SCOOP 2013: 12ziz12 sizzles, wins Event #1-M ($215 NLHE 6-Max)

The Spring Championship of Online Poker is finally here, and judging by the turnouts for this year's initial tournaments, many have decided the time for hunting SCOOP watches has at last arrived.

Like both the "low" and "high" versions of this year's kickoff SCOOP event -- Event #1, six-handed no-limit hold'em -- the $215 buy-in "medium" tourney saw another huge turnout with 5,528 entrants together building a massive $1,105,600 prize pool (well over the $600K guarantee). Just 42 survived that big field to Monday's Day 2, and from that group it took 12ziz12 of Australia six-and-a-half more hours to earn the victory and a handsome $132,114.57 first prize.

Day 1: From 5,528 to 42

It took about six hours on Sunday' Day 1 for the money bubble to burst, and 45 minutes after that just 500 remained, led by Calvin "cal42688" Anderson who was then nearing the 500,000-chip mark.

By then Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown had narrowly missed the money, finishing 722nd, an agonizing two spots shy of the cash. Meanwhile Brown's teammate Lex Veldhuis had earned a small payday of $375.90 for finishing 582nd.

As the field continued to shrink there were still a handful of other Team PokerStars Pros with chips, including Leo Margets who spent some time hovering just outside the top 10 in the counts.


Team PokerStars Pro Leo Margets

Margets remained on the front page of the counts as Angel Guillen (381st, $453.29) and Ville Wahlback (355th, $475.40) were both eliminated. Then she'd slip back to an average stack as Joe Cada was moved to her table, then eventually knocked out (122nd, $995.04) in a hand versus the most recent Super Tuesday winner, Negriin.

A little while later 100 remained, led by johnmam21 with about 2.33 million, with Margets right in the middle in 55th position and the only other remaining Team PokerStars Pro Grzegorz "DaWarsaw" Mikielewicz hanging on in 88th.

Soon Mikielewicz was all in for his last 17 big blinds with A♥A♣ versus ZAGABOY's 9♥9♦, and the pair saw the board come Q♦6♠J♠, then 7♥, then... 9♣! Sunk by a set of nines, DaWarsaw finished in 84th place ($1,658.40).

Play continued until they reached the end of Level 30, at which point the tourney was halted with just 42 players remaining. Margets was still there, albeit with below average chips (503,761) and in 37th place. Meanwhile, 12ziz12 led all with more than 3.87 million, with Borso888 the next closest with just over 3.08 million.

Here's a look at the top 10 overnight leaders:

1. 12ziz12 (Australia) -- 3,877,693
2. Borso888 (Hungary) -- 3,083,021
3. fransousa (Portugal) -- 2,399,467
4. johnmam21 (Greece) -- 2,118,121
5. hitman_ber (Germany) -- 1,919,514
6. PapaGreggio (Australia) -- 1,917,541
7. jjthomas1212 (Denmark) -- 1,895,983
8. Rohid "FireFaux" Omari (Canada) -- 1,868,305
9. bob43155 (Mexico) -- 1,793,745
10. Emilbbs (Denmark) -- 1,749,978

Other notables still in the hunt after one day of play included Alex "Schildy1984" Debus (15th), Alex "skalexjung" Jung (24th), Aaron "AaronBeen" Been (27th), and Alex "traheho" Torelli (32nd).

Day 2: From 42 to 1

Play resumed at 11:00 ET on Monday, and soon the short stacks began to fall.

Among the early Day 2 eliminations was Margets. Not long after play began, the Spaniard found herself committing the last of her short stack with pocket fours, but unfortunately had taken the small pair up against an opponent's pocket kings. The board bringing no improvement for Margets, she hit the rail in 41st for a cash of $2,985.12.

After an hour of play on Monday, the field had been whittled to 28 players with 12ziz12 still atop the counts. An hour after that just 20 remained, with 12ziz12 having slipped to second position behind new leader !LaJinCard!.

Just 14 survived the next hour, with 12ziz12 holding steady in second with about 6.57 million while nafnaf_funny pushed way out in front with a leading stack of more than 12.43 million.

Meanwhile !LaJinCard! had slipped to the bottom of the counts, and soon after the three-hour break would be eliminated in 14th, with Spyver following shortly thereafter in 13th.

By the time the fourth hour of play on Day 2 ended, five more would fall, with molswi47 (12th), PapaGreggio (11th), and Borso888 (10th) each earning $9,121.20 for their finishes. nafnaf_funny then fell back to be eliminated in ninth, then Internett93o took eighth with both players picking up $11,387.68.

With seven left 12ziz12 had moved back in front with more than 20.25 million, with fransousa next with about 13.74 million and Pavalinya third with 6.66 million.

Back from break, it would take another half-hour for the next elimination to occur, with several instances of players surviving preflop all-ins happening in the interim. Finally jjthomas1212 was all in for about 12 big blinds with A♥[10h] against Hifool's 8♠8♥, and when the board ran out 6♣5♠7♠J♣Q♣, the final table was at last set.


Seat 1: 12ziz12 (Australia) -- 22,964,687
Seat 2: Pavalinya (Hungary) -- 8,031,497
Seat 3: fransousa (Portugal) -- 8,799,735
Seat 4: Hifool (Norway) -- 6,080,631
Seat 5: Alex "skalexjung" Jung (Germany) -- 5,038,838
Seat 6: prot0 (New Zealand) -- 4,364,612

12ziz12 still had a commanding lead with six left as the players' seat numbers at the final table nearly matched their positions on the leaderboard.

The six players played about 10 minutes more with no change in the order of the counts. That's when they all agreed to halt proceedings and discuss the possibility of going ahead and dividing up the remaining prize pool, with $12,000 set aside for which to play.

First "chip chop" numbers were presented, then "icm"-based calculations. After some back-and-forthing regarding the latter, all ultimately agreed to those figures and as happened in Event #1-L, a six-way deal was done. Soon cards were back in the air, with $12K plus one of the first SCOOP watches of the series still up for grabs.

It would take another half-hour before the first final table elimination would occur. With the blinds up to 125,000/250,000, 12ziz12 -- still the leader -- raised the minimum to 500,000 from middle position, then fransousa reraised to 1,177,555 from the button. It folded back to 12ziz12 who called, and both players saw the flop come Q♠5♣Q♦.

12ziz12 checked, fransousa bet 1,589,822, and 12ziz12 called. The then brought the 7♥ and another check from 12ziz12. This time fransousa pushed all in for 6,868,133, and 12ziz12 called.

fransousa held but 8♥4♠ for a gutshot straight draw while 12ziz12 had T♥T♣ for queens and tens. The river was the 2♥, and fransousa was out in sixth.

Play continued and as the blinds reached 150,000/300,000, Hifool opened for 600,000 from the button, then a short-stacked Alex "skalexjung" Jung shoved all in for 835,666 from the small blind. It folded back to Hifool who called, then showed hold'em's worst starter -- 7♠2♠ -- while Jung had A♣6♥.

The flop came 7♣Q♦3♣ to pair Hifool's seven, and after the 8♥ turn and 9♥ river, skalexjung's run had ended in fifth.

The final four played on, then a big pot that changed the chip lead came along between prot0 and 12ziz12.

The hand saw prot0 make a big river call following a shove by 12ziz12 with the community cards showing 4♥T♠2♣4♣9♣. prot0 had Q♥9♦ for nines and fours, better than 12ziz12's A♦7♦, and suddenly prot0 had more than 20 million and the lead. Take a look:

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They pushed through the five-hour mark of Day 2, then with the blinds at 200,000/400,000 Pavalinya open-raised all in for 5,152,936 from the button and got a single caller in pro0 from the big blind.

Pavalinya had Q♦T♠ and prot0 A♦8♦. The flop came came A♥9♦8♣ to pair prot0 twice while giving Pavalinya a draw to a straight. The turn was the 5♠ and river the 8♠, and prot0's full house knocked Pavalinya out in fourth.

Three-handed play continued from there, with 12ziz12 and prot0 essentially tied for the lead and Hifool in third with about half their stacks.

Then a hand arose in which prot0 raised the minimum to 1 million from the button, 12ziz12 reraised to 2.5 million from the small blind, then Hifool shoved for 9,143,262 from the big blind. prot0 stepped aside, but 12ziz12 snap-called with Q♠Q♥. Hifool had 9♠9♥, and after the board came 6♦K♣4♣, then 3♠, then 2♦, they were down to two.

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That hand gave 12ziz12 the edge to start heads-up play with 33,185,728 to prot0's 22,094,272.

They'd battle another 15 minutes, with 12ziz12 adding to the lead and finally building a stack up over 45.5 million to prot0's 9.72 million. Then with the blinds at 300,000/600,000, a hand came up in which 12ziz12 open-shoved from the button and prot0 called. The players' cards were revealed...

prot0: 9♠9♦
12ziz12: 4♥4♣

prot0 appeared primed to double back into contention, but the flop landed with a thud -- 6♥4♦5♠ -- giving 12ziz12 a set and the lead. The turn and river brought a couple of jacks, and just like that the tourney was decided.

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Congratulations to Australia's 12ziz12 for picking up a huge $132K-plus first prize and a nifty SCOOP watch for the win. And kudos as well to the other five final tablists for making it to the six-way deal and thus securing nice paydays of their own.

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #1-M ($215 No-Limit Hold'em) results (*reflects six-way deal)

Players: 5,528
Prize pool: $1,105,600.00
Places paid: 720

1. 12ziz12 (Australia) $132,114.57*
2. prot0 (New Zealand) $53,580.08*
3. Hifool (Norway) $68,193.83*
4. Pavalinya (Hungary) $79,974.91*
5. Alex "skalexjung" Jung (Germany) $55,118.93*
6. fransousa (Portugal) $84,603.76*

Things are just getting started SCOOP-wise, with most of the 132-tournament schedule still left to go. Check out the SCOOP site for all of the details.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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