SCOOP 2012: PerpCzech claims SCOOP-19-M: $215 Triple Stud

SCOOP logo.gifMost players dream of making one SCOOP final table in their lifetime, making two would seem like a pipe dream. New Zealender PerpCzech not only did just that, he did it in the same day and they were being played simultaneously.

At the same time as this final table was starting he was also in the final eight of SCOOP-19-L: $2,100 Triple Stud where he'd eventually finish fifth. Amazingly he was not the only player at this final table playing their second SCOOP final table of the day, Canadian Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah had earlier taken eighth in SCOOP 17-L $27 10-MAX Shootout

A total of 357 players had entered this event creating a prize pool of $71,400 which would be divided between 48 players. With 19 left DazzleO had been the chip leader but he would bubble the final table and after nine hours and 12 minutess of play the final table was reached. Everyone left was guaranteed at least $1,606.

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The final table

The final table stacks looked like this:

Seat 1: goleafsgoeh 106,665
Seat 2: donut604 132,886
Seat 3: UwouldntKnow 76.038
Seat 4: squee451 284,065
Seat 5: PerpCzech 439,936
Seat 6: FONBET_RULIT 121,309
Seat 7: Cshosz 124,107
Seat 8: Crisper 499,994

At the start of the final the stakes were 8,000 -16,000 ante 1,600 (bring in 2,400) and the game was Limit Stud, but it would take until the game switched to Limit Razz for the first elimination.

Crisper knows

And the rich got richer as the start of final table chip leader - Crisper - eliminated the short stack of the final table - UwouldntKnow - it was all-in pre-flop and by fifth street Crisper had a made a 9,8 low with 9♣8♥5♣2♣A♦. UwouldntKnow had a 10,7 low with a draw to a better hand. But, he couldn't get there on six or seventh street and had to settle for $1,606.

Early discussions of a chop were nixed by PerpCzech who said: "Sorry guys don't want to deal this early." This would turn out to be a good decision on his part.

Squee squeezed out

Soon though eight would become seven as squee451 would become the second casualty of the Razz level. He was all-in pre-flop for just over one big bet but could only make a Q,7,4,3,A against goleafsgoeh's J,8,6,5,4.

PerpCzech goes Hi to send Cshosz Lo

The next elimination would occur during the stud hi-lo round and see PerpCzech take the chip lead. The New Zealender scooped Cshosz with a king high flush and a 8,7,5,3,2 low against Cshosz's pair of aces, the Hungarian had no qualifying low hand and took $2,677.50 for his sixth place finish.

The Limit Stud and Razz rounds would pass without major incident but the Limit Stud Hi-Lo round would see serious skirmishes. Start of final table chip leader Crisper was left decidedly limp as he was squeezed out in a three-way showdown which would see goleafsgoeh and donut604 chop his chips and the pot. Crisper collected $3,748.50 for finishing fifth.

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Czech takes them out

It would take 28 hands for another elimination but then three exits in ten hands would see a champion crowned.

First FONBET_RULIT was sent to the rail in fourth at the hands of PerpCzech. The latter sensed he was behind when he called all-in on fifth street saying:"Hmm, ok, fine, you got me." He was right as he had a pair of queens to FONBET_RULIT'S pair of kings, but PerpCzech made two pair on sixth street to take his stack over the million chip mark.

Just four hands later dount604 was out In third. The game was still Limit Stud Hi/Lo neither he nor PerpCzech could make a low, but PerpCzech had the better two pair, aces and sevens versus sixes and deuces.

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Two finals but only one can SCOOP

So the two players playing their second SCOOP final table of the day were heads up for the title, the watch and a difference of nearly $3,600.

goleafsgoeh 220,692
PerpCzech 1,564,308

But with PerpCzech holding such a commanding chip lead the odds were stacked in his favour and so it proved. Heads-Up play would last just three hands. By this time the game had changed to Limit Stud Hi. Mike 'goleafsgoeh' Leah started the hand with just four big bets and after heavy betting on fifth street found himself all-in and in bad shape.

goleafsgoeh: A♥Q♣J♦5♥A♦ - a pair of aces
PerpCzech: 5♦K♠K♣5♠5♣ - fives full of kings

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He couldn't catch on sixth-street and was left drawing dead, meaning that PerpCzech took the title, the watch and $13,744.50. Still he had the consolation of a six figure score as he collected $10.174.50 for his second place finish. Shortly aftwewards he tweeted: "Well damn...2nd place in Scoop #19: Medium Triple Stud....2 scoop final tables today, pretty sick but woulda loved a title.."

Final table payouts:

1st - PerpCzech, New Zealand, $13,744.50
2nd - goleafsgoeh, Canada, 10,174.50
3rd - donut604, Canada, $7,675.50
4th - FONBET_RULIT, Russia, $5,333.50
5th - Crisper, Argentina, $3,748.50
6th - Cshosz, Hungary, $2,677.50
7th - squee451, Canada, $1963,50
8th - UwouldntKnow, Norway , $1,606,50

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Nick Wright
@PokerStars in SCOOP