SCOOP 2013: Colossal win for wilmy_x in Event #14-L (Big Antes)

Some of the mot intriguing events in the Spring Championship of Online Poker are variants of no-limit Hold'em. Big Ante events feature antes that are 20% the size of the big blind. The added equity in the pot pre-flop provides players with more incentive to play more hands. More players taking shots at pots with marginal hands translates into humongous action across the board. Simply put, Big Antes produce big action. And when you couple Big Antes with a re-buy event, then the result is a juicy prize pool with a plethora of action players.

When Event #14-L $11+R NL [Big Antes] got down to heads-up, wilmy_x and gardze_wami were engaged in a tightly-knit affair. The rest of the final table went rather quickly, but the heads-up match was an intense and methodical affair. Eventually wilmy_x finally broke through and won a sizable pot to gain a major advantage. Although gardze_wami did not give up so easily, wilmy_x methodically chipped away at the lead before delivering a knockout blow and locking up a victory in Big Antes.

PokerStars knew that Event #14-L $11+R NL [Big Antes] was going to be one of the more popular events, which is why it was spread out over two days. Event #14-L attracted 8,071 runners. They contributed 12,348 re-buys and 5,065 add-ons, which boosted the prize pool to $254,840. The top 1,080 places paid out.

This event drew the attention of notable Team PokerStars Pros like Marcin "Goral" Horecki and George Danzer, but neither of them cashed.

Only a trio of PokerStars pros cashed in this event: Team PokerStars Online Grzegorz "DaWarsaw" Mikielewicz (617th place), PokerStars Team Pro Marcel Luske (754th), Team PokerStars Online Randy "nanonoko" Lew (948th).

Action was suspended at the end of Level 32. At the end of Day 1, 92 players remained with gardze_wami (Poland) as the chip leader. At the end of Day 1, the Top 10 in chips were: gardze_wami (2,852,124), Mr Mathes0n (2,489,166), -ANALNASTHSA- (2,482,202), mr_oizo88 (2,473,494), Ottomantr1 (2,324,423), StraZer (2,188,752), Snake8484 (2,029,666), bennybunny18 (1,973,000), Devil_HelpMe (1,785,634), and DannyN13 (1,683,292).

Day 2 started with brisk action when 10 players busted in the first 15 minutes and a total of 25 players were liquidated in 30 minutes. In the first hour of play, 40 players hit the rail. With 52 remaining, NutsErryTime took over the lead with 5.7 million.

With 27 remaining, wilmy_x (Portugal) held the lead with 11.8 million. With 18 remaining on the final two table, wilmy_x retained the lead accumulated a stack worth 14.1 million.

With 11 to go, gardze_wami had regained the lead after rocketing to the top spot with 22.8 million. Action went hand-for-hand with 10 to go. ShowMeDa$999 bubbled off the final table in 10th place when K♦J♥ was run down by big-stacked wilmy_x's Q♥4♠. wilmy_x flopped two pair, then turned a boat. The final table of nine was set.


SCOOP Event #14-L - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Adreny (13,018,284)
Seat 2: Mr Mathes0n (2,736,808)
Seat 3: -ANALNATSHA- (6,018,339)
Seat 4: gardze_wami (12,949,084)
Seat 5: Da_Engineer (14,832,400)
Seat 6: Ottomantr1 (5,138,154)
Seat 7: Quuube (3,134,600)
Seat 8: wilmy_x (24,601,775)
Seat 9: shmothy (4,152,556)

The final table commenced during Level 45 with blinds at 125K/250K and a 50K ante. wilmy_x began the final table as the overall leader with 24 million. Mr Mathes0n brought up the rear with 2.7 million.

-ANALNATSHA- eliminated in 9th place

We lost someone on the first hand of the final table. It started when gardze_wami min-raised 500,000, wilmy_x called, and -ANALNATSHA- called from the big blind. Three players. The flop was Q♣9♣9♦. -ANALNATSHA- checked, gardze_wami checked, wilmy_x bet 1,155,555, -ANALNATSHA- called, and gardze_wami folded. Heads-up. The turn was the 6♥. -ANALNATSHA- checked. wilmy_x bet 1,888,888, -ANALNATSHA- shoved for 4,312,784, and wilmy_x called. -ANALNATSHA- trailed with Q♥T♥ versus wilmy_x's K♦Q♦. The river was the 3♥. Both players held two pair -- Queens and nines -- but wilmy_x held a better kicker and won the pot. -ANALNATSHA- collected $1,975.01 for ninth place.

Ottomantr1 eliminated in 8th place

Ottomantr1 min-raised to 500,000, wilmy_x bumped it up to 1,11,1111, and Ottomantr1 called. The flop was Q♥J♠8♥, Ottomantr1 checked, wilmy_x bet 1,111,111, Ottomantr1 said "gl" and then shoved for 3,927,043, and wilmy_x called. wilmy_x trailed with K♥T♥ against Ottomantr1's A♥J♣, but wilmy_x flopped a flush and straight draw. The turn was the 3♥ and wilmy_x picked up a flush. The river was the T♦, and wilmy_x won the pot. Turkey's Ottomantr1 took home $3,058 for eighth place.

Quuube eliminated in 7th place

Da_Engineer min-raised to 500,000, Quuube moved all-in for 2,684,600, and Da_Engineer called. Quuube was behind with A♥8♥ versus Da_Engineer's A♠Q♦. The board ran out K♥7♣3♥2♦Q♣. Da_Engineer won the pot with a pair of Queens, and Quuube was dunzo in seventh place, which paid out $5,479.06.

Mr Mathes0n eliminated in 6th place

Short-stacked Mr Mathes0n open-shoved for 1,786,808 and wilmy_x called. Mr Mathes0n made a valiant final stand with T♣T♠, but was racing against wilmy_x's K♥Q♦. The board ran out A♠J♣6♦A♣K♦, and wilmy_x rivered a better two pair. Alas, Mr Mathes0n hit the rail, but he took home $7,900.04 for sixth-place performance.

With five remaining, big-stacked wilmy_x chipped up to 38.4 million, while Adreny was the shorty with 11.4 million.

shmothy eliminated in 5th place

Another short-stack made a move when shmothy open-shoved for 2,872,556 and gardze_wami called. shmothy took K♥6♥ into battle against gardze_wami's A♠T♣. The board ran out J♣5♦2♠A♥A♦ and gardze_wami won the pot with trip Aces. The U.K.'s shmothy was knocked out and collected $10,448.44 for fifth place.

With four to go, wilmy_x held 52.5 million and gardze_wami was second with 15.2 million.

Da_Engineer eliminated in 4th place

Just when it seemed as though play slowed down at four-handed, someone busted. gardze_wami min-raised to 800,000, Da_Engineer shoved for 6,001,614, and gardze_wami called. Da_Engineer was in trouble with A♣3♥ against gardze_wami's 7♣7♠. The board ran out T♥T♣5♠2♠3♠, and gardze_wami faded a Wheel draw to win the pot. Despite a potential straight draw on the turn, Da_Engineer failed to improve and was knocked out in fourth place, which paid out $13,506.52.

Adreny eliminated in 3rd place

gardze_wami min-raised to 800,000, Adreny bombed it all-in for 6,407,173, and gardze_wami called. Adreny trailed with K♣9♦ against gardze_wami's A♠Q♦. The board ran out Q♠7♥6♠3♣A♣, and gardze_wami dragged the pot with two-pair -- Aces and Queens. Adreny busted in third place, which paid out $20,387.20.

HEADS-UP: gardze_wami (Poland) vs. wilmy_x (Portugal)
Seat 4: gardze_wami (35,296,370)
Seat 8: wilmy_x (51,285,630)

When heads-up began, wilmy_x held the lead 51.2 million to 35.2 million.


Action was paused so the final two could discuss a deal. They quickly agreed upon a chop in which wilmy_x locked up $31,971.61, while gardze_wami secured $31,386.08. A total of $3,000 was left on the table to the winner, in addition to the champion's SCOOP watch. Play resumed.

gardze_wami eliminated in 2nd place; wilmy_x wins SCOOP Event #14-L!

For most of prolonged heads-up match, gardze_wami was out in front, until wilmy_x took the lead after winning a 58.2 million pot with two pair and K♣Q♣ versus gardze_wami's A♥4♥.

On the final hand... wilmy_x min-raised to 1,200,000 and gardze_wami called. The flop was Q♦T♠7♠. gardze_wami checked, wilmy_x fired out 1.2 million, and gardze_wami called. The turn was the A♦. gardze_wami checked, wilmy_x bet 3,155,555, gardze_wami jammed for 16,284,071, and wilmy_x called. When both players tabled their cards, gardze_wami was in deep trouble with J♥9♦, because wilmy_x turned a Broadway straight with K♣J♣. The 6♣ fell on the river, which did not help gardze_wami. Alas, wilmy_x won the pot and shipped the tournament.

Poland's gardze_wami collected $31,386.08 for a runner-up performance. Congrats to wilmy_x for winning Event #14-L along with $34,971.61 in cash for first place and a sleek new champion's watch.

Check out the final hand in the re-player:

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2013 SCOOP #14-L $11+R NL [Big Antes] - Final Table Results:

Entrants: 8,071
Re-buys: 12,348
Add-Ons: 5,065
Prize Pool: $254,840
Places Paid: 1,080

1. wilmy_x (Portugal) - $34,971.61 **
2. gardze_wami (Poland) - $31,386.08 **
3. Adreny (U.K.) - $20,387.20
4. Da_Engineer (Canada) - $13,506.52
5. shmothy (U.K.) - $10,448.44
6. Mr Mathes0n (Netherlands) - $7,900.04
7. Quuube (Germany) - $5,479.06
8. Ottomantr1 (Turkey) - $3,058.08
9. -ANALNATSHA- (Kazakhstan) - $1,975.01

** denotes a deal between the final two players

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