SCOOP 2013: Deeb chops, falls to Florian "FA_Morgoth" Langmann in Event #23-M ($109+R PLO 6-Max Turbo)

The run of consistent success in PokerStars' Spring Championship of Online Poker of Shaun Deeb -- a.k.a. "SCOOPerman" -- continues unabated, and we have yet another report to bring you of such tonight. Event #23-M, the $109+R 6-max. turbo pot-limit Omaha event nearly saw Deeb earn one more SCOOP title, and in fact after making it to heads-up and chopping, he'd walk away from the event with the biggest cash of anyone. But in the end it would be Florian "FA_Morgoth" Langmann denying Deeb the win to claim the victory in this one.

As to be expected, the tournament was played at a blistering pace, taking almost exactly four hours to complete. Deeb ended up taking away $63,463.68 for his runner-up finish, while Langmann earned $62,837.82 for the win.

There were about 570 players in their seats when the tournament began, but by the time late registration and the re-buy period ended following the first hour there were 1,153 all told who had signed up. Of those just under 1,000 remained, with th'Kick leading all with a stack of just over 60,000.

Ultimately players took 2,243 re-buys and 922 add-ons, which built a total prize pool of $431,800, more than four times the event's $100K guarantee. The top 156 finishers made the money, and thanks to the five-minute levels it would only take about 75 minutes more for the cash bubble to burst, with kurakasa, MrCoco, and Deeb sitting atop the counts as the field continued to rapidly shrink.

The next stretch saw four different members of Team PokerStars make the money in the event, with Team Pro Chad "ChadBrownPRO" Brown the first of them to hit the rail in 132nd ($669.29), followed not too long thereafter by Team Online member Shane "shaniac" Schleger who was eliminated by HighTimesSwe in 89th ($863.60).

Next George "Jorj95" Lind III risked his last chips with Q♠J♣9♣4♠ versus ihaveAAdream's K♦K♣6♣5♣, and when the board came 3♥[10c]Q♥3♦9♥ Lind was out in 50th place ($1,165.86).

That left just Team PokerStars Pro Richard Toth, but soon he was all in with A♣[10h]9♣4♦ versus Aquasces1 who held the nice Q♣J♣[10s]9♠ starting hand. Aquasces1's hand ended nicely, too, as the board came J♠8♣9♦3♥K♦ to make a straight and knock out Toth in 41st ($1,468.12).

Soon they reached the three-hour break with just 34 players remaining, led by opferlamm11 with more than 1.39 million and MrCoco next with just a few chips over 1 million while no one else had more than 775,000.

Within 10 minutes they were down to 20 with Shaun Deeb having climbed back up over 1.5 million and into the chip lead. A couple of eliminations later Deeb earned a huge pot while knocking out Fresh_oO_D in 17th ($3,627.12) to near the 3 million-chip mark, at the time nearly twice that of the nearest competitor.

Minutes later just 12 remained, with Deeb still on top and way out in front. It took just minutes more for six more eliminations to occur, with ezepoker90 (12th), FattieBat (11th), and opferlamm11 (10th) each earning $5,397.50, then kurakasa (9th), JayP-AA (8th), and culibrk1 (7th) taking away $7,556.50 apiece.

Just a little over three-and-a-half hours after the tourney had begun, the final six-handed table was underway.


Seat 1: Shaun "shaundeeb" Deeb (Mexico) -- 4,535,356
Seat 2: PALblCH (Belarus) -- 1,023,480
Seat 3: papier_mashe (United Kingdom) -- 1,728,353
Seat 4: CMoosepower (Denmark) -- 1,569,455
Seat 5: Florian "FA_Morgoth" Langmann (Austria) -- 3,042,535
Seat 6: Ifold2ndnuts (Netherlands) -- 2,898,821

On the final table's fifth hand, the blinds were 80,000/160,000 when Florian "FA_Morgoth" Langmann raised to 320,000 from the button, Ifold2ndnuts reraised to 1.12 million from the small blind, Langmann reraised all in, and Ifold2ndnuts called with the 1,458,821 remaining.

Ifold2ndnuts had K♣K♥T♣3♣ while Langmann had Q♦Q♥4♦4♥. The board then came 9♦8♠T♥T♦2♦, giving FA_Morgoth a flush and knocking Ifold2ndnuts out in sixth.

Just three hands after that the blinds had already bumped up to 100,000/200,000 when CMoosepower raised to 600,000 from the small blind and Langmann called from a seat over. The flop came 2♣7♥A♦, and when CMoosepower promptly pushed all in for 769,455, FA_Morgoth just as promptly called.

CMoosepower held K♠J♦8♥6♥ and some faint backdoor hopes while FA_Morgoth showed A♥T♣9♦7♦ for two pair. The turn was the 9♥ and river the 7♠, improving FA_Morgoth to a full house and sending CMoosepower railward in fifth.

Those two knockouts pushed Langmann into the top spot with four players left. Then the very next hand saw one more fall to reduce the field to three.

In that one, it was papier_mashe opening with a pot-sized raise to 700,000 from under the gun, then PALbICH reraising pot from the big blind. papier_mashe called all in with the 528,353 left, turning over Q♥J♥J♠4♠ while PALbICH had K♦K♥7♦5♠.

The board came 2♥Q♠5♥, then 7♣, then 9♠, equaling a pair of queens for papier-mashe and two pair (sevens and fives) for PALbICH. papier-mashe's run had ended in fourth.

Five hands later PALbICH opened for 2x to 400,000 from UTG, Shaun Deeb reraised to 1.3 million from the big blind, PALbICH rerraised all in for 3,229,313, and Deeb called.

PALbICH had picked up K♦Q♠J♠9♠ while Deeb had K♣K♠4♣4♥. The board ran out J♣2♦A♦6♦2♠, making Deeb's two pair best and eliminating PALbICH in third.

Deeb was gunning for a sixth career SCOOP watch -- having barely missed doing so a few days ago after finishing runner-up to Paul "paulgees81" Volpe in Event #4-H ($2,100 Badugi).


Shaun Deeb, a.k.a. "SCOOPerman"

Meanwhile Langmann was looking for a first SCOOP title. Heads-up play began with the two players' stacks nearly even, with Deeb sitting with 7,787,189 and Langmann 7,010,811.

They'd play three hands with Deeb chipping up a little further, then paused the tournament to talk about a possible deal. It took a little bit of discussion, but they agreed to a "chip chop" split of the remaining prize money, leaving $2,000 for which to play, and soon cards were back in the air.

The second hand after they resumed saw a decisive hand occur, one that began with a 2x raise by FA_Morgoth from the button, a three-bet to 1.5 million by Deeb, and a call from Langmann. The flop came 3♠5♥3♦, Deeb bet 875,000, and Langmann called. The turn then brought the T♥ and a bet of 4.75 million from Deeb, to which Langmann responded by calling all in for 4,368,311.

Deeb had K♥Q♠J♥7♦ and Langmann A♥T♠6♥5♦ -- both had flush draws, with Langmann's the higher one to go along with the ten he'd paired. The 6♦ then fell on fifth street, and FA_Morgoth's two pair (tens and sixes) beat Deeb to give Langmann the huge chip lead heading into the four-hour break.

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That hand gave Langmann more than 13.48 million to the 1.31 million of Deeb. The break arrived, but both agreed to skip it, and on the next hand Deeb managed to double up. But a couple of hands later Deeb was raising to 750,000 from the button, FA_Morgoth reraising to 2.25, Deeb pushing for 2,372,756 total, and Langmann calling.

FA_Morgoth: A♦K♥Q♠8♠
shaundeeb: J♣6♣5♠4♠

The flop came K♣8♦J♦, giving Deeb one pair (jacks) and Langmann two (kings and eights). The 7♠ on the turn then gave Deeb straight possibilities, but the river was the Q♦. Deeb had come up just a single spot shy once again, as Langmann had won!

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Congratulations to Florian "FA_Morgoth" Langmann, Event #23-M champion! And kudos, of course, to Shaun Deeb for making it to the heads-up chop and coming ever so close once again to snaring that sixth SCOOP watch.


Florian "FA_Morgoth" Langmann

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #23-M ($109+R PLO 6-Max Turbo) results (*reflects two-way deal)

Players: 1,153
Total prize pool: $431,800.00
Places paid: 156

1. Florian "FA_Morgoth" Langmann (Austria) $62,837.82*
2. Shaun "shaundeeb" Deeb (Mexico) $63,463.68*
3. PALbICH (Belarus) $41,021.00
4. papier_mashe (United Kingdom) $28,067.00
5. CMoosepower (Denmark) $18,394.68
6. Ifold2ndnuts (Netherlands) $12,954.00

Besides gunning for a sixth career SCOOP bracelet, Deeb is also working on trying to win a second straight SCOOP Player of the Series title. Check out how he's doing now over on the player leaderboard at the SCOOP site.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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