SCOOP 2012: lukro8 wins event #11-H & second SCOOP title, shaniac finishes fifth ($700 PL Omaha Hi/Lo 6-max)

SCOOP logo.gifPolish SuperNova lurko8 today claimed his second SCOOP title, adding Event 11-H $700 PL Omaha 6-max to the Event #33-H No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo title he won in 2011. Clearly he likes four card games.

With 321 players taking to the virtual felt, this event didn't just smash the guarantee it pulvarised, devoured and, ahem, chopped it up. The final prize pool of $215,070 was three-times the advertised guarantee and the winner would take home $47,315.48. Some of those who contributed to the prize pool but took nothing from it were: Anders 'Donald Berg, George Lind III, Henrique.Pinho, Martin Staszko, George Danzer, Jude Ainsworth, and ElkY whilst Eugene Katchalov was eliminated in 36th - the first money paying spot.

But one Team Online pro was still going strong, Shane 'shaniac' Schleger was alive and well and truly kicking as hand for hand play started with seven players left. '18 hours on the grind, and I'm on the FT bubble of event 11-H, $700 PL08 6-max. 7/7 in chips,' he tweeted.


Shane 'shaniac' Schleger pictured at the PCA

The experienced pro was on the three-handed table at this point but despite being the short stack he did not acquiesce to the bigger stacks and in fact put his chips to good use. 'Chipped up nicely on the FT bubble. Now 3/6 in chips. $47K up top.," he tweeted shortly after Chipaccrual had been eliminated by lukro8 in seventh place.

As the final table started the stacks and line-up looked like this:

Seat 1: Aquasces1, Canada, 165,316
Seat 2: Milana Jones, Russia, 510,077
Seat 3: lukro8, Poland, 498,998
Seat 4: Lyndon360, New Zealand, 178,121
Seat 5: HornyAnimal 62,596
Seat 6: shaniac 189,892

final table screenshot plo hi/lo.jpg

The final table

Double trouble

It would take nearly an hour of cagey play for the first exits of the final table. Yes that's right exits - because it was a double elimination. HornyAnimal was the shortstack and the start of the final table and had been unable to make any progress. Playing a stack of 58,322 he opened for the pot (21,000) from under-the-gun, next to act Team Online Pro shaniac (playing 151,052) committed almost half his stack by re-potting and raising to 72,000. It passed to lukro8 who smooth called from the small blind and HornyAnimal then called all-in.

The flop fell 3♦K♠7♠ lukro8 set shaniac all-in and he made the call. You can see the results of the hand below.

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When the hand was over four players remained, HornyAnimal winning $8,602.80 in sixth, shaniac $12,904.20 for fifth. "Sigh, maybe blew it on my bust hand, not sure what else to do though. Took 5th for ~13K," tweeted shaniac shortly aftwerwards.

Twos Up

At this stage Milina Jones and lukro8 were forging ahead leaving Lyndon360 and Aquasces1 far behind, the latter two seemingly having a battle for third and fourth between them. The two chipleaders were winning most pots and very much playing small pot poker and any big pots that were played ended up being chopped and it was as you were.

But then along came a big pot as Aquasces1 doubled through Milana Jones.

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A short time late Aquasces1 gained the chip lead and it was now he and lukro8 clear of Milana Jones and Lyndon360. Soon though two groups of two would become one group of three as the two shortstacks clashed in a pot that would send one of them to the rail in fourth.

In a four-bet pre-flop pot Lyndon360 was effectively all-in against Milina Jones and on the flop of Q♠J♥4♣ Jones set him all-in and he called.

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A rivered two-pair for the Russian saw him suddenly zoom back into contention.

Let's sleep

The stacks of the three players left were now very close:

Seat 1: Aquasces1 570,248
Seat 2: Milana Jones 549,252
Seat 3: lukro8 485,500

So deal discussions started with Aquasces1 the prompter:

Aquasces1: 3 way chop and sleep?
Milana Jones: we can see numbers
Aquasces1: ok lukro?
lukro8: lets play

With deal discussions nipped in the bud by the player chasing a second SCOOP title they played on for:

1st: $47,315.48
2nd: $33,013,24
3rd: $24,733.05

In the first 30 minutes of three-handed play Aquasces1 had opened up a significant chip lead but then came a tournament defining million chip pot that swung the pendulum of power towards the Pole.

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Aquasces1 had flopped top set, but lurko8 had a draw to the nut flush and a better draw to a low hand, he duly hit both draws on the 5♣ turn, Aquasces1 needed the board to pair to take the high portion of the pot but the 8♠ completed the board.

Pole position

The Pole now had almost two-thirds of the chips in play but long time chip leader Milana Jones was not going to sit back and get picked off. Indeed it was he who would eliminate Aquasces1 in third to ensure that the two big stacks coming to the final table would face-off heads-up for the title.

Jones raised to 32,000 pre-flop, Aquasces1 re-raised to 102,000 (leaving just 995 back) and Jones made the call. The flop fell 7♦[10c]A♣ and the very few remaining chips went in.

Milana Jones: [10d]9♦5♣3♣
Aquasces1: J♣J♠8♥2♥

Turn: K♦
River: 8♦

With a king high flush and a 8,7,5,3,A low Jones took the whole pot and heads-up play started with the following chip stacks:

Milana Jones: 564,334
lukro8 1,040,666

lurko8 had a near two to one chip lead and over the first 23 hands of heads-up play he extended that lead still further. The 24th hand would be the last.

With blinds at 6,000 - 12,000 Milana Jones raised to 24,000 on the button, lurko8 three-bet to 72,000 and Jones called. On the flop of A♦A♥6♣ lurko8 led out for 144,000, Jones moved all-in for 292,364 and lurko8 snap called.

Milana Jones: 5♠4♠2♠2♦
lurko8: A♠6♥5♥3♣

lurko8 had flopped a full-house to all but lock up the high half of the pot, Jones though had a better draw to the low. But, the turn was the Q♥ and the 9♦ completed the board to give lurko8 a second SCOOP title and $47,315.48.

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Final table payouts:

1st: lukro8, Poland, $47,315.48
2nd: Milana Jones, Russia, $33,013.24
3rd: Aquasces1, Canada, $24,733.05
4th: Lyndon360, New Zealand, $17,205.60
5th: shaniac, Mexico, $12,904.20
6th: HornyAnimal, United Kingdom, $8,602.80

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Nick Wright
@PokerStars in SCOOP