SCOOP 2012: nebo_blizko blitzes way to Event 17-low ($27 quad shootout) win

SCOOP logo.gifWinning one shootout table is hard enough that, if you're able to do so in a shootout tournament, you make the money. Winning two in a row is impressive. Winning four in a row? The stuff SCOOP champions are made of. Just ask nebo_blizko, the champion of 2012 SCOOP Event 17-low, $27 NLHE (10-max Quad Shootout).

6,952 players signed up for the 10-max quad shootout. All had dreams of winning four, 10-handed STTs in a row and claiming the top prize of $27,373.50. The first task, however, was to win their first table and make it into the money. Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer did just that, although he was unable to advance out of Round 2.

At around 9pm, 10 players assembled on Table 1, each having won three tables in a row.

2012 SCOOP 17-low final table.jpg

_s_fischer_ got out of the blocks early, climbing to 7,400 by making pocket kings work against the ace-queen of Collusion888, who flopped top pair. That hand set up Collusion888 to be the first player eliminated a few hands later, still in Level 1 of the final table, on a wild three-way all in. After a flop of 7♦6♣2♦, klimsamgin, DonkDeezNuts and Collusion888 all got the chips in. klimsamgin's pocket jacks and Collusion888's ace-high flush draw both came up short against DonkDeezNutz's top two pair, 7♥6♥. Like that, DonkDeezNuts was the chip leader with 13,000, Collusion888 was eliminated in 10th place and kilmsamgin was left with just 50 chips. Those chips wound up in JacktShipper's stack one hand later, when both players flopped two pair but JacktShipper had top two pair.

Play settled back down after that, with much of the action taking place pre-flop. Three-bet pots were common; most didn't go to a flop. But in Level 3, Mike "goleafsgoeh" Leah was dealt the red jacks; DonkDeezNutz had A♣K♠. The money got all in pre-flop after a series of raises and wound up in DonkDeezNutz's stack after the board rolled out 4♣4♠A♠6♠3♥.

On the last hand before the 10pm break, _s_fischer_, who started the final table so promisingly, becaome the 7th place finisher after being eliminated by ruaa. Take a look:

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Back from the break, JacktShipper lost a big pot to Vamo Fael when JacktShipper flopped a Broadway draw, turned a pair of jacks, and then bricked the river. Vamo Fael had pocket aces and took down the pot to drop JacktShipper's count to less than 3,000. That count further dropped until JacktShipper open-shoved with Q♣J♣. Vamo Fael, sitting in the big blind, called with pocket 7s and won the race, 3♥T♠ks]6♣6♦. JacktShipper was eliminated in 6th place, leaving half the table to contend for the $27,000 top prize.

Vamo Fael had seemed in control at the final table - until flopping the second-nut flush against nebo_blizko, who flopped the nut flush. All the money went in on the turn with Vamo Fael drawing dead. nebo_blizko earned a huge double-up to more than 17,000. Vamo Fael was leaft with about 3,000.

DonkDeezNutz's good fortune continued into Level 5, when DonkDeezNutz picked up pocket aces against MarcusVonRix's pocket jacks. An 8-high flop ensured all the money went in. When the A♣ hit the turn to give DonkDeezNutz a set, MarcusVonRix was drawing dead and assured of being the 5th place finisher.

A few hands later nebo_blizko finished the job on Vamo Fael, who moved all in pre-flop for 2,700. DonkDeezNutz and nebo_blizko conspired to check down the pot, with nebo_blizko winning at showdown with unimproved pocket 7s on a board of 2♦8♠T♣5♠T♥. Vamo Fael, who just a few hands before had been cruising through the final table, hit the rail in 4th place.

The remaining three players - chip leader nebo_blizko, DonkDeezNutz, and short stack ruaa - paused the tournament to consider a deal. They quickly agreed to the chop numbers presented by the host, leaving aside $1,500 to be claimed by the champion.

With a deal in place, the final three players played on without any major changes in the stacks. nebo_blizko finally eliminated DonkDeezNutz in the biggest hand of the final table to that point. It was DonkDeezNutz who bet and then 3-bet shoved a queen-high flop, 7♣Q♥J♥, holidng Q♠T♦. nebo_blizko, holding top two pair with Q♦J♠, insta-called and held through the river to eliminate DonkDeezNutz in 3rd place.

To start heads-up play, nebo_blizko had about a two-and-a-half to one chip lead over ruaa. By the 11pm break, ruaa had leveled the stacks. The two players battled back and forth for another hour, with each taking turns holding the chip lead. Yet at the 12am break the stacks were again almost dead even.

With no end in sight, the two players finally seemed to decide just to gamble it up. ruaa opened a pot pre=flop to 1500 over the 500-chip big blind, then called all in for 16,201 after nebo_blizko shoved for double that. Neither had premium hand; nebo_blizko showed K♠9♣ while ruaa showed 9♦T♦. ruaa flopped bottom two pair, Q♣9♠T♥, but nebo_blizko turned a straight with the J♥ and sealed the victory when the river blanked 4♥.

Four straight shootout wins for nebo_blizko. The reward? More than $23,000, a Movado watch, and the title of SCOOP champion. Not a bad day at all.

2012 SCOOP Event 17-low, $27 NLHE (10-max, shootout) results (including 3-way deal):

1st: nebo_blizko ($23,591.56)*
3rd: ruaa ($18,304.01)*
3rd: DonkDeezNuts ($20,672.43)*
4th: Vamo Fael ($10,862.50)
5th: DonkDeezNutz ($6,952.00)
6th: JacktShipper ($5,214.00)
7th: _s_fischer_ ($3,997.40)
8th: Mike "goleafsgoeh" Leah ($2,867.70)
9th: kilmsamgin ($1,998.70)
10th: Collusion888 ($1,129.70)

There's still plenty of SCOOP action to check out over the next nine days. Follow it all on the SCOOP home page.

Dave Behr
@PokerStars in SCOOP