SCOOP 2013: Crazy Elior wins turbo PLO craziness in Event 23-H ($1,050+R PLO 6-Max Turbo)


SCOOP SCHEDULER 1, SCOOP SCHEDULER 2 and SCOOP SCHEDULER 3 are sitting around one corner of a conference table which is covered in stacks of paper. Someone has drawn a May 2013 calendar on a dry erase board that takes up a whole wall of the room. The calendar is filled with scribbles. Many can't be deciphered, but phrases like "SCOOP 2013", "$40 million gtd", and "Lee Jones sings!" are legible.

A red circle is drawn around May 19. Several red arrows point to the phrase "EVENT 23" written in block letters on that date.

Alright. We can't do just another PLO event. The players have figured out that we toss PLO events into things as an excuse for being "creative". Plus it's not gamble-y enough anymore. We need to make it crazier. What have you got for me?
Make it a turbo.
That's your answer for everything.
Fine. Make it a 6-Max.
Hmmm. Still not enough. Rebuy, maybe?
Yes! I like it. All three combined. Can we get Lee Jones as table host?
I don't think he ever came back from Monaco.

And so it was that PokerStars decreed that SCOOP 2013 Event 23-High would be a $1,050+R PLO 6-Max Turbo affair. It was the ultimate gamblers' gamble that ultimately was taken down by Crazy Elior.

The Team PokerStars Pros tried their best in Event 23-H but came up well short. Jose "nachobarbero" Barbero was the highest placing Team Pro, but his 118th-place finish was well outside of the money. He was joined in the Loser's Lounge by Ike Haxton, Eugene Katchalov, Victor Ramdin, George Danzer, Johnny Lodden and Bertrand "ElkY" Grospelier.

It took about three hours for the 266 starters to reach the final table of six.

Event 23-H final table.png

Seat 1: Crazy Elior (971301 in chips)
Seat 2: Dan "Danny98765" Smith (470206 in chips)
Seat 3: nizmo jiz (207706 in chips)
Seat 4: mime477 (175184 in chips)
Seat 5: deagledan (666657 in chips)
Seat 6: Noah "Exclusive" Boeken (722946 in chips)

Level 33: blinds 20k-40k
Average: 535,666 (13.5 BBs)

Turbos being what they are, and PLO being the game that it is, the final table of Event 23-H didn't rate to set any records for length of play. All told, it was over in less than 45 minutes.

mime477 started off the final table as the short stack and almost immediately received a double-up from Boeken. Sitting with the button, mime477 shoved for 115k with K♠Q♦J♦8♠. Boeken was in the big blind and probably would have called with any four. Here, he had K♥Q♠5♣3♠. mime477 paired a jack on the river to double up to 250k.

That was just enough for mime477 to avoid finishing in 6th place. The next hand, Crazy Elior eliminated nizmo jiz, the other short stack at the table, with all the chips going in pre-flop. Crazy Elior's A♠Q♦6♦5♥ flopped the joint, Q♥A♣Q♠, to take care of nizmo jiz's middle cards.

That one hand represented $18,000 to mime477, who busted immediately after nizmo jiz. Mime477 opened from first position to 175,000, then called all in after Boeken shoved. Boeken's pocket kings, K♣K♥7♦6♠, did the trick against mime477's A♠K♦6♥2♠ when mime477 could only pair 6s by the river.

Smith doubled once through Boeken; Boeken doubled back through Smith. All of this happened in the first 10 minutes of the final table. When blinds rolled up to 30k-60k, the remaining four players decided to talk deal.

The final table host presented both the chip-chop numbers and the ICM numbers. The ICM numbers essentially took $10,000 off of Crazy Elior's chip-chop number ($162,000) and re-distributed it to the other four players. It was perhaps not a surprise that Crazy Elior didn't care for that. deagledan tried to talk reason:

deagledan: this tournament is so random crazy. U get more than nr.2 crazy... U think u got big edge w/10bb?
deagledan: U loose 1 all in and get in w aces and then out foir 73k.
deagledan: now u get 150+
Crazy Elior: don't care
Exclusive: crazy crazy
Exclusive: lets play

On the second hand back, deagledan opened for 120k in front of Boeken, who 3-bet to 450k. Crazy Elior folded the small blind, but Smith shoved the big blind with naked aces. deagledan folded, but a pot-committed Boeken called with A♥K♣J♣6♠. He completely missed the board and hit the rail in 4th place. The hand made Smith the new chip leader.

Turbos being what they are, however, it wasn't long before all three stacks were basically level. At that point deagledan proposed that the three remaining players consider a chop. Although both Smith and Crazy Elior agreed to do so, someone failed to check the "Discuss Deal" checkbox for three hands. By that point, Smith had regained the lead and deagledan was once again the short stack. Smith wanted to see chip-chop numbers, obviously; deagledan wanted the ICM numbers and told Smith straight up, "will not accept chip chop. don't try to hustle."

The ICM numbers were presented first and would give almost $165,000 to Smith, about $159,000 to Crazy Elior, and $142,000 to deagledan. The chip-chop numbers redistributed about $2,500 of deagledan's ICM portion to Smith.

deagledan: ill do ICM
deagledan: And nothing other
deagledan: Other is scam

Smith still tried to get a little extra.

Danny98765: halfway between icm and chip chop
Danny98765: I get ~166
Crazy Elior: * * lets play
Crazy Elior: stop wasting my time

Smith caved and agreed to the ICM numbers. The deal was struck, leaving just $4,000 and the Movado watch for the champion.

Strangely enough, when play resumed the players seemed to be much less willing to get the chips in the middle. They went 21 hands without a flop or even a pre-flop three-bet. Finally, Smith opened a pot and was three-bet all in by Crazy Elior, who turned up 9♣8♣6♠6♥ after Smith called with K♠Q♣J♠2♣. Smith rivered a flush, but Crazy Elior rivered a full house to double up.

Two hands later Smith was the one all in, with A♦3♣4♥5♥. deagledan went for the kill with A♣T♣8♠3♦ but was crippled to 100k when Smith turned a full house. Despite doubling up twice, deagledan couldn't avoid finishing in 3rd place. The final blow came courtesy of Crazy Elior.

That left only Crazy Eior and Smith to compete for the Event 23-H title. They were about even in chips when heads-up play started. Smith managed to open a 2-to-1 chip lead on Crazy Elior, but Crazy Elior took down two all-in pots in a row to end the tournament. Here's how the final hand went down:

The end had to be a bit frustrating for Smith, who just missed a SCOOP title last night when he finished 4th in Event 18-H. But neither Smith nor SCOOP champion Crazy Elior can complain too much - they both netted more than $160,000 from this tournament.

SCOOP 2013 Event 23-H $1,050+R PL Omaha (6-Max, Turbo) results

Players: 266
Re-buys: 432
Add-ons: 224
Prizepool: $922,000
Places paid: 30
* denotes 3-way deal

1. Crazy Elior (United Kingdom) - $163,362.57*
2. Dan "Danny98765" Smith (Canada) - $164,883.81*
3. deagledan (Denmark) - $141,983.62*
4. Noah "Exclusive" Boeken (Netherlands) - $73,670.00
5. mime477 (Norway) - $55,320.00
6. nizmo jiz (Australia) - $37,802.00

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Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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