SCOOP 2012: No crime for feloone, just Event #21-L victory ($27 NLHE)

SCOOP logo.gifOne of the players who flew under the radar for the majority of this tournament was feloone. There was no Day 1 finish in the top 10 or big final table chip lead for feloone, just a collected and cool approach to the action. Even during the chop discussion, feloone was one of the quieter ones who simply hoped to get back to the game with some sort of deal in place. And when they did return, feloone made the right moves at the right times and won a SCOOP title.


PokerStars is known for the numerous tournament options afforded players on a daily basis, and SCOOP provides an extra opportunity to offer massive guarantees. Many of the larger guarantees require a sizeable buy-in to participate, but then there are those like Event 21. The low buy-in version required $25 + $2, but satellites offered seats for much less of an investment. And players who participated had the chance at a $400K guaranteed prize pool, something most did not want to miss.

So, the tables filled. And more of them filled. And the list of players grew to something nearly unmanageable. Here's what the final numbers looked like:

Players: 24,185
Guarantee: $400,000.00
Prize pool: $604,625.00
Paid players: 3,150

It was several hours into the day that the money bubble burst, and macarron 08 was the first of a long list of players to cash for the minimum payout of $42.32.

Interspersed throughout the list of paid players were several members of Team PokerStars. Team Pro Vanessa Selbst was the first to exit in 2654th place, and Lex Veldhuis wasn't far behind in 2553rd. Much later, Team Pro Joao "jomane" Nunes exited in 1710th place, followed by Henrique Pinho in 1083rd, Dag Palovic in 1031st, and Chad Brown in 829th.

As the 10-hour mark approached, there were approximately 150 players remaining, and that number quickly diminished as the last levels of the night played out. The night ended with only 62 players in the field and GUSANO444 of Spain in the top chip position.

Day 2

The second day of action began in Level 41 with blinds at 70,000/140,000 and a 17,500 ante. The final 62 players were on seven tables, and the average stack was 3,900,806 chips. The top 10 on the leaderboard were as follows:

GUSANO444 - 11,331,519
killaherni - 10,399,278
KarstenLud - 8,746.797
Juecksel - 8,215,985
vova4izh - 7,890,568
Paris Dedes - 7,317,853
4thbwithu - 7,230,055
uaredead lol - 6,828,869
umbroSS - 6,290,583
Achuttam - 6,239,240

It only took about two hours to thin the field down to two tables, and play moved quickly with ever-rising blinds. Meanwhile GUSANO444 retained the chip lead, while others from the above list - Juecksel, KarstenLud, and 4thbwithu exited before the final table. Paris Dedes was added to that list with a 13th place bustout.

Freddekungen busted in 11th place to launch hand-for-hand play, and it took a few minutes, but Dzon2010 risked it all on the final table bubble with K♥8♦ from the small blind. Feloone called with A♥6♠ from the big blind, and nothing about the 5♦2♣T♠4♠J♥ board changed anything. Dzon2010 was out in tenth place with $2,267.34.

GUSANO444 still leading by wide margin

In Level 51, with blinds of 600,000/1,200,000 and a 150,000 ante, the final table got underway with these starting chip counts:

Seat 1: umbroSS (36,805,834 in chips)
Seat 2: GUSANO444 (59,198,354 in chips)
Seat 3: wilmy_x (20,740,435 in chips)
Seat 4: WhattUBluff (25,817,571 in chips)
Seat 5: killaherni (22,318,059 in chips)
Seat 6: feloone (26,567,532 in chips)
Seat 7: uaredead lol (22,240,518 in chips)
Seat 8: Cipkalo N.P (12,043,664 in chips)
Seat 9: Achuttam (16,118,033 in chips)

2012 SCOOP FT - 21L.JPG

The first big hand of the table saw CipkaloN.P double through WhattUBluff. Wilmy_x had a tough time, though, and was reduced from the starting stack of more than 20 million to less than 14 million. So when umbroSS made a preflop raise and wilmy_x looked down at A♠Q♥ from the button, the response was an all-in reraise. UmbroSS called with Q♦Q♠, though, and there was no ace on the 6♠3♦5♥T♦K♥ board to change anything. Wilmy_x was ousted in ninth place with $3,627.75.

Four hands after that, uaredead lol made a move from the button with T♥T♦, and original UTG raiser umbroSS called with K♦Q♣. The race situation took a turn when the Q♠A♣A♥ flop gave umbroSS two pair, and the K♣ on the turn simple made it two better pair. The 6♦ on the river ended the hand with uaredead lol out in eighth place with $5,441.62.

Two hands later, WhattUBluff was all-in UTG with 5♥5♠, but feloone reraised all-in with J♣J♦. All other players folded, and the two watched as the board came 8♥A♠7♣2♦J♥. The pair of jacks turned into a set, and WhattUBluff left the action in seventh place with $8,494.98.

Fall of a chip leader

UmbroSS was the first player to jump ahead of GUSANO444 on the leaderboard, and the latter continued to fall as play continued, ultimately falling to fifth out of six players. GUSANO444 did double through Achuttam, though, to climb back into a tenuous second place.

That double-up left Achuttam on a short stack, and after sitting out for a moment, the all-in move came with 7♦6♦. GUSANO444 was there with A♣2♣ and caught two pair on the J♦2♦A♠ flop. The 6♥ on the turn gave Achuttam some hope, but the 9♠ on the river wasn't it. Achuttam was gone in sixth place with $12,092.50.

But then killaherni took a pot worth 59.6 million chips from GUSANO444 in the following hand:

RSS readers click through to see replay

UmbroSS then doubled through GUSANO444, leaving the latter with 104,600 chips, all of which went in on the next hand for the ante with 6♦3♦. Killaherni raised and was the only other player in the hand with Q♠5♠, and the 7♥Q♠K♠4♣6♣ board eliminated GUSANO444 from the tournament in fifth place with $18,138.75.

Four players = one deal

Cipkalo N.P doubled through killaherni to become the new chip leader, but all four players were fairly evenly stacked, all between 57K and 64K. The four survivors asked to pause the tournament to discuss a potential deal, and the chip-chop numbers provided were close enough that some players wanted an even chop instead. The discussion amongst the four went on for nearly 30 minutes before it was determined that the following numbers would suffice as payments, along with an additional $8,000 set aside for the winner:

Seat 1: umbroSS (57,673,574 in chips) = $37,720.25
Seat 5: killaherni (58,021,446 in chips) = $37,399.49
Seat 6: feloone (62,819,216 in chips) = $38,492.19
Seat 8: Cipkalo N.P (63,335,764 in chips) = $38,609.83

And everything changes

It only took a few hands before killaherni doubled through Cipkalo N.P, and the latter was on a very short stack. The remainder of his chips went all-in a few hands later for 3,813,318 chips with A♠2♥, and all three competitors called. The flop came Q♦K♥Q♣, and a bet from umbroSS prompted folds from the other two. UmbroSS showed Q♠T♥ for the flopped trip queens, and the 6♦ turn and K♠ river ended the hand with a full house for umbroSS. Cipkalo N.P exited in fourth place with $38,609.93.

Feloone then doubled through killaherni in this hand:

RSS readers click through to see replay

UmbroSS was the next player to challenge feloone, and umbroSS tried it with 2♥2♦. Feloone called with A♠9♣, and that turned into a spade flush on the 7♠3♠T♠9♠K♥ board. Third place and $37,320.25 had to be enough for umbroSS.

Tough heads-up battle

The last two players standing starting their match as follows:

Seat 5: killaherni (76,988,621 in chips)
Seat 6: feloone (164,861,379 in chips)

It only took a few hands before the two tangled in a bit pot. They raised to see the 6♣3♦2♥ flop, and a bet from feloone, check-raise from killaherni, and call from feloone brought the 4♥ turn. Killaherni bet and feloone called for the J♣ on the river. Killaherni bet again, and feloone raised all-in. Killaherni called all-in with 4♠3♠ for two pair, but feloone showed K♥5♥ for the six-high straight. Killaherni had to accept second place and $37,399.49.

Germany's feloone won the SCOOP title, Movado watch, and $46,492.19 in cash. Congrats!

2012 SCOOP Event #21-L ($27 NLHE) Results (reflects deal):

1st place: feloone ($46,492.19)*
2nd place: killaherni ($37,399.49)*
3rd place: umbroSS ($37,320.25)*
4th place: Cipkalo N.P ($38,609.93)*
5th place: GUSANO444 ($18,138.75)
6th place: Achuttam ($12,092.50)
7th place: WhattUBluff ($8,494.98)
8th place: uaredead lol ($5,441.62)
9th place: wilmy_x ($3,627.75)

*Numbers based on four-way deal with $8K reserved for winner

The Spring Championship of Online Poker home page contains all of the tournament results, schedule of upcoming events and their satellites, and a leaderboard for the 2012 Series.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in SCOOP