SCOOP 2012: I'm going to play them all!

SCOOP logo.gifI really love to play the Spring Championship of Online Poker. The ability to play for three different buy-ins often means playing three different styles of poker inside of one event. I often find myself focused on the high buy-in tournaments where I'm usually matched up against players I know much better. I've had more chances to play against them, and they've gotten to know me, so there is a lot of meta-game, deep-level thinking going on.

For example, last year I was facing Iftarii for the title in the finals of the heads-up event. A few years ago I played countless heads-up hands against him on PokerStars back when I was racing to become the first SuperNova Elite. When we met in the SCOOP event, it was a completely different thing than playing someone for the first time. I managed to get very lucky. I got it in with a king-high flush draw vs. his ace-high flush draw on the flop. I hit the king on turn and it held.


ElkY preparing to face off with old friends

I felt exceptionally blessed to be able to do so well and pick up the SCOOP title that was missing from my resume. I'm definitely coming back for more this year. I'm on the road a lot more these days playing in big live events like EPTs, FPS and others. Sometimes it's hard to get into a good online routine. SCOOP tournaments are definitely the perfect opportunity, so I'm going to play all of them at every buy-in in order to get that second title.

I'm sure it will be even harder this year than last. I'm counting on all of you guys to compete against me, and I definitely expect the series to have bigger numbers than last year. That is all the fun of it, though, and it will make it taste even sweeter if I succeed.

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