SCOOP 2013: 2jokerSpb has the last laugh in Event #28-L ($27 Stud Hi/Lo)

Stud Hi/Lo may not be the sexiest poker game in the canon, but it still has enough fans to more than double the $25k guarantee on this $27 buy-in event. Whether they were specialists, adventurers, or seeking to fix a weak spot in their H.O.R.S.E. or 8-Game rotations, the 2,146 players who gathered for Event #28-L gave themselves a shot at more than $9,000 for first place. Although he arrived at the final table as the second-shortest stack, 2jokerSpb hit a rush with five to go and booked his first SCOOP win, earning $8,189.80 and a slick Movado watch after a three-way deal.

A baker's dozen of Red Spades joined this field including Chris Moneymaker, ElkY, two-time SCOOP champ George Danzer, Shane "shaniac" Schleger and Sebastian Ruthenberg. Jonathan Duhamel was the only one to make the money, busting out in 125th place.

Betting limits were 60,000/120,000 on the final table bubble and PROTENTIALmn was the shortest stack remaining with 438,000. With the A♣ showing, PROTENTIALmn completed on third street and Leon_Javur called with the 7♣ up.

PROTENTIALmn (J♠5♣) A♣J♥2♥K♠ (9♥)
Leon_Javur (4♥A♥) 7♣6♠5♥7♠ (6♥)

PROTENTIALmn led out on fourth street, Leon_Javur raised to 120,000 and PROTENTIALmn called. PROTENTIALmn check-called another 120,000 on fifth street and raised all-in on sixth, revealing a pair of jacks and no low draw. Leon_Javur turned over a pair of sevens and a 7-6-5-4-A low, but caught a six on the river to make two pair for high. PROTENTIALmn was eliminated in ninth place, setting the final table.

SCOOP Ev 28-L FT.jpg

Final table chip counts

Seat 1: ACforKP (1,267,554 in chips)
Seat 2: Pokerccini (1,876,303 in chips)
Seat 3: 2jokerSpb (1,001,288 in chips)
Seat 4: bigslikluck3 (1,507,740 in chips)
Seat 5: late_entry (1,012,036 in chips)
Seat 6: ironOne (640,138 in chips)
Seat 7: Leon_Javur (1,149,430 in chips)
Seat 8: A_Sh4dy_0ne (2,275,511 in chips)

ironOne flattened

IronOne arrived at the final table with only five big bets and didn't wait long to make a move. With the betting limits up to 80,000/160,000, ironOne completed on third street showing the 4♥ and A_Sh4dy_0ne raised with the 2♥ up. ACforKP called two bets cold and ironOne called as well.

ACforKP (X-X) A♥K♥9♠
ironOne (4♣8♣) 4♥6♥T♠9♣ (Q♦)
A_Sh4dy_0ne (J♦J♠) 2♥7♠9♥A♦ (3♥)

ACforKP made the high board on fourth street and checked to ironOne. He bet 80,000 and both opponents called. ACforKP checked again on fifth, ironOne bet, and A_Sh4dy_0ne raised to 320,000. ACforKP folded and ironOne called all-in, revealing a pair of fours and three to an eight low. A_Sha4dy_0ne turned up jacks in the hole and they held up at showdown to scoop, ending ironOne's run in eighth place.

Pokerccini rolls over ACforKP

IronOne's departure left ACforKP as the short stack. With 614,000 remaining and the 4♥ up, ACforKP raised A_Sh4dy_0ne's third street completion to 160,000. Both Pokerccini and A_Sh4dy_0ne called. ACforKP bet fourth street then checked fifth, leaving Pokerccini to bet 160,000. A_Sha4dy_0ne folded, ACforKP raised, Pokerccini three-bet and ACforKP called all-in.

ACforKP (A♥3♠) 4♥6♦J♦3♥ (7♠)
Pokerccini (A♠4♣) 3♣2♥5♠Q♠ (4♠)

ACforKP turned up four to a six low and a pair of threes while Pokerccini had already made a wheel on fifth. ACforKP did not improve and went out in seventh place, earning $1,053.68.

2jokerSpb seizes the chip lead

The limits rose to 100,000/200,000 and with the A♦ up, 2jokerSpb completed. Late_entry raised to 200,000 with the 7♦ and 2jokerSpb fired back with a three-bet. Late_entry called and they went to fourth street. 2jokerSpb led on fourth and fifth streets, late_entry calling him down. Late_entry bet the last of his chips on sixth and 2jokerSpb called.

2jokerSpb (A♣J♣) A♦2♥5♥J♥ (A♥)
late_entry (6♦4♠) 7♦J♦A♠4♣ (4♦)

Late_entry had a pair of fours and a 7-6 low draw while 2jokerSpb had made aces and jacks on the turn. Although late_entry improved to trip fours on the river, 2jokerSpd hit another ace to make a full house. Late_entry hit the rail in sixth place, earning $1,580.52.

With that pot, 2jokerSpb moved up to 2.35 million. Two hands later, he scooped this three-way pot to take the chip lead with 4.14 million.

Live by the river, die by the river

While 2jokerSpb's chip count continued to climb, Leon_Javur's fell to 373,000. Leon_Javur lived to play another orbit when he put the last of his chips in on third street, making threes full of fives on the river to double to 837,000. However, a short time later, A_Sh4dy_0ne put the hurt on him. With the A♦ up, Leon_Javur completed on third street, then called A_Sh4dy_0ne's raise. Leon_Javur led out on fourth, A_Sh4dy_0ne raised, and they capped the betting. Leon_Javur led again on fifth, A_Sh4dy_0ne raised all-in, and Leon_Javur called.

A_Sh4dy_0ne (6♣6♦) 6♥Q♥3♠3♦ (6♠)
Leon_Javur (9♣A♥) A♦5♣T♠8♦ (T♦)

A_Sh4dy _0ne revealed rolled-up sixes and binked quads on the river, leaving Leon_Javur on only 217,000. Two hands later, Leon_Javur put the last of his chips in on third street and Pokerccini looked him up. While Leon_Javur made fours and deuces for high, Pokerccini rivered aces and queens, sending Leon_Javur to the rail in fifth place.

Pokerccini moved up to 2.32 million in chips, but quickly lost half his stack to 2jokerSpb, the aces up he made on fifth street falling to 2jokerSpb's rivered trip threes. Pokerccini was left with less than a million in chips and fell to 583,000 when he folded to bigslikluck3's fifth street bet. Two orbits later, Pokerccini completed to 120,000 with the K♠ on board and 2jokerSpb called with the 2♥. Pokerccini led out on every street, the last of his chips going in on sixth.

Pokerccini (5♠5♣) K♠T♣2♠6♥ (4♦)
2jokerSpb (T♦7♣) 2♥3♦2♣A♠ (3♣)

Pokerccini's pair of fives led when the money went in, but 2jokerSpb spiked two pair, deuces and threes on seventh street to eliminate him in fourth place.

Three-way deal

As soon as the action turned three-handed, everyone agreed to pause the action and discuss a potential deal. Here's a look at their chip counts when they ran the numbers:

2jokerSpb 6,681,122
A_Sh4dy_0ne 2,702,138
bigslikluck3 1,346,740

Final table host Grayson "spacegravy" Physioc provided the final three with ICM numbers and they quickly agreed to them. With $500 still in play for the winner, cards went back in the air.

Short stack bigslikluck3 was left on half a million in chips when 2jokerSpb made trip eights on sixth street to take down a 2.7 million pot. Although bigslikluck3 managed to double up, 2jokerSpd struck again, rivering quad sixes to leave bigslikluck3 on only 189,000.

On the next hand, bigslikluck3 put the last of his chips in on third street and A_Sh4dy_0ne called. Although bigslikluck3 made a pair of aces on seventh street, A_Sh4dy0ne's river card improved his hand to jacks and deuces. Bigslikluck3 was out in third place, earning $5,822.34 thanks to the deal.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 3: 2jokerSpb (7,498,382 in chips)
Seat 8: A_Sh4dy_0ne (3,231,618 in chips)

2jokerSpb and A_Sh4dy_0ne traded pots, their chip counts essentially staying the same until 2jokerSpb forced a fold on fifth street with 8♣T♦2♠ showing vs. A_Sh4dy_0ne's 7♠3♥K♣. 2jokerSpb moved up to 8 million in chips and crippled A-Sh4dy_0ne when he was dealt rolled-up aces and improved to a full house on sixth street while A_Sh4dy_0ne hit a queen-high flush.

A_Sh4dy_0ne was left with 79,618 in chips and moved them in on the next hand. He could only muster a pair of fours by the river while 2jokerSpb made jacks and sixes to lock up the win.

A_Sh4dy_0ne (2♠4♠) Q♦T♦7♣4♥ (3♠)
2jpokerSpb (K♦9♦) J♣6♥T♠J♥ (6♦)

Congratulations to 2jpokerSpb on his first SCOOP title! He banked $8,189.80 for the win while runner-up A_Sh4dy_0ne earned $6,573.93.

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #28-L ($27 Stud Hi/Lo) results

Players: 2,148
Prizepool: $52,684.30
Places paid: 272

1. 2jokerSpb (Russia) $8,189.80*
2. A_Sh4dy_0ne (Netherlands) $6,573.93*
3. bigslikluck3 (Israel) $5,822.34*
4. Mario "Pokerccini" Puccini (Germany) $3,687.90
5. Leon_Javur (Estonia) $2,634.21
6. late_entry (Mexico) $1,580.52
7. ACforKP (Australia) $1,053.68
8. ironOne (Norway) $526.84

*= reflects the results of a three-way deal that left $500 in play for the winner

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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