SCOOP 2012: shaundeeb fries the field in Stud Event #10-High; Wins second SCOOP title

SCOOP logo.gifOver the last few years, Shaun "shaundeeb" Deeb has been a dominant force in PokerStars tournaments including a pair of WCOOP titles and a SCOOP PLO crown. The online phenom, who once retired at 24-years-old (only to un-retire a few months later), can now add another SCOOP title to his resume after a tumultuous, yet remarkable come-from-behind victory in Event #10-High $2,100 Stud.

The event attracted 64 runners. Only the top 8 places got a cut of the $128,000 prize pool, with $41,600 set aside for the champion.

A couple of familiar faces from Team PokerStars Online and Team PokerStars Pros were testing their Stud acumen, including George Danzer, George "Jorj95" Lind, Alex Kravchenko, Eugene Katchalov, Anders "Donald" Berg, Jason Mercier, and ElkY. Only two of them would cash in this event: George Lind (8th place) and George Danzer (4th place).


Shaun Deeb winning the EPT Kyiv High Roller event

Deeb jumped out to an auspicious start and quickly amassed a stack. He held chip lead for the first five hours of the tournament before the pack finally caught up to him.

With 10 players remaining, Deeb and George Danzer, George Lind were all skating on thin ice as the shortest stacks at the final two tables. With only eight spots available at the final table, two players were going to get stiff-armed and go home with nothing because only the final eight paid out.

With nine players remaining, action switched to hand-for-hand for both the money bubble and the final table bubble. Deeb was the shorty and despite having a target on his back, he managed to evade an elimination on the bubble. Deeb doubled up to a shade under 10k after winning a pot with a flush draw (that got there) against PearlJammer's two pair. Later that orbit, Deeb won a hand with an Ace-high flush, which crippled PearlJammer to under 1,700. A few hands later, PearlJammer bubbled out in 9th place. Rough spot. No one wants to be a Bubble Boy, especially after almost ten excruciating hours of Stud. PearlJammer missed the money and the final table by the narrowest margin.


Event 10-High $2,100 Stud - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Andy McLEOD (82,281)
Seat 2: TheMuppet (30,757)
Seat 3: Speedpokah (56,244)
Seat 4: shaundeeb (22,904)
Seat 5: GVOZDIKA55 (82,084)
Seat 6: Pat Pezzin (28,184)
Seat 7: PokerStars Team Pro GeorgeDanzer (13,282)
Seat 8: Team PokerStars Online George "Jorj95" Lind (4,264)

Team Online George "Jorj95" Lind advanced to the final table with the slimmest of stacks, meanwhile Andy McLEOD held a slight lead over GVOZDIKA55.

LIKE A ROLLING STONE: George Lind eliminated in 8th place

George Lind made a valiant stand with his last 2,984 in chips with (T♣T♠)5♥. By sixth street, Lind picked up an open-ended straight draw, but failed to improve. GVOZDIKA55 won the pot with a pair of Kings when his hand finished up with K♣7♥A♦Q♠4♠J♥K♥. Lind was the first player to bust from the final table. He collected $5,120 for eighth place.

TOMBSTONE BLUES: Speedpokah eliminated in 7th place

GVOZDIKA55 had the bring in for 480, Speedpokah raised to 1,600 with 5♦, but Deeb re-raised to 3,200 with the J♦ showing. GVOZDIKA55 folded and Speedpokah called.

On fourth street, Speedpokah checked with (X-X)5♦Q♦, Deeb bet 1,600 with (X-X)J♦T♥, and Speedpokah called.

On fifth street, Deeb bet 3,200 with (X-X)J♦T♥Q♠. Speedpokah held (X-X)5♦Q♦2♥ and decided to raise to 6,400. Deeb three-bet and Speedpokah capped it at 12,800. Deeb called.

On sixth street, Deeb's hand improved to (X-X)J♦T♥Q♠J♣. He bet out 3,200. Speedpokah held (X-X)5♦Q♦2♥7♠ and responded with, "Jeez. GG." He then moved all-in for his last 1,552.

At showdown, Speedpokah lost with A♦A♣5♦Q♦2♥7♠T♣ because his pair of Aces could not beat Deeb's King-high straight with K♠9♦J♦T♥Q♠J♣2♠. Speedpokah was knocked out in seventh place, collecting $5,760.

With six players remaining, GVOZDIKA55 held the lead with 89.5K in chips, but Andy McLEOD was hovering with 88K. Deeb chipped up to almost 50K. Pat Pezzin was bringing up the rear with 14.5K.

FROM A BUICK 6: Pat Pezzin eliminated in 6th place

When Deeb took his seat at the final table, he embarked on a vicious heater and almost took over the lead after winning 55K pot against GVOZDIKA55. Deeb won with two pair -- Aces and nines -- holding A♦A♠5♠J♣9♠Q♣9♦ and chipped up to almost 99K. He'd secure the lead after he took out a short-stacked Pat Pezzin.

On 3rd street, Deeb was dealt 4♦ and burdened with a 600 bring in. Pat Pezzin raised to 2,000 and Deeb called.

On 4th street, Pat Pezzin held (X-X)5♥A♣ and bet 2,000. Deeb called with (X-X)4♦Q♦.

On 5th street, Pat Pezzin held (X-X)5♥A♣2♥ and bet 4,000. Deeb raised to 8,000 with (X-X)4♦Q♦6♥. Pezzin called all-in for his last 1,448.

Deeb ended up with 6♣5♦4♦Q♦6♥T♣8♠. He whiffed on a diamond-flush draw but his pair of sixes were good enough to beat Pezzin's pair of fives with T♦5♣5♥A♣2♥3♣K♣. Deeb won the pot and chipped up to 108K. Meanwhile, Pat Pezzin was dunzo, but he won $7,040 for sixth place.

With five remaining, Deeb held the lead with 108K. TheMuppet was in second with 99K. Andy McLEOD was last with 22.4K.

BALLAD OF A THIN MAN: GVOZDIKA55 eliminated in 5th place

Short-stacked GVOZDIKA55 found himself fighting for his tournament life in a back-alley multi-way brawl. Andy McLEOD picked up the 2♣ on 3rd street and was saddled with the bring in for 600. TheMuppet called 600 with 9♥. GVOZDIKA55 raised to 2,000 with Q♦. Andy McLEOD and TheMuppet both called.

On 4th street, GVOZDIKA55 held (X-X)Q♦9♠ and fired out 2,000. Andy McLEOD called with (X-X)2♣7♥. TheMuppet raised to 4,000 with (X-X)9♥2♦. GVOZDIKA55re-raised to 6,000. Andy McLEOD bailed. TheMuppet capped the betting at 8,000 and GVOZDIKA55 called. It was heads-up.

On 5th street, GVOZDIKA55 was all-in for his last 544. TheMuppet called. GVOZDIKA55 finished with J♦Q♥Q♦9♠T♥3♥A♣ for a pair of Queens. However, TheMuppet won the hand courtesy of two pair -- nines and deuces -- with J♦Q♥Q♦9♠T♥3♥A♣. GVOZDIKA55 was knocked out in fifth place, but he won $9,600.

With four to go, Deeb sat like a tranquil Buddha in the top spot with 145K and the TheMuppet was second place with 125K. The two shorties were Andy McLEOD (29K) and GeorgeDanzer (19K).

HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED: George Danzer eliminated in 4th place

It was Andy McLEOD's turn to ride the momentum roller-coaster. Andy McLEOD seized the lead after winning a couple of pots off of Deeb, and then picking off George Danzer.

Danzer was short-stacked and made a stand on 4th street with a gutshot, but the Team Pro from Germany failed to improve. Danzer's T♣J♠9♥7♠T♠2♥K♥ could only mount a final stand with a pair of tens. Andy McLEOD won the pot with two pair -- Jacks and treys. George Danzer hit the road in fourth place, which was good for a 12,800 payday.

You can also view Danzer's hand in the replayer:

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With three players remaining, TheMuppet held the lead with 128K, but Andy McLEOD was not far behind with 123K, and shaundeeb slipped into last place with 69K.

JUST LIKE THOM THUMB'S BLUES: Andy McLEOD eliminated in 3rd place

At the start of Level 21, Deeb had slipped to under 30K. Both TheMuppet and Andy McLEOD held similar sized stacks around 145K. McLEOD's stack got as high as 190K but that would be his peak. The bleeding began after he lost a substantial amount of his stack against Deeb. Andy McLEOD thought he was good with a pair of Kings, but Deeb was sitting on trip Aces and A♠A♥3♦9♣A♣6♥4♠. Deeb won the pot worth almost 83K.

A couple of hands later, Andy McLEOD's decline continued when he lost a pot worth over 91K to TheMuppet's full house -- 9♥Q♥9♣5♥6♦6♥6♣. Deeb mugged Andy McLEOD on the next hand as he sunk even lower.

McLEOD made a stand with his last 12,603 in chips. He was all-in on 4th street with (X-X)K♣7♠ against TheMuppet's (X-X)6♦5♦. Andy McLEOD finished up with two pair -- Kings and Jacks -- with T♦J♦K♣7♠J♥6♥K♦, but TheMuppet won the pot with a Seven-high straight holding 4♣4♠6♦5♦3♦J♠7♣. Andy McLEOD was knocked out in third place. The Aussie won $19,200 for his efforts.

After 11.5 hours of Studlicious play, Event #10-H was down to its final two players.

HEADS-UP:TheMuppet (United Kingdom) vs. shaundeeb (Mexico)
Seat 2: TheMuppet (184,904)
Seat 4: shaundeeb (135,096)

"You're in trouble," wrote Deeb in the chat. "I left a few gulps of my Orange Crush for HU."

The only thing standing in TheMuppet's way of a SCOOP title was the infamous Shaun Deeb and his ominous "Waffle Crush" avatar.


Deeb struck blood first winning an 80K pot with an Ace-high flush holding T♠2♠T♦J♠3♠4♦A♠. Deeb surged to over 225K and even got as high as 264K, before TheMuppet staged a comeback, winning a 81K pot with trip fours. He rattled off wins in three out of the next four hands, including a 97.6K-sized pot when Deeb held 8♠4♥4♦2♣7♥6♣5♣ for an eight-high straight, but TheMuppet countered Deeb with a Queen-high straight holding 9♦Q♦T♦6♥8♦J♥8♣.

The Muppet eventually seized the lead after winning a pot with Jacks and treys. He was ahead 184K to 135K.

Deeb regrouped and fireworks ensued. During a blitzkrieg-like attack, Deeb won 14 out of the next 15 hands, and reestablished himself as the leader with a 244K to 75K advantage.

TheMuppet was on the brink of busting out when he picked up quad deuces against Deeb's trips.

Check out the quads hand here in the replayer:

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The quads gave TheMuppet a little jolt of energy, but it was too little, too late. He went on a mini-rush and got back into contention after winning an 82K pot with a Queen-high straight. But, Deeb launched a counter-attack and went on the offensive. He all of a sudden found himself up almost 3-1 in chips for the first time all game. TheMuppet was wounded and staggering on the ropes. Did Deeb have enough to finally knock him out as the tournament passed the 12.5 hour mark?

DESOLATION ROW: TheMuppet eliminated in 2nd place; Shaun Deeb crushes Stud field

After a crippling blow winning a 100K pot with trip Cowboys, Deeb improved his the lead 306K to 13K. He did everything in his power to deliver the fatal knockout, but he couldn't connect it.

After winning another hand to avoid elimination, Deeb didn't know what to say to TheMuppet. He typed, "I think that's 12 times. 10 of them I was ahead."

But I guess the 13th time is lucky, right? Short-stacked bombed it all-in on 5th street with (X-X)K♦9♠3♠. Deeb called with (X-X)4♦J♦K♠. TheMuppet finished with nothing bit King-high after the board ran out 8♣T♦K♦9♠3♠6♥4♥. TheMuppet fought a valiant effort and won $26,880 for a runner-up finish.

Congrats to Shaun "shaundeeb" Deeb for slaying TheMuppet and winning his second career SCOOP crown. Deeb also won $41,600, which is enough cheddar to buy him all the Orange Crush, bananas, and fried fish he wants for the next year.

Check of the final hand in the snazzy replayer:

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SCOOP Event #10-H $2,100 Stud - Final Table Results and Payouts:
1. Shaun "shaundeeb" Deeb (Mexico) - $41,600
2. TheMuppet (United Kingdom) - $26,880
3. James "Andy McLEOD" Obst (Australia)- $19,200
4. Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer (Germany) - $12,800
5. GVOZDIKA55 (Russia) - $9,600
6. Pat Pezzin (Canada) - $7,040
7. Speedpokah (Finland) - $5,760
8. George "Jorj95" Lind (Canada) - $5,120

For a complete schedule and satellite information for remaining events, visit the SCOOP home page. While you are there, don't forget to check out the statistic page and see who is sitting atop the leaderboard.

Pauly McGuire
@PokerStars in SCOOP