SCOOP 2012: The nanonoko schedule

SCOOP logo.gifHello everyone! SCOOP 2012 has arrived! I've compiled my list of events (mainly NL and FL holdem) for you guys to see! I'll be playing the majority of the events on this list unless I change my mind on some or depending on my mood. It might be tough playing every single one of these events given some of them start early but I'll give it my best. There are 2 events which I'm not sure I'll be playing yet which are events 34-H-Limit Holdem 6max ($5200) and 37-H-NL High roller HU. These events I'll decide as the time comes closer if I'm in good condition to play them.

Be sure to join the "SCOOP 2012 Fan Club" Home game room! You can join with the club id: 634789, and invitation code: scoop2012

I'll be in and out of that club to chat and there will be other Team Online members joining the conversation too. Definitely check it out.

Overall, SCOOP will be a nice round of tournaments especially since it's before the WSOP that's coming up in June, so let's see if my tournament game has improved. Hopefully, you guys join me at the SCOOP events whether it's low, medium, and/or high! Even better if we both make the final table.

Here's the full plan:

Screen shot 2012-05-07 at 12.53.07 PM.png

Good luck SCOOPing everyone!


@PokerStars in SCOOP