SCOOP 2012: No challenge too tall for DamienRise in Event 32-Low, $27 PLO8

SCOOP logo.gifSCOOP is all about great structures at buy-ins for all bankrolls, low, medium and high. The structures are so great, in fact, that PokerStars has migrated many of the events to two-day events so that the players can be rested and refreshed when making the late-tournament decisions that matter the most.

Sometimes, however, the players have other ideas. The action generated in 2012 SCOOP Event 32-Low, $27 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo threatened to turn a two-day event into a one-day affair. But the tournament did make it to its second day, with four players still in, and at the end of that second day DamienRise amassed all of the chips.

We're 32 events into the 2012 SCOOP, and Event 32-Low, $27 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo is the closest I've seen to a guarantee not being met. PokerStars set the guarantee for this event at $75,000; the 4,282 registrants created a prize pool of $107,000. It was nowhere close to not meeting the guarantee, but it didn't double the guarantee as many others events have (perhaps a statement about the desire of PokerStars players to play pot-limit split).

Nonetheless, 540 players wouldn't have much to complain about, as they would be the ones carving up that prize pool. The lowest payout was worth $44.96; the largest, for the champion, a tidy five-figure sum of $16,808.74 and a Movado watch.

Six Team PokerStars Pro and five PokerStars Team Online players entered this tournament. All of Team Online failed to make the money, with Roy "GodlikeRoy" Bhasin's bustout perhaps the most painful. He finished 544th, just four spots out of the money. The Team Pros fared better, with both Martin Staszko (144th, $112.40) and Marcin "Goral" Horecki (31st, $240.86) pushing into the money and making respectably deep runs.

Their runs, however, were not deep enough to make the final table in this two-day event - a final table that commenced late on Day 1 with these nine players.

Seat 1: AugustasN (5368352 in chips)
Seat 2: Martin Glöck (1381888 in chips)
Seat 3: remars81 (2048749 in chips)
Seat 4: partybong (2008173 in chips)
Seat 5: DamienRise (1912452 in chips)
Seat 6: willrobrobu (2108415 in chips)
Seat 7: Zlushchiy (3775258 in chips)
Seat 8: MikLoW86 (1346729 in chips)
Seat 9: eitan_2004 (1459984 in chips)

Average stack: 2,378,889

There was a former SCOOP champion among the nine. willrobrobu kicked off SCOOP in 2011 by winning the first event, Event 1-Low, $22 No-Limit Hold'em (6-max). To start this final table, willrobrobu was in a pile of players that could all claim to be 3rd in chips.

Those players were trying to scramble over each other even as partybong became the first player to get knocked off the final table. partybong's open-raise to 200k was called by willrobrobu before Zlushchiy three-bet to 800k, inducing a shove to 941k by partybong. That was enough to fold willrobrobu but Zlushchiy called with single-suited aces, A♣A♥2♥7♥. partybong had a reasonable hand, A♠K♥Q♣2♣, but it turned into nothing of significance, high or low, on a board of 6♠T♣T♥2♠7♣. Neither player had a qualifying low, but Zlushchiy's unimproved aces were enough to claim high and send partybong off to chill out in 9th place.

25 more minutes passed before MikLoW86 was 86ed from the tournament. Sitting in the blinds, MikLoW86 called a minimum-raise from under-the-gun player AugustasN. A bet and several raises on a queen-high flop, 6♥Q♠8♠, ensured that all of MikLoW86's chips were in the middle with top pair and a strong low draw, A♣Q♣5♠3♥. AugustasN showed down a stronger low draw and a baby flush draw, A♦K♣3♠2♠. The A♠ on the turn filled both of those draws for AugustasN; the 3♣ river changed nothing. MikLoW86 exited in 8th place.

It was another twenty minutes before eitan_2004 became the unfortunate 7th-place finisher. This time, the chips were all in pre-flop. AugustasN was the culprit again, showing down a strong A♥Q♣2♥3♠ against eitan_2004's A♣K♠5♠6♠. Neither player made a low on the 4♥9♠J♥Q♥5♣ board, but AugustasN came up with the nuts, an ace-high flush, to claim the high and knock out eitan_2004.

The former SCOOP champion, willrobrobu, was unable to duplicate the 2011 SCOOP win at this final table. It was a case of a busted draw:

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The blinds were 100k-200k and the average stack was about 4.3 million. With five players left, it was time to cut a deal. 21 big blinds wasn't going to last very long at all in the split-pot version of this action game.

Once the deal was in place, there was one more elimination before Day 1 came to an end. On the very first hand after the deal was cut, short stack Martin Glöck four-bet shoved pre-flop with J♥J♣5♠2♣. DamienRise, the pre-flop three-bettor, called with A♣K♠8♣2♠ and scooped the whole pot with two pair, kings and eights, on a board of K♦8♥T♣9♦7♦.

2012 SCOOP 32-low final table.jpg

Day 2 started with the blinds up to 125k-250k. The fireworks began within five minutes of the resumption of play. DamienRise's unimproved kings held up against remars81's wrap draw, with all the chips going in on the flop. Neither player had a qualifying low. When remars81's draw bricked out, Day 2 was over for remars81 in 4th place.

The stacks stayed relatively unchanged as the blinds rolled up to 150k-300k. AugustasN led with roughly 10 million, DamienRise followed with roughly 7 million, and Zlushchiy pulled up the rear with roughly 3 million. Sure, there were minor variations along the way, but each player's relative chip stack remained the same until the moment when Zlushchiy picked up single-suited aces, A♥A♦7♦4♠ against AugustasN's single-suited kings, K♠K♦6♦7♥. It looked like a great piece of luck for Zlushchiy - until the river. The J♦4♣J♠T♥K♣ board made a full house for AugustasN and sent Zlushchiy to the rail in 3rd place.

That elimination left AugustasN as the leader to start heads-up play by about a 2-to-1 margin. AugustasN jumped out to the early lead, but one quick double-up by DamienRise drew the stacks level. A few more small pots pushed DamienRise into the lead, but then AugustasN fired back and took down a big pot with a flopped straight to reset the match. DamienRise responded by quartering AugustasN, all in pre-flop, to swing the lead back the other way.

But all good things come to an end, and so did this see-saw heads-up battle. After DamienRise limped the button in the 250k-500k level, AugustasN bet pot to 1.5 million. DamienRise called to a flop of 8♣9♣3♥. That flop brought another pot-sized bet from AugustasN of 3 million, leaving AugustasN 1.6 million behind. It went in after a raise from DamienRise. At showdown, DamienRise produced a strong hand: T♥T♣J♣Q♠, an overpair, a partial wrap draw and a flush draw. AugustasN showed down J♠J♥8♠7♥, an overpair of jacks and a straight draw. The 4♣ turn card gave DamienRise a flush and left AugustasN drawing to a low for a chop. The 7♣ river was a low card, but not one that was of any use to AugustasN.

Day 2 was finished in less than an hour. DamienRise is a new SCOOP champion and will be receiving a Movado watch to prove it.

2012 SCOOP Event 32-Low, $27 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo results (including 5-way deal):

Number of entrants: 4,282
Places paid: 540

1st: DamienRise (China) ($9,149.00)*
2nd: AugustasN (Lithuania) ($16,000.00)*
3rd: Zlushchiy (Russia) ($9,435.03)*
4th: remars81 (Spain) ($7,974.10)*
5th: Martin Glöck (Germany) ($6,312.07)*
6th: willrobrobu (United Kingdom) ($3,479.12)
7th: eitan_2004 (Poland) ($2,408.62)
8th: MikLoW86 (Hungary) ($1,338.12)
9th: partybong (Germany) ($856.40)

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Dave Behr
@PokerStars in SCOOP