SCOOP 2012: neto gol nets the field in Event #30-M ($215 NLHE 6-Max, SuperKO, Turbo)

SCOOP logo.gifThe chip lead is where every player strives to be during the tournament. That lead gives you some extra power, along with some added confidence to help you get to the end goal, a win. Although neto gol did not start the final table with the chip lead it only took one elimination to change that and from there, well another elimination and another then another before the rest of the field was gone and only one stood at the top. That one at the top was neto gol who took the chip lead and used it as an advantage on the way to eliminating every player on the final table eventually taking the first SCOOP title.


The 30th event of the 2012 Spring Championship of Online Poker was a No Limit Hold'em 6-Max, SuperKnockout, Turbo event. The medium version featured a $215 where $103 went to the prize pool, $103 went to the knockout bounty, and $9 went to tournament fees. By the time the hour-long extended registration ended 3,664 players had signed up generating a $377,392 prize pool where 480 get paid.

With the turbo structure it only took 104 minutes for 3,664 to become 480 getting the field into the money. From there they played 141 more minutes to get to the final six with c0mte leading the way.

A few Team PokerStars Pros and Team Online members made it to the money but fell short of getting to the final table. Leading the way for the PokerStars Pros was Randy "nanonoko" Lew who finished 106th place, one better than Vanessa "V.Selbst" Selbst. Both collected $471.14 from the prize pool plus any bounties that they collected along the way. Henrique "Hinrique.P" Pinho (224th), George "GeorgeDanzer" Danzer (315th), and Viktor "Isildur1" Blom (381st) rounded out the PokerStars Pros while Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen (362nd) and George "Jorj95" Lind III (418th) represented Team Online in the money.

Here is a look at how the final table started:


Seat 1: Runninggreat (2408414 in chips)
Seat 2: carlitos350 (1920037 in chips)
Seat 3: neto gol (3762354 in chips)
Seat 4: C. Darwin2 (1174482 in chips)
Seat 5: EaX40 (3899662 in chips)
Seat 6: c0mte (5155051 in chips)

Battle of the blinds:

The first elimination came in a battle of the blinds with carlitos350 in the small blind and neto gol in the big blind. A raise to 200,000 came from carlitos350 when everyone folded to the small blind. A raise to 521,232 came from neto gol which was called by carlitos350. The pair saw the J♥9♥4♣ flop which brought an all-in shove from carlitos350 to 1,718,805 that was called by neto gol, who had carlitos350 covered. When their cards were revealed carlitos350's Q♥7♥ needed any heart to pull ahead the Q♠J♣ held by neto gol. That heart did not come on the 5♣ turn or J♦ river sending carlitos350 out in sixth place collecting $6,604.36.


Chip lead gets bigger:

Holding the chip lead gives you the luxury of playing looser and more aggressive. That is just what neto gol did with the chip lead on the path to eliminating the next player. It all started with neto gol raising to 500,000, EaX40 moved all-in for 1,391,430 from the small blind and neto gol called. EaX40 held A♠7♥ against neto gol's Q♥T♦. That lead was only good pre flop as the Q♣T♥3♦ flop gave neto gol two pair queens and tens for the lead. The 2♠ turn and 6♣ river meant nothing but the end for EaX40 who collects $12,106.73 for fifth place.


Another elimination for the chip leader:

The play the lead up to the next elimination was all dictated by neto gol. It mainly featured all-in shoves pre flop from neto gol and folds from the other three players. Eventually it was c0mte who called one of those shoves. When the cards were revealed it was neto gol who was behind again with 7♦6♦ against c0mte's A♠4♦. That lead held through the 9♥3♥2♦ flop but the 7♥ turn changed things giving neto gol a pair and the lead. The J♣ river sent c0mte out in fourth place collecting $20,001.77.


Can he be stopped?

It was much of the same three-handed as it was four-handed with neto gol doing lots of shoving and the others just folding. It was C. Darwin2 who did the shoving in the hand that brought the next elimination. Moving the 1,354,298 from under-the-gun C. Darwin2 was all-in. The small blind got out of the way and neto gol called, showing 8♣8♠ against C. Darwin2's J♥9♦. The T♠6♥2♠ A♣ Q♦ board was good enough for neto gol's eights to eliminate Darwin2 in third place collecting $31,323.53.



Heads-up play featured four hands, two of which had Runninggreat folding from the small blind while the other two featured a shove from neat gol in the small blind. It was the second shove that Runninggreat called with K♥4♣, neto gol showed 8♣6♥. Runninggreat was looking to get doubled up and the T♦5♦5♠ T♥ board was favorable to doing just that. It was the 8♥ river that brought the end to the tournament giving Runninggreat $42,645.29 for second.


Congrats neto gol on your new SCOOP watch along with the $58,497.82 you get with the win.

SCOOP Event #17-M ($215 NLHE 10-max Shootout) Results:

Entrants: 3,664
Places Paid: 480

1st place: neto gol (Brazil) - $58,497.82
2nd place: Runninggreat (Canada) - $42,645.29
3rd place: C. Darwin2 (Sweden) - $31,323.53
4th place: c0mte (Finland) - $20,001.77
5th place: EaX40 (United Kingdom) - $12,106.73
6th place: carlitos350 (Colombia) - $6,604.36

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