SCOOP: SUNDAYKING claims the throne in Event # 20-H ($2,100 NLHE)

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After a combination of draw games, Pot-Limit Omaha, and NLHE variants; Event #20 brought the SCOOP back to good old, nine-handed, No-Limit Texas Hold'em.

The High-level $2,100 buy-in event drew 782 players for a total prize pool of $1,564,000 -- more than double the $750,000 guarantee.

Having a $1.5 million dollar prize pool on the internet is like dropping a bucket of blood in shark-infested waters. Predators emerge from their hiding places, ready to tear each other to shreds for piece of the plump, juicy prize pool.

Twenty-nine Team PokerStars Online and Pro players were some of the predators to make a $2,100 appearance today. Out of those 29 red-spade pros, only seven would see a return on their investment.

Those seven Team PokerStars cashers joined a total of 90 players who cashed in today's event. The top 90 players were guaranteed $4,066, but only one would walk away (or log off) with the $293,250 grand prize.

Today, that chunk of change went to SUNDAYKING.

And SUNDAYKING wasn't only playing against people competing for the Event #20-H watch. A few players in today's event were gunning for top position in the 2012 SCOOP Leader Board.


Team PokerStars Pro Viktor "Isildur1" Blom won two events early in the SCOOP and become the "it" thing. We knew it was only a matter of time before this high-stakes cash game player turned live-tournament champion began to crush online tournaments.

It looked like the 2012 SCOOP was that time.

But then came Shaun "shaundeeb" Deeb.

While Deeb has no red spade decorating his username, he does have five stars outlining his avatar. This lets everyone know that Deeb is a PokerStars Supernova player, that he probably plays more online poker than you, and he probably does it at higher stakes...while winning.

A lot.

A few days ago, Deeb was tied with Isildur1 for the SCOOP Player of the Series. Both players had 250 points at the time, now Deeb has 450.

Deeb won two SCOOP events this series and cashed several times. Today he managed to cash again. Deeb managed to make the final two tables, but was eliminated in 16th:

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Deeb won $10,948 for his finish and earned 20 points towards the SCOOP Player of the Series. With 450 points Deeb, holds a healthy lead. Uruguay's joacowalter is the closest contender with 275 points.


Ivan Demidov's elimination brought the tournament down to the last 10 players.

With 5,000/10,000 blinds and a 1,250 ante, Demidov raised to 21,000 from the button. brianm15 re-raised to 52,800 and Demidov made it 104,000.

brianm15 had Demidov covered and moved all in for 902,172, Demidov called.

Demidov showed A♥Q♥, dominating brianm15's A♣J♦.

Demidov was still in the lead after the 8♠3♥K♠ flop, but a J♣ came on the turn and eliminated Demidov in 11th.

This hand would also give brianm15 the final table bubble chip lead with 1.3MM.

The bubble would then go on for about 40 hands before there was an elimination. But the problem wasn't that players were getting lucky, they were just being cautious.

Before the bubble burst, there was only one double up. That came when SUNDAYKING moved all in with a pair of 10s against BrynKenney's pair of 6s.

SUNDAYKING survived -- as you might have guessed.

The second called all in would be the last before the final table.

With 7,000/14,000 blinds and a 1,750 ante, brianm15 raised to 28,000 from the button. scout326 re-raised to 84,000 and brianm15 moved all in for 1,395,868 and scout326 called.

scout326: [10d]9♦
brianm15: A♦9♥

The board ran 5♣4♠9♣8♥Q♠ and brianm15's pair of nines won the pot with a better kicker.

With that, the final table was set and brianm15 was our leader with 1,813,752.



Seat 1: -MortenVM- -547,389
Seat 2: nachobarbero - 708,324
Seat 3: SUNDAYKING - 493,141
Seat 4: anthonyff - 586,684
Seat 5: brianm15 - 1,813,752
Seat 6: - 1,492,657
Seat 7: jonyctt - 986,884
Seat 8: BrynKenney - 570,187
Seat 9: kenny05 - 620,982

SUNDAYKING's journey from final table short stack to tournament champion started with an early double up:

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anthonyff would be the next player to put his tournament life up for trial.

With a 2,500 ante and 10,000/20,000 blinds, raised to 40,000 and anthonyff moved all in for 509,224. called and anthonyff electronically turned over A♥J♦. showed [10d][10s] for the flip.

The flop came 6♦5♣[10c] and grabbed a commanding lead. Only running straight cards could save anthonff now, but the turn was a [10h] and hit quads.

anthonyff was eliminated in 9th place and earned $22,052.40.


With anthonyff's elimination, brianm15 increased his chip lead to 2.5MM. He was followed closely by, with 2.2MM, and jonyctt had doubled up to just under 1MM.

The rest of the players were floating around the 400,000 mark until kenny05 and BrynKenney got into a tussle.

Blinds were 12,500/25,000 with a 3,125 ante and action was folded to BrynKenney in the small blind. BrynKenney then raised for all of his chips. All 367,087of them.

kenny05 had him covered and called, showing A♣[10s]. BrynKenney held K♣Q♣.

The 8♣J♦J♣ brought BrynKenney a flush draw, but an 8♦ would come on the turn and the river was a 2♠; flushing away any hopes he had of a flush and a SCOOP victory.

BrynKenney became our second final table elimination and earned $35,190 for his 8th place finish.


With seven players left, SUNDAYKING would continue his ascent. raised to 50,000 from UTG and SUNDAYKING moved all in for 362,274 from the small blind. called and showed A♠7♠, SUNDAYKING held a pair of queens, Q♦Q♣.

The flop was monochromatic and straight, 8♣J♣[10c]. SUNDAYKING's pair of queens was still in the lead and he picked up a straight draw.

A 9♦ came on the turn and SUNDAYKING hit a straight, doubling up to 771,423.

SUNDAYKING would then take a bit out of nachobarbero and join brianm15 and in the millionaire's club:

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After kenny05 eliminated BrynKenney, he absorbed all his power in the form of chips. kHe used that power for destruction.

Action was folded to kenny05 in the small blind, where he moved all in for 698,582. -MortenVM- was sitting in the big blind and called, kenny05 had him covered.

-MortenVM- showed A♥J♣ and was up against kenny05's pocket 4s.

The 3♠Q♣[10h] gave -MortenVM- an inside-straight draw but the 6♠ on the turn wouldn't complete it. The river was a 4♥ and kenny05 hit a set of 4s, eliminating -MortenVM- in 7th place.

For his finish, -MortenVM- won $50,830, his largest PokerStars cash to date.

This last hand left Team PokerStars Pro Jose Ignacio "nachobarbero" Barbero as the short stack.

With a limited chip stack, comes limited options.

Barbero moved all in for 427,640 from the cutoff. re-raised to 925,000 from the small blind and the big blind got out of the way. showed 7♣7♦ while Barbero turned over A♠[10s].

The flop was good for Barbero.

The flop came A♦[10h]A♥, Barbero hit a full house and doubled up to 899,030.

"ez game," Barbero said after the double up.

But not everyone can flop full houses when their tournament life's at risk.

brianm15 raised to 50,000 from the button and re-raised to 121,000 from the small blind. jonyctt moved all in for 756,426 and brianm15 re-shoved for 1.5MM. folded and jonyctt showed K♦J♥. But his high cards didn't look as good when compared to brianm15's A♦A♥.

The board ran 3♣A♠7♠9♣6♠ and jonyctt was eliminated in 6th place, a finish worth $66,470.


Two hands later, Barbero would fall to the king.

Barbero moved all in from the small blind for 702,322 and SUNDAYKING called from the big.

SUNDAYKING showed a pair of queens and Barbero was trailing with J♦[10d].

The J♠8♣5♠ flop brought Barbero a pair jacks, but SUNDAYKING's queens would stay in the lead.

A 4♣ came on the turn and the river was an 8♠, eliminating Barbero. Barbero's 5th place finish would earn the Team PokerStars Pro $82,110.

A few hands later, with 15,000/30,000 blinds and a 3,750 ante, raised to 60,000.

SUNDAYKING raised 148,999 and our chip leader, brianm15, raised to 285,000. moved all in for 932,197 and SUNDAYKING asserted his reign by re-shoving with a tower of chips worth 2,098,713.

brianm15 folded and let the king do his justice. showed J♠J♥ and was up against SUNDAYKING's A♥K♥.

The 6♦8♥K♠ gave the realm another king. SUNDAYKING's kings prevailed and James "" Mackey became our 4th place finisher, missing out on another SCOOP watch. added $117,300 to to his online winnings, a number that already exceeds $2 million on PokerStars alone.

SUNDAYKING would also take us down to the heads-up portion of the match:

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After his reign of terror, SUNDAYKING started the heads-up match with the lead:

SUNDAYKING - 4,733,314

brianm15: 3,086,686

SUNDAYKING would increase his lead even more:

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SUNDAYKING would work brianm15 down to around 1MM before biranm15 started fighting back.

With 17,500/35,000 blinds and a 4,375 ante, SUNDAYKING raised to 70,000. brianm15 re-raised to 192,500 and SUNDAYKING called.

The flop came 5♣Q♠7♠ and brianm15 bet 135,000. SUNDAYKING called, a K♥ came on the turn and brianm15 bet 312,500.

SUNDAYKING folded and brianm15 was back up to 2,067,654. SUNDAYKING would hold on to the lead for about an hour until brianm15 managed to double up.

Blinds were 20,000/40,000 with a 5,000 ante and SUNDAYKING raised to 80,000. brianm15 re-raised to 212,500 and SUNDAYKING called, bringing a 6♦5♦2♠ flop.

brianm15 led out for 248,500 and an 8♣ came on the turn after SUNDAYKING called. brianm15 bet 425,000 on the turn and SUNDAYKING called, bringing a Q♠ on the river.

brianm15 moved all in for his remaining 1.8MM and SUNDAYKING called, showing A♠6♠. brian held J♦Q♦ and doubled up to 5,432,108 with his rivered pair of queens.

Just like the leader before him, brinm15 held on to the lead until a double up.

SUNDAYKING found himself all in after a pre-flop raise battle started by brianm15. SUNDAYKING showed A♣K♣, dominating brianm15's A♥6♦.

The board ran 9♥8♦Q♥5♦9♦ and SUNDAY king doubled up to 3,930,848. He was just slightly ahead of brianm15's 3,889,152.

Both players remained about even until SUNDAYKING pulled away for the final time.

With 25,000/50,000 blinds and a 6,250 ante, SUNDAYKING raised to 100,000. brianm15 called and the flop came 9♠A♣K♣.

brianm15 checked and SUNDAYKING bet 129,625. brianm15 called and a 2♠ came on the turn, prompting brianm15 to check again. SUNDAYKING led out for 287,767 and brianm15 called, bringing a 6♥ on the river.

SUNDAYKING started the betting again on the river, he led out for 780,000. brianm15 didn't call the last barrel and was left with 2.5MM.

Two hands later, SUNDAYKING would reign supreme:

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2012 SCOOP Event #20-H ($2,100 NLHE) Results:

1st place: SUNDAYKING ($293,250)
2nd place: brianm15 ($211,140)
3rd place: kenny05 ($156,400)
4th place: ($117,300)
5th place: nachobarbero ($82,110)
6th place: jonyctt ($66,470)
7th place: -MortenVM- ($50,830)
8th place: BrynKenney ($35,190)
9th place: anthonyff ($22,052)

Congratulations to SUNDAYKING for winning Event #20-H and the largest first-place SCOOP prize yet. But there are still larger fields, bigger buy-ins and massive prize pools remaining this SCOOP, check out the homepage for everything you need to know about the 2012 SCOOP.

Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in SCOOP