SCOOP 2013: Cem1994 hits a bullseye in Event #18-L ($27 NLHE 10-Max Shootout)

Win your first table, make the money. It sounds easy enough. But to get a shot at the big cash, players had to dispose of two more tables of ten. A format favored by SNG wizards and tourney grinders alike, Event #18-L offered the potential to turn a $27 investment into enough to buy a midsize car. Taking direct aim was Cem1994, who hit a crucial river card to double up during nine-handed play. Cem1994 never had to look back and rode his chip lead into the winner's circle, capturing his first SCOOP title.

6,099 players came out for Event #18-L, creating a $149,730.45 prize pool. The 1,000 players who won their first-round tables earned a share of it, with $23,588.18 set aside for first place. Joining the action were more than a dozen Red Spades, including George Danzer, Andre Coimbra, Randy "nanonoko" Lew, George "Jorj95" Lind III, Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen, Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara and Eugene Katchalov. Both Lex Veldhuis (418th) and Joao "jomane" Nunes (268th) made the money, but couldn't top their second-round tables.

First-round tables took the field from 6,099 to 1,000 and the second from 1,000 to 100. With 11 players remaining in the third round, a single table was still heads-up, AVTOPILOT holding a 2 to 1 chip lead over shiptourneys. Their match came down to a cooler, shiptourneys six-bet shoving his Q♠Q♦ into K♦K♥. A nine-high board ended shiptourneys' run in eleventh place, while AVTOPILOT F1 advanced to the fourth and final round.

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Final table chip counts

Seat 1: bg.TheProfie (5,000 in chips)
Seat 2: Cem1994 (5,000 in chips)
Seat 3: qqgo (5,000 in chips)
Seat 4: ros1987 (5,000 in chips)
Seat 5: ShaneGlsd (5,000 in chips)
Seat 6: MPH84 (5,000 in chips)
Seat 7: leopeluca (5,000 in chips)
Seat 8: AVTOPILOT F1 (5,000 in chips)
Seat 9: Win A Rolex (5,000 in chips)
Seat 10: Igr2017 (5,000 in chips)

MPH84 sputters out in tenth

MPH84 took a hit in the first level when lgr2017's A♠Q♥ outflopped his A♦K♦ and hit a pair of queens. MPH84 tried to move him off on the river with a bluff-raise, but lgr2017 looked him up and took down the 3,000 pot. Down to 2,310, MPH84 again found A♦K♥ and shoved over Win A Rolex's UTG min-raise and lgr2017's 360-chip three-bet. Lgr2017 called with Q♠Q♦ and improved to top set on the flop, ending MPH84's run in tenth place.

Cem1994 takes the chip lead

Lgr2017's luck changed, however, when his A♣4♦ turned a wheel only to fall to Cem1994's full house on the river. Cem1994 doubled to 12,220 while lgr2017's stack plummeted to 1,946.

ShaneGlsd finished him off a short time later. With 1,263 remaining and the blinds up to 60/120, lgr2017 picked up A♥8♦ and open-shoved from middle position. ShaneGlsd reshoved to isloate and his pocket fours held up to eliminate lgr2017 in ninth place.

Seven, six, five...

Bg.TheProfie had ground his stack up to 7,700 when he picked up A♦Q♣ and opened for 336. Win A Rolex smooth-called from the big blind and bg.TheProfie hit top pair on the Q♥7♣2♦ flop. Win a Rolex check-called 488, and checked again when the 6♠ came on the turn. Bg.TheProfie bet 912, Win A Rolex raised to 3,040 and bg.TheProfie shoved for 6,847. Win A Rolex called, having successfully trapped his prey with A♠A♣, but bg.TheProfie spiked the Q♦ on the river to make trips. Win A Rolex was suddenly on the rail in eighth place, collecting $2,470.55 for his troubles.

Two hands later, qqgo's A♥7♣ flopped an open-ended straight flush draw. He moved in for his last 1,994 on the 4♣5♣6♣ flop, but Cem1994 snap-called, having flopped a flush with Q♣9♣. Qqgo improved to a ten-high flush on the river but it wasn't enough and he departed in seventh place, earning $3,443.80.

Leopeluca was down to 1,338 as the blinds moved up to 80/160. Although he doubled through Cem1994 when his A♥7♥ rivered a pair of aces against 6♥6♦, he didn't hang onto those chips for long. Two hands later, leopeluca picked up pocket jacks and four-bet shoved preflop for 2,956. AVTOPILOT F1 called with A♠7♠ and flopped a pair of aces to eliminate leopeluca in sixth place ($4,491.91).

AVTOPILOT F1 spins out

Still hovering around his starting stack with the blinds up to 150/300, AVTOPILOT F1 opened for a min-raise to 600 when the action folded to him in the small blind. Bg.TheProfie three-bet to 1,500, AVTOPILOT F1 moved all-in for 5,185 and bg.TheProfie called, his A♠T♦ dominating AVTOPILOT F1's A♣6♠. Both players made aces and deuces on the A♦3♣2♠4♥2♣ board but bg.TheProfie's ten kicker played, ending AVTOPILOT F1's run. He collected $5,989.21 for his fifth-place finish.

Cem1994 snaps off aces

Two hands later, Cem1994 picked up Q♥J♥ and opened for a min-raise from UTG. ShaneGlsd shoved for 3,549 from the big blind and Cem1994 looked him up, only to discover he'd run into A♥A♣. The K♦8♥4♥ flop made things interesting, as Cem1994 picked up a flush draw. ShaneGlsd's aces were still good when the 8♣ hit the turn, but the river was the T♥, making Cem1994's flush. Aces cracked, ShaneGlsd hit the rail in fourth place, earning $9,358.15.

ros1987 gets rocked

With three players remaining, Cem1994 still held the chip lead with 19,603, bg.TheProfie was right on his heels with 18,907, and ros1987 was the short stack with 11,490. Blinds were still 150/300 and the stacks had hardly moved when Cem1994 and ros1987 went to war on a 7♦5♣4♣6♥ board. Cem1994 led out for 582, ros1987 raised to 1,525, Cem1994 came over the top for 4,228 and ros1987 moved all-in for his remaining 10,088. Cem1994 called, revealing 8♣9♠ for a nine-high straight, while ros1987 had turned an eight-high straight with K♣8♥. Cem1994's nut straight held, the river falling the 3♣ to send us to heads-up play.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 1: bg.TheProfie (19,450 in chips)
Seat 2: Cem1994 (30,550 in chips)

Cem1994 and bg.TheProfie traded small pots for the better part of the 200/400 level before Cem1994 was able to put a little more distance between their chip counts. Cem1994 called a preflop raise from bg.TheProfie and check-called 1,380 more on the T♠9♥3♥ flop. The turn came the Q♠ and Cem1994 checked again. Bg.TheProfie bet 2,420 and Cem1994 called. However, when the river fell the 9♣, Cem1994 turned around and led out for 6,734. Bg.TheProfie gave up his hand and Cem1994 raked in the 9,620 pot without a showdown.

Six hands later, bg.TheProfie snagged those chips back. In a hand that followed a near-identical betting pattern, Cem1994 check-called the flop and turn on a K♣9♠7♣8♠J♣ board, but check-folded to bg.TheProfie's 4,950 river bet.

The very next deal turned out to be the last one. Cem1994 raised all-in on the river and bg.TheProfie called, but he couldn't top Cem1994's trip tens.

Congratulations to Cem1994 on winning four straight tables to capture a SCOOP title! He banked $23,588.18 for the win while runner-up bg.TheProfie earned $17,219.00.

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #18-L ($27 NLHE 10-Max Shootout) results

Players: 6,099
Prizepool: $149,730.45
Places paid: 1,000

1. Cem1994 (Netherlands) $23,588.18
2. bg.TheProfie (Bulgaria) $17,219.00
3. ros1987 (Ireland) $13,101.41
4. ShaneGlsd (United Kingdom) $9,358.15
5. AVTOPILOT F1 (Russia) $5,989.21
6. Leandro "leopeluca" Csome (Argentina) $4,491.91
7. qqgo (Bulgaria) $3,443.80
8. Win a Rolex (Denmark) $2,470.55
9. lgr2017 (Russia) $1,721.90
10. MPH84 (United Kingdom) $973.24

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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