SCOOP 2012: padjes packs a punch in Event #27-L ($11 NLHE)

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We had a large field today.

Event #27-L drew 19,289 entrants. That's more than three times as many players as last year's WSOP Main Event, and almost as many leagues as Captain Nemo traversed along the seas in the Nautilus.

But unlike the Main Event, players didn't have to face 12 days of poker to play down to a champion. Our Event #27-L champ would be crowned (or watched) in only two days.

Players also didn't have to face nefarious sea creatures and giant cuttlefish. They faced a different giant, a giant prize pool.

There was $192,890 up for grabs today, but only 2,475 players would get a piece. The largest piece of that freshly-baked money pie would go to first place. That slice was worth $20,817.57, not bad for an $11 investment and two days of work.

Today, that lucky investor was padjes.


Day 2 of Event #27-L started at 5pm ET and it took almost seven hours to get down to our last nine players. During that time, padjes acquired almost a third of the chips in play.

With 11 players left, padjes was slightly below average stack with 7MM. His claim to Event #27-L fame would come from two big hands, the first was against cep27.

With 125K/250K blinds and a 31,250 ante, cep27 raised to 500K from the button. padjes re-raised to 1,278,888 from the big blind and cep 27 -- who had padjes covered -- moved all in.

padjes called and showed Q♠Q♥. He'd only have to dodge a few cards to beat cep27's 8♦8♣.

The board ran [10h]2♣9♥J♥4♦ and padjes doubled up to 15MM. This gave padjes the chip lead, but only around 1/6th of the chips in play.

There was more chip hoarding to be done.

Nutty raised to 675,000 and padjes called. AIMANpoker raised to 2,125,000 from the button and padjes moved all in for 15MM.

AIMANpoker was 2nd in chips at the time and a call would mean risking his tournament life. AIMANpoker thought for a while before he finally called all in for 13MM.

AIMANpoker showed Q♣Q♠ and was crushed when padjes revealed K♣K♦.

The board brought no miracle cards for the at-risk player and AIMANpoker was eliminated. In just one hand, AIMANpoker went from 2nd in chips to 11th place finisher.

C'est le poker en ligne.

padjes' stack grew to 30MM, the closest contender at the final table would have 13MM.

While padjes took care of 11th place on one table, vondaaa burst the final table bubble at the other.

With 200K/400K blinds and a 50K ante, chumacher06 raised to 800,000. ady_ciupanez moved all in for 5,117,809 and vondaaa called.

ady_ciupanez showed 6♣6♥ but was up against vondaaa's K♦K♣.

The 8♥3♣A♠5♦[10d] board was no help for the smaller stack and ady_ciupanez was eliminated in 10th place.


Our final table was set.


Seat 1: Keystone_FoH - 8,983,478
Seat 2: yogi0987 - 3,958,788
Seat 3: marinac2626 - 13,199,321
Seat 4: cep27 - 2,111,321
Seat 5: Nutty - 4,736,626
Seat 6: padjes - 31,935,622
Seat 7: shefoldedlol - 9,483,885
Seat 8: vondaaa - 13,685,791
Seat 9: chumacher06 - 8,050,168

A few players started the final table in the red zone and were looking for a quick double up. Things didn't work out for a couple of them.

In the second hand of the final table, action was folded to cep27 who moved all in for 2,061,321.

Nutty, a fellow short stack, called.

Nutty showed a pair of nines and cep27 held A♦3♠ for his tournament life.

The 8♠4♠6♦7♥6♥ board brought all low cards, but none that helped cep27.

Nutty's stack grew to 7.7MM and cep27 was eliminated in 9th place, earning $1,157.34.

The following hand, yogi0987 decided to move all in for 3,858,788. Action would fold around to the big bling, where chumacher06 called with J♠J♦.

yogi0987 showed A♦K♣ for the flip.

The board brought no face cards. No king, no ace, just 6♣4♣9♥[10d]2♦.

yogi0987 was eliminated in 8th place, a finish worth $1,736.01


After losing two players in the first few minutes of play, action slowed and some players managed to double up.

vondaaa raised to 800,000 and Nutty raised to 3.6MM from the small blind. There flop was Q♣8♦5♣ and Nutty moved all in for 3,547,947.

vondaaa called and showed K♠Q♠ for top pair. But Nutty turned over K♣K♦ for the overpair.

The turn was a K♥ and the river was a [10d], guaranteeing Nutty's double up to 15MM.

vondaaa would then get a double up of his own. After moving all in and getting a call, vondaaa's pocket 10s held up against marinac2626's pocket 5s.

Actually, vondaaa's pocket 10s did more than hold up, they turned into quads. The double up put vondaaa back at the 9.7MM mark.

Keystone_FoH would also manage to double up to 13.5MM before doom struck again. While some players were doubling up, padjes continued to act like a black hole of poker, sucking in all chips and dreams of SCOOP grandeur that came near him.

With 39MM, padjes called marinac2626's 4,575,089 all in.

Aside from the dominating stack, padjes held the dominating hand. marinac2626 showed A♠9♦ and was up against padjes's A♥K♥.

The board ran Q♠6♣[10d]6♠6♥ and padjes was up to 45MM. But one player's ascent was another's downfall.

marinac2626 was eliminated in 7th place, earning $2,893.35

padjes would also be responsible for bringing the tournament down to five players.

With 300K/600K blinds and a 75K ante, Keystone_FoH raised to 1,248,000. padjes re-raised to 2,378,888 from the button and Keystone_FoH moved all in for 10,127,456.

padjes called and showed the dominating hand.


Keystone_FoH turned over A♦9♣ while padjes showed A♠Q♠.

The J♠5♠K♣6♣K♥ board missed both players and padjes's ace-queen suited stayed in the lead.

Keystone_FoH lost all his chips to padjes, whose stack grew to 56MM -- almost two-thirds of the chips in play.

But while Keystone_FoH lost all his chips, he did win some money. Keystone_FoH won $4,822.25 for finishing 6th.


It seemed like padjes was unbeatable. He dominated every all in situation and amassed the majority of the chips in play.

padjes then cooled down on the eliminations. He a few other players do the dirty work for a while.

Action was folded to chumacher06 who moved all in from the small blind. Nutty called the 4,319,978 bet from the big.

chumacher06 showed Q♥Q♣ and seemed to be in good shape against Nutty's K♣7♣.

That was until the flop came 9♦K♠7♥, giving Nutty two pairs. The turn was a 4♠ and a 4♦ came on the river, eliminating chumacher06.

chumacher06 finished in 5th place and won $6,751.15.

After Nutty took out number 5, vondaaa would take care of number 4.

shefoldedlol raised to 1.8MM from the small blind and vondaaa -- who chipped up to about 20MM -- called from the big.

The flop came K♠9♥J♣ and shefoldedlol checked. vondaaa bet 1.8MM and shefoldedlol moved all in for 10,444,385.

vondaaa called and showed [10s]8♥ for a straight draw and shefoldedlol showed K♣3♥ for a pair of kings.

The turn was a Q♥ and vondaaa hit the straight.

shefoldedlol was out in 4th, earning $8,680.05. vondaaa ended up with 35MM after the hand, inching closer to padjes's 45MM tower.

Then, the impossible happened. vondaaa won a few smaller pots and took the lead away from padjes, but only for a moment.

The fury of padjes would return in the form of a massive double-up.

With 400K/800K blinds and a 100K ante, padjes raised to 1.6MM. There was a [10c][10s]A♥ flop and padjes bet 1,288,888. vondaaa called and a 3♦ came on the turn.

Both players checked and an A♦ came on the river.

vondaaa bet 10.4MM and padjes moved all in for 36,281,714.

vondaaa called and showed J♥[10h] for 10s full of aces. But the domination would continue, padjes revealed A♠7♠ for the bigger full house and the 79MM pot.

vondaaa was left with 7.9MM after the hand.


After the largest pot of the tournament, padjes moved all in from the small blind, trying to finish vondaaa off.

vondaaa called from the big blind and showed a pair of 4s, padjes held A♦Q♠.

The 4♠A♣2♠ flop brought padjes a pair of aces, but it gave vondaaa a set of 4s and the double up.

A few hands later, Nutty would move all in for 5,504,760 and padjes called.

It was another flip, with padjes showing A♦[10d] and Nutty turning over 5♠5♥.

The flop was 8♦6♣[10h], giving padjes the lead. An A♠ come on the turn, increasing that lead.

Now, only a 5 could save Nutty.

The river: 5♣.

Nutty doubled up to 12MM and managed to stay in the game.


Then, the giant stack that padjes fought so hard to get, took another hit.

padjes raised to 1.6M and vondaaa called. The flop came K♠2♦7♣ and vondaaa led out for 2.4MM. padjes called and turn was an A♦.

vondaa started the betting again, this time for 3.2MM. padjes called and a third diamond, the 3♦, was dealt on the river.

vondaaa bet 4MM and padjes called again. vondaaa showed K♣9♣ and padjes mucked, giving vondaaa the 23.5MM pot.

With 500K/1MM blinds and a 125K ante, Nutty's newly-acquired 12MM stack was chipped down quickly.

vondaaa raised to 3MM from the small blind and Nutty -- with only 2,232,520 remaining -- called.

Nutty showed K♦Q♥, an underdog to vondaaa's A♥5♦.

The board ran 7♣9♦A♠8♥8♣ and vondaaa's pair of aces would be responsible for Nutty's elimination.

Nutty's 3rd place finish led to a $12,537.85 bankroll boost.


vondaaa: 16,604,816
padjes: 79,840,184

When you're faced with a large deficit in a heads-up match, you usually try do one thing: double up.

vondaaa called from the big blind and padjes moved all in for 81MM.

vondaaa called with his 14MM and showed A♠K♠, probably not the hand padjes, who held Q♦J♥, was expecting.

The flop came K♥K♣2♥ and vondaaa doubled up to 30MM with his three kings.

vondaaa would manage to hang on until padjes won another large pot:

vondaaa raised to 2MM and padjes called, bringing a J♦5♣9♣ flop. Both players checked and a 7♦ fell on the turn. padjes bet 2,278,888 and vondaaa raised to 4,557,776.

padjes called and the river brought a 4♠. padjes check-called vondaaa's 10MM bet and showed J♥[10s]. padjes's pair of jacks was better than vondaaa's Q♦7♣ and padjes was up to 87MM.

vondaa was left with 9MM.

padjes then put the pressure on vondaaa by continuously moving all in from the small blind.

vondaaa was down to 6,319,080 when he finally called padjes's all in.

vondaaa chose A♣8♠ to make his move and padjes showed Q♦2♠.

The flop came [10h]8♥7♣ and vondaaa took the lead with a pair of 8s. A K♥ came on the turn and a game-ending Q♠ fell on the river.

vondaaa was eliminated in 2nd place, winning $16,395.65 for his runner-up finish.

This made padjes the SCOOP Event #27-L champion, a title worth one SCOOP watch and $20,817.56.

2012 SCOOP Event 27-L $11 NLHE Results:

Entrants: 19,289
Places Paid: 2,475

1st: padjes (Netherlands) -- $20,817.56
2nd: vondaaa (Czech Republic) -- $16,395.65
3rd: Nutty (United Kingdom) -- $12,537.85
4th: shefoldedlol (Mexico) -- $8,680.05
5th: chumacher06 (Portugal) -- $6,751.15
6th: Keystone_FoH (Mexico) -- $4,822.25
7th: marinac2626 (Croatia) -- $2,893.35
8th: yogi0987 (United Kingdom) -- $1,736.01
9th: cep27 (Brazil) -- $1,157.34

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Alex Villegas
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