SCOOP 2012: SilverSurfR1 rides to the top in Event #9-L ($27 NLHE Super Knockout)

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Bounty time.

There are lots of incentives to knock out players during a tournament, but in knockout events, there's one more.

Every time a player was knocked out of today's event, another player got paid $13. A total of 18,757 players registered for Event #9-L, that means a total of $243,841 was up for grabs in bounties.

But that wasn't the only money given out today -- aside from the bounties -- the regular prize pool was another $243,841.

The grand prize for this prize pool was $26,312.62. That means if you knocked out every single player in the tournament, you could win a total of $270,153.62.

Now that's a bargain.

But getting every bounty in a tournament is only really feasible if you're Boba Fett, or you're in a heads-up tournament with a two-player limit.

Today though, our champion was SilverSurfR1.

SilverSurfR1 didn't face an easy field either. After about 15 hours of knockout play; SilverSurfR1 bested a field of over 18,000, including a combination of 24 Team PokerStars Pros and Team PokerStars Online players.

Out of these 24 red spade players, only three managed to cash. The Team PokerStars player who made it the furthest was Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen. Petersen managed to finish in 1,058th place for $48.76.

ElkY and Ana Marquez were the other two Team PokerStars Pro to cash. ElkY finished in 1,456th for $36.57 while Marquez edged her way into the money in 1,962nd place. Her finish gave her a $26.82 -- excluding bounties and taxes.


SilverSurfR1 took a commanding lead during the final two tables. When there were only 12 players left, SilverSurfR1 had 19MM chips -- nearly 20 percent of all the chips in play.

ChrisTheDonk was the closest contender at that point, he had around 11MM.

SilverSurfR1 won the majority of his chips during a key double up.

Bruhxo raised to 400,000 from the button and SilverSurfR1 re-raised to 1,065,544 from the small blind.

The big blind folded and Bruhxo made it 2,145,555 to play. SilverSurfR1 moved all in for 7,367,886 and Bruhxo -- who had SilverSurfR1 covered -- made the call.

SilverSurfR1showed J♦Q♥ and Bruhxo showed J♠J♥.

The board ran [10s]Q♠8♦A♣A♠ and SilverSurfR1 doubled up to 15MM, a dominating lead at the time.

SilverSurfR1 managed to build his stack up to 19MM before he wiped out.

SilverSurfR1 moved all in for 17,934,929 from the small blind and mgog358 -- who had about 8MM -- instantly called from the big blind.

mgog358 showed K♠K♦, a big favorite against SilverSurfR1's [10d]K♥.

The board brought SIlverSurfR1 no help and mgog358 doubled up to 17MM, leaving SilverSurfR1 with 9MM.


Meanwhile, at the other table, another player would be working their way towards the final table chip lead.

With 11MM in chips and 125K/250K blinds with a 31,250 ante, delaney_kid raised to 500,000. Soccermom96 moved all in for 4.2MM and delaney_kid made the call.

delaney_kid showed a pair of tens and Soccermom96 turned over A♣6♥.

The board was devoid any aces, Soccermom96 was eliminated, and delaney_kid's stack grew to 16MM.

delaney_kid built his stack up to 17,886,080 when the final table hit.

Back on the other table, the tournament short stack, 19Alexandr85, moved all in for 1,678, 896.

Mondayafter re-shoved for 6,326,018 and everyone else got out of the way. 19Alexandr85 showed A♥3♣ and Mondayafter turned over Q♦Q♣.

The board came 2♠Q♠9♠8♣9♣ and 19Alexandr85 was eliminated in 10th place, earning $914.40 for his final table bubble.


With 19Alexandr85 gone, we had our final table set:


Seat 1 - ChrisTheDonK -- 7,529,277
Seat 2 - bayernconny -- 5,545,772
Seat 3 - SilverSurfR1 -- 10,248,832
Seat 4- Mondayafter -- 8,604,914
Seat 5 - RastyCZE -- 4,042,399
Seat 6 - mgog358 -- 16,497,194
Seat 7 - delaney_kid -- 17,886,080
Seat 8 - carnic777 -- 12,989,920
Seat 9 - acamrash -- 10,440,612

It wasn't long before we saw our first final table elimination.

With 200K/400K blinds and a 50K ante, SilverSurfR1 raised to 800,000. RastyCZE moved all in for just over 3MM, and SilverSurfR1 made the call.

SilverSurfR1 held Q♥6♣ and was up against RastyCZE's 9♠9♦.

The flop brought a Q♦ and RastyCZE became our 9th place finisher. For RastyCZE's elimination, SilverSurfR1 won $13, and RastyCZE took home $1,463.04.

SilverSurfR1 would also be responsible for the next elimination, the very next hand.

ChrisTheDonk raised to 1.6MM and SilverSurfR1 re-raised to 3.2MM. ChrisTheDonk moved all in for 5,016,777 and SilverSurfR1 made the call.

SilverSurfR1 showed Q♦Q♥, but was dominated by ChrisTheDonk's K♠K♣.

The 2♦J♦A♦5♠ fell in ChrisTheDonk's favor, but a Q♣ came on the river and crushed ChrisTheDonk's hopes of a SCOOP watch.

ChrisTheDonk was eliminated in 8th place, earning $2,194.56. SilverSurfR1 -- on the other hand -- got the final table chip lead and another $13 bounty.

But that chip lead would go to someone else the following hand:

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mgog358 kept the chiplead until SilverSurfR1 knocked out another player.

SilverSurfR1 raised to 800K and Mondayafter moved all in for 6,292,414. SilverSurfR1 called and showed A♦2♦. Mondayafter flipped over K♦Q♠ and was going to need some help from the community cards.

The K♠A♥6♠9♥J♠ board wasn't the help he was hoping for though.

Mondayafter earned $3,657.61 for his 7th place finish and SilverSurfR1's final table bounty earnings rose to $39.

Carnic777 would be the next player to face an all in.

delaney_kid moved all in for 26MM from the small blind and carnic777 called with his remaining 6MM.

carnic777 showed A♥4♠ and was ahead of delaney_kid's K♦7♦.

The board ran 6♦9♦A♠2♣8♣ and carnic777 became the first player of the final to survive a double up.

The next player to find himself all in wouldn't be so lucky:

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bayernconny was eliminated in 6th place and added $6,096.02 to his bankroll.

For the next few hands, carnic777, delaney_kid, mgog358 and SilverSurfR1 would float around the 20MM mark while acamrash struggled with about 7MM.

With 300K/600K blinds and a 75K ante, acamrash was looking for a double up. acamrash moved all in for 6MM from the small blind and SilverSurfR1 called from the big.

acamrash showed a pair of fives and SilverSurfR1 showed K♣4♥.

The J♥8♣J♦9♦ board seemed safe for acamrash until a K♠ flooded the river and knocked him out in 5th place. acamrash earned $8,534.43 for his finish while SilverSurfR1claimed another final table bounty.

This hand also put SilverSurfR1 in the lead with 31MM.

A lot of pre-flop raising and folding ensued before delaney_kid made a move from the button. With 400K/800K blinds and a 100K ante, delaney_kid raised to 1.6MM. carnic777 raised to 4MM from the small blind and delaney_kid moved all in for a total of 11.5MM.

carnic777 made the call and showed Q♦Q♠, delaney_kid turned over A♠J♥.

The 2♦Q♥8♣4♠4♥ board gave carnic777 a full house and sent delaney_kid home in 4th place, a finish worth $10,972.


The final three players all had around 30MM when three-handed play started, but a few consecutive bad hands would drive mgog358 out of the tournament.

First, he was involved in a pre-flop battle with SilverSurfR1, he lost 4MM there.

The next hand, mgog358 raised to 3.2MM from the button and SilverSurfR1 called from the big blind.

The flop fell 8♣5♥7♠ and SilverSurfR1 led out for 3.55MM. mgog358 made the call and a J♣ came on the turn.

SilverSurfR1 moved all in for his remaining 24MM. mgog358 folded and was left with 19MM.

The following hand, mgog358 would lose again, this time to carnic777:

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But the poker gods deemed that mgog358's hat trick of punishment wasn't enough. The following hand, SilverSurfR1 raised to 1.6MM and mgog358 moved all in for his remaining 12MM.

SilverSurfR1 showed a pair of threes and mgog358, who held A♥9♦, was flipping for his tournament life.

The board came J♣4♠8♥[10s]J♠ and mgog358 finished in 3rd place, earning $15,849.66.


SilverSurfR1 would start the heads up match with the lead, 51,282,448. carnic777 wouldn't be too far behind though, he'd start the match with 42,502,552.

But carnic777 would chip away at SilverSurfR1 and take the lead after winning one of the larger pots of the tournament.

With 500K/1MM blinds and a 125K ante, carnic777 raised to 2MM. SilverSurfR1 called and the flop came [10d]2♠7♠.

Both players checked.

The turn was a 6♥ and SilverSurfR1 led out for 2,125,000. carnic777 called and an 8♦ fell on the river.

SilverSurfR1 led out again, this time for 6,375,000. carnic777 responded my moving all in and SilverSurfR1 folded, giving the 21,250,000 pot to carnic777.

SilverSurfR1 wouldn't get the lead back until he got a timely pocket pair.

SilverSurfR1 raised to 2MM and carnic777 moved all-in for 70MM. SilverSurfR1 called with an inferior stack, but a superior pair.

carnic777 showed 6♦6♣ and was up against SilverSurfR1's A♠A♥. The aces prevailed and SilverSurfR1 doubled up to 47MM.

SilverSurfR1's lead would then grow even more:

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The tournament wouldn't last much longer after that.

SilverSurfR1 raised to 2MM and carnic777 moved all in for 28,120,104. SilverSurfR1 called and showed A♥J♣. carnic777 showed A♦3♦, his final hand of the tournament.

The Q♦5♦5♠ gave carnic777 a flush draw, but an 8♥ came on the turn a 4♣ fell on the river, eliminating him in 2nd place.

carnic777 took home $20,726.48 for his runner-up finish and SilverSurfR1 became the Event #09-L champion, winning $26,312.

Plus all his bounties.

2012 SCOOP Event 9-L, $27 NLHE Super Knockout results:
1st: SilverSurfR1 ($26,312.62)
2nd: carnic777 ($20,726.48)
3rd: mgog358 ($15,849.66)
4th: delaney_kid ($10,972.84)
5th: acamrash ($8,534.43)
6th: bayernconny ($6,096.03)
7th: Mondayafter ($3,657.61)
8th: ChrisTheDonk ($2,194.56)
9th: RastyCZE ($1,463.04)

Congratulations to SilverSurfR1 for his tournament win. There's still plenty of SCOOP action to go; check out the homepage for the schedule, leader board and everything else concerning the 2012 SCOOP.

Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in SCOOP