SCOOP 2013: I Am Benjami Completes Big O Conquest in Event #19-L ($11+R Big O 6-Max)

Short-handed Big O with rebuys. How much more exhilarating excitement can you ask for? For extreme skiers, 6-max Big O is like a run down the treacherous, icy slopes of Mt. Everest. In the ultimate thrill-seeking event, I Am Benjami faded 3,362 players to become the latest SCOOP champion.

The Spring Championship of Online Poker Event #19-L "Big O" $11+R attracted 2,262 runners. They contributed 5,983 re-buys and an additional 2,000 add-ons. That boosted the total prize pool to $113,450. The top 450 places paid out with $17,586.77 set aside to the eventual champion.

Team PokerStars Pros seeking a SCOOP title in this event included familiar faces such as George Danzer, Martin Hruby, Marcin "Goral" Horecki, Nacho Barbero, Bryan Huang, and Lex Veldhuis. Team PokerStars Online members who played, but didn't cash in Big O included nkeyno and George "Jorj95" Lind.

The only notable who cashed was Team Online Daleroxxu, who finished in the money in 349th place. George Danzer came close to the money, but the German Team Pro met his fate near the bubble in 482nd place.

With 18 to go on the final three tables, holdi12 (Liechtenstein) held the lead with 4.2 million. With 12 to go on the final two tables, babbelz (Netherlands) held the lead with 5.2 million. With nine remaining, babbelz chipped up to 9 million.

With seven remaining, action went hand-for-hand for a full level before holdi12 unceremoniously bubbled off the final table in seventh place. holdi12's A♥K♣Q♥J♣9♠ lost to I Am Benjami's 8♥8♠7♥6♠5♠. The board ran out T♦3♠2♥2♣6♦ and I Am Benjami dragged the pot with two pair. With holdi12's elimination, the final table of six was set.


SCOOP Event #19-L - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Profesigh (2,199,710)
Seat 2: malika1989 (1,925,034)
Seat 3: babbelz (13,496,038)
Seat 4: §fengshai§ (6,165,595)
Seat 5: I Am Benjami (11,651,623)
Seat 6: Pokerslive (2,597,000)

The final table commenced during Level 40 with blinds at 100K/200K. With six to go, babbelz held the lead with 13.4 million, and malika1989 sat on the short-stack with 1.9 million.

Pokerslive eliminated in 6th place

It did not take long before we saw our first elimination. On the second hand of the final table, someone busted. It all began when malika1989 opened to 700,000 and Pokerslive called from the big blind. The flop was J♥T♠T♥ and both players checked. The turn was the 2♠. Pokerslive shoved for 897,000, and malika1989 called.

Pokerslive: A♣Q♣5♠2♦2♥
malika1989: A♠A♦J♦T♣6♦

Pokerslive turned a boat, but malika1989 flopped a bigger boat. The K♥ fell on the river and malika1989 won the pot with Tens full of Jacks. Pokerslive became the first player to get knocked off the final table. For a sixth-place performance, Pokerslive earned $1985.37.

Profesigh eliminated in 5th place

Profesigh took a nasty hit a few hands earlier and all of sudden was on life support. Short-stacked Profesigh shoved for 860,763 and §fengshai§ called from the big blind.

§fengshai§: A♥K♣4♥3♠2♣
Profesigh: A♣K♥J♣8♥3♣

The board ran out 6♥4♦2♦2♠5♣. Profesigh rivered a Wheel, but §fengshai§ dragged the pot with a full boat. For a fifth-place finish, Profesigh took home $3,687.12.

With four to go, I Am Benjami held a slight lead with 11.5 million to babbelz's 11.4 million. malika1989 held 8.8 million and §fengshai§ was the "shorty" with 6.1 million.


Action was paused to discuss a deal. The final four quickly agreed upon the terms:

I Am Benjami ($13,195.93)
babbelz ($11,470.89)
malika1989 ($10,551,37)
§fengshai§ ($9,287.37)

They left $1,500 on the table (in addition to the winner's watch) for the eventual champion.

§fengshai§ eliminated in 4th place

A quick bustout occurred right after the deal. Here's what happened... babbelz opened to 675,000 and §fengshai§ called. The flop was J♦9♥2♣ and both players checked. The turn was the 5♦. babbelz fired out 1 million, §fengshai§ bumped it up to 4,725,000, babbelz jammed all-in for 9,356,328, and §fengshai§ called all-in for 1,751,358.

babbelz: A♣A♦Q♠7♥3♦
§fengshai§: K♣8♥J♠8♣5♠

The 8♦ fell on the river. §fengshai§ rivered a set, but babbelz caught running diamonds to win the pot with an Ace-high flush. Germany's §fengshai§ was knocked out in fourth place, which paid out $9,287.79.

malika1989 eliminated in 3rd place

It didn't last three-handed very long before we lost another player. malika1989 opened to 572,500, babbelz re-raised to 1,967,500, and malika1989 called. The flop was Q♥T♦6♥. babbelz fired out 2 million, malika1989 shoved for 8,195,514, and babbelz called.

babbelz: A♠A♣Q♦5♥4♣
malika1989: K♠Q♣T♠7♣3♣

Although malika1989 flopped two pair, babbelz only held a pair of Aces. The turn was the 2♦ and the river was the 3♠. babbelz caught a runner-runner straight to win the pot. Ukraine's malika1989 busted out in third place and took home $10,551.37.

HEADS-UP: babbelz (U.K.) vs. I Am Benjami (Netherlands)
Seat 3: babbelz (28,470,700)
Seat 5: I Am Benjami (9,564,300)

With two to go, I Am Benjami trailed by roughly 3-1 in chips.

It took a mere 13 hands for babbelz to cough up the lead and get knocked out. babbelz won the first pot, but I Am Benjami embarked on a heater and won the next eight consecutive hands to take a 3-1 lead. That run was highlighted by a 27.5 million pot. Although babbelz flopped a set of Aces with A♠A♦A♥J♣2♣, it could not beat I Am Benjami, who rivered an eight-high straight with Q♦Q♥9♦8♣6♥.

babbelz eliminated in 2nd place; I Am Benjami wins SCOOP Event #19-L!

The final hand began when babbelz min-raised to 600,000 and I Am Benjami called. The flop looked innoucous with 9♦4♣2♥. I Am Benjami checked, babbelz fired away at the pot for 900,000, I Am Benjami check-raised to 3.9 million, babbelz shoved all-in for 10,356,400, and I Am Benjami called.

I Am Benjami: J♠T♥5♥4♦3♠
babbelz: K♣6♥5♦3♥2♣

On the flop, I Am Benjami improved to a pair of fours, while both players flopped straight draws. The turn was the A♥. Both players turned a Wheel, and both also picked up flush re-draws, but I Am Benjami was drawing to a better flush. The the Q♥ fell on the river, which filled in a flush for both players. However, I Am Benjami dragged the pot with a higher flush with T♥5♥ versus babbelz 6♥3♥. Alas, babbelz was knocked out in second place.

For a gutsy runner-up performance, the Netherlands' babbelz earned $11,470.89.

Congrats to I Am Benjami (U.K.) for shipping SCOOP Event #19-L. First place paid out $14,695.93, plus a cool champion's watch.

View the final winning hand in the re-player:

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2013 SCOOP Event #19-L $11+R PL 5-Card Omaha [6-Max]:

Entrants: 2,262
Re-Buys: 5,983
Add-ons: 2,000
Prize Pool: $113,450
Places Paid: 450

1. I Am Benjami (U.K.) - $14,695.93 **
2. babbelz (Netherlands) - $11,470.89 **
3. malika1989 (Ukraine) - $10,551.37 **
4. §fengshai§ (Germany) - $9,287.79 **
5. Profesigh (Costa Rica) - $3,687.12
6. Pokerslive (Netherlands) - $1,985.37

** denotes a four-way deal

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