SCOOP 2012: Sitting on top of the virtual mountain, cyberkanguru wins Event #10-M (Stud)

SCOOP logo.gifMultiple poker titles. Doyle Brunson has a few. So does Johnny Chan and our own Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu and tonight more than one player was looking for multiple SCOOP titles as if they grew an extra limbs with a lack of timepieces on them. Tonight's 2012 SCOOP Event #10-Medium Stud would have several past winners looking to notch a second, third, or fourth major title here at PokerStars. But first they would need to defeat a field of 380 runners who put up $215 for a shot at a $14,630.00 first prize. And thanks to those 380 runners, the $25,000 guarantee was met in triplicates giving the tournament a huge $76,000.00 prize pool

Hood_Ace was not able to duplicate last year's feat by winning this tournament and final tabling the high version as well as we would crown a new champion tonight after Hood_Ace busted in 122nd place.

Near the money bubble Crisper (53rd place), who made the 2009 SCOOP Main Event-Medium final table (finishing third for $263,835) and WCOOP champ Shaun Deeb (51st place) would both finish just outside the money tonight.

Two Team PokerStars Pros and one Team Online member would safely finish in the top 48 money spots tonight. No stranger to finishing deep in a SCOOP tournament, Team Online and reigning SCOOP Player of the Series Anders "Donald" Berg would notch another cash already in the 2012 series after bubbling the final table from Event #6-L yesterday. With the stakes at 2,500/5,000 ante 500 Berg was down to just 9,848 chips decided to get it all in against tilion22 showing K♣A♦ on fourth against tilion22's 5♠7♣. Anders was looking for something to connect, anything to connect, but watched a missed wheel draw tumble out 5♥ 2♣ / K♣ A♦ 3♥ Q♦ / T♦ as tilion22's split fives 5♦ 9♥ / 5♠ 7♣ Q♥ 3♠ / K♥ were good enough to take out Berg in 33rd place ($437.00).

Team Pro Chad Brown, whose major cashes have come in limit tournaments, was looking for another deep cash tonight but relyagarto8 decided to play the spoiler. With the bets up to 3K/6K ante 600, Brown was sitting on 22,230 chips and decided to go with split eights on fourth street against reylagarto8. Holding a pair as well, reylagarto8 watched the split kings turn into a king-high straight J♦ K♣ / K♥ 8♥ Q♣ T♣ / 9♦. Overkill for knocking out the Team Pro as Chad would brick on a seventh street flush draw 8♣ 5♣ / 8♠ J♣ Q♠ 6♣ / 4♥ to finish in 32nd place ($513.00).

All that remained for the Red Spades was reigning MicroMillions champ Marcin "Goral" Horecki who is keeping up with his liking for low stakes tournaments by cashing in Event #4-L and Event #6-L. But, Marcin was looking for a cash in this middle stakes tournament with a little more heft tonight and unfortunately would fall soon after Berg and Brown in 26th place ($513.00).

ept tallinn_day 2_marcin horecki.jpg

Marcin "Goral" Horecki

Daniel "djk123" Kelly was back again trying to add a SCOOP watch to his three WCOOP bracelets but his run would be stopped with three tables remaining in 23rd place ($741.00).

Finland's Miegstroem was trying to make back-to-back Event #10-Medium final tables after finishing seventh in this event last year. However, the cards did not fall the Finn's way and Miegstroem would settle for $1,026.00 in 14th place.

Down to the final table bubble Ruxandescu ran into a rough hand late against GoneF1sh1ng where a sixth street two pair of fours and treys got rivered by GoneF1sh1ng's jacks up to take down a 136,000 chip pot and left Ruxandescu with just 9,749 chips. After one successful double up el_batong would send Ruxandescu out on the bubble (narrowly missing a second 2012 SCOOP final table after finishing runner up to Viktor "Isildur1" Blom's second SCOOP title) setting up the final table below:


Seat 1: cal42688 (391043 in chips)
Seat 2: YepImOnTilt (160363 in chips)
Seat 3: drkamikaze1 (245565 in chips)
Seat 4: Ryokan (46368 in chips)
Seat 5: GoneF1sh1ng (134582 in chips)
Seat 6: cyberkanguru (410262 in chips)
Seat 7: el_batong (368925 in chips)
Seat 8: DerRaeuber (142892 in chips)

Not second too soon

In the final table's second hand with the stakes at 8K/16K ante 1,600 GoneF1sh1ng decided to test the shorted stacked Ryokan by capping third street with an ace A♦ showing to Ryokan's J♠. Fourth street got the rest of Ryokan's chips in the middle exposing split jacks Q♥J♥ / J♠ 9♠ to GoneF1sh1ng's split aces A♥7♠ / A♦8♠. GoneF1sh1ng would find the right hook for two pair T♣ 7♦ / Q♠ but Ryokan's hand failed to catch anything 5♥7♣ / 6♣ ending the night in eighth place ($1,710.00).

Holding the right bait

As the stakes moved up to 10K/20K ante 2K YepImOnTilt was left mumbling after holding just 13,363 chips after GoneF1sh1ng knocked him down to under a big bet. Deciding to wait no longer, YepImOnTilt would shove with an ace showing and getting calls by cal42688 and GoneF1sh1ng. Bet by GoneF1sh1ng and a call by cal42688 on fourth street, then afterbet and raise by cal42688 on sixth with a call by GoneF1sh1ng both players checked the river as cal42688 exposed an open ended straight draw and flush draw that missed but hit a pair of nines J♦ T♦ / 2♦ 8♠ 6♦ 9♥ / 9♠. GoneF1sh1ng's split kings did not improve 5♦ K♥ / K♣ 6♠ 7♥ 9♦ / 2♥. But, no improvement was needed as YepImOnTilt mucked the hand giving GoneF1sh1ng another knockout , 168,363 chips, and reducing the table to six players after YepImOnTilt took home $2,090.00 in seventh place.

The robber gets picked on

DerRaeuber's name is close to the name of the German film "The Robber", was foiled on the attempt to pickpocket drkamikaze1 for a chance to get back into this tournament after falling to just 48,092 chips. Watch our film adaptation of "The Robber" below:

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All the chips would find their way into the middle after fourth street with drkamikaze1 showing pocket fours 4♠ 4♥ / A♠ 8♣ to DerRaeuber's wired nines 9♥9♦ / J♦Q♦. But, then the dealer would not stop giving eights to the doctor. An eight on fifth and sixth gave drkamikaze1 a boat 8♠ 8♦ / T♦ which DerBaeuber could not match T♠ 6♠ / 5♠ as "The Robber" took leave in sixth place ($2,850.00).

Third time not a charm

Main Event Passport? Check. WCOOP title? Check. Two SCOOP Watches Check. Third SCOOP Watch?

Not so fast.

cal42688 rung up not one but two SCOOP titles last year in under 24 hours and today would make a run at title number three. drkamikaze1 however was looking for another influx of chips and found it against cal42688. With the stakes up to 16K/32K ante 3,200 drkamikaze1 would get the multi-COOP champion to slide a huge 336,000 chip pot his way after notching fives full of deuces knocking cal42688 down to just 12,886 in chips. Two hands later, cal42688 would shove under a small bet showing the T♦ and face off against drkamikaze1 again showing a K♦. cal42688 would find two pair on his 8♥ 5♠ / T♦ 7♠ 7♣ 8♠ / A♦ board but drkamikaze1's rolled up kings K♣ K♥ / K♦ Q♣ 4♠ 4♣ / 5♦ were never threatened as cal42688 bowed out in fifth place ($3,990.00).

Hunter becomes the hunted

drkamikaze1 was responsible for the last two knockouts and after the foursome settled down to play the good doctor ran into some misfortune getting knocked down to 55,226 chips with the stakes at 20K/40K ante 4K. After drawing a 4♦ drkamikaze1 would raise over el_batong's bring-in as GoneF1sh1ng three-bet with a K♣. drkamikaze1 ended the betting with a four-bet all-in as GoneF1sh1ng called.

Perfect start to a razz hand but drkamikaze1 could only notch a pair of aces [Ad 2♦ / 4♦ 3♥ A♣ 7♠ / T♠ as GoneF1sh1ng made a broadway straight by sixth T♥ J♦ / K♣ 6♣ A♥ Q♠ / Q♥ sinking drkamikaze1's plane in fourth place ($5,890.00). Don't feel too bad for drkamikaze1 as the Canadian already claimed a 2012 SCOOP watch in Event #4-L and bagging $9K in the process.

With the doctor on a call, the remaining three sat down just before the 11th hour of play to briefly discuss dividing up the remainder of the prize pool. However, el_batong was lagging a bit in chips and decided to gamble leaving the full $14,630.00 first prize on top of the SCOOP champion watch for now.

The big one gets away

So close to a major title. After playing for over 11 hours just two people separating you from the bracelet/watch/trophy/bricks of cash being hauled in by beautiful models and... crash. el_batong and cyberkanguru would go back and forth taking nearly all the pots for 15 minutes leaving GoneF1sh1ng gasping for air. Then with the stakes at 25K/50K ante 5K and down to 100,078 in chips GoneF1sh1ng would four-bet his J♦ door card against el_batong's Q♠. el_batong did have the split queens being represented and would improve to two pair 7♦ Q♣ / Q♠ 3♣ T♦ 7♣ / 2♥. GoneF1sh1ng however was trawling for bass and came up with nary a nibble K♦ T♠ / J♦ 5♥ 7♠ 2♦ / A♠ ending the tournament in third place ($8,170.00).

Guru sits on top of the chip mountain

Holding a 1,353,022 chip to 546,978 chip advantage, cyberkanguru would use that leverage to work el_batong down to nothing. A 19 minute heads-up battle that el_batong would roll the chip stack up to over 600K at one point after notching aces up for a 552,000 chip pot. But, that would be the high point as cyberkanguru would use the chip advantage to grind el_batong down to 68,978 in the final hand below:

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With the stakes at 30K/60K ante 6K el_batong had little choice but to shove with the T♥ on the door as cyberkanguru called with a 3♣. The little trey had a secret though... buried queens but those queens would get embedded in an unnecessary broadway straight Q♥ Q♦ / 3♣ J♥ T♠ A♦ / K♣ which handly beat el_batong's queen-high 4♠ 8♦ / T♥ Q♣ 3♥ 2♠ / 6♥ to claim the 2012 SCOOP Event #10-Medium title for $14,630.00!

$25,000.00 guarantee 2012 SCOOP Event #10-Medium Stud results (05-09-12):
1. cyberkanguru (Germany) $14,630.00
2. el_batong (Finland) $10,830.00
3. GoneF1sh1ng (Canada) $8,170.00
4. drkamikaze1 (Canada) $5,890.00
5. cal42688 (Mexico) $3,990.00
6. DerRaeuber (Austria) $2,850.00
7. YepImOnTilt (Mexico) $2,090.00
8. Ryokan (Ireland) $1,710.00

David Aydt
@PokerStars in SCOOP