SCOOP 2012: texaspl takes down Event #26-M ($215 Stud Hi/Lo)

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Players managed to get a few SCOOPs of Stud today.

While today's seven-card tournament was Hi/Lo, the stakes were high. 452 players put up $215 a piece to create a $90,400 prize pool. By using fancy PokerStars mathematical magic, it was decided that 64 players would cash and the grand prize would be $17,176.

Out of the 452 players that signed up for the tournament, 12 had a red spade decorating their name. A few of the Team PokerStars players in the field included, ElkY, Andre Akkari, Pius Heinz, Eugene Katchalov, George Lind and George Danzer.

While Pius Heinz was the only Team PokerStars Pro to cash in this event -- he finished 52nd for $339 -- Team Pro had a studly performance in the High and Low version of this Hi/Lo event.

In Event #26-L, George Danzer made the final table and finished in 8th. George "Jorj95" Lind also made the he final table, he actually managed to outlast the whole field, winning the SCOOP title and $9,352.58.

On the High side of things, Eugene Katchalov made the final table. Out of the 74 players that put up $2,1000 for some high-stakes Stud H/L, Katchalov managed to finish in 4th, earning $14,060.

While he outlasted most of the players, Katchalov wasn't able to outlast the current leader of the SCOOP Player of the Series race, Shaun Deeb. We've been covering Deeb's tremendous SCOOP run extensively here, and here, and now he did it again.

Shaun Deeb won Event #26-H for a third 2012 SCOOP title and $40,330. Oh, he also made the final table of Event #26-L.

So yeah, that gut feeling you just had, that disturbance you felt in the Internet, as if millions of SCOOP Player of the Series dreams cried in terror and were suddenly silenced, that was Shan Deeb.

But back in the Medium camp, Poland's texaspl was busy winning a tournament too. texaspl is no stranger to the SCOOP, or Stud.

This was texaspl's third SCOOP final table, and his second in Stud. Last year, texaspl finished 5th in SCOOP Event #10-L:$33 Limit Stud and then he finished runner-up in Event #17-L: $16.50 PLO +R.

There's no doubt that texaspl was thirsty for a SCOOP watch, and now, his thirst has finally been quenched.


texaspl was third in chips when the tournament was down to its final six players. Play had been going on for around 10 hours and the last two Russians had just been eliminated.

KIRKILLU was the first final table elimination, finishing in 8th place for $1,808. KIRKILLU was followed closely by the last Russian, NAR74. NAR74's 7th place elimination brought the tournament down to six players and earned him $2,260.

This is where texaspl started to take a stand and make his name known to the final table:

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After winning a few more pots, texaspl was ready to do some final table damage.

With 16K/32K limits and a 3,200 ante, Psixiatr brought it in with a 3♦. texaspl raised to 16,000 with an A♥.

To texaspl's immediate left, Mammola -- with an 8♦ -- re-raised to 32,000. texaspl 4-bet to 48,000 and Mammola made it 64,000 to go.

texaspl called and Mammola was left with just under 10,000. Then the next street was dealt:

texaspl: (x)(x)A♥9♣
Mammola: (x)(x)8♦J♥

texaspl bet and Mammola called, putting himself all in.

The cards were exposed and three more were dealt to each player. When things were over, the final hands were:

texaspl: 5♥A♦A♥9♣6♦7♣Q♠
Mammola: 8♠3♣8♦J♥9♦[10c]5♦

Mammola showed a pair of 8s and a busted straight draw, but texaspl's aces took the pot. Mammola was eliminated in 6th place, adding $3,164 to his PokerStars bank account.

texaspl, on the other hand, would jump into the chip lead. By taking all of Mammola's chips, texaspl's stack grew to 742,274, just passing psixiatr's 732,535.


There'd be a few split pots and texaspl would lose the lead until Pooku33 took a piece off of Psixiatr.

With 20K/40K limits and a 4K ante, --H77H-- had the bring in with a 2♥. Pooku33 bet with an 8♣ and both Psixiatr -- with a 3♦ -- and texaspl -- with a 5♦ -- made the call.

Pooku33: (x)(x)8♣9♣
Psixiatr: (x)(x)3♦8♦
texaspl: (x)(x)5♦9♦

Pooku33 bet, Psixiatr raised and texaspl folded.Pooku33 called and brought on sixth street:

Pooku33: (x)(x)8♣9♣[10h]9♥
Psixiatr: (x)(x)3♦8♦[10s]K♠

Pooku33 bet 40,000 and Psixiatr called. Both players checked the river and showed their hands:

Pooku33: A♥A♦8♣9♣[10h]9♥K♥
Psixiatr: 2♠7♠3♦8♦[10s]K♠3♥

Pooku33 took the pot and was up to 317,994.

This left texaspl with a small lead until icandodge22 took over the reins:

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Pooku33 sank back down before making it back up to 318,000 again.

With 161,994 left and a 3♣, Pooku33 bet 20,000. Action was folded around to --H77H-- who raised to 40,000 with a K♥. Pooku33 called and brought on fourth street:

Pooku33: (x)(x)3♣A♠
--H77H--: (x)(x)K♥J♦

Pooku33 check-called --H77H--'s bet 20,000, brining fifth street:

Pooku33: (x)(x)3♣A♠5♦
--H77H--: (x)(x)K♥J♦7♥

--H77H-- bet 40,000 after a check, leaving himself with only 16,676. Pooku33 called again:

Pooku33: (x)(x)3♣A♠5♦2♣
--H77H--: (x)(x)K♥J♦7♥7♣

--H77H-- moved all in and Pooku33 made the call, the final showdown was:

Pooku33: 4♣2♥3♣A♠5♦2♣K♣
--H77H--: 3♥J♠K♥J♦7♥7♣8♠

--H77H-- showed a pair of 7s and Jacks for the Hi pot and nothing for the low. Pooku33 would scoop it up with an A-5 straight and an A-2-3-4-5 Lo.

--H77H-- was eliminated in 5th place and won $4,520 for his finish.

Pooku33's rise would be short-lived as he would find himself severely short-stacked yet again.

Psixiatr brought it in with a 3♦ and icandodge22 raised to 20,000 with a 7♥. Pooku33 moved all in for 32,670 and icandodge22 called.

After the river was dealt, Pooku33's fate as our 4th place finisher was sealed:

Pooku33: [10h]A♣Q♦K♦6♦7♣5♦
icandodge22: 6♥7♦7♥Q♣7♠2♦8♦

Pooku33's ace-high was no match for icandodge22's three 7s and Pooku33 earned $6,780 for his finish.

This last hand also put icandodge22 at 1.2MM, giving him more than texaspl and Psixiatr combined.


But texaspl would start to close the gap by taking a pot off of Psixiatr:

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When the gap was closed enough, texaspl leapt right over and snatched the lead back from icandodge22.

With 25K/50K limits and a 5K ante, texaspl bet 25,000 with a 7♥. Psixiatr raised to 50,000 with a J♠ and icandodge, with a 9♦, called.

texaspl called too and all three players went to fourth street:

Psixiatr: (x)(x)J♠6♥
icandodge22: (x)(x)9♦4♠
texaspl: (x)(x)7♥8♠

Psixiatr bet 25,000 and everyone decided to go along for the ride:

Psixiatr: (x)(x)J♠6♥Q♣
icandodge22: (x)(x)9♦4♠2♦
texaspl: (x)(x)7♥8♠K♣

texaspl and Psixiatr checked, bringing a 50,000 bet from icandodge22. Both players called and brought on sixth street:

Psixiatr: (x)(x)J♠6♥Q♣7♣
icandodge22: (x)(x)9♦4♠2♦K♥
texaspl: (x)(x)7♥8♠K♣

icandodge22 bet 50,000 and everyone called again. texaspl led out for 50,000 on the river and both Psixiatr and icandodge22 folded.

texaspl won the 540,000 pot and took the lead with 1.2MM. icandodge22 was close behind with 900,000, and Psixiatr was left with just around three big bets.

All three of those big bets would go into the pot a few hands later. texaspl raised to 25,000 with a 3♠ and Psixiatr raised to 50,000. texaspl called and the next street was dealt:

Psixiatr: (x)(x)6♦5♣
texaspl: (x)(x)3♠8♠

texaspl check-called Psixiatr's 25,000 bet and players went on to fifth street:

Psixiatr: (x)(x)6♦5♣3♣
texaspl: (x)(x)3♠8♠8♥

texaspl bet 50,000 and Psixiatr moved all in for 71,635. texaspl called and players went to showdown:

Psixiatr: 3♥A♣6♦5♣3♣5♥Q♥
texaspl: K♣4♣3♠8♠3♦5♠

Psixiatr showed a pair of 3s and 5s, but texaspl held the higher two pair with 8s and 3s. Psixiatr was eliminated in 3rd place, earning $9,275.04.

With Psixiatr's elimination, the options for Event #26-M champion were narrowed down to two.


texaspl: 1,450,409
icandodge22: 809,591

texaspl then took a few pots off of icandodge22 and increased his lead even more. texaspl whittled icandodge22's stack down to about 120,000 before icandodge managed to double up:

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texaspl would keep the heat turned up. For the rest of the match, the best icandodge22 could do was a 9-1 chip defect. icandodge22 managed to double up a few more times to stay in the game, but texaspl would soon put things to an end.

With about 70,000 left, icandodge22 bet 25,000 with a K♠. texaspl raised to 50,000 with the A♠ and icandodge22 moved all in for 68,456.

texaspl called and the final hand of the tournament was dealt:

icandodge22: K♥A♣K♠9♣4♦9♠5♦
texaspl: 2♦K♦A♠[10d]A♥J♣Q♣

icandodge22's kings and 9s weren't good enough to beat texaspl's straight and icandodge22 became our 2nd place finisher, earning $12,656.

This made texaspl our event champion. After two SCOOP final tables, he finally gets a victory and a fancy MOVADO watch. If that wasn't enough, he also gets $17,176.

Event #27-M Stud Hi/lo - Final Table Results and Payouts:

Entrants: 452

Places Paid: 64

1. texaspl (Poland) - $17,176

2. icandodge22 (Finland) - $12,656

3. Psixiatr (Latvia) - $9,275.04

4. Pooku33 (Japan) - $6,780

5. --H77H-- (Denmark) - $4,520

6. Mammola (Canada) - $3,164

7. NAR74 (Russia) - $2,260

8. KIRKILLU (Russia) - $1,808

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Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in SCOOP