SCOOP 2012: Sumerki-2012 sits out, Flakon2010 wins Event #25-L ($11 Triple Draw 2-7)

SCOOP logo.gifSumerki-2012 looked strong throughout the final table. From the time the final five paused to discuss a deal, sumerki-2012 was either the chip leader or the strongest fighter to regain that lead. Flakon2010 was the biggest obstacle, but when sumerki-2012 took a huge chip lead in the heads-up match, it looked like it was over. That was until sumerki-2012 mentioned a job and sat out the remainder of the tournament. Flakon2010 may have been able to mount a comeback but never got the chance, winning the tournament because he was literally the only player left participating in the game. Nevertheless, a win is a win and should be treated as such.


Why would thousands of players line up to play a game like Limit Triple Draw 2-7 Lowball? To win a SCOOP title! (It's not a riddle, just a question and answer. Relax.) Put a price tag of $11 on a tournament with a $25K guarantee, and players will sign up for just about anything. But with Triple Draw gaining popularity among the greater players, everyone wants to become an expert, and there's no better way to gain experience than to register for an $11 SCOOP tournament.

Event 25 offered a low buy-in version of the event with that $11 buy-in, and nearly 3K players wanted in on the action. And again, the guarantee was shot down by the actual prize pool:

Players: 2,911
Guarantee: $25,000.00
Prize pool: $29,110.00
Paid players: 390

After the money bubble burst, courtesy of Team Wispy in 391st place, DBS2THELIMIT was the first player to cash for $16.88. Among the hundreds who also cashed were several Team PokerStars Pros, like Chad Brown, who cashed in 320th place, and Team Online's Anders "Donald" Berg in 275th place and George "Jorj95" Lind in 182nd.

George Lind.jpg

Approximately 15 minutes before the 11-hour mark of the tournament, the elimination of Gase10 in eighth place started hand-for-hand play, and about 10 minutes later, jickgh_ty was at it again. After a previous double-up, jickgh_ty was anxious to move and ended up all-in after the second draw against sumerki-2012. They both stood pat on the third draw, and the 6♦7♦4♦3♠8♦ wasn't good enough to beat the 6♣4♥2♣7♣5♠ of sumerki-2012. Jickgh_ty exited in seventh place with $349.32.

Sumerki-2012 strong as final table begins

The final table began just after the 11-hour break in Level 40, with blinds of 60,000/120,000 and starting player stacks as follows:

Seat 1: Dac*ROkaL (1,545,922 in chips)
Seat 2: sumerki-2012 (3,529,642 in chips)
Seat 3: vyatka6666 (2,914,552 in chips)
Seat 4: Flakon2010 (2,543,670 in chips)
Seat 5: toffee74 (1,545,050 in chips)
Seat 6: Dranik26 (2,476,164 in chips)

2012 SCOOP FT - 25L.JPG

Play went on for quite some time, with a break for the final six players to discuss the possibility of a deal. When it became clear it wasn't going to happen, they resumed play.

Dac*ROkaL doubled up through Dranik26, and the latter was never able to fully recover. A while later, Dranik26 pushed all-in and found callers in sumerki-2012 and Flakon2010. Flakon2010 and Dranik26 each drew one card and sumerki-2012 took two. The second draw saw sumerki stand pat but the other two each took one card again. Flaon2010 stood pat on the third draw, as did sumerki-2012, and Dranik26 took one more card. Sumerki showed 6♣7♣3♠4♠2♥ to collect the side and main pot after Flakon2010 showed 4♥5♥8♥2♠7♠. Dranik26 simply mucked and left in sixth place with $520.19.

Five-way deal

The final five again paused the tournament to discuss a deal, and after a bit of adjustment to the chip-chop numbers, they agreed. With $500 set aside to be added to the winner's payout, these amounts were set in stone:

Seat 1: Dac*ROkaL (2,681,844 in chips) = $2,338.65
Seat 2: sumerki-2012 (4,090,126 in chips) = 3,057.96
Seat 3: vyatka6666 (934,552 in chips) = $1,696.19
Seat 4: Flakon2010 (3,413,428 in chips) = $2,712.32
Seat 5: toffee74 (3,435,050 in chips) = $2,723.36

Flakon is a force

Flakon chipped up continuously and with aggression, soon to be the dominant force at the table. And when Dac*ROkaL pushed all-in, Flakon2010 was there with the call, though toffee74 came along as well. Flakon2010 and Dac*ROkaL each took two cards to start the action, and toffee74 took one. Flakon2010 and Dac*ROkaL each took one card on the second draw, and toffee74 stood pat, and the same actiosn were reflected in the third draw action. Flakon2010 then showed 3♦2♦6♠8♦5♦ for the low, and both other players mucked their hands. Dac*ROkaL exited in fifth place with $2,338.65.

Toffee74 was the next player at risk, all-in after the first draw against sumerki-2012. Sumerki stood pat at the next two opportunities, while toffee74 took one card each time. Toffee74 showed 9♠K♦8♥2♦7♥, but sumerki-2012 had 3♠4♣9♥6♣5♥ for the lowest of the low. Toffee74 left in fourth place with $2,723.36.

Vyatka6666 struggles

After vyatka6666 lost a big pot to sumerki-2012, the former doubled through Flakon2010 to stay in action, even doubling through the same player again to gain more ground. But as sumerki-2012 collected chips, vyatka6666 lost them. Finally, vuatka6666 tangled with sumerki-2012 again and pushed all-in on the first draw. Sumerki-2012 called, and each player drew one card, while vyatka6666 stood pat on the third draw and sumerki-2012 drew one. Vyatka6666 hoped for a double-up with 9♣4♠5♦2♣8♠, but sumerki-2012 produced 7♠8♦2♠6♦5♠. Vyatka6666 exited in third place with $1,696.19.

Good match goes bad

The final two players began their battle with these counts:

Seat 2: sumerki-2012 (7,481,540 in chips)
Seat 4: Flakon2010 (7,073,460 in chips)

Sumerki-2012 took some momentum into the match and didn't look back. With mostly average-sized pots, sumerki-2012 took chips after chips and climbed above 12 million chips. Flakon2010 doubled through sumerki-2012 at one point but left sumerki-2012 with over 10 million chips.

Suddenly, though, sumerki-2012 typed in the chat box: "I go on job" followed by "congrts." Sumerki-2012 then sat out and never returned. Flakon2010 could only say "wow" and continue taking the blinds.

We're not making this up.

So, when sumerki-2012's last 8,080 chips went all-in with the small blind, Flakon2010 posted the big blind. Sumerki-2012 folded and took second place with $3,057.96.

Flakon2010 won the tournament, which came with a SCOOP title, Movado watch, and $3,212.32. Congrats!

2012 SCOOP Event #25-L ($11 Triple Draw 2-7) Results (reflects deal):

Total players: 2,911
Paid players: 390

1st place: Flakon2010 (Latvia) $3,212.32*
2nd place: sumerki-2012 (Russia) $3,057.96*
3rd place: vyatka6666 (Russia) $1,696.19*
4th place: toffee74 (United Kingdom) $2,723.36*
5th place: Dac*ROkaL (Romania) $2,338.65*
6th place: Dranik26 (Netherlands) $520.19

*Based on a five-way chop with $500 added to winner's money

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Jen Newell
@PokerStars in SCOOP