SCOOP 2012: skillzdatklls massacres the field in Event #39-M ($215 NLHE 6-Max)

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It's almost over.

The 40 event spring madness known as the Spring Championship of Online Poker is nearing its end.

We've seen some crazy things happen. Shaun Deeb dominated the series and, despite all the legal setbacks in the online poker world, the 2012 SCOOP turned out to be the largest SCOOP in PokerStars history.

But today, skllzdatklls made a little bit of personal history.

skllzdatklls bested a field of 5,227 -- including dozens of Team PokerStars Pro and Online players -- to win Event #39-M.

This is skllzdatkills first SCOOP victory and biggest online cash. Aside from the fancy watch, today's victor walked away with $159,425.

The 2-day event restarted at 11am ET today and play didn't stop until skllzdatklls made the final kill at 4:53pm ET.

But, before we could get that far, players were responsible for bringing us down to our final six players.


The final two tables shared the burden of bringing the tournament down to the final table. Each tables was responsible for three eliminations.

At one table, sklzdatkills, MiniiPop and ImDaNuts each added an elimination to their Event #39-M resume.

The other table only had two axe men, but only one would make the final table.

Thielon123 took care of the first elimination while SmokerGri knocked out our 8th place finisher.

Both of these players would then be involved in the final table bubble elimination.

With three players left at the table, Thielon123 raised to 200,000 from the button. oncommand passed in the small blind and SmokerGri made it 1MM.

Thielon123 moved all in for 2,534,032 and and SmokerGri called. SmokerGri showed A♠J♥ and was going to need some improvement to beat Thielon123's Q♦Q♠.

The 8♥A♦K♥3♦6♣ board brought the help SmokerGri needed and Thielon123 was eliminated in 7th place.



Final table chip counts:

Seat 1: SmokerGri -- 11,402,471

Seat 2: BigMeech99 -- 3,979,793

Seat 3: skillzdatklls -- 11,860,484

Seat 4: oncommand -- 12,972,887

Seat 5: ImDaNuts -- 4,499,226

Seat 6: MiniiPop -- 7,542,639

oncommand's final table chip lead lead grew even more after bluffing SmokerGri out of a multi-million chip pot:

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The roomy final table then got a bit roomier.

With 60K/120K blinds and a 15K ante, ImDaNuts raised to 240,000 from UTG. BigMeech99 re-raised to 513,875 from the button and ImDaNuts 4-bet to 916,340.

Action was back on BigMeech99 who moved all in for 4,072,293. ImDaNuts had BigMeech99 covered, but only by about one big blind.

ImDaNuts called and showed J♥J♠ while BigMeech99 electronically turned over A♥Q♣.

The flop came 7♣4♥4♣ and BigMeech99's hopes of a straight were gone. The 2♦ on the turn eliminated any chance of a flush and a 6♣ came on the river, robbing BigMeech99 of every chip he accumulated over the last two days.

BigMeech99 became our first final table elimination and earned $16,726.40 for finishing in 6th place.


With 70K/140K blinds and a 17.5K ante, oncommand raised to 329,000. MiniiPop re-raised with every chip he had, all 5,846,640.

SmokerGri, in the big blind, was the only player that hadn't acted in the hand. SmokerGri also had the shortest stack.

The short stack called and oncommand got out of the way.

MiniiPop: A♠K♥
SmokerGri: A♥Q♦

This wasn't an ideal showdown for SmokerGri and the 3♥[10h]9♠ flop didn't change much. But the turn was a Q♠ and things turned around for SmokerGri.

Only a king or a jack could end SmokerGri's tournament life, but the river was a 9♥ and SmokerGri doubled up to just over 8MM.

The hand left MiniiPop and the hamster in his avatar in bad shape. With only about 1.8MM left, the hamster was going to have to make some moves.

Four hands later, oncommand raised to 490,000 and and MiniiPop moved all in for 1,786,263.

oncommand called with [10s]J♦ while MiniiPop showed A♣4♣.

The A♠K♦4♠ flop fell heavily in MiniiPop's favor, but it also gave oncommand a straight draw.

But instead of a queen, a 7♥ would come on the turn and a 2♠ would fall on the river. MiniiPop and the hamster doubled up and now had 3.7MM to play with.


The next elimination would be a wild one.

It involved every ace on the board, three players, two tens, one elimination and one almost-double up:

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MiniiPop kind-of-almost doubled up to 8,009,349 while oncommand took a massive lead with 22,395,190.

This made SmokerGri our 5th place finisher, a finish worth $31,362.00.


With four players left, skllzdatklls managed to chip up to 10MM and was about to go on a rampage.

With 100K/200K blinds and a 25K ante, oncommand raised to 600,000 and skllzdatklls called, bringing a 9♥3♠8♠ flop.

Action was checked to oncommand who led out for 672,000, skllzdatklls called.

The turn was a J♥ and skllzdatklls check-called command's 1,317,120 bet.

The river was a K♦ and skllzdatklls checked again. oncommand bet 2MM and skllzdatklls moved all in for 8,200,391.

oncommand folded and skllzdatklls won the 9MM pot, bringing his stack up to 15.5MM.

With big stacks comes big responsibility. Usually, that responsibility means eliminating everyone in sight.

That's exactly what skllzdatklls did.

oncommand raised to 500,000 and ImDaNuts called. skllzdatklls 3-bet to 1,696,969 from the big blind and oncommand folded.

Action was back on ImDaNuts who moved all in for 8,293,330. skllzdatklls called and showed a pair of 10s.

ImDaNuts showed one overcard and one undercard, 9♣J♣.

The A♠4♠7♠ flop ruined ImDaNuts's chances of a straight and a flush. The turn was a 4♥ and a 5♠ came on the river, ruining any chance of a SCOOP victory for ImDaNuts.

ImDaNuts was eliminated in 4th place, his second final table finish this SCOOP.

Just last week, ImDaNuts finished 2nd in Event #21-H ($2,100 NLHE) for $247,260. But that isn't close to ImDaNuts's biggest poker cash.

ImDaNuts goes by the live name of "Chris Oliver." Under that name, Oliver managed to finish 2nd in the 2011 PokerStars PCA Main Event.

That finish won the 23-year-old $1,800,000.

Today, ImDaNuts would walk away with $52,949.51, increasing his total winnings by a bit more than the US national average wage.


Chris "ImDaNuts" Oliver at the 2011 PCA

A few hands later, skllzdatklls would pop the heads-up bubble.

The bloodlust was insatiable.

The skllz needed klls.

skllzdatklls raised to 400,000 and MiniiPop moved all in for 3,994,929.

Action was back on skllzdatklls who called with Q♥Q♠ while MiniiPop showed A♥8♥ for his tournament life.

The board ran 6♣4♦3♦[10d]J♥ and MiniiPop's Event #39-M run was over.

MiniiPop's 3rd place finish was good the 3rd place prize, $83,632.


With MiniiPop gone, the SCOOP watch's new home was narrowed down to two wrists. (Or four, if oncommand and skllzdatklls liked to switch watch hands for fun or shock value.)

skllzdatklls: 31,150,890
oncommand: 21,119,110

skllzdatklls was still on the gas when the heads-up match started. skllzdatklls took a few opening bites out of oncommand before taking out a big a chunk.

With 125K/250K blinds and a 31,250 ante, skllzdatklls raised to 500,000. oncommand re-raised to 1.5MM and skllzdatklls made it 2,999,999.

oncommand went into the tank and finally emerged with a re-raise to 5.5MM. skllzdatklls quickly responded by moving all in for 34,705,268.

oncommand folded and skllzdatklls won the 11MM pot, increasing the lead to 40MM. This left oncommand with 12MM.

skllzdatklls then brought oncommand down even further:

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oncommand then then took command of the situation.

oncommand moved all in for 4.3MM and skllzdatklls called.

skllzdatklls called: A♥7♠
oncommand: A♠3♦

skllzdatklls had oncommand dominated and the flop came 5♣9♦6♣, giving skllzdatklls a straight draw.

But the turn was a 4♦ and oncommand got a straight draw too.

The 2♦ came on the river, and oncommand got the straight, a double up and 8.7MM chips.

Despite the double up, oncommand was still severely shortstacked. A few hands later, oncommand raised to 600,000 and skllzdatklls called.

skllzdatklls checked the 7♣J♠3♥ flop and oncommand bet 600,000. skllzdatklls raised to 1,567,890 and oncommand moved all in for 6,965,574.

skllzdatklls called and showed Q♠J♥ for top pair. oncommand turned over A♦5♠ for, well, not much.

The turn was a 6♣ and, suddenly, there was hope for oncommand. Then, a 4♠ came on the river to give oncommand another straight and another double up.

This time, on command's stack grew to 15MM.

Then, skllzdatklls lost the lead.

skllzdatklls raised to 600,000 and oncommand re-raised to 1,950,000. skllzdatklls called and the flop came 2♦3♠J♣.

oncommand bet 1,800,000 and skllzdatklls called, bringing a [10s] on the turn. oncommand led out again, this time for 4,050,000, skllzdatklls called.

A 5♦ came on the river and oncommand moved all in for 13,508,437.

skllzdatklls folded and lost the lead to oncommand. skllzdatklls was left with 23MM while oncommand was up to 29MM.

Then, oncommand took a commanding lead with another bluff, just like at the beginning of the final table:

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It was now skllzdatklls's tournament life at risk.

With 200K/400K blinds and a 50K ante, oncommand raised to 800,000. skllzdatklls called and the flop came Q♥5♦7♥.

Action was checked to oncommand, who bet 400,000. skllzdatklls raised to 1,333,337 and oncommand called, bringing a [10c] on the turn.

Both players checked and a 9♣ came on the river. skllzdatklls opened for 3,456,789 and oncommand moved all in.

skllzdatklls thought for a while before calling and showing 9♦[10d]. The two pair was better than oncommand's A♥5♣ and skllzdatklls doubled up to 22,665,142.

skllzdatklls then snatched the lead back away from oncommand:

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Now back in the lead, skllzdatklls was ready to do damage.

With 250K/500K blinds and a 62.5K ante, oncommand raised to 1MM. skllzdatklls re-raised to 2,898,989 and oncommand called.

skllzdatklls bet 2,696,969 on the J♥5♣A♥ flop and oncommand called.

The turn was a 7♣ and skllzdatklls bet 3,789,789. oncommand called and a 3♦ came on the river.

skllzdatklls made one final bet, an all in bet worth 21,363,062. oncommand folded and was left with 12MM while skllzdatklls' stack grew to 40MM.

skllzdatklls would then go in for the final kill.

skllzdatklls raised to 1MM and oncommand called. oncommand checked the 8♦7♦2♣ flop and skllzdatklls bet 999,999. oncommand moved all in for 10,947,944 and skllzdatklls made the final call.

The players showed the final hands of the tournament:

oncommand: [10c]8♣
skllzdatklls: K♣K♦

The turn was a 6♦ and the K♥ came on the river, giving skllzdatklls a set of kings and the SCOOP championship.

oncommand became the runner-up finisher and won $114,994 for taking 2nd place.

This made skllzdatklls the Event #39-M champion and proud owner of a SCOOP watch. But the watch isn't the only prize, skllzdatklls will also take the grand prize of $159,425.30


With Event #39-M finished, the SCOOP is almost over.

As of writing this, only Event #39-H and all three main events remain. If you're reading this in time, go check them out. If they're already done, then, hello readers of the future. What's it like there? Did we get to Mars yet? Did Shaun Deeb buy the Earth with his SCOOP winnings?

2012 SCOOP Event #39-M $215 NLHE 6-Max Results:

Places Paid:660

1st: skllzdatklls (Mexico) $159,425.30
2nd: oncommand (Mexico) $114,994.00
3rd: MiniiPop (Canada) $83,632.00
4th: ImDaNuts (Costa Rica) $52,949.51
5th: SmokerGri (Russia) $31,362.00
6th: BigMeech99 (Sweden) $16,726.40

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Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in SCOOP