SCOOP 2012: Shine a light on George "Jorj95" Lind, Winner in Event $26-Low

SCOOP logo.gifShaun Deeb woke up this morning with a near lock on Player of the Series. He could have taken the day off and went surfing or hang gliding. But instead of those high-end adventure sports, he fired up his computer, logged onto PokerStars and bought into another SCOOP tournament -- Event #26 $27 Stud Hi/Lo.

The format was Stud Hi/Lo. Deeb was seeking his third title this year and fourth overall. When the tournament commenced, Deeb had five final tables under his belt along with 15 cashes and the top spot on the Leader Board.

Even though this event was a "Low" format, that didn't mean Deeb took it less serious than any other event he played in. He slashed and burned his way through a treacherous field of 2,178 players and somehow, his run good continued and he found himself among the final eight players for his seventh final table this SCOOP (he also made the final table of Event #27-High).

But Deeb was denied another title in this event. When the dust settled, it was PokerStars Team Online George "Jorg95" Lind who prevailed. Lind has been in the top 10 on the Leader Board for the last week and has 16 cashes under his belt. Now, you can now add a SCOOP title to his accolades.

george_lind_mohegan_sun 2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6117.jpg

Another day at the office for Team PokerStars Online George "Jorj95" Lind

The total prize pool for Event #26-Low $27 Stud Hi/Lo was $54,450 and the top 288 places paid out. Other notables who cashed in this Stud Hi/Lo event included Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer (8th), Team PokerStars Pro Theo Jorgensen (75th), and Team PokerStars Online Anders "Donald" Berg (136th).

With 45 players to go, Shaun Deeb emerged as the leader. Although he wouldn't retain the top spot for very long, he never dipped below the Top 10 in chips en route to the final table

With 33 to go, George Lind took over the lead and Deeb slipped to 8th overall. With 28 to go, Deeb won a couple of pots to jump into second.

With two tables left, Lind held the lead with 2.4 million. Deeb slipped to 7th in chips and Danzer fought tooth and nail with a short stack.

With nine remaining and playing hand-for-hand, Danzer was clinging on to dear life with a short stack. Danzer doubled up with two pair -- Kings and Queens -- against MBPoker26's Jacks and treys. He avoided a double up and squeaked into the final eight.

MBPoker26 bubbled off the final table in ninth place. MBPoker26's pair of Queens could not compete with vas_panev74, who scooped the pot with a 7-6-5-4-A low and an eight-high straight.


Event #27-L $27 Stud Hi/Lo - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: vas_panev74 (2,137,538)
Seat 2: xParaBelluMx (1,205,934)
Seat 3: Team PokerStars Pro George "GeorgeDanzer" Danzer (116,648)
Seat 4: peanut_no. 1 (1,180,550)
Seat 5: shaundeeb (699,234)
Seat 6: Team PokerStars Online George "Jorj95" Lind (3,660,327)
Seat 7: Chrucx2 (72,628)
Seat 8: Seylo (1,817,141)

With the final table set, George Lind held the lead with over 3.6 million. Meanwhile, Chrucx2 brought up the rear as the short stack.

ROCKS OFF: GeorgeDanzer eliminated in 8th place; shaundeeb eliminated in 7th place

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Two players busted out on a single hand -- George Danzer and Shaun Deeb. Here's how it happened:

Third Street:
xParaBelluMx: (X-X) 4♥
GeorgeDanzer (X-X)6♥
shaundeeb (X-X) A♦
Seylo (X-X) T♣

xParaBelluMx brought it in for 24,000, GeorgeDanzer shoved all-in for 68,648, shaundeeb re-raised to 80,000, and both Seylo and xParaBelluMx called.

Fourth Street:
xParaBelluMx: (X-X) 4♥8♦
GeorgeDanzer (X-X) 6♥8♠
shaundeeb (X-X) A♦2♦
Seylo (X-X) T♣5♣

Deeb bet 80,000, and both Seylo and xParaBelluMx called.

Fifth Street:
xParaBelluMx: (X-X) 4♥8♦9♦
GeorgeDanzer (X-X) 6♥8♠A♠
shaundeeb (X-X) A♦2♦J♦
Seylo (X-X) T♣5♣7♦

Deeb fired out 160,000. Seylo called, but xParaBelluMx bailed.

Sixth Street:
GeorgeDanzer (X-X) 6♥8♠A♠3♦
shaundeeb (X-X) A♦2♦J♦8♥
Seylo (X-X) T♣5♣7♦A♣

Deeb bet 160.000, Seylo raised to 320,000, and Deeb called.

On the river, Deeb moved all-in for his last 11,234, and Seylo called. Danzer showed 3♣3♥6♥8♠A♠3♦Q♠ for trip treys. Deeb showed 6♦5♥A♦2♦J♦8♥5♦ for a Ace-high flush and an 8-6-5-2-A low. Neither hand could beat Seylo. Seylo held 6♣K♣T♣5♣7♦A♣4♦ for a better flush (Ace-King flush vs. Deeb's Ace-Jack flush) and a better low hand 7-6-5-4-A.

Alas, Danzer hit the road in eighth place and won $544.50. Deeb earned $1,089 for a seventh place finish. Another deep run for Deeb, who had one less tournament to worry about as he focused on the final table in Event #27-High.

Check out this double-elimination hand here:

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SHAKE YOUR HIPS: Chrucx2 eliminated in 6th place

Short-stacked Chrucx2 was the next player to bust. Chrucx2 bombed it all-in on third street. Seylo and peanut_no. 1 both called and attempted to take out Chrucx2. In the end, Seylo won the hand with A♠J♣3♥Q♣4♦2♦Q♦ and a pair of Queens. Chrucx2 had (X-X)A♦8♠Q♠2♥(X) showing but mucked his losing hand. Chrucx2 collected $1,633.50 for a sixth-place finish.

With five to go, vas_panev74 held the lead with 3.3 million, Seylo was second with 2.9 million, Lind was not far behind with 2.8 million, peanut_no. 1 held 1 million and shot-stacked xParaBelluMx held under 800K.

CASINO BOOGIE: Seylo eliminated in 5th place

Seylo's stack was under assault. Seylo lost a couple of minor pots to both Lind and peanut_no. 1. Seylo got into a tough spot with a dwindling stack and made a valiant final stand. On third street... vas_panev74 brought it in for 36,000, Lind raised to 120,000, Seylo bumped it up to 240,000, vas_panev74 folded, Lind re-raised to 360,000, Seylo called all-in for 69,899. Heads-up between Lind and Seylo. After the hands were dealt, no one qualified for a low. Lind won the entire hand with 3♠T♠A♠9♥Q♠7♦A♣ for a pair of Aces. Seylo lost with a pair of Jacks holding 2♥J♦J♠4♦5♦3♦T♣. Seylo, from Switzerland, won $2,722.50 for fifth place.

With four to go, Lind held the lead with 5.7 million and xParaBelluMx was the shorty with 675K.

TUMBLING DICE: xParaBelluMx eliminated in 4th place

A raising war broke out on third street. Lind capped the betting with (X-X)6♣ and xParaBelluMx called with (X-X)A♥. On fourth street, holding (X-X)A♥8♣, xParaBelluMx was all-in after betting out, then calling a raise from Lind's (X-X)6♣7♠. Once again, there was no qualifying low and Lind won the pot with a pair of sixes holding 5♠4♣6♣7♠Q♥9♠6♠ against xParaBelluMx's Ace high and 5♥T♠A♥8♣J♥K♥7♦. xParaBelluMx was knocked out in fourth place and won $3,811.50.

With three players left in the hunt for the SCOOP title, Lind led the way with 6.5 million, while vas_panev74 trailed with 2.4 million, and peanut_no. 1 was last in chips with 1.9 million.

TORN AND FRAYED: vas_panev74 eliminated in 3rd place

The ultimate key to hi/lo games is to win the entire pot, and peanut_no. 1 picked one heck of a time to scoop. On sixth street, vas_panev74 got it all-in with (X-X)3♦7♣3♣T♥, and peanut_no. 1 called with (X-X)3♥Q♥Ad]5♣. Without a qualifying low hand, vas_panev74 finished up with 8♠7♥3♦7♣3♣T♥6♥ for just two pair. Unfortunately, peanut_no. 1 showed 4♥2♦3♥Q♥A♦5♣5♠. The Wheel scooped the high and the low. Alas, vas_panev74 was knocked out in third place, but won $5,172.75.

HEADS-UP: George "Jorj95" Lind (Canada) vs. peanut_no. 1 (Germany)
Seat 4: peanut_no. 1 (3,516,698)
Seat 6: Jorj95 (7,373,302)

With two to go, George Lind held over a 2-1 advantage.

LOVING CUP: peanut_no. 1 eliminated in 2nd place; George Lind ships SCOOP title

Lind set the pace once heads-up began and peanut_no. 1 failed to get any momentum going after Lind won the first decisive pot. With (X-X)8♠3♣9♠J♣(X) showing, peanut_no. 1 folded on the river against Lind's (X-X)4♦K♠A♥Q♦(X). Lind won a 4 million pot and peanut_no. 1 was crippled. The nightmare would finally ended two hands later.

On the final hand, peanut_no. 1 was dealt the (X-X)4♠ and Jorj95 was dealt the (X-X)2♣. Lind brought it in for 60,000, peanut_no. 1 bumped it up to 200,000, Lind re-raised to 400,000, peanut_no. 1 re-raised all-in for 586,792, and Lind called. At showdown, peanut_no. 1 held 9♥K♥4♠5♥7♥J♠Q♠ for nothing more than King high. Lind won the pot with a pair of Queens and 7♣3♦2♣Q♣8♦Q♦9♠.

For a runner-up performance, peanut_no. 1 earned $6,615.67. Meanwhile, PokerStars Team Online George "Jorj95" Lind won his first SCOOP title this year and collected $9,352.58 for first place.

Check out Lind's winning hand here in the replayer:

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Event #26-L Stud Hi/lo - Final Table Results and Payouts:
Entrants: 2,178
Places Paid: 288

1. PokerStars Team Online George "Jorj95" Lind (Canada) - $9,352.58
2. peanut_no. 1 (Germany) - $6,615.67
3. vas_panev74 (Bulgaria) - $5,172.75
4. xParaBelluMx (Russia) - $3,811.50
5. Seylo (Switzerland) - $2,722.50
6. Chrucx2 (Denmark) - $1,633.50
7. Shaun "shaundeeb" Deeb (Mexico) - $1,089
8. Team PokerStars Pro George "GeorgeDanzer" Danzer (Germany) - $544.50

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Pauly McGuire
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