SCOOP 2012: Zackattak13 buries opponents to claim Event 14-Medium

SCOOP logo.gifHow much time would you invest to win a SCOOP watch? A few hours? 2012 SCOOP Event 14-Medium winner Zackattak13 invested five hours into the final table along in order to win a marathon affair, the $82 NLHE Ante Up tournament.

Ante Up tournaments are not everyone's cup of tea, as the basic lack of blinds and the unusual ante structure fundamentally changes the game from its more traditional variant. Thus the PokerStars guarantee on Event 14-Medium was lower than some of the other medium SCOOP tournaments. It was $50,000. But when 1,997 player registered, the prize pool ticked almost all the way to $150,000, creating a 1st prize of almost $24,000, for which the 252 in-the-money players would battle.

Event 14-medium was particularly unsuccessful for members of Team PokerStars Pro and PokerStars Team Online. A combined 13 of them entered the event, but only Team Pro Martin Staszko made the money. He went about halfway through the 252 in-the-money places, finishing in 137th for $194.70.

By the time Day 1 ended, 30 levels had been completed and 22 players remained. The top three stacks were cathi18 (1,263,084), w00tLOL (1,123,223) and Zackattak13 (892,172). All three made it to the final table, along with these other six players:

2012 SCOOP 14-Medium final table.jpg

Seat 1: w00tLOL (1979214 in chips)
Seat 2: Skobelev670 (750917 in chips)
Seat 3: Noiberman (2447850 in chips)
Seat 4: RaulFu (615970 in chips)
Seat 5: ujhcrbq (688542 in chips)
Seat 6: cathi18 (1232709 in chips)
Seat 7: hlamberg (941556 in chips)
Seat 8: Xading (211031 in chips)
Seat 9: Zackattak13 (1117211 in chips)

Level 35: blinds 5-5, ante 7000
Average stack: 1,109,444

First fortune

Fortunes started changing on the first hand of the final table. Zackattak13 doubled through w00tLOL, getting all in on the turn of an all-small board with pocket queens against w00tLOL's ace-ten. No ace hit the river.

Thirty minutes passed at the final table before the first elimination. Xading, who started as the short stack, was unable to avoid being the first eliminated when A♦T♦ failed to improve against RaulFu's A♥K♦, with all the chips in pre-flop. Xading didn't even get much of a sweat on a 3♠7♣8♥4♥J♦ board.

A few hands later w00tLOL followed Xading to the rail. Unable to recover from the early double-up of Zackattak13, w00tLOL pushed pocket 9s all in pre-flop. cathi18, the Day 1 chip leader, called with ace-king and paired kings on the flop. There was no further drama from there, as w00tLOL hit the rail in 8th place.

But cathi18 couldn't hold onto those chips. A cooler of a flop knocked cathi18 back to an average stack and allowed ujhcrbq to crest 2 million in chips. Take a look:

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On the last hand before the 2pm break, it was Skobelev670's turn to get unlucky. Dealt A♠Q♣, Skobelev670 three bet to 68k after Zackattak13 opened to 34k. RaulFu, two seats behind, then four-bet to 125k. Only Skobelev670 called. When the flop came 8♦K♥Q♦, Skobelev670 checked to RaulFu, t hen called a shove for Skolbelev's last 292k. A pair of queens wasn't the best hand; RaulFu showed A♦K♠ for a pair of kings. The turn and river blanked out to send Skobelev670 packing in 7th place.

Marathon middle

Down to 6 players, hlamberg was the short stack with about 500k and the ante was up to 12,500. But hlamberg continued to double up even as Day 1 chip leader cathi18 continued to slide. Down to 603k, cathi18 three-bet shoved over an open-raise to 35k by Noiberman. Noiberman quickly called with pocket queens, leaving cathi18 with just one overcard, K♥T♠. There was no help to be found on a board of A♠J♦3♣3♦8♠. cathi18's string of bad luck and bad cards ended with a 6th-place finish.

Of the remaining five players, three had between 1.9 million and 2.1 million. ujhcrbq was in the lead with 3.2 million, while hlamberg was short-stacked with 722k. The players played a long, long time without an elimination. RaulFu picked up a bunch of chips at the expense of Noiberman and Zackattak13, shooting all the way to 4.0 million in chips, before giving some of those chips back to Zackattak13, who reclaimed the chip lead.

Meanwhile, the ante increased all the way to 35k. That was bad news for hlamberg, whose stack dwindled to less than 350k. One double-up with A♣T♣ against Noiberman's K♣Q♥ gave hlamberg a temporary reprieve. hlamberg eventually notched the kill of Noiberman, making A♣T♣ working againt Noiberman's pocket treys when a 10 flopped.

The remaining four players passed the chips around a long, long time. It seemed like everyone took a turn with the lead but ultimately it was Zackattak13 who started making the lead stick by climbing over 5.0 million in chips, even as the ante continued inexorably upwards, all the way to 60k.

Finishing sprint

After such long stretches without an elimination (only one elimination over hours of play), it was shocking to see RaulFu and hlamberg eliminated on back-to-back hands. First to go was RaulFu, who three-bet all in for 887k pre-flop with K♥Q♥. Zackattak13 called with A♦7♦, and even though RaulFu flopped a king, Zackattak13 turned an ace.

The following hand hlamberg flopped bottom two pair, while Zackattak13 flopped bottom pair with a straight-and-flush draw combination. The chips went in on the flop, with Zackattak13 immediately turning the flush. hlamberg bricked the river to bow out in 3rd place.

Those two hands gave Zackattak13 a massive 11-to-1 chip lead to start heads-up play against ujhcrbq. Although ujhcrbq doubled up once, Zackattak13 managed to put ujhcrbq to bed on the 22nd hand of heads-up play when both flopped two pair. ujhcrbq's Q♠3♠ was second best to Zackattak13's Q♥J♠ on a flop of Q♣3♣J♥ and never improved.

It was a marathon final table in Event 14-medium, taking more than 5 hours to play out. The SCOOP watch that Zackattak13 will receive for the victory should help remind that sometimes, a little extra time is what it takes to become a champion.

2012 SCOOP Event 14-Medium, $82 NLHE (Ante Up) results:

1st: Zackattak13 ($23,965.24)
2nd: ujhcrbq ($17,973.00)
3rd: hlamberg ($13,479.75)
4th: RaulFu ($9,847.70)
5th: Noiberman ($7,114.31)
6th: cathi18 ($5,541.67)
7th: Skobelev670 ($4,043.92)
8th: w00tLOL ($2,621.06)
9th: Xading ($1,497.75)

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Dave Behr
@PokerStars in SCOOP