SCOOP 2012: Shizzleness wins this, Event #12-H $2,100 PLO HU

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Two things happened in today's $2,100 PLO Heads-Up tournament.

The first thing involved Shizzleness, he won. It was a two-day process where he managed to survive eight heads-up matches, become the SCOOP Event #12-H champion and win $103,840.

The second thing involved Isildur1.



Viktor "Isildur1" Blom, winning makes him happy

Isildur1 has been making headlines before we knew his real name. He started by anonymously crushing high-stakes cash games; then he revealed himself as Viktor Blom and proved he could play live tournaments by winning the €100,000 Super High Roller at this year's PCA.

Now, a few months later, he's dominating online tournaments at the 2012 SCOOP. Isildur1 has won two SCOOP events, cashed in several others and taken pole position on the 2012 SCOOP Leader Board with 250 points.

As of yesterday, Isildur1 had also won more than any other player this SCOOP with $411,257.20. The closest contender in this department is Allingomes, with $287,263.20.

But Viktor "Isildur1" Blom wouldn't step off the gas. We don't think he knows how to.

Blom managed to outlast all his fellow Team PokerStars Pros in Event #12-H and finish as a quarterfinalist for $18,408.

Isildur1 now heads the overall leader board with 250 points and the money he's won this SCOOP now totals $429,665.20.

So far, that's $142,402 more than anyone else this year.

Isildur1 cashed when he reached Round 4 -- he was the only Team PokerStars Pro to do so. His opponent, ISILDRoon, sounded like an evil cyborg sent from the future to crush Isildur1's dominance of the poker world.

But, just like in the original Terminator, humans prevailed.

In Round 5, Isildur1 worked quickly. He was the first person to win his match, eliminating his opponent, saphire1, in only nine hands.

After fighting alleged cyborgs and a swift Round 5 win, Isildur1 met his doom in the elite eight:

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After six rounds of heads-up matches yesterday, only four players came back today to fight for the championship.

Round 1

Paulgees81 vs. Shizzleness

Round 2

BriDge2Pain vs. kmpk90


Both matches lasted almost the same amount of time. Shizzleness won his semifinal bout two minutes before kmpk90 would take out the BriDge2Pain.

All players would have 5,000 at the beginning of each match and blinds would start at 10/20.

The first big exchange of chips in Round 1 started when Paulgees81 raised to 60 from the small blind. Shizzleness called and a K♦7♦A♠ came on the flop. Paulgees81 led out for 80 and Shizzleness raised to 200.

Paulgees81 responded with a 480 reraise and Shizzleness called. The 3♦ on the turn brought a check from Shizzleness and a 700 bet from paulgees81. Shizzleness called, a 2♦ came on the river, and Shizzleness checked again.

This time paulgees81 bet the pot, 2,480. Shizzleness thought for about a minute before making the call.

When he did, paulgees81 showed A♦6♦K♠2♥ for the nut flush and Shizzleness mucked.

This hand left Shizzleness with 2,181 while paulgees81 enjoyed the rest of the 7,819 chips.

But Shizzleness would soon double up with a set of nines and work his way back up to the starting stack.

There chip lead would change hands a few more times before Shizzleness took hold of the match.

With 25/50 blinds, Shizzleness raised to 100 from the small blind. paulgees81 re-raised to 300 and Shizzleness made the call.

paulgees81 checked the 7♦J♦8♠ flop and Shizzleness bet 360. paulgees81 called and both players checked the 9♦ on the turn. When the [10s] came on the river, paulgees81 bet 800 and Shizzleness called.

paulgees81 showed A♠8♣4♠5♥ for a pair of eights while Shizzleness showed K♦[10h]Q♠7♥ for the king-high straight.

Shizzleness would gain the lead with 6,500 and finish paulgees81 off soon after:

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Round 2 didn't happen after Round 1 -- they were going on simultaneously actually -- but calling them that makes things more organized and lets me make a Mortal Kombat allusion.

While Shizzleness and paulgees81 were battling on one table, kmpk90 and BriDge2PaiN were fighting for a spot in the final at the other.

BriDge2PaiN managed to get an early lead on kmpk90 after winning a few small hands, followed by a big one.

kmpk90 raised to 60 from the small blind and BriDge2PaiN called, bringing a 8♥[10c]6♦ flop. BriDge2PaiN checked and kmpk90 bet 74, BriDge2PaiN called.

BriDge2PaiN checked again when the 3♥ came on the turn and kmpk90 led out for 210. Another call from BriDge2PaiN brought another card, the river, a Q♣.

kmpk90 bet 540 after BriDge2PaiN checked and BriDge2PaiN raised to 1,455. kmpk90 folded and was left with 2,854, while BriDge2PaiN took the lead with 7,146.

kmpk90 would stay short-stacked until he managed to double up back to starting stack:

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The players then lobbed a small lead back and forth over the virtual felt, as is tradition. This went on until kmpk90 took a commanding lead.

BriDge2PaiN raised to 100 and kmpk90 re-raised to 300. BriDge2PaiN called and the flop came 7♥5♠2♣. kmpk90 led out for 372 and BriDge2PaiN called, bringing a 7♠ on the turn. kmpk90 bet 700 and BriDge2PaiN called.

A J♦ came on the river and kmpk90 checked, this brought a 1,000 bet from BriDge2PaiN. A bet that kmpk90 called quickly.

BriDge2PaiN showed K♠6♠[10h]8♣ and was playing the board's pair of sevens. kmpk90 showed A♦Q♦J♥[10s] for a pair of jacks and sevens.

This hand brought kmpk90 up to 7,199.

kmpk90 would use that lead to end the battle two minutes after Shizzleness won bout.

BriDge2PaiN raised to 120 and kmpk90 made the call. A K♥7♦4♥ came on the flop and kmpk90 checked, bringing a 120 chip bet from BriDge2PaiN.

kmpk90 raised to 417 and BriDge2PaiN re-raised to 1,491. kmpki90 put the stakes at 4,713 and BriDge2PaiN called, putting himself all in.

kmpk90 showed 2♣3♣5♥6♥ for inside and outside straight draws as well as a flush draw. BriDge2PaiN showed A♦K♣8♥2♥ for a pair of kings and a higher flush draw.

The 6♣ on the turn gave kmpk90 a straight and an 8♦ on the river gave him an even higher straight.

With that, we had our final round.



The players discussed a deal when they met. kmpk90 proposed $80,000 to each player and the rest -- including the Movado watch -- to the winner.

Shizzleness proposed a counter-offer, $90,000 for himself and $70,000 for kmpk90.

"I play heads up for a living," added Shizzleness.

kmpk90 didn't like the deal so Shizzleness offered $95,000 and $75,000. kmpk90 refused, but even if he hadn't, that deal couldn't have been made. The $170,000 deal Shizzleness proposed exceeded the remaining prize pool of $169,920 and didn't leave at least $4,000 for the champion.

With no deal, play continued.

kmpk90 would take the first major lead of the final match.

Shizzleness raised to 60 and kmpk90 called, bringing a 5♥[10h]J♠ flop. kmpk90 checked and Shizzleness led out for 84. kmpk90 raised to 262 and Shizzleness called, bringing a 4♦ on the turn. kmpk90 led again, this time for 480, Shizzleness called and a 6♥ came on the river.

Both players checked and kmpk90 showed A♠K♠3♥2♥ for a 10-high flush. Shizzleness mucked and saw his stack shrink to 3,914.

kmpk90 was up to 6,086 and managed to increase his lead up to 7,400 before Shizzleness started chipping away at him.

After bringing kmpk90 down to 6,000, Shizzleness doubled up.

With 20/40 blinds, Shizzleness raised to 120 and kmpk90 called. kmpk90 checked the Q♦5♠3♠ flop and Shizzleness bet 144. kmpk90 raised to 471 and Shizzleness called, bringing a 7♥ on the turn.

Shizzleness called kmpk90's 732 bet and a 4♣ came on the river. kmpk90 checked and Shizzleness moved all in for his remaining 2,503.

kmpk90 called and showed A♦5♦8♥5♥ for a set of fives. Shizzleness turned over 3♣4♥5♣6♥ for a seven-high straight.

Now it was Shizzleness with the commanding lead. He used it to chip down kmpk90 even more before he dealt the finishing blow:

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2012 SCOOP Event 12-H, $2,100 PLO (Heads-Up) results:

1st: Shizzleness ($103,840)
2nd: kmpk90 ($66,080)

BriDge2PaiN ($33,040)
paulgees81 ($33,040)

Isildur1 ($18,408)
fcaler185 ($18,408)
L0ve2playU ($18,408)
cal42688 ($18,408)

Here's a look at the final bracket of Event #12-H, was it what you expected? There were a few upsets, but that's what heads-up PLO is all about. For more SCOOP information, including the schedule and the leader board, check out the SCOOP homepage.

See you next time.


Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in SCOOP