SCOOP 2012: naurits notches a win in Event $15-L ($27 FL Omaha Hi/Lo)

SCOOP logo.gif"This is takes forever," said naurits, typing into the chat box in broken English.

Truer words were never spoken in a split-pot tournament. Omaha hi/lo isn't a game of body blows and knockout punches, it's all little kicks and jabs that build on each other and leave you stumbling around half-blind, wondering how you got there. Although naurits was a little punch-drunk when she arrived at the final table, her stack the second-shortest of the nine remaining players, he found the sweet spot at the right time and came back to win a SCOOP title and over $10,000.

2,972 players bought in for $27 a pop, bringing the prize pool up to $74,300. 378 places were paid with first place set to earn $11,740.31. Team Pros Martin Staszko, George Danzer, Eugene Katchalov, Marcin Horecki, and Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier were in the fray along with Team Online's Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen, George "Jorj95" Lind III, and Anders "Donald" Berg. Unfortunately none of our red spade bearers finished in the money in this one.

The final table bubble dragged on for the better part of four levels, the betting limits rising to 80,000/160,000. Left with 175,000, Meximus007 put the last of his chips in before the flop with4♦6♦6♠T♥ and MondSpieler called with A♠2♥8♠T♣. MondSpieler flopped trip deuces, the board running out J♥2♠2♣7♦7♠ to send Meximus007 home in tenth place.

SCOOP Event 15-L FT.jpg

Final table chip counts:

Seat 1: kuhns89 (1,399,252 in chips)
Seat 2: naurits (570,167 in chips)
Seat 3: MondSpieler (1,214,430 in chips)
Seat 4: Mitorun (743,911 in chips)
Seat 5: Winnetou (2,376,721 in chips)
Seat 6: andodo2526 (860,210 in chips)
Seat 7: nordan (479,803 in chips)
Seat 8: GlassOfBeer (3,101,155 in chips)
Seat 9: Kid_Poker47 (4,114,351 in chips)

Rockets, missed draws, and counterfeits

Naurits scooped a huge pot right off the bat by rivering a six-high straight against Kid_Poker47 and nordan to move up to 2.4 million in chips. The last of nordan's chips went in the middle a few minutes later, his A♦K♦6♠3♣ up against Kid_Poker47's A♣A♥2♦6♥ Although nordan flopped a pair of kings, he didn't improve further and Kid_Poker47's aces held up to scoop the pot. Nordan exited in ninth place, earning $631.55.

Less than an orbit later, Mitorun called all-in on a J♦2♠6♣ flop. His A♦3♣4♠5♥ had straight and low draws but he missed both, the turn and river falling the 6♦ and the K♥. MondSpieler's A♣J♣5♦2♦ scooped with jacks and sixes and Mitorun was out in eighth for $1,077.35.

The next deal of the cards saw another elimination, kuhns89 betting the last of his chips on a A♠J♦8♣Q♣ board. Naurits called. Kuhns89 turned over A♥3♥4♥8♥ for aces up while naurits' A♣2♠6♦T♣ trailed with only one pair. The river, however, was the J♠, pairing the board and counterfeiting kuhns89's aces and eights. Naurits' ten kicker played and kuhns89 was bounced in seventh place.

MondSpieler shanks Andodo2526, GlassOfBeer whacks Winnetou

Andodo2526 decided that A♠J♥8♥2♦ was the one to go on and cold four-bet to 400,000 pre-flop behind MondSpieler and Winnetou. Both players called and they saw a K♠Q♥3♦ flop. The rest of andodo2526's chips went in the middle, MondSpieler and Winnetou calling and checking down the 9♣ on the turn and the 8♦ on the river. Shockingly, MondSpieler's A♥A♣Q♠5♣ held up and he scooped the 1.8 million pot, eliminating andodo2526 in sixth place.

Winnetou met his tounament end when he got the rest of his chips in pre-flop against naurits and GlassOfBeer. GlassOfBeer's A♠J♥7♠3♣ rivered two pair on the A♥4♣K♠T♦J♠ board, good to scoop the pot and send Winnetou packing in fifth place. He took home $3,232.05 for his efforts.

Kid_Poker47 trips MondSpieler, GlassofBeer drained

Four players remained and naurits broached the subject of a deal, but the idea was quickly shot down by both GlassOfBeer and Kid_Poker47. Play went on, MondSplieler doubling through naurits only to lose a 2.6 million pot to Kid_Poker47 when he rivered a king-high flush. MondSpieler was left with 1.1 million and two small pots later, was on only 259,000 with the betting limits up to 160,000/320,000. The last of MondSpieler's chips went in from the big blind against naurits and Kid_Poker47. The two active players checked down the K♣9♥4♣ flop and the 3♥ on the turn, but when the 4♦ hit the river, Kid_Poker47 bet 320,000. Naurits folded and Kid_Poker47 revealed A♦4♠6♦8♠ for trip fours. MondSpieler's A♣5♦7♥9♠ was second-best with nines and fours and MondSpieler hit the rail in fourth place, earning $4,345.80.

With the field down to three, naurits held 6.6 million, Kid_Poker47 had 4.7 million and GlassOfBeer was on 3.5 million. The latter, however, quickly fell below 1 million in chips after dropping two large pots to Kid_Poker47. With 828,000 left, naurits got his money in against naurits on a T♠7♦3♦ flop, his A♦2♥5♥9♠ looking to hit an ace or a low against naurits' top pair and straight draw with 4♥6♣T♥J♠. GlassOfBeer didn't get what he was looking for, paint cards landing on the turn and river to give naurits the scoop. GlassOfBeer departed in third place, earning $6,241.20 for his finish.

Heads-up chip counts:

Seat 2: naurits (8,432,848 in chips)
Seat 9: Kid_Poker47 (6,427,152 in chips)

Naurits pulled out to a 9.1 million to 5.7 million lead before deciding to once again bring up the subject of a deal. This time, Kid_Poker47 was not only willing to listen, but had an idea of his own:

naurits: why you dont like deal?
Kid_Poker47: il do 10k a piece play for 500?
naurits: ok
Kid_Poker47: ok do tht
naurits: nice :)

Team Online's Grayson "spacegravy" Physioc quickly facilitated the deal. However, when cards went back in the air, they slugged it out for another half an hour for that last $500. The chip lead changed constantly and the counts evened back up before naurits scooped 9 out of 12 pots to move out to 10.7 million.

Naurits solidified her chip lead further in this 3.5 million pot after rivering a straight:

With Kid_Poker47's stack whittled down to only 2.35 million, naurits hit the nut straight and a 6-low with 5♠6♦7♦Q♠ on 4♦3♥2♠ flop. Naurits led every street and Kid_Poker47 called him down, the turn and river falling the J♣ and the A♥. Kid_Poker47 couldn't beat a six-high straight and a 6-5-3-2-A low and fell to only 104,000.

Kid_Poker47 was all-in from the blinds on the next five hands, but managed to scoop or split his way out of elimination every time. On the sixth hand, though, he met his end, naurits scooping with a pair of deuces and a 7-6 low:

Congratulations to naurits for winning her first SCOOP title. She earned $10,503.86 for the win while Kid_Poker47 banked $10,003.85 for his runner-up finish.

2012 SCOOP Event #15-L ($27 FL Omaha Hi/Lo) results:

1. naurits (Estonia) $10,503.86*
2. Kid_Poker47 (United Kingdom) $10,003.85*
3. GlassOfBeer (Finland) $6,241.20
4. MondSpieler (Netherlands) $4,345.80
5. Winnetou (Poland) $3,232.05
6. andodo2526 (Canada) $2,489.05
7. kuhns89 (Germany) $1,746.05
8. Mitorun (Russia) $1,077.35
9. nordan (Sweden) $631.55

*= reflects the result of a two-way deal that left $500 in play for the winner

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Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in SCOOP