SCOOP 2012: Sr amarillo rises to claim Event #5-M victory ($109+R NLHE Turbo)

SCOOP logo.gifAnything can happen in a turbo tournament. Ask mrAndreeew, who held the chip lead in this tournament for a long while leading up to the final table but lost it and fought hard to eventually finish third. Sr amarillo fought as well, staying in the middle of the pack until a key double-up during heads-up play led directly to victory. Sometimes, it's the quiet one who comes out on top; ask Sr amarillo, latest SCOOP title holder.


The second day of the 2012 Spring Championship of Online Poker was off to an exciting start, and Event 5 provided some fast-paced action for players who were anxious to grab a SCOOP title in near-record time. Rebuys combined with a turbo structure assured a riveting tournament, and that's what we received.

The medium level buy-in for Event 5 allowed players to buy in for $109 with the guarantee of a $350K prize pool, but the resulting numbers showed more than double that amount of cash. Excitement was the word from start to finish, but let's start at the beginning with final registration numbers:

Players: 2,251
Rebuys: 4,103
Add-ons: 1,647
Guarantee: $350,000.00
Prize pool: $800,100.00
Paid players: 288

As a turbo event, we shouldn't have to say that it moved along quickly. The money bubble burst only a couple hours into action, as murballz66 became the first player to walk away from the virtual table with $640.08.

There were two Team PokerStars Pros still in the tournament at that point, though Eugene Katchalov was quit to exit in 278th place with his min-cash. That left Pius Heinz as the last Team Pro standing, and he was eliminated soon after in 248th place with $720.09. (You might remember Mr. Heinz from this humble photo taken at last year's WSOP.)

Pius Heinz.JPG

As the 3.5-hour mark approached, there were still some well-known online poker players in the field, including philbort and Tmay420, and mrAndreeew had a significant lead over the remaining players.

Phillip "philbort" Gruissem ended his run in 20th place, and Tim "Tmay420" West followed to the rail in 15th place. Action then moved quickly to hand-for-hand play upon the 11th place elimination of AAcademiKK. Minutes later, mortens22 pushed with A♦A♥ against the K♣K♥ of mcbleeman, but the 3♠8♣J♠K♦J♣ board gave mcbleeman the full house. Mortens22 bubbled the final table and received $6,000.75 for tenth place.

MrAndreeew's chip lead in jeopardy

The final table was set in Level 42, with blinds of 70,000/140,000 and a 17,500 ante, and the players' starting stacks were as follows:

Seat 1: freshleo111 (2,283,950 in chips)
Seat 2: dejanaceking (5,052,863 in chips)
Seat 3: Slavik_Krs (2,662,019 in chips)
Seat 4: Sr amarillo (2,519,759 in chips)
Seat 5: anonymstruts (1,269,170 in chips)
Seat 6: adam_0925 (3,117,340 in chips)
Seat 7: mrAndreeew (5,202,875 in chips)
Seat 8: mcbleeman (2,885,588 in chips)
Seat 9: Zareta (2,303,436 in chips)

2012 SCOOP FT - 5M.JPG

Dejanaceking was the player within immediate striking distance of mrAndreeew, but early disconnection problems caused problems. He typed, "ovako da citav svijet vidi" in the chat box, so that surely relates to the issue, though my Croatian fails me at the moment.

Sr amarillo doubled through mrAndreeew, and Slavik_Krs quietly took over first place.

Zareta zooms

Zareta doubled through adam_0925 to get off the short stack. And when anonymstruts moved all-in from middle position with Q♥J♥, Zareta called from the big blind with K♦6♠. The flop of 4♦9♦K♥ put Zareta further ahead, and the K♠ on the turn made trips. The 8♣ on the river officially eliminated anonymstruts in ninth place with $7,600.95.

Adam_0925 doubled his short stack through freshleo111 and then through mcbleeman. That left the latter in a bit of trouble, and the all-in move from mcbleeman came a few hands later with K♣Q♠. Sr amarillo called with A♣4♣ and hit the turn on the 5♠3♥9♥A♠T♦ board. Mcbleeman had to leave in eighth place with $13,601.70.

Adam_0925 - mover of the minute

After two recent double-ups, another through mrAndreeew put Adam_0925 in second place on the leaderboard. MrAndreeew turned around and doubled through Slavik_Krs, who then doubled through Zareta.

Zareta then pushed with only 419,056 chips preflop, and mrAndreeew and Slavik_Krs were along for the ride. They checked the 4♦Q♥8♥ flop and the 5♦ turn, and the A♣ river prompted a bet from mrAndreeew and fold from Slavik_Krs. Zareta showed 9♠9♦, but that pair was outdone by the A♠9♥ of mrAndreeew and his pair of aces. Zareta, winner of a 2010 Sunday Million had to go in seventh place with $20,002.50.

Sr amarillo stays strong

Sr amarillo doubled through Slavik_Krs, and when dejanaceking finally pushed all-in, Sr amarillo reraised all-in to isolate. That worked, and dejanaceking was at risk with A♠9♣. Sr amarillo was prepared to race with 5♥5♣, but that pocket pair stayed good as the dealer provided 7♦6♥2♠Q♦3♦. Dejanaceking was eliminated in sixth place with $28,003.50.

Adam_0925 was the next player to move, pushing all-in from UTG with Q♦J♠. Sr amarillo quickly called from the big blind with A♠A♥, and nothing about the 6♦J♥5♥7♠3♠ board changed anything. That left adam_0925 out in fifth place with $36,004.50.

Freshleo111 battled back from a very short stack to double again and again to an average stack. But the turbo structure prompted freshleo111 to move again soon, and K♣K♦ looked like a good hand to do it with. MrAndreeew was there with A♥2♥, and though the 6♥Q♣T♠ didn't change much, the 7♥ on the turn brought the flush draw. The K♥ on the river completed that heart flush to eliminate freshleo111 in fourth place with $49,606.20.

Final three agree

The last three players paused the tournament to discuss a deal, and the numbers offered by PokerStars were good enough. With $7K set aside to be added to the winner's money, in addition to a Movado watch, they agreed to these payouts:

Seat 3: Slavik_Krs (10,341,516 in chips) = $98,845.18
Seat 4: Sr amarillo (7,465,095 in chips) = $92,913.65
Seat 7: mrAndreeew (9,490,389 in chips) = $97,278.68

A few hands later, mrAndreeew pushed all-in with K♥T♠, and Slavik_Krs reraised all-in with A♦7♣. Sr amarillo folded, and the board produced 9♣A♣T♦4♥Q♠ to flop the better pair for Slavik_Krs. The table's original chip leader, mrAndreeew, exited in third place with $97,278.68.

Turbo takedown

Heads-up play began with these chip counts:

Seat 3: Slavik_Krs (19,456,905 in chips)
Seat 4: Sr amarillo (7,840,095 in chips)

On the third hand, Sr amarillo found the perfect double-up opportunity:

RSS readers click through to see replay

That was all it took for the turbo tournament to reverse its direction. Slavik_Krs risked a stack of less than 9 million chips with A♦T♣, and Sr amarillo played along with 8♠7♠. The board came 6♥J♠5♦5♠7♥, and the river gave Sr amarillo two pair and the win. Slavik_Krs, who finished in third place in a 2009 SCOOP event, did one better with a second place finish and $98,845.18.

Sr amarillo of the United Kingdom won the SCOOP tournament title, $99,913.65, and a beautiful Movado watch for the efforts. Congratulations!

2012 SCOOP Event #5-M ($109+R NLHE Turbo) Results (reflects deal):

1st place: Sr amarillo ($99,913.65)*
2nd place: Slavik_Krs ($98,945.18)*
3rd place: mrAndreeew ($97,278.68)*
4th place: freshleo111 ($49,606.20)
5th place: adam_0925 ($36,004.50)
6th place: dejanaceking ($28,003.50)
7th place: Zareta ($20,002.50)
8th place: mcbleeman ($13,601.70)
9th place: anonymstruts ($7,600.95)

*Based on a three-way chop with $7K added to winner's money

The Spring Championship of Online Poker home page contains all of the tournament results, schedule of upcoming events and their satellites, and a leaderboard for the 2012 Series.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in SCOOP