SCOOP 2013: David "Gunslinger3" Bach takes second SCOOP in Event #28-H ($2,100 Stud Hi/Lo)

David "Gunslinger3" Bach is a stud.

Not only is this Bach's second SCOOP victory, it's his second SCOOP victory in the same event. Back in 2010, Bach won the $2,100 Stud Hi/Lo and now he decided it was time for another SCOOP.

While the field only had 95 players, it was as tough as you could get. There were several stud specialists including Team PokerStars Pro Nacho Barbero, George Danzer, ElkY -- who won the WSOP Stud Championship in 2011 -- Jonathan Duhamel, Eugene Katchalov, Sebastian Ruthenberg and Alexander Kravchenko. Team PokerStars Online Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome and George "jorj95" Lind III were also in the field.

While these players didn't make it to the final table, there was a whole other batch of Stud pros who made...

The final table


Seat 1: gunning4you -- 85,577
Seat 2: RZA4444 -- 10,848
Seat 3: BUMM73 -- 22,664
Seat 4: osten -- 58,571
Seat 5: jakz101 -- 80,288
Seat 6: buzzard1881 -- 96,336
Seat 7: Gunslinger -- 40,026
Seat 8: WhooooKidd -- 78,690

Players were cooped up a bit at the final table. Half of the players had previously won a PokerStars COOP event with two winning a SCOOP and another two winning a WCOOP.

Whooookidd and Gunslinger3 both won SCOOPs before while osten and jakz101 were the WCOOP champions. Like Bach, Thor "osten" Hansen's victory came in a stud event, the $320 7-card stud.

One down

RZA4444 had been the short stack during the money bubble and the final table but managed to hang on. RZA4444 would also avoid being the first player out of the final table.

Limits were 2.5K/5K with a 500 ante and jakz101 was chipped down to under 20,000. On jakz101's final hand, WhooooKidd brought it in with a 5♦ and jakz101 raised. WhooooKidd called.

Whooookidd: (6♦)(9♦)5♦9♥K♦4♦(6♥)
jakz101: (4♠)(8♣)A♦8♠7♠Q♣(4♥)

jakz101 bet on fourth street and WhooooKidd called. jakz101 fired again on fifth street and WhooooKidd raised. jakz101 moved all-in for 12,637 and WhooooKidd called.

jakz101 had a pair of eights and WhooooKidd had a flush draw. WhooooKidd hit the flush on 6th street and there was no low hand.

jakz101 was our first final table elimination and took home $6,175.00 for 8th place.

No double COOP

Then our remaining WCOOP champion was eliminated. Thor "osten" Hansen was down to 13,382 by the time of jakz101's elimination and went all-in the following hand. It was a split plot so osten only chipped up to 16,632.

Then he went all-in again.

buzzard1881 brought it in with a 4♦ and Gunslinger3 raised with a 7♥. BUMM73 and osten called showing a 6♣ and 5♣ respectively while buzzard1881 re-raised. Everyone called and we had a large pot.

Gunslinger3: (X)(X)7♥Q♠6♠
osten: (X)(X)5♣[10d]J♥K♠(X)
BUMM73: (4♥)(7♠)6♣A♦8♠J♠(5♥)
buzzard1881: (2♣)(7♦) 4♦K♥5♦3♠(K♦)

BUMM73 bet fourth street and everyone called. BUMM73 fired again on fifth street and osten raised all-in for 9,132. buzzard1881 and BUMM73 called while Gunslinger3 folded.

BUMM73 check-called a bet on sixth street and took the initiative on the river. buzzard1881 raised and BUMM73 called.

Both players had straights but BUMM73's was higher. buzzard1881 took the low with 7♦5♦4♦3♠2♣

osten was out in 7th, earning $8,075.00.

Hanging on

As we mentioned before, RZA4444 was the tournament short stack during a few key moments. RZA4444 had managed to stay alive each time and even managed to chip up some. Then the Canadian player lost a chunk.

WhooooKidd brought it in with a 3♦ and RZA4444 raised with a 3♠. Gunslinger3 re-raised with an A♠ and RZA4444 called.

RZA4444: (X)(X)3♠5♠9♦J♣(X)
Gunslinger3: (X)(X)A♠Q♥6♦A♥(X)

Gunslinger3 check-called on fourth street and then bet on fifth. RZA4444 called Gunslinger3's bet on fifth and sixth, but folded to the eventual champ's bet on the river. RZA444's stack was nearly halved to 21,692.

RZA4444 lost a bit, doubled-up and lost some more before being eliminated. BUMM73 brought it in with a 4♦ and buzzard1881 raised with a 5♦. RZA4444 three-bet and BUMM73 and buzzard1881 called.

RZA4444: (X)(X)7♥[10s]8♣5♥(X)
BUMM73: (2♥)(6♥)4♦A♠A♥[10c](J♣)
buzzard1881: (X)(X)5♦8♥8♠[10h](X)

BUMM73 bet on fourth street, buzzard1881 called and RZA4444 raised. Both players called and BUMM73 led out again on fifth street. buzzard1881 called and RZA4444 called all-in with about 1,500 behind.

BUMM73 bet on sixth street and both players checked on the river after buzzard1881 called.

BUMM73 showed aces and both players mucked. There was no low hand and RZA4444 was out in 6th, earning $9,975.

Take and give

RZA4444's elimination put BUMM73 second in chips, but BUMM73 would be the next to go. First, BUMM73 lost a few big pots to Gunslinger3:

Then BUMM73 was eliminated when the limits raised to 4K/8K with an 800 ante.

BUMM73 brought it in for 1,200 with a 3♥. buzzard1881 called with a Q♣ and gunning4you did the same with a 9♦.

gunning4you: (A♦)([10s])9♦[10h][10d]9♥(5♠)
BUMM73: (5♥)(6♠)3♥7♦Q♥7♥(7♣)
buzzard1881: (X)(X) Q♣4♥K♥

Action checked to BUMM73 on fourth street and BUMM73 bet. Both players called and gunning4you bet on fifth. BUMM73 called and buzzard1881 folded. gunning4you bet again on sixth and BUMM73 called.

gunning4you then check-raised on the river and BUMM73 called all-in.

gunning4you showed a full house with tens full of nines and there was no low hand. BUMM73 earned $13,300 and was eliminated in 5th place.

buzzard1881 was left with only 15,000 after the elimination and doubled-up the following hand. buzzard1881 went all-in two more times but split the pot both times.

He wouldn't be so lucky the third time.

gunning4you brought it in with a 3♥ and buzzard1881 raised with a 4♥. gunning4you raised and buzzard1881 called.

buzzard1881: (5♦)(A♦)4♥9♠5♠2♦(8♠)
gunning4you: (7♥)(7♦)3♥2♠4♠2♣(5♥)

buzzard1881 check-called on fourth street and check-raised on fifth. gunning4you re-raised and buzzard1881 called all-in.

gunning4you hit two-pair and a 7-5-4-3-2 low while buzzard1881 had a pair of fives and an 8-5-4-2-A.

buzzard1881 was out in 4th and earned $18,050.00.

Down to two

WhooooKidd had also been shortened by this point. WhooooKidd started three-handed with only 22,252 while gunning4you was up to 250,000 and Gunslinger3 held 202,000.

WhooooKidd was in need of a double up that never came.

Limits were still 4K/8K and WhooooKidd was quickly down to less than 5,000. It all went in a few hands after buzzard1881's elimination.

Gunslinger3 brought it in with a 6♣ and WhooooKidd moved all-in with a Q♥. gunning4you raised and Gunslinger3 called.

WhooooKidd: (X)(X)Q♥2♣4♣2♥(X)
gunning4you: (5♣)(6♥)8♣9♦A♠5♥(9♥)
Gunslinger3: (4♥)(K♠)6♣A♦6♠2♦(8♠)

Both players checked until the river where gunning4you bet and Gunslinger3 called. Gunslinger3 took the low with 8-6-4-2-A and gunning4you won the high with nines and fives.

WhooooKidd mucked and was out in 3rd, earning $35,150.00.

Gun battle

There was a lengthy heads-up match between Gunslinger3 and gunning4you. Gunslinger3 started with the lead and had gunning4you on the ropes, chipping him all the way down to 15,000. gunning4you then had a comeback and even took the lead.

There was a complete reversal of roles as gunning4you chipped all the way up to 440,000, leaving Gunslinger3 with just 35,000.

Then it was Gunslinger3's time to come back.

Pot by pot, Gunslinger3 took the lead back and then players passed it around for a bit. Gunslinger3 then took the lead for the last time when:

Gunslinger3 then took a few more large pots off gunning4you before ending the tournament. Gunslinger3 brought it in with a 5♦ and gunning4you raised with a K♥. Gunslinger3 re-raised and gunning4you called.

gunning4you: (7♦)(3♦)K♥2♥A♦Q♣(3♥)
Gunslinger3: (4♦)(A♠)5♦[10s]5♠K♣(Q♠)

gunning4you bet on fourth street and Gunslinger3 took the initiative on fifth. Gunslinger3 bet again on sixth street and gunning4you called all-in. There was no low hand and Gunslinger3 won with a pair of fives to gunning4you's threes.

gunning4you finished 2nd and won $35,150.00 while Gunslinger3 took down another SCOOP and $51,775.00.

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event 28-H ($2,100 Stud Hi/Lo) results:

Entrants: 95
Prize pool: $190,000.00
Places paid: 12

1. Gunslinger3 (Panama) $51,775.00
2. gunning4you (Canada) $35,150.00
3. WhooooKidd (Mexico) $26,600.00
4. buzzard1881 (Canada) $18,050.00
5. BUMM73 (Russia) $13,300.00
6. RZA4444 (Canada) $9,975.00
7. Osten (Norway) $8,075.00
8. jakz101 (Canada) $6,175.00

And another event comes to a close. The studly split-pot madness of Event #28 has come to an end but there's still plenty of SCOOP action left. Check out the SCOOP homepage for a list of the remaining events and the leader board of this year's SCOOP.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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