SCOOP 2013: Zesty conquest by Zevik in Event #9-H [$700 PL 5-Card Omaha Hi/Lo]

Big O is Omaha on steroids. It has all of the same thrill-seeking elements of normal Omaha Hold'em, but the additional hole card cultivates a bacchanalian atmosphere. 5-Card Omaha is a truly a fetish game for dilettantes craving intensified adrenaline. The field in SCOOP Event #9-H PL 5-Card Omaha Hi/Lo featured many of the premier PLO8 and PLO players in the world. When the final table was set, Finland's villepn was seeking a second SCOOP title. However, Zevik had other things in mind and thwarted villepn's quest for a second SCOOP crown and champion's watch.

SCOOP Event #9-H $700 PL 5-Card Omaha Hi/Lo [6-max] attracted 258 runners. They boosted a prize pool to $171,570. The top 30 places paid out with approximately $40,000 set aside for the eventual champion.

A few familiar faces participated in this stacked event including Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer and Team Online members "talonchick", "nkeyno", and "Jorj95."

When play reached its seventh hour, short-stacked George Danzer found himself near the back of the pack with the money bubble still a dozen eliminations away. Danzer made a final stand with A♥A♠Q♥7♠3♠ against KallApelsin's A♣T♥5♦4♣2♥. The flop was K♠8♠9♣, and Danzer picked up a spade-flush draw. The turn was the J♣ and KallApelsin picked up a club-flush draw. The 7♣ spiked on the river and KallApelsin won the pot with a flush. Danzer failed to improve and the Team PokerStars Pro from Germany busted out in 41st place, missing the money by 11 spots.

Adrienne Rowsome 4.jpg

Team PokerStars Online "talonchick"

Team PokerStars Online Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome made the money and guaranteed herself a cash. With 30 to go, she hovered 12th in chips and sat on an average stack. She got as high as third overall before she tumbled. With three tables remaining, Moorman1 took out talonchick in 14th place. All of the action occurred on the flop. The board read 9♥8♥8♦. Moorman1 checked, talonchick fired out a sequential bet of 12,345, Moorman1 bumped it up to 53,035, and talonchick called all-in for 4,995. Both players tabled their cards:

Moorman1: A♥9♣7♦4♦2♥
talonchick: A♦A♣K♣Q♦2♠

On the flop, talonchick was ahead with two pair, but Moorman1 picked up a nut-flush draw and held a smaller two pair. The turn was the 7♠ and the river was the 9♦. Although talonchick faded a flush, she lost because Moorman1 rivered a full house. Without a qualifying low, Moorman1 dragged the entire pot and talonchick was knocked out in 14th place, which paid $1,973.05.

With two tables and 12 players to go, villepn held the chip lead with 230K. With 10 to go, villepn retained the lead but slipped to 202K, while Julian "MrCoco" Gardner clung to the shortest stack remaining with 25K. Gardner won a SCOOP event last year but failed in his quest to win his second title. Gardner eventually busted in 10th place when his A♠9♦8♦2♥2♦ lost to Tlick777's A♦K♥8♠5♦4♠. Tlick777's dragged the pot with a better two pair and no qualifying low. With nine remaining, v1taminka seized the lead with 285K and villepn slipped to third.

With seven remaining, action went hand-for-hand. Saage had taken over the lead with 333K, while Moorman1 brought up the rear with 90K. Chris "Moorman1" Moorman unceremoniously bubbled off the final table in seventh place. A raising war broke out between Moorman1 and ImaLucSac. Moorman1 got it all-in preflop with A♥7♥6♠6♥2♠ against ImaLucSac's A♣T♥T♣5♣3♦. The board ran out 9♥9♠7♠K♣A♦ and without a qualifying low, ImaLucSac won the pot with two pair -- Aces and Nines. For seventh place, Moorman1 took home $4,889.74.


Event #9-H - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Zevik (311,794)
Seat 2: villepn (201,412)
Seat 3: v1taminka (150,994)
Seat 4: ImaLucSac (148,513)
Seat 5: Saage (365,987)
Seat 6: Tlick777 (111,300)

The final table commenced during Level 22 with the blinds at 1,500/3,000. Finland's Saage was in the lead with 365K and Tlick777 was the shorty with 111K. Finland's villepn, cruising in the middle of the pack, was seeking his second SCOOP title (he had won a SCOOP event back in 2010).

v1taminka eliminated in 6th place

It took more than a full level (playing 30-minute levels) before we saw the first elimination at the final table. Here's how it went down... villepn kicked off this skirmish with a raise to 9,999, v1taminka reraised to 33,997, villepn four-bet to 105,991, v1taminka five-bet shoved for 111,344, and villepn called.

v1taminka: A♠8♦5♠5♥4♦
villepn: A♥A♦4♣2♠2♦

The board ran out 9♠9♣2♥9♥8♠. Without a qualifying low, both players made full boats, but v1taminka nines full of fives could not beat villepn's nines full of Aces. Belarus' v1taminka busted in sixth place, which paid out $7,034.37.

With five to go, Saage held the lead with 528K and villepn jumped into second with 394K. Tlick777 was last with 48K.

ImaLucSac eliminated in 5th place

It didn't last five-handed for very long. Another elimination occurred when villepn instigated the action. He opened to 12,000, ImaLucSac moved all-in for 15,457, and villepn called.

villepn: A♥9♣7♣6♥2♥
ImaLucSac: A♦T♦6♠5♦4♠

The board ran out K♣7♦5♥3♥8♠. ImaLucSac had an eight-high straight and a 7-5-4-3-A low. It wasn't good enough to win either end of the pot because villepn scooped with a nine-high straight and a 7-5-3-2-A. ImaLucSac hit the road in fifth place, which paid out $1,0294.20.

tlick777 eliminated in 4th place

Action was four-handed for quite a while. During that arduous stretch, the lead changed hands a couple of times. In 14 hands, Tlick777 went from a short-stack to the chip leader. Tlick777 rocketed into first after scooping a 476K monster pot with an Ace-high flush and a low with the Wheel. Zevik was crippled after losing that decisive hand with a Jack-high flush and a 7-5-4-2-A low.

Forty minutes later, the tides turned on Tlick777, who was back in the basement with the short stack, while Saage pulled away with a 630K big stack.

Tlick777 eventually busted in fourth place. The action occurred on a the flop of K♦8♠4♦. Tlick777 bombed it all-in and villepn called.

Tlick777: A♠J♣J♦8♦2♠
villepn: A♥Q♦J♥9♥6♦

Tlick777 was ahead with a pair of Jacks and picked up a diamond-flush draw, but villepn held a higher diamond draw. The turn was 4♠ and the river was the 2♦. villepn won the pot with a King-high flush and scooped with a 8-6-4-2-A low. Tlick777 took home $13,725.60 for fourth place.

With three remaining... Saage was the leader with 623K, villepn sat in second with 463K, and Zevik was the short-stack with 203K.

villepn eliminated in 3rd place

The battle of Finland. On the flop of 9♠5♦3♦... villepn checked, Saage fired out 18,800, villepn check-raised to 92,400, Saage reraised to 313,200, villepn called all-in for 147,201.

villepn: A♥8♠7♦6♦2♦
Saage: A♦K♣K♦J♥4♦

Both players held flush draws, but Saage had a higher flush draw. The turn was the 2♣ and Saage turned the Wheel. The river was the K♥. villepn could not win the high with a meager pair of deuces and his 6-5-3-2-A low was inferior to Saage's Wheel. Saage scooped and thwarted villepn's attempt at a second SCOOP title. For a third-place finish, villepn earned $20,588.40.

HEADS-UP: Saage (Finland) vs. Zevik (Israel)
Seat 1: Zevik (564,967)
Seat 5: Saage (725,033)

Saage held the lead. These two players were first and second in chips when the final table began.

Action was paused briefly so the two could discuss a deal. Zevik shot it down and play resumed.

On the 11th hand of heads-up, Zevik won a pot worth 726K after scooping with a Jack-high straight and a 7-4-3-2-A low. That massive pot propelled Zevik past the 1 million-chip mark, while a crippled Saage was left with 173K. Although Saage doubled up a couple of times and put up a good fight, it was only a matter of time before Zevik acquired the remaining chips in play.

Saage eliminated in 2nd place; Zevik wins SCOOP Event #9-H

On the final hand... Zevik opened to 30,000 and Saage called. The flop was K♦J♥7♣. Saage checked, Zevik bet 30,000, Saage check-raised to 150,000, Zevik reraised to 270,000, Saage shoved all-in for 282,668, and Zevik called.

Saage: A♣T♣9♦5♠4♠
Zevik: K♥K♣4♦3♣2♣

Zevik flopped a set of Kings, while Saage picked up a straight draw. The turn was the 6♠, and Saage picked up another straight draw. The river was the 6♣. Without a qualifying low, Zevik won the pot with a full house -- Kings full of sixes. Saage could only muster up a pair of sixes. Alas, Saage was knocked out in second place, which paid $27,451.20.

For first place, Zevik earned $39,461.16. In addition to the SCOOP title, Zevik also won a cool champion's watch.

Check out the final hand in the re-player:

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2013 SCOOP Event #9-H ($700 5-Card PLO Hi/Lo 6-max) - Final Table Results:

Entrants: 258
Prize Pool: $171,570
Places Paid: 30

1. Zevik (Israel) - $39,461.16
2. Saage (Finland) - $27,451.20
3. villepn (Finland) - $20,588.40
4. Tlick777 (United Kingdom) - $13,725.60
5. ImaLucSac (Canada) - $10,294.20
6. v1taminka (Belarus) - $7,034.37

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