SCOOP 2013: Gowardo goes for gold in Event #2-L ($27 NL)

Sometimes a specific hand propels you to greatness. In this instance, pocket fives was the magical hand for Gowardo. After losing a heads-up chip lead against KoRn1337, Gowardo avoided an elimination with pocket fives for a timely double up. Gowardo's run continued with a second double up to narrowly avoid his demise. When Gowardo found pocket fives a second time during heads-up play, it once again proved to be a magical hand. Gowardo rivered a set of fives and doubled up for a third time to re-gain the lead. Eight hands later... Gowardo won SCOOP Event #2-L and sleek new champion's watch.

The highly-anticipated Spring Championship of Online Poker has arrived. SCOOP is all grown up now. What initially began as an auspicious and earnest tournament series has blossomed into a full-blown festival of poker with 132 different events. How big has SCOOP grown in 2013 in popularity? Many SCOOP events attract massive fields so large in size that several tournaments were spread out over two days. One of those two-day events began yesterday -- Event #2-L $27 NL Hold'em. Despite the modest buy-in of $27, the prize pool swelled to $654,944.90, which smashed the $400K guarantee. Event #2-L attracted 26,678 runners. The top 3,600 places paid out, with $62,237.87 set aside for the eventual champion.

The money bubble popped mid-way through Day 1. A trio of PokerStars pros secured themselves a cash - Team PokerStars Online nkeyno (Japan), PokerStars Team Pro George Danzer (Germany), and PokerStars Team Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki (Poland).

George Danzer had won a previous SCOOP event and was seeking his second title. Alas, Danzer finished in 1,057th place. Team Online nkeyno busted in 748th, which meant Horecki went the deepest in Event #2-L. He might have gone even deeper if he didn't run into a nasty cooler. His K♥K♣ lost to LetsFlipIt's A♣A♥. The board ran out A♦T♥2♥5♣6♥. LetsFlipIt flopped a set, which held up. Horecki finished in 244th place and faded over 26,400 combatants.

When play was suspended at the end of level 40, only 65 players remained on the final eight tables. PocketPlayett (Canada) held the Day 1 chip lead with 13.3 million, while IL0veB0ndage (Thailand) was tied up in second place with 12 million. They were the only two players sitting on stacks worth 10 million or more. The average stack was 4.1 million and XSUPERBULLX (Denmark) held the short-stack with 736K.

When action resumed on Day 2, we had fireworks on the first hand. XSUPERBULLX was the first to bust on the second day and finished in 65th place.

With 36 remaining on the final four tables, Day 1 chipleader PocketPlayett doubled up to almost 29 million and held approximately 10 million more in chips than Fabaz, the closest competitor in second place with 19 million.

With 27 to go on the final three tables, PocketPlayett slipped to 20 million and lost the lead to IL0veB0ndage, who chipped up to 27 million.

With 18 remaining on the last two tables, the top spot traded hands once again when Germany's KoRn1337 emerged as the leader with 30 million.

With 13 to go, we witnessed the biggest pot of the tournament (up until that point) when KoRn1337 shipped a monster worth over 51.8 million. Another crazy cooler. KoRn1337's K♠K♥ held up against wasylisa's Q♠Q♥, and wasylisa hit the road in 13th place. That hand rocketed KoRn1337 to almost 88 million in chips, or 50 million more than second place.

When play reached the final table bubble, action went hand-for-hand. Short-stacked swit it made a valiant final stand with A♠J♣, but lost to Timson1705's J♠J♦ when the board ran out K♥5♦3♥K♦6♦. With nine to go, the final table was set.


Event #2-L - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: KoRn1337 (97,523,176)
Seat 2: Timson1705 (29,815,001)
Seat 3: Gowardo (25,989,541)
Seat 4: Dina4ka Mok (6,577,539)
Seat 5: mactimo (21,251,487)
Seat 6: bbru156 (36,011,447)
Seat 7: pimenta7 (11,776,588)
Seat 8: PocketPayett (13,752,520)
Seat 9: Yuran7 (24,082,701)

The final table commenced during Level 49 with blinds at 400K/800K and a 100K ante. KoRn1337 held the lead with 97.5 million and Dina4ka Mok brought up the rear with 6.5 million. KoRn1337 was ahead by over 60 million.

pimenta7 eliminated in 9th place

We saw fireworks on the first hand of the final table. On a flop of Q♣6♦4♥, short-stacked pimenta7 bombed it all-in with J♣J♦ and mactimo called with K♣Q♥. The turn was the A♣ and the river was the 3♠. Mactimo pair of Queens held up while pimenta7 was the first player to bust at the final table. For a ninth-place performance, pimenta7 earned $3,274.72.

Dina4ka Mok eliminated in 8th place

The shortest stack remaining, Dina4ka Mok, was the next player to get knocked out. Timson1705 min-raised to 2 million and Dina4ka Mok called. The flop was K♣Q♣4♠. Timson1705 fired out 3 million and Dina4ka Mok called all-in for 2,402,539. Dina4ka Mok led pre-flop with A♦J♣, but Timson1705 hit the flop with K♦5♦ and took the lead with a pair of Kings. At the least, Dina4ka Mok held an overcard and picked up a Broadway straight draw. The turn was the J♥ and Dina4ka Mok improved to a pair of jacks, yet still trailed. The 2♣ fell on the river and Timson1705 faded a straight to win the pot. Dina4ka Mok busted in eighth place, which paid out $5,567.03.

Timson1705 eliminated in 7th place

After losing a couple of baby pots, big-stacked KoRn1337 got involved in a pot with Timson1705. KoRn1337 opened to 2.6 million, Timson1705 raised to 4.8 million, and KoRn1337 called. The flop was J♦5♦3♣. KoRn1337 checked, Timson1705 bet 4.8 million, KoRn1337 check-raised to 46.8 million, and Timson1705 called all-in for 10,190,020. KoRn1337 led with J♣6♦ (for a pair of Jacks) against Timson1705's A♥4♥. Timson1705 only held Ace high, but also picked up a redraw to the Wheel. The turn was the 4♦ and Timson1705 improved to a pair of fours, but KoRn1337 retained the lead with a pair of Jacks. KoRn1337 also picked up a flush draw on the turn. The river was the A♦, which gave Timson1705 two pair -- Aces and fours -- but it was not good enough to beat KoRn1337's four-flush. Alas, Timson1705 was flushed out in seventh place. Timson1705 earned $8,186.81 for a seventh-place finish.

Yuran7 eliminated in 6th place

Yuran7 open-shoved for 16,332,701, and Gowardo re-raised all-in for 42,589,541. Everyone else bailed. Heads-up. Yuran7 trailed with A♦J♠ against Gowardo's A♣K♦. The board ran out K♠6♥2♦K♥9♠. Gowardo flopped a pair of Kings and turned trips to win the pot. Yuran7 hit the road in sixth place and collected $11,789.00.

With five to go... KoRn1337 held the lead with 96 million and Gowardo sat in second place after chipping up to 61 million.


Action was paused at five-handed so the players could work out a deal. However, it was evident right away that a couple of players did not like the ICM numbers and wanted more money. After a lengthy delay involving tense negotiations, the final five made some head-way. With $8,000 left on the table for the winner, they finally agreed on a chop as follows:

KoRn1337 - $50,000.00
Gowardo - $40,000.00
PocketPayett - $30,000.00
bbru156 - $25,398.88
mactimo - $25,000.00

Play resumed once everyone accepted the specifics of the deal.

mactimo eliminated in 5th place

It did not take very long before someone busted after the deal. Germany's mactimo min-raised to 2.8 million, PocketPayett moved all-in for 45,830,040, and mactimo called all-in for 20,703,075. PocketPayett led with A♥K♥ against mactimo's A♣4♦. The board ran out J♣8♠6♣6♠Q♥. PocketPayett won the pot with a pair of Sixes and a better kicker than mactimo. Alas, mactimo hit the rail in fifth place, which paid out $25,000.00

Down to four. PocketPayett chipped up to 70 million, but still trailed KoRn1337's 105 million.

bbru156 eliminated in 4th place

It didn't last four-handed for much longer before we saw another sick cooler -- the good old "two-pair versus a set" dilemma. PocketPayett min-raised to 2.8 million, KoRn1337 called, and bbru156 also called from the small blind. The flop was A♥J♥9♠. Bbru156 was first to act and checked. PocketPayett fired away for 3,785,454, KoRn1337 bumped it up to 10 million, bbru156 check-raised all-in for 18,936,447, PocketPayett bailed, and KoRn1337 called. KoRn1337 flopped a set with A♣A♦ against bbru156's two pair with J♠9♦. Ouch. The turn was the 8♥ and the river was the 2♣. KoRn1337's set of Aces held up and bbru156 busted in fourth place, which paid out $25,398.88.

With three remaining... KoRn1337 chipped up to 136 million, Gowardo held onto second with 78.2 million, and PocketPayett was last with 51.8 million.

PocketPayett eliminated in 3rd place

PocketPayett opened with the standard min-raised to 2.8 million. Gowardo three-bet to 6.2 million. PocketPayett four-bet to 12.68 million. Gowardo five-bet to 25.2 million. PocketPayett six-bet shoved for 62,839,116, and Gowardo called. Classic race. Gowardo led with Q♣Q♥ against PocketPayett's A♠K♣. The board ran out 7♦5♥3♦5♦9♣. PocketPayett's Big Slick failed to improve and Gowardo's lovely ladies held up. For a third-place finish, PocketPayett earned $30,000.

HEADS-UP: Gowardo (U.K.) vs. KoRn1337 (Germany)
Seat 1: KoRn1337 (112,185,097)
Seat 3: Gowardo (154,594,903)

For the first time in very long time, KoRn1337 had lost the chip-lead. Gowardo seized the top spot after winning a 126 million pot the previous hand.

KoRn1337 re-gained the lead after winning the first sizable pot of heads-up play. KoRn1337 flopped a boat with 5♠5♦ on a board of Q♦Q♥5♣. Gowardo held Q♣7♥ and both players slow-played by betting small on the flop and by checking the turn. All the money went in on the river with the board of Q♦Q♥5♣9♦6♠. Gowardo lost with trip Queens to KoRn1337's boat. KoRn1337 doubled up, avoided elimination, and won a 227.5 million pot. Gowardo was left with a shade under 40 million.

Gowardo doubled up three-hands later after winning a pot with A♣J♥ and a Broadway straight versus KoRn1337's A♠8♥. Gowardo still trailed 181.4 million to 85.3 million.

Gowardo doubled up again after dragging a pot worth 115 million. Gowardo flopped a set with 5♥5♠ against KoRn1337's A♥8♦, and KoRn1137 slipped to 150M.

Presto was a lucky hand for Gowardo. Once again holding 5♦5♣, Gowardo made a set and shipped a 64.4 million pot to take the lead 143M-124M. Eight hands later... it was all over.

KoRn1337 eliminated in 2nd place; Gowardo wins SCOOP Event #2-L!

Before the final hand began, Gowardo held a slight lead 139.8 million to 126.9 million. Gowardo min-raised to 3.2 million. KoRn1337 re-raised to 8 million, and Gowardo called. The flop was A♥4♥4♣ and both players checked. The turn was the T♣. Korn1337 bet 10 million and Gowardo called. The river was the 5♦. KoRn1337 fired out 20 million, Gowardo raised to 121,639,224, and KoRn1337 called all-in for 88,740,776. KoRn1337 led pre-flop with A♦J♠ and then took the lead on the flop with Aces-up and a better kicker. However, Gowardo held A♣5♣ and rivered his kicker to win the pot with a better two-pair. KoRn1337 was knocked out in second place. Gowardo won the pot and shipped the tournament.

KoRn1337 played well but couldn't outrun variance. For a runner-up performance, Germany's KoRn1337 collected $50,000 (based upon their five-way deal).

Gowardo (U.K) shipped Event #2-L and earned $48,000 for first place. Gowardo won his first SCOOP title and also won a cool new champion's watch.

Check out the final hand via the re-player:

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PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #2L ($27 NL) - Results:

Players: 26,678
Prize Pool: $654,944.90
Places Paid: 3,600

1. Gowardo - $48,000.00 **
2. KoRn1337 - $50,000.00 **
3. PocketPayett - $30,000.00 **
4. bbru156 (Brazil) - $25,398.88 **
5. mactimo - $25,000.00 **
6. Yuran7 (Ukraine) - $11,789.00
7. Timson1705 (Russia) - $8,186.81
8. Dina4ka Mok (Germany) - $5,567.03
9. pimenta7 (Brazil) - $3,274.72

** Denotes a deal was made among the final five players

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