair of 8s. The turn was an 8♣, giving marroca5 the full house and the title of Event #22-H Champion.

ZeeJustin was eliminated in 2nd place for $63,130 while marroca5 won his first SCOOP watch and $83,668.

2012 SCOOP Event #22-H ($1,050 NLHE/PLO) Results:

1st place: marroca5 ($83,668.40)

2nd place: ZeeJustin ($62,130)

3rd place: charder30 ($45,780)

4th place: JIZOINT ($34,880)

5th place: Python817 ($24,416)

6th place: RunThisTable ($18,530)

7th place: benzidebuc ($14,170)

8th place: birs320 ($9,810)

9th place: MrCoco ($7,237.60)

There's still plenty of SCOOP action to go. Be sure to check out the SCOOP homepage for a full schedule of the remaining events. Congratulations to marroca5 for his first SCOOP victory, we'll see you next time.

Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in SCOOP