SCOOP 2013: Calvin "cal42688" Anderson wins watch #4 in Event #25-M ($215 FL Hold'em 6-Max)

Hey Shaun? Yeah, you. Shaun Deeb. The dude with more SCOOP watches than limbs. Hear that? Shhhhhh... listen! Those are footsteps, Shaun. Calm down, it's not the cops. It's just Calvin Anderson chasing down your record. It's safe for now, but let me tell you, the guy had a pretty sick day. First stop was Day 2 of Event #22-M. Came in 14th out of 8,000-something players. All the while, he was still grinding #25-M. Yeah, man. 6-max LHE. He made the final table in the middle of the pack and then came from behind heads-up to beat Nick Abou Risk for the title. Yeah, I know you won five. But now he's won four. And you won four of those five all in the same year, could happen? Not saying I doubt you or anything, but I'd keep an eye out.

Calvin "cal42688" Anderson won his first SCOOP watch in 2010, topping a $16.50 buy-in turbo PLO event. A year later, he won the next two in a single 24-hour period, one in Stud Hi/Lo, the other in Razz. Today, at his ninth career SCOOP final table, Anderson won his fourth title in as many disciplines of poker, topping Event #25-M ($215 FL Hold'em 6-Max).


Four-time SCOOP champion Calvin "cal42688" Anderson

639 players came out to min-raise their way to fame and fortune, the prize pool topping out at $127,800. 84 places were paid with first place set to earn $23,643.00. More than a dozen Red Spades were in the field, including Victor Ramdin, Theo Jorgensen, Liv Boeree, and Chad Brown, but when it came to cashing, they went 0-14.

The betting limits were up to 10,000/20,000 on the final table bubble. With less than three big bets remaining, as1025 picked up K♥J♣ and raised to 20,000. Jonstarz three-bet, and as1025 capped. The rest of as1025's chips went in on the T♠9♥3♠ flop and jonstarz revealed 9♠9♦ for middle set. As1025 needed a queen or running cards to survive, but got the 6♣ and 4♥ instead. Jonstarz raked in the pot and as1025 departed in seventh place, setting the final table.

SCOOP Ev 25-M FT.jpg

Final table chip counts

Seat 1: b8chatz (503,245 in chips)
Seat 2: nabourisk (207,358 in chips)
Seat 3: Truelove13 (787,158 in chips)
Seat 4: nimzon (579,554 in chips)
Seat 5: cal42688 (517,266 in chips)
Seat 6: jonstarz (600,419 in chips)

Truelove13 won't wait

"I need a new watch," cal42688 quipped as cards went in the air.

He certainly had his work cut out for him at this final table, which featured a two-time UKIPT champion in Nick "nabourisk" Abou Risk as well as nimzon, who made a SCOOP final table in this same format in 2009, albeit with a $5,200 buy-in.

Truelove13 brought the chip lead into the final table but couldn't hang onto it for long. With the board reading A♥9♥5♥5♠ on the turn, jonstarz capped the betting and Truelove13 called. Truelove13 check-called one more bet when the K♠ hit the river, jonstarz revealing K♥7♥ for a flopped flush. Truelove13 fell to 336,000 and ground his way back to 400,000 before jonstarz flushed him out again. In a three-way pot with nimzon, jonstarz turned a queen-high flush and nearly tripled his stack.

Down to 80,158 in chips, Truelove13 capped the betting preflop vs. nabourisk and tossed his last 158 in on a A♦4♠3♠ flop. Both had flopped top pair, but nabourisk was winning the kicker war, his A♠K♦ dominating Truelove13's A♣9♦. Truelove13 did not improve, the turn and river falling the T♠ and the J♦ to send him home in sixth place.

nabourisk nicks nimzon

Nimzon dropped to 391,000 in the early going when nabourisk turned trip sevens and nimzon called him down. Only a few minutes later, nimzon slipped to only 159,000 after the aforementioned three-way pot where jonstarz turned a queen-high flush (see replayer above). Nimzon ground his way back up to 277,000, but suffered a cooler against nabourisk. The betting was capped three ways preflop, then capped again between nabouris and nimzon on the 8♦5♦3♥ flop. Nabourisk check-called 40,000 on the J♦ turn and another 40,000 on the J♣ river to learn his Q♦Q♣ had survived. Nimzon's T♦T♥ was up in smoke and he was left with only 37,554 in chips. They went in on the next hand vs. b8chatz and cal42688, who checked down the K♦8♥J♠ flop. When the 5♣ came on the turn, cal42688 led out and b8chatz folded. Cal42688's K♠3♥ led nimzon's J♣2♦, the T♠ falling to end nimzon's run in fifth place.

jonstarz out in fourth, b8chatz third

Jonstarz was down to 218,000 when he saw a Q♦8♠4♣ flop against nabourisk. Both players checked, and nabourisk checked again when the T♠ came on the turn. Jonstarz bet 50,000, nabourisk raised, and jonstarz called. Nabourisk led out when the 6♠ hit the river and jonstarz folded, saving his last 67,679.

Those chips went in preflop on the very next hand. Cal42688 and b8chatz checked the Q♥9♥6♥ flop, but when the J♦ came on the turn, cal42688 led out. B8chatz folded and cal42688 turned up K♣T♥ for a king-high straight. Jonstarz's A♥3♣ needed a river heart to make the nut flush, but the T♠ fell instead, eliminating him in fourth place.

Two hands later, b8chatz raised to 60,000 from the small blind and nabourisk called from the big. B8chatz led out on the K♣9♣9♥ flop and bet his last 41,980 on the T♥ turn, nabourisk calling him down with 5♦9♠ for trips. B8chatz was already drawing dead with A♦8♥ and exited in third place, good for a $13,099.50 payday.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 2: nabourisk (1,845,501 in chips)
Seat 5: cal42688 (1,349,499 in chips)

Nabourisk struck first, hitting a Q♣8♠5♣ flop with A♣Q♥. He got maximum value on the hand, three-betting preflop and leading the flop, turn, and river. Nabourisk moved past 2 million in chips, but cal42688 evened the counts when he flopped an open-ended straight draw and filled it on the river, winning a 720,000 pot. Three hands later, cal42688 took the chip lead. After three-betting pre, leading the flop and turn, and check-raising the river, cal42688's pocket kings prevailed on the 9♥7♣6♥Q♠Q♦ board, good for an 800,000 pot. Cal42688 moved up to 1.8 million and vaulted over the 2 million mark on the very next hand.

More good fortune befelled cal42688 when he flat-called a raise with A♥3♣ and hit a A♣A♦K♦ flop. Cal42688 raised nabourisk's flop bet and led out on the T♣ turn. Nabourisk called and they saw the 7♠ hit the river. Cal42688 got in one more bet, his trips taking down the 640,000 pot while nabourisk fell below a million in chips.

Nabourisk lost even more ground when he tried to run a bluff. He opened for 100,000 preflop and cal42688 called from the big blind. Cal42688 check-called 50,000 on the K♥Q♥6♦ flop, and checked again when the 8♥ hit the turn. Nabourisk bet 100,000 and cal42688 called. The river was the K♦ and cal42688 checked a third time. Nabourisk took one last shot and bet, but cal42688 called him down, tabling Q♣2♠ for two pair. Nabourisk could only show 9♣T♥ for a busted straight draw and fell to 500,000 in chips.

Cal42688 closed out the match a short time later. The action was capped on the flop and the last of nabourisk's chips went in on the turn, but he missed his open-ended straight draw. Cal42688's pair of nines held up to win the hand and his fourth SCOOP title.

Kudos to Calvin "cal42688" Anderson on his fourth SCOOP title! He banked $23,643 for the win while runner-up Nick "nabourisk" Abou Risk earned $17,636.40.

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #25-M ($215 FL Hold'em [6-Max]) results

Players: 639
Prizepool: $127,800
Places paid: 84

1. Calvin "cal42688" Anderson (Mexico) $23,643.00
2. Nick "nabourisk" Abou Risk (Ireland) $17,636.40
3. b8chatz (United Kingdom) $13,099.50
4. jonstarz (United Kingdom) $8,946.00
5. nimzon (Finland) $6,390.00
6. Truelove13 (Russia) $3,834.00

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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