SCOOP 2012: Tim "TurnRiva" Marsters wins Event #15-M ($215 Omaha H/L)

SCOOP logo.gifWho is the 25-year old poker player with live and online experience who prefers mixed games? It could be any number of poker players, but Tim Marsters now stands out with a Movado watch and a SCOOP title to his name. He's had numerous successes before, including an ANZPT live final table last year where he finished in third, but the Australian was determined to add SCOOP champion to the list. He did that tonight.


For strict Hold'em players, this tournament was not even on their radar. For those dabbling in Pot Limit Omaha, this probably wasn't a good choice, either. But for connoisseurs of poker in any form and with unique strategy requirements, Event 15 was up the right alley. Full Limit Omaha Hi/Lo was made for players with a well-rounded knowledge of poker's variety and a penchant for interesting hands.

That brought us to the medium buy-in level of Event 15. SCOOP organizers felt that the interest in this tournament might be low, but they were off base on this one, as the prize pool grew to more than four times the original guarantee. Solid turnout, indeed!

Players: 575
Guarantee: $25,000.00
Prize pool: $115,000.00
Paid players: 72

Quite a few hours passed before the money bubble burst, and several members of Team PokerStars were on the wrong side of that bubble. Team Online's Anders "Donald" Berg exited in 80th place, with Team Pro Jose "nachobarbero" Barbero out just behind in 79th and Team Pro George Danzer out in 77th place. Copi then bubbled in 73rd place, and Oikku became the first in the tournament to cash, taking $379.50 for 72nd place.

Team Pro Chad "ChadBrownPRO" kept moving forward into the money but only made it to 55th place, which was worth $402.50.

Chad Brown.jpg

Other well-known players exited as the final table neared, including Fabrice "fabsoul" Soulier, who left the party in 16th place. The tenth place elimination of Winnetou happened just before the nine-hour mark, and hand-for-hand play gripped the two remaining tables of players. It took more than a few minutes, but finally short-stacked Mihay28 pushed and Jelurif and Dart Serg checked down the board, only betting and calling after the river of the 3♦J♦2♥7♥9♥. Jelurif scooped with 8♣3♥A♥4♣ for the ace-high flush and the low, and Mihay28 just mucked before leaving in tenth place with $1,380.00.

Manicboy247 as stable chip leader

The final table was set toward the end of Level 25, with 12,000/24,000 blinds and these chip counts:

Seat 1: guntv (144,076 in chips)
Seat 2: manicboy247 (926,941 in chips)
Seat 3: TurnRiva (745,986 in chips)
Seat 4: andodo2526 (150,260 in chips)
Seat 5: ohhahaha (104,476 in chips)
Seat 6: Dart Serg (169,727 in chips)
Seat 7: culibrk1 (99,508 in chips)
Seat 8: alrik333 (85,200 in chips)
Seat 9: Jelurif (448,826 in chips)

2012 SCOOP FT - 15M.JPG

A big hand soon developed that capped the betting preflop with guntv, manicboy247, and andodo2526 involved. The flop came 7♠J♥3♥, which prompted a bet from andodo2526 and all-in move for the last 5,338 chips of guntv. Manicboy247 also called. The turn came Q♦, and raises and reraises led to andodo2526 all-in. The hands were:

andodo526: A♦2♠[7♣
manicboy247: Q♥5♠A♠3♣
guntv: 4♠A♣Q♠T♦

The 6♥ was presented on the river, and manicboy247 and andodo2526 split the main and side pots. Guntv, on the other hand, left the action in ninth place with $1,759.50.

Oops, manicboy247 loses chip lead

Andodo2526 and TurnRiva slowly but surely worked up to the top two positions on the leaderboard, while manicboy247 struggled to win some pots.

Alrik333 tried to double a short stack by moving all-in with A♦J♠7♣A♣. Andodo2526 called with K♥7♦K♠8♠, and the board of T♥6♠T♠7♥9♠ to give andodo2526 the flush. With no low, alrik333 had to accept $2,587.50 for the eighth place finish.

Dart Serg was the next all-in player, pushing preflop with 9♣A♥K♥3♥ against the T♥4♣9♥A♠ of TurnRiva. The board came 2♣7♥3♠5♠5♣ to offer the straight for TurnRiva's high hand and A-2-3-4-5 for the low. Dart Serg had to leave in seventh place with $3,737.50.

The watch!

The remaining players mentioned the Movado watch that the winner was to receive, and after some jokes, it seemed that Jelurif was focused on winning it. "Oh, I rly need a new watch, I gotta win damn." Funny that the $21,735.00 first place cash didn't figure into that conversation.

Ohhahaha was working with little more than 20K chips and pushed all-in preflop from middle position. Culibrk1 called all-in for slightly less on the button, and manicboy247 called both players.

manicboy247: Q♦7♦9♥A♦
ohhahaha: T♦7♣3♦5♠
culibrk1: 2♦7♠A♥2♥

The board came 8♠T♥T♣5♥K♦ for ohhahaha's full house. With no qualifying low, ohhahaha tripled up, while culibrk1 headed to the virtual rail in sixth place with $4,887.50.

Not so funny

Ohhahaha seemed to be on a roll, as the aforementioned triple-up hand was soon followed by a double through andodo2526. But ohhahaha then got involved in a raised and reraised pot with TurnRiva to see a J♣Q♠3♣. A bet from ohhahaha and check-call from TurnRiva brought the 7♣, which prompted a bet from TurnRiva and all-in call from ohhahaha with A♥A♠4♦5♠. The aces were no good against the 2♦4♣7♦3♦ two pair of TurnRiva, and the laughter was over. Ohhahaha departed in fifth place with $6,210.00.

By the 10-hour break, andodo2526 was on the shortest stack of the four remaining players, and TurnRiva had a massive lead with more than 1.5 million chips. Jelurif and manicboy247 were hovering around the 500K mark.

Andodo2526 didn't take much longer to find a spot. The all-in move came with manicboy247 and TurnRiva ready to call. There was a bet and call on the 6♠3♠Q♦ flop and the K♠ turn, and the 7♥ river brought a raise from manicboy247 and reraise from TurnRiva. Manicboy247 called, but when TurnRiva showed J♥A♠A♦2♠ for the flush and the low, manicboy247 mucked, as did andodo2526 before leaving with $8,855.00 for the fourth place finish.

Manicboy247 then got involved with manicboy247, and betting was capped going to the 3♣9♥4♦ flop. manicboy247 bet, and TurnRiva raised. Manicboy247 responded by moving all-in with J♦J♥5♠A♦, but TurnRiva called with 6♠7♥A♥K♥. The K♦ on the river gave TurnRiva the best two pair, and with no low, manicboy247 left the action in third place with $11,730.00.

A hi/lo heads-up fight

The last two players in the tournament began their heads-up match with these stacks:

Seat 3: TurnRiva (2,276,674 in chips)
Seat 9: Jelurif (598,326 in chips)

Jelurif was strong and proceeded to mount a slow but steady comeback, chipping up over the course of a few rounds of play. But TurnRiva was strong and regained the lead. As Jelurif chipped up again, he wrote in the chat box, "That watch!!!!" Not sure if I can interpret that correctly, but I believe he wanted the watch.

At the 11-hour break, Jelurif expounded on the topic. "Man, the watch isn't urs yet. I will run like I never did before."

On the third hand back from break, Jelurif went for the watch. Jelurif pushed with 7♦5♠J♦K♣, and TurnRiva called with 3♥A♠T♠Q♠. The board came A♥5♣3♣J♥9♠, and the best two pair belonged to TurnRiva, while there was no low. Jelurif did not win the watch! But he did win $15,927.50 in cash.

Tim "TurnRiva" Marsters of Australia won this SCOOP title, $21,735.00 in prize money, and that watch. Congrats!

Tim Marsters.jpg

2012 SCOOP Event #15-M ($215 Omaha H/L) Results:

1st place: Tim "TurnRiva" Marsters ($21,735.00)
2nd place: Jelurif ($15,927.50)
3rd place: manicboy247 ($11,730.00)
4th place: andodo2526 ($8,855.00)
5th place: ohhahaha ($6,210.00)
6th place: culibrk1 ($4,887.50)
7th place: Dart Serg ($3,737.50)
8th place: alrik333 ($2,587.50)
9th place: guntv ($1,759.50)

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Jen Newell
@PokerStars in SCOOP