SCOOP 2012: UhhMee delivers delicious win in Event #33-Low ($27 NL Omaha Hi/Lo)

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SCOOP is always evolving and bucking convention. Limit Omaha Hi/Lo is a game that is usually played in brick and mortar rooms by cantankerous pensioners. PLO Hi/Lo (or PLO8) is a game specifically catered to Omaholics due to the pot-limit format. But NL Omaha is not something you see too often in a tournament setting, which is why it's a perfect match for SCOOP.

Event #35-Low NL Omaha Hi/Lo attracted 2,931 runners. The prize pool was $73,275 and $11,578.96 was set aside for first place. The top 378 places got a delicious cut of the prize pool.

Notable Team PokerStars Pro who cashed in this event included Chad Brown (19th), Martin Staszko (66th), ElkY (100th), and Marcin "Goral" Horecki (113th). The only member from Team PokerStars Online to cash in this event was Shane "Shaniac" Schleger (237th).

With 200 players remaining, EklY found himself in the top 10 in chips. His stint near the front was short-lived. ElkY eventually busted out in 100th place. With 99 to go, tonyant held the lead with 542K and Chad Brown was 23rd in chips.

With 50 to go, oahi5 held the top spot with 774K and Chad Brown was in the Top 20 with 333K. With 35 to go, Brown avoided elimination and doubled up. On a flop of J♠6♥3♠, Brown re-raised all-in for his last 125,230, and itsmeweer called. The Q♥ on the turn improved Brown to a set, then he rivered a boat when the 3♦ fell on the river. Brown's K♦Q♦Q♠2♥ cracked itsmeweer's A♠A♣4♠3♣. Brown chipped to 420K and no longer near the back of the pack.

With 30 to go, Peshka1502 was out in front and became the first player to cross the 1 million mark. Chad Brown passed the half million mark and was on the cusp of the Top 10.

With 27 remaining, Shang885 snagged the lead and Chad Brown moved up to 8th overall with 600K. Action slowed down as play dwindled down from 27 to 18.


Downtown Chad Brown

Chad Brown's run came to an end when he busted out in 19th place. Brown min-raised to 40,000, Cosmodor shoved all-in for 512,718, and Brown called all-in for his last 193,216. Brown went to battle with A♠T♥5♦2♣ versus Cosmodor's A♦5♠4♠2♦. The board ran out J♠9♣2♠6♣6♠. Without a qualifying low hand, Cosmodor won the entire pot with a Jack-high flush. Brown's two pair was not good enough and he hit the rail in 19th place.

Peshka1502 bubbled off the final table in tenth place. Peshka1502 bombed it all-in preflop with A♦A♥9♠8♥ against UhhMee's 6♦5♣4♠3♠. The board ran out 9♣5♥2♦4♦Q♦. UhhMee scooped with a six-high straight and a 6-5-4-3-2 low.


Event #35-L $27 NL Omaha H/Lo- Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Shang885 (2,122,514)
Seat 2: peerke55 (1,292,850)
Seat 3: Thief Kid 81 (713,835)
Seat 4: Vlad_Radimov (504,048)
Seat 5: Mitnie (2,178,928)
Seat 6: ACIEEED (852,075)
Seat 7: PayMyLoans11 (1,266,466)
Seat 8: UhhMee (4,635,726)
Seat 9: TheRizlaman (1,088,558)

UhhMee began the final table as the chip leader with 4.6 million. Vlad_Radimov brought up the rear with a little more than 504K.

HELL'S BELLS: Mitnie eliminated in 9th place

It didn't take very long before the first player was liquidated from the final table. Mitnie opened to 180,000, UhhMee popped it to 2,300,000, and Mitnie called all-in. Mitnie was ahead with A♦A♥9♦4♠. The board ran out 7♦4♥3♣K♥9♥. Neither player had a low hand. Mitnie could only put together two pair -- nines and fours. UhhMee won the pot with A♠K♣7♠3♠ for a higher two pair -- Kings and sevens. Mitnie's Aces were snapped off and Mitnie hit the road in ninth place, which paid out $622.83.

UhhMee chipped up to 6.8 million and retained the lead.

SHOOT TO THRILL: Thief Kid 81 eliminated in 8th place

Short-stacked Thief Kid 81 open-shoved for 366,335 and ACIEEED called by defending his big blind. The board ran out J♥J♠7♦4♥T♠ and there was not a qualifying low. ACIEEED won the hand with A♣K♣9♥8♦ for a Jack-high straight. Thief Kid 81 showed A♥9♦6♠3♥ and could only muster up a pair of Jacks. Thief Kid 81 fizzled out in eighth place and earned $1,062.48.

GIVIN' THE DOG A BONE: PayMyLoans11 eliminated in 7th place

PayMyLoans11 open-shoved for 1,225,060 and UhhMee re-raised all-in to isolate. Everyone bailed. UhhMee picked one heck of a time to find pocket aces -- A♦A♠T♦5♠. PayMyLoans11 showed A♥9♣2♣8♠. The board ended up K♦9♥2♥4♣4♦ and did not contain a qualifying low. UhhMee won the pot with two pair. PayMyLoans11 was knocked out in seventh place and took home $1,721.96.

WHAT DO YOU DO FOR MONEY HONEY: Shang885 eliminated in 6th place

Once again, UhhMee got involved in a hand, and once again it proved to be the right time to pick a spot. UhhMee min-raised to 160,000, Shang885 shoved for 284,104, and UhhMee called. The turn was the J♥T♥7♦. The turn was the K♦, and the river was the 5♣. No low qualified. Shang885 flopped over for K♥K♠9♦4♦ and had turned a set of Kings. Unfortunately, UhhMee won the pot with a King-high straight holding Q♦9♠3♥2♠. Shang885 went belly-up in sixth place, which was good enough for a $2,454.71 score.

SHAKE A LEG: peerke55 eliminated in 5th place

Time for more fireworks. The explosions in the sky occurred when peerke55 open-shoved for 1,768,656, and UhhMee called. UhhMee showed A♥K♥7♣3♥ and was pitted against peerke55's A♠7♥4♥3♣. The board ran out T♠T♣9♠T♦6♦ and there was no qualifying low. UhhMee won the hand with trip tens and Ace-King kicker. The Netherlands' peerke55 was knocked out in fifth place and earned $3,187.46.

With four players remaining, the unstoppable UhhMee surged over 10 million. ACIEEED was in second with 1.8 million. TheRizlaman held onto third with 1.6 million and Vlad_Radimov was the shorty with a shade under 700K.

BACK IN BLACK: TheRizlaman eliminated in 4th place

TheRizlaman open-shoved for 1,429,087 and ACIEEED called from the big blind. ACIEEED was ahead with A♥J♣J♥5♦ against TheRizlaman's A♠T♣4♣3♦. The board ran out Q♥9♠7♥2♦7♣. There was no qualifying low. ACIEEED won the pot with two pair -- Jacks and sevens. TheRizlaman busted out in fourth place and collected $4,285.85.

With three remaining... UhhMee was ahead with 10.6 million, followed by ACIEEED's 3.3 million, and Vlad_Radimov's 712K.

YOU SHOOK ME ALL NIGHT LONG: ACIEEED eliminated in 3rd place

UhhMee min-raised to 240,000 and ACIEEED called. The flop was A♣9♦5♦ and both players checked. The turn was the 7♠. ACIEEED shoved all-in for 3,217,450. UhhMee snap-called. UhhMee showed 8♣7♣6♠3♣ and was leading with a straight. ACIEEED flipped over A♠K♥6♦2♣ and was in deep trouble. The 2♥ fell on the river. UhhMee scooped the pot with a nine-high straight and a 6-5-3-2-A low. That bested ACIEEED's two pair and 7-6-5-2-A low. ACIEEED busted out and won $6,155.10 for third place.

HEADS-UP: UhhMee (Canada) vs. Vlad_Radimov (Russia)
Seat 4: Vlad_Radimov (1,923,427)
Seat 8: UhhMee (12,731,573)

HAVE A DRINK ON ME: Vlad_Radimo eliminated in 2nd place; UhhMee ships SCOOP title

UhhMee started with a 6-1 advantage over Vlad_Radimov. It would only take 22 hands before an ultimate winner was declared.

On the 22nd hand of heads-up... UhhMee didn't waste any time and open-shoved for 13,993,286. Vlad_Radimov called all-in for 511,714. Vlad_Radimov held 9♦5♣2♣2♦ against UhhMee's K♥J♦8♥6♣. The flop was K♠T♦8♦ and UhhMee took the lead. The turn was the J♥ and the river was the 6♥. Without a qualifying low hand, UhhMee won the pot with two pair -- Kings and Jacks.

Vlad_Radimov busted out in second place but earned $8,646.45 for a runner-up performance.

UhhMee won the tournament and collected $11,578.96 for first place. It took three final table appearances before UhhMee finally broke through and won his first SCOOP title. Oh, and don't forget about the sleek champion's watch!

Check out the final hand in the replayer:

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Event #35-Low $27 NL Omaha Hi/Lo - Final Table Payouts and Results:
Entrants: 2,931
Places Paid: 378

1. UhhMee (Canada) - $11,578.96
2. Vlad_Radimov (Russia) - $8,646.45
3. ACIEEED (Netherlands) - $6,155.10
4. TheRizlaman (Canada) - $4,285.85
5. peerke55 (Netherlands) - $3,187.46
6. Shang885 (Russia) - $2,454.71
7. PayMyLoans11 (U.k) - $1,721.96
8. Thief Kid 81 (Slovenia) - $1,062.48
9. Mitnie (U.K) - $622.83

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