SCOOP 2012: The Cooker is 8-Game top chef in Event #31-Low

SCOOP logo.gifEight. Ocho. Huit. Acht. Otto. Oito. Osm. Otte. Opt. Kahdeksan. Åtta. Åtte. Ósemka. Восемь.

Doesn't matter what language you speak, 8-Game is a universal format to determine the best all-around poker players. In case you just woke up from a coma and never heard of 8-Game mixed games, then let me give you a quick tutorial. 8-Game tests your acumen in varying limit, pot-limit, and no-limit formats. The eight games are: Limit 2-7 Triple Draw, LHE, Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, Limit Razz, Limit Stud, Limit Stud Hi/Lo, NL, and PLO. The 8-Game format forces you to confront your weaknesses because you can run, but can't hide.

2,951 card enthusiasts from all over the globe bought a ticket for a chance to win a SCOOP title in Event #31-L $27 8-Game. The total prize pool was $73,775. The top 390 places paid with $11,621.43 set aside for the champion.

Notables who cashed in this 8-Game fiesta included Team PokerStars Online Shane "Shaniac" Schleger (25th) and Team PokerStars Online Bhasin "GodlikeRoy" Rohit (67th).

GodlikeRoy busted out in 67th place during a round of PLO. GodlikeRoy hit his flush draw with 9♠9♥3♦3♠ on a board of T♠7♠5♥Q♠A♥. However, Scarer won the pot holding A♠9♦5♠3♥ for a nut flush.


"When you go your way and I go mine."

With 90 remaining, Shaniac (pictured above) hovered in the top 10 in chips. With 64 remaining, Shaniac dipped to 25th overall. With 45 remaining, Shaniac took a hit during Omaha Hi/Lo and slid under 100K. Shaniac attempted a comeback during Razz, but unfortunately got run down when poosnack11's 6-4-3-2-A low bested his 9-8-6-5-4 low. Shaniac hit the road in 43rd place, but cashed for $173.37.


With 40 to go, Scarer took command of the lead after becoming the first player to pass the 1 million chip mark. With 18 to go, berserk64 from Russia seized the top slot after passing 2 million. With 12 players left, berserk64 retained the lead and inched up to 2.6 million. With ten to go, berserk64 surged to 3.5 million during Triple Draw. But the pack finally caught up to the Russian, when bxlmaestro made a run for the top spot after winning a 1.1 million pot with a 7-6-5-3-2 low in Triple Draw.

Things went awry for berserk64 during LHE when he lost a 1.7 million pot to Scarer. The slide spilled over into Omaha Hi/Lo. Scarer finished off berserk64 in back-to-back pots, and berserk64 busted out in eighth place.

The final table bubble did not last very long. During a round of Omaha Hi/Lo, dr davy11 opened with a raise to 200,000 and woodbine ave defended the big blind. The flop was Q♠T♥9♠, which incited dr davy11 to bet 100,000, and woodbine ave called. When the Q♥ appeared on the turn, dr davy11 fired out 200,000 and woodbine ave called. The 3♥ fell on the river and dr davy11 shoved all-in for 156,696, and woodbine ave called. dr davy11 showed A♠K♠K♥4♦ for two pair, but woodbine ave won the pot holding Q♦8♥6♦5♥ for a flush. Alas, dr davy11 was eliminated in seventh place and missed the final table one spot.


Event #31-L 8-Game - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Ghoyteep (787,969)
Seat 2: woodbine ave (1,576,082)
Seat 3: The Cooker (1,803,986)
Seat 4: Scarer (5,523,333)
Seat 5: danylaroo2 (900,156)
Seat 6: bxlmaestro (4,163,474)

Scarer began the final table as the lead, while Ghoyteep brought up the rear as the short stack. By the way, Scarer was seeking his second career SCOOP title. The Scottish player took down a heads-up SCOOP event in 2009 after he won 13 straight heads-up matches.

THE NIGHT THEY DROVE OLD DIXIE DOWN: danylaroo2 eliminated in 6th place

During Stud, we had the first bust out at the final table. Scarer was dealt the 2♠ and brought it in for 36,000, but danylaroo2 was dealt (X-X)J♥ and bumped it up to 120,000. Scarer called.

On 4th street... danylaroo2 bet 120,000 with (X-X)J♥Q♦, and Scarer called with (X-X)2♠6♠.

On 5th street... danylaroo2 fired out 240,000 with (X-X)J♥Q♦5♠, Scarer raised to 480,000 with (X-X)2♠6♠3♦, danylaroo2 shoved all-in for 654,312, and Scarer called.

After sixth and seventh streets were dealt, Scarer won the hand with two pair -- tens and deuces -- with 2♦T♠2♠6♠3♦T♦Q♥ against danylaroo2's inferior two pair holding 9♠9♥J♥Q♦5♠5♥8♥. danylaroo2 hit the road in sixth place, earning $1,318.35.

With five players remaining, Scarer chipped up to over 7.5 million.

RAG MAMA RAG: Ghoyteep eliminated in 5th place

During NL, the action perked up.

Short-stacked Ghoyteep open-shoved for 1,063,938 and woodbine ave re-raised all-in for 1,372,082. Everyone else bailed to let those two slug it out. Ghoyteep trailed with A♥8♥ against woodbine ave's T♣T♦. Although Ghoyteep picked up an open-ended straight draw on the turn, woodbine ave's pocket tens held up when the board ran out 7♣6♠2♠9♥2♥. Ghoyteep was knocked out in fifth place, but took home $2,582.12.

With four remaining, Scarer was still out in front with 7.5 million. In second place sat bxlmaestro with 2.8 million. Third place was occupied by woodbine ave with 2.6 million. The Cooker was the short-stack by default with 1.8 million.

LOOK OUT CLEVELAND: bxlmaestro eliminated in 4th place

Although there were zero casualties during PLO or Triple Draw, when the game switched to LHE (with betting limits at 200K/400K), another player busted.

Scarer kicked off the action with a raise to 400,000, bxlmaestro three-bet, and Scarer called. On a flop of K♥T♣9♣, bxlmaestro fired out 200,000, Scarer raised to 400,000, and bxlmaestro called all-in for 77,824. bxlmaestro showed A♦Q♥ for nothing but a Broadway gutshot draw. Scarer was ahead with a pair of Kings holding K♠3♣. The turn was the 8♥ and the river was the 4♣. Neither card helped bxlmaestro. For a fourth-place finish, bxlmaestro collected $4,057.62.

With three to go... Scarer stacks almost topped 8 million, meanwhile woodbine ave had 3.9 million and The Cooker had 2.8 million.

During Omaha Hi/Lo, Scarer's big stack came under assault. The Cooker took down a 3.5 million pot against Scarer, and then six hands later, woodbine ave shipped a pot worth 3 million against Scarer. Scarer slipped to 5.4 million, while woodbine ave seized the lead with 6 million. Despite the setback, Scarer dug in and regained the lead after scooping a pot with Q♥Q♣7♣6♥ for a full house and a 7-6-3-2-A low.

JEMIMA SURRENDER: woodbine ave eliminated in 3rd place

When the game switched to Razz, tragedy struck. The betting limits were 250K/500K.

Scarer picked up the 9♠ and brought it in for 75,000. When woodbine ave called with (X-X)4♦, The Cooker bumped it up to 250,000 with (X-X)7♣. Scarer called, but woodbine ave re-raised to 500,000. Both The Cooker and Scarer called.

On 4th street, The Cooker fired out 250,000 with (X-X)7♣6♣. Scarer folded, but woodbine ave called with (X-X)4♦K♥.

On 5th street, The Cooker bet 500,000 with (X-X)7♣6♣Q♦, woodbine ave raised to 1 million with (X-X)4♦K♥5♦, and The Cooker called.

On 6th street, woodbine ave fired out 500,000 with (X-X)4♦K♥5♦Q♣. The Cooker raised to 1 million with (X-X)7♣6♣Q♦K♦, woodbine ave raised all-in for 1,271,424, and The Cooker called.

After seventh street, the players turned up their cards. The Cooker won the pot with a 7-6-4-2-A low holding A♣2♥7♣6♣Q♦K♦4♠, meanwhile woodbine ave showed 3♠6♥4♦K♥5♦Q♣J♠ for a J-6-5-4-3 low. For a third place finish, woodbine ave took home $6,270.87.

HEADS-UP: The Cooker (Canada) vs. Scarer (U.K.)
Seat 3: The Cooker (9,266,500)
Seat 4: Scarer (5,488,500)

KING HARVEST: Scarer eliminated in 2nd place; The Cooker wins SCOOP title

The game was still Razz and although Scarer won a 3 million pot at the onset of heads-up, The Cooker counterattacked and won a 6.1 million pot with the nuts (5-4-3-2-A). The Cooker improved his lead 11.8 million to 2.9 million.

A few hands later, The Cooker won a 4.1 million pot with a 9-6-5-2-A and his stack grew to 13.1 million, meanwhile Scarer slipped to 1.5 million. Scarer hoped his luck would change when the game switched to Stud, but it only took three more hands before The Cooker finished him off.

During Stud... short-stacked Scarer got into a raising war and eventually bombed it all-in on third street with (X-X)Q♣ against The Cooker's (X-X)K♣. The board ran out T♠K♥Q♣Q♥A♥2♠5♥ for a pair of Queens, but The Cooker took down the pot with a pair of Kings holding 4♥8♣K♣Q♦K♦5♠3♦. Scarer was denied his second career SCOOP title, but earned $8,484.12 for a runner-up performance.

The Cooker shipped the tournament, won the SCOOP watch and took home $11,621.43 for first place.

Check out the final hand here:

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Event #31-L $27 8-Game - Final Table Results and Payouts:
Entrants: 2,951
Places Paid: 390

1. The Cooker (Canada) - $11,621.43
2. Scarer (U.K) - $8,484.12
3. woodbine ave (Canada) - $6,270.87
4. bxlmaestro (Belgium) - $4,057.62
5. Ghoyteep (Russia) - $2,582.12
6. danylaroo2 (U.K.) - $1,318.35

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