2013 SCOOP: Adam "Roothlus" Levy scores live and online in Event #3-M ($55+R NLHE 6-Max Action Hour)

Adam "Roothlus" Levy was multi-tabling today.

He wasn't doing your standard online multitable or running back-and-forth in a poker room. Levy was seated at two final tables at the same exact time, never missing a second in either.

One of Levy's final tables was over in Monaco and the other was on the chair right next to him. Levy managed to simultaneously make the Monaco Cup and SCOOP 03-M final table.


Adam "Roothlus" Levy at his final tables

While Levy finished third in the Monaco Cup, Roothlus would go on to win his first SCOOP title.


Event #03-M started yesterday and attracted 2,764 entrants. Within the first hour of play, those players re-bought 4,787 times and purchased 1,879 add-ons. This blew past the $300K guarantee as the event ended up with a $471,500 prize pool.

Among those fighting for the SCOOP title were 15 Team PokerStars player. Three managed to cash with George "jorj95" Lind III going the deepest, finishing in 170th for $495.07.

But a few players would go deeper and make it to Day 2. Play restarted today with 79 players that were quickly whittled down.

When we got down to eight players, we nearly had a double-elimination. miami1984 and TMoney0209 were all-in on one table and Roothlus had bet enough to put chip slap u all-in at the other table.

miami1984 and TMoney0209 went all-in preflop and TMoney0209's pocket nines held up against miami1984's A♥[10s].

chip slap u wouldn't be so luck on the other table. With 30,000/60,000 blinds and a 7,500 ante, chip slap u raised to 120,000 from under-the-gun. Roothlus called from the button and the flop came 6♣8♥5♠.

chip slap u bet 234,000 and Roothlus called, bringing an A♣ on the turn. chip slap u bet again, but made it 376,000 this time. Roothlus raised to 978,666, chip slap u called and a 4♦ came on the river.

chip slap u stepped on the brakes with a check and Roothlus bet 2.82 million. chip slap u thought for a while and then called for his tournament life, flipping over 5♥6♥ for two-pair.

Roothlus showed 7♦7♥ for the straight and chip slap u was out in 8th.

Then our bubble would burst at the same table. The victim would be one of our two remaining SCOOP champions, Lrslzk. Finland's Lrslzk won the 2011 SCOOP Main Event-H for $540,125.82 but he wouldn't get a second watch today.

Lrslzk raised to 120,000 and gboro780 called. gboro780 bet 115,285 on the 2♣3♠K♥ flop and Lrslzk called. gboro780 bet another 220,575 when the J♠ came on the turn and Lrslzk made the call, bringing our river: 9♥.

gboro780 bet the exact amount to put Lrslzk all-in, 789,596. Lrslzk called and turned over K♣[10c] and was out-kicked by gboro780's K♠Q♦.

Lrslzk was out and our final table was all set:


Seat 1: gboro780 -- 5,776,128
Seat 2: TMoney0209 -- 2,929,417
Seat 3: Roothlus -- 10,118,404
Seat 4: sms9231 -- 4,893,312
Seat 5: NigDawG -- 7,510,678
Seat 6: miami1984 -- 820,061


sms9231: hi kids
sms9231: tell us about you

Players didn't reveal much about their private lives, but we did find out about a bit more about Adam "Roothlus" Levy's current poker life. This wasn't the only final table that Levy was on:

sms9231: adam u in monaco cup?
Roothlus: lol ya
Roothlus: 2/5
sms9231: wow
sms9231: legendary
sms9231: gonna send marvin over
sms9231: to peak at your hands

But the window of peekage couldn't go on for too long. While Roothlus and sms9231 ended up heads-up, Roothlus finished 3rd in the Monaco Cup.

One out

miami1984 managed to survive the bubble as the shortstack with a timely double-up but was still our short stack.

With 40,000/80,000 blinds and a 10,000 ante, Roothlus raised to 168,000 from under-the-gun and NigDawG called from the cutoff. miami1984 moved all-in for 1,320,122 from the button and only Roothlus called.

Roothlus: Q♣Q♥
miami1984: A♣[10h]

The board ran K♥K♦5♣6♥3♦ and we had our first final table elimination. miami1984 was in 6th and earned $8,425.70.

A new lead

Roothlus had been getting all kinds of live and online chips. His lead in the SCOOP was fairly large and sms9231 and NigDawG were battling it out for second. Then they got it all-in:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Chris "NigDawG" Brammer managed to get some chips back from sms9231 after his A♥5♥ held up against sms9231's 4♠3♠ and seemed to be climbing back when he doubled through sms9231 a second time.

With 50,000/100,000 blinds and a 12,500 ante, sms9231 raised to 200,000 from under-the-gun and NigDawG moved all-in for 1,292,605. sms9231 called and showed K♣J♠.

NigDawG turned over A♥6♥ and the [10c]5♥3♥5♠2♣ kept him in the lead.

But then NigDawG ran into Roothlus.

Roothlus raised to 210,000 from the cutoff and NigDawG moved all-in for 2,235,211 from the small blind. Roothlus called and we had a showdown.

Roothlus: 8♣8♥
NigDawG: A♠3♠

There was a J♦9♣7♣7♦2♦ board and another elimination. NigDawG was out in 5th and got $16,502.50.

All titles

We were down to four players and half of them had some COOPs. Mohsin "sms9231" Charania won SCOOP #20-H back in 2010 for $380,364.80 and Steve "gboro780" Gross won WCOOP #39 in 2011 for $33,332.52.

The ratio of COOP champions would only increase a few hands later.

TMoney0209 had been near the bottom of the chip counts since the start of the final table but managed to hang on.

Until now.

sms9231 raised to 200,000 from the button and TMoney0209 moved all-in for 2,288,998 from the big blind. sms9231 called with 6♣6♠ and we had a flip when TMoney showed A♣Q♠.

The 7♠8♦5♣ flop gave sms9231 a straight draw, but a Q♥ on the turn gave TMoney0209 the lead with queens. Then the river flowed in to fill the straight with a 4♥. TMoney0209 was out in 4th and earned $25,932.50.

With three left, sms9231 battling for his second SCOOP title, gboro780 was going for 2/3rds of the Triple COOP and Roothlus was going for number one.

One down

sms9231 had the lead with about 14 million and Roothlus started three-handed with 10 million. gboro780 was our shortstack with nearly 7 million and would quickly lose it all after getting flushed out on the river.

With 60,000/120,000 blinds and a 15,000 ante, sms9231 raised to 240,000 and gboro780 re-raised to 525,000 from the small blind. Roothlus four-bet to 1,042,222 and sms9231 folded. gboro made it 1.8 million and Roothlus called, bringing an 8♦9♠3♥ flop.

Roothlus called gboro780's 815,000 bet and a 6♥ came on the turn. gboro780 checked and Roothlus put out a 5.64 million bet. gboro780 called all-in quickly and showed A♦A♣.

Roothlus turned over 9♥[10h] and hit a flush when the 2♥ fell on the river. gboro780 was denied a second COOP, but got a consolation prize of $40,077.50.

Heads up


Roothlus -- 17,766,733
sms9231 -- 14,281,267

Players were close in chips and got even closer during the first 10 minutes of play. Then Roothlus suggested a deal:

Roothlus: im not even chopping
Roothlus: but def look at the numbers and play for something
Roothlus: im not even chopping
Roothlus: but def look at the numbers and play for something
sms9231: u dont wanna chop?
Roothlus: i dont want to EVEN chop
sms9231: we can play can i go **** real quick
sms9231: ya look at numbers
Roothlus: lol not sure if its poop or pee
Roothlus: either way have a blast

Tournament staff came back with the offer. $61,793.07 for Roothlus and $60,691.57 for sms9231 with $6,000 left over for first. But when sms9231 came back from his bodily excretion he wasn't satisfied with the numbers:

sms9231: even chop or lets play
sms9231: sorry didnt mean to sound like a ****
Roothlus: ill give u 61k
Roothlus: no worries
Roothlus: otherwise lets fire it up
sms9231: k
sms9231: 61
sms9231: and we play for 6
Roothlus: sounds good
sms9231: ill end up spending the difference on roothlus live action
sms9231: anyways
sms9231: :-)
Roothlus: :P

So then play got underway. For a while. It took under an hour to lose four players and then heads-up lasted nearly 90 minutes.

Players remained even for a while but then Roothlus started to pull away:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Roothlus thenwon the biggest pot of the heads-up match so far. With 70,000/140,000 blinds and a 17,500 ante, Roothlus raised to 350,000 and sms9231 called, bringing a Q♠7♥3♠ flop. sms9231 bet 250,000, Roothlus called, an A♦ came on the turn and sms9231 bet again.

Roothlus raised the 680,000 bet to 1,723,111 and sms9231 called. The river was an A♠ and sms9231 bet 740,000. Roothlus raised to 2.5 million and sms9231 called.

sms9231 turned over K♠[10s] for the nut flush but Roothlus showed A♥7♠ for the full house.

Roothlus was up to 24 million while sms9231 was left with 7.1 million.

Then sms9231 evened things right back up. With 80,000/160,000 blinds and a 20,000 ante, sms9231 raised to 320,000 and Roothlus made it 944,444. sms9231 called and the flop came 5♣6♠5♠. The turn brought a K♥ when sms9231 called Roothlus's 876,666 bet and Roothlus bet again, this time for 1,322,222.

sms9231 called and a J♦ came on the river. Roothlus checked and sms9231 moved all-in. Roothlus folded and sms9231 was back up to 14 million.

The end

sms9231 managed to clinch the lead and the heads-up match ticked past the 75-minute mark. There seemed to be no end in sight, but then it happened:

sms9231 was left with just under 2 million and moved all-in a few hands later. Blinds were up to 100,000/200,000 with a 25,000 ante and Roothlus raised to 1.6 million. sms9231 called all-in and we had the final showdown of the tournament.

sms9231: K♠3♠
Roothlus: Q♥3♦

sms9231 was in the lead and a double-up seemed imminent when the board came 8♥A♠7♣9♥. But this tournament had been dictated by rivers.

River: Q♦

sms9231 missed out on his second SCOOP bracelet and earned the agreed upon $61,000. This made Roothlus the Event #3-M champion, a title worth one SCOOP watch and $67,484.64. This is on top of the €47,000 Roothlus won for finishing 3rd in the Monaco Cup whilst final-tabling this event as well.

It was a good day to be Roothlus.

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #3-M ($55+R NLHE 6-Max) results:

Players: 2,764 entries, 4,787 re-buys, 1,879 add-ons
Prize Pool: $471,500.00
Places Paid: 360

1. Roothlus (Canada) $67,484.64*
2. sms9231 (Canada) $61,000.00*
3. gboro780 (Canada) $40,077.50
4. TMoney0209 (Canada) $25,932.50
5. NigDawG (United Kingdom) $16,502.50
6. miami1984 (Germany) $8,425.70

*Denotes a two-way deal.

With Event #3 concluded, the NLHE 6-max action goes on hold for a bit. The short-handed format will be back but we'll have a few other poker variants in between. Check out the SCOOP site for a full schedule of the remaining events, leader board and list of satellites to the remaining events.

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