SCOOP 2013: andrekos0095 dominates final table to win Event #20-M ($215 NLH Turbo, Zoom)

SCOOP Event #20-M promised players a big payday in a short amount of the time. A Zoom poker tournament combined with a turbo structure was the perfect recipe for continuous action and fast play. 2,653 players bought into the event creating a $530,600 prize pool and a nice $83,834 to the SCOOP winner. Players continued to exit the tournament at a steady rate until the final 3 tables formed to play down in normal fashion.

Sebastian Ruthenberg from Team PokerStars was sitting near the top of the leaderboard during the later stages of the tournament but was unable to break through to the final table. Hand-for-hand play did not last long and it produced not one, but two eliminations on separate tables. Serginh0 was knocked out in 10th place while a big 3-way pot was going down on the other table which knocked loveHitGirl in 9th place ($4,510.10) and form an 8 handed final table.

Seat 1: andrekos0095 (1,516,148 in chips)
Seat 2: OtB_RedBaron (689,656 in chips)
Seat 3: pharaohus (1,588,027 in chips)
Seat 4: blony_tair (1,930,304 in chips)
Seat 5: DanceWiwMe (599,580 in chips)
Seat 6: Risvado (2,472,868 in chips)
Seat 7: WineEmDineEm (1,278,678 in chips)
Seat 8: Empty
Seat 9: YugiohPro (3,189,739 in chips)

Blinds: 40k/80k with 10k ante
Average: ~1.5million (18.4 BBs)


OtB_RedBaron shot down, eliminated in 8th place

As expected with the Turbo structure, nearly all the action involved all-in moves preflop. OtB_RedBaron played exactly one hand at the final table before collecting a paycheck. Action folded to OtB_RedBaron in middle position who open shoved for 679,656 and was called by WineEmDineEm in the big blind. OtB_RedBaron made the move holding A♦5♥ and was far behind the opponent's A♣T♣ and the Q♥3♥4♦ flop, Q♠ turn, and J♥ river did not offer any drama. OtB_RedBaron was eliminated in 8th place for $7,693.70.

DanceWiwMe missed a beat, eliminated in 7th place

It did not take long to lose the next player in a pretty standard spot. With the blinds moving up quickly, DanceWiwMe shoved all-in with K♣5♠from the button after action folded all the way around only to have Risvado find A♣Q♥ in the small blind. DanceWiwMe hit the flop but Risvado hit it bigger then it was finished off with the 9♦ turn and J♠ river. DanceWiwMe was eliminated in 7th place for $12,999.70

WineEmDineEm loses reservation, eliminated in 6th place

The first big battle of the blinds occurred when both players had less than 10 big blinds remaining. Action folded to the blinds and Risvado opened for all the chips in the small blind and was called by WineEmDineEm in the big blind. The hole cards revealed Risvado far ahead with K♠8♠ versus Q♥8♣. Neither player improved with the A♠6♣3♠9♦4♠ board and WineEmDineEm was eliminated in 6th place for $18,305.70.

blony_tair voted out, eliminated in 5th place

Chip leader andrekos0095 min-raised from middle position only to be faced with a 3-bet shove from blony_tair in the big blind for a total of 2,504,996. andrekos0095 called the all-in amount holding 7♥7♠ and was racing against the A♦K♥ of blony_tair. The J♠7♦5♠ flop transformed the pair into a set but had a small sweat with a Q♣ on the turn. andrekos0095 dodged those few outs with the 4♠ river and blony_tair was knocked out in 5th place for $23,611.70.

pharaohus sets their chips free, eliminated in 4th place

andrekos0095 was holding a nice chiplead with only 4 players remaining and used them as weapons. The first move with them was to raise enough from the small blind to put the big blind pharaohus all-in, which was easily called with A♥J♥. andrekos0095 was behind with T♥9♥ and stayed behind on the 3♣K♦K♣. pharoahus' night would end with unlucky 9♠ turn and uninspiring 8♣ river and was set the rail in 4th place for $31,040.10.

Risvado runs into a bully, eliminated in 3rd place

andrekos0095 continued to do the heavy lifting and again raised enough in the small blind to put the big blind all-in. This hand it was Risvado calling with a big ace without luck. andrekos0095 was behind pre-flop with Q♥3♣ against Risvado's A♥K♦ but had to like the 9♦T♥8♠ for a few additional outs. The J♦ completed a Queen-high straight for the chipleader and dodged the remaining Queens on the 5♥ river. Risvado was eliminated in 3rd place for $45,101.

andrekos0095 dominates late to win SCOOP Event #20-M

andrekos0095 began heads up play with a better than 2-to-1 chip advantage over YugiohPro after eliminating the last three players. Heads up play lasted longer than one would expect with this structure and the lead changed several times during the 34 hands to determine the champion. andrekos0095 pushed all-in after YugiohPro min-raised from the button and the tournament was at stake.

andrekos0095: A♥4♦
YugiohPro: K♣T♠

andrekos0095 improved from Ace-high on the K♠J♥4♠ but was behind the flopped King of YugiohPro. If the hand held up, YugiohPro would have a 10-to-1 chiplead to work behind. The 5♦ was not a threat but the tournament ended with the 4♥ on the river. YugiohPro finished in the runner-up spot for $62,966.20 consultation prize, andrekos0095 picked up their first SCOOP title and $83,834 for the win.

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #20-M ($215 NLH Turbo, Zoom) results:

Players: 2,653
Prizepool: $530,600
Place paid: 342

1. andrekos0095 (Russia) $83,834.91
2. YugiohPro (South Korea) $62,966.30
3. Risvado (Denmark) $45,101.00
4. pharaohus (Romania) $31,040.10
5. blony_tair (Germany) $23,611.70
6. WineEmDineEm (Mexico) $18,305.70
7. DanceWiwMe (Finland) $12,999.70
8. OtB_RedBaron (Belgium) $7,693.70
9. loveHitGirl (Russia) $4,510.10

Be sure to check out the SCOOP home page for all information on remaining events and recaps of every final table.

Al Rash
@PokerStars in SCOOP