SCOOP 2013: JacktShipper ships Event #5-L ($11+R NLHE Turbo)

The Spring Championship of Online Poker is well underway with large fields and impressive prizepools. The "low" version of Event #5 provided plenty of action for all those involved with a NLHE Rebuy Turbo tournament format for $11. The chips were moving between the players at a brisk pace and the rebuys quickly mounted to surpass the $250,000 guarantee well before the one hour rebuy/add-on period was over. 12,558 players entered the tournament with 22,129 rebuys and 8,014 creating a $427,010 prizepool. Everyone in the field was aiming for the $58,291 1st place money and the SCOOP title.

Play did not slow down after the rebuy period with bustouts coming at a steady pace. The 1,621 players remaining in the field were still 30 minutes away from their 3rd break when they went hand-for-hand on the money bubble. Shane "Shaniac" Schleger, Richard Toth, and Chris "Money800" Moneymaker went deep for Team PokerStars but none had an impact near the end. There was little slow them down from the players until there were 10 players remaining on the final table bubble. After a few doubles between the two tables, bastet2004 was eliminated when 6♦6♠ could not out race the A♥9♣ of carpediem200.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: piampiam (15115435 in chips)
Seat 2: Kes237 (629152 in chips)
Seat 3: JacktShipper (33684505 in chips)
Seat 4: drjovaside (24859104 in chips)
Seat 5: pk420 (17332485 in chips)
Seat 6: carpediem200 (21407978 in chips)
Seat 7: NMDL (11967048 in chips)
Seat 8: canario back (9920849 in chips)
Seat 9: MrRabit (9214444 in chips)

Level 52: Blinds 600k/1.2m, 150k ante
Average: 15,813,904 (13 BBs)

NMDL eliminated in 9th place by quads 8's

The most interesting hand of the final table occurred early and the result was the first elimination. As the second to act, NMDL pushed all-in for 7,792,048 with T♣T♥ and canario came in over the top for 9,420,849 with 8♣8♦. pk420 was sitting in the big blind having both players covered and dominated with J♦J♣. canario began the hand with the worst hand of the three but grabbed a huge lead on the 8♠9♥A♦ flop then finished them off with the 8♥ on the turn. NMDL was eliminated in 9th place for $2,668.81 and pk420 was knocked down to just 5 big blinds.

Check out the first big hand via the re-player:

drjovaside dominated and eliminated in 8th place

After the first elimination, it took a cooler a few hands later for the next player to join the rail. carpediem200 min-raised UTG and action folded around to small blind where drjovaside pushed all-in for over 18,000,000, which carpediem200 instantly called. drjovaside's Q♦Q♥ were far behind the K♦K♠ of carpediem200 and received no help on the 6♣4♠7♣J♦J♠ board. drjovaside was eliminated in 8th for $4,270.10.

Kes237 rides shortstack to 7th place

Kes237 began the final table all-in from the small blind on the very first hand but managed to win that hand along with several more to hang in there. Time finally ran out for Kes237 when they pushed all-in from UTG+1 and holding just a little more than 2 antes. canario200 completed in the small blind, MrRabit checked the option in the big blind, and both players checked the 3♦Q♠2♣9♠3♣ board down to the river. MrRabit showed 4♠9♥ for two pair before Kes237 mucked their hand and was eliminated in 7th place for $8,540.20, a nice little $6k bump for surviving two extra spots.

pk420 unable to fight back, eliminated in 6th place

pk420 began the final table in the middle of the pack but was never able to recover after losing half a stack with a dominating hand. pk420 finally took a stand from the big blind when 2nd place chip stack carpediem200 pushed all-in UTG. carpediem200 had a strangle hold on the hand with T♣T♦ versus the T♥3♥ of pk420. The 2♦4♥T♠ flop was even more friendly to carpediem200 though pk420 picked up a few outs with the 5♠ on the turn. The comeback would not happen tonight with the K♣ river and pk420 was elimnated in 6th place for $12,810.30.

canario lives by the 8's and dies by the 8's, elminated in 5th place

canario started the final table off with a bang by hitting a big set with pocket eights for the first knockout and gave the hand another shot. JacktShipper min-raised to 5,000,000 from UTG and canario came over the top for 17,196,246 with 8♠8♥. JacktShipper called with 9♠9♦ and the board did not provide any drama or fireworks this time around. canario was eliminated in 5th place for $17,080.40.

MrRabit cannot not pull one out of his hat with Presto, eliminated in 4th place

Once play was 4-handed there was some half hearted discussion about a deal but nothing serious came of the talk with one player sitting on a much shorter stack than the rest. MrRabit was unable to pull any more value from the other players at the table and moved all-in from UTG with less than 4 big blinds. JacktShipper reshoved to isolate and they were off to races. MrRabit's J♦A♦ had little help on the 7♦K♠8♥ flop versus JacktShipper's [5d 5h] but picked up a few more outs with the Q♠. None of the 10 outs hit on the river and MrRabit was eliminated in 4th place for $21,350.50

piampiam refuses to deal, eliminated in 3rd

3-handed play began with each holding relatively similar stacks and there was once again discussion of a deal. Whether piampiam did not have the chatbox turned on or was just ignoring the other two players, there was never a response to questions and play continued. Very little action over the first few hands until carpediem200 collected a nearly 40,000,000 pot from piampiam without a showdown. Holding just 5 big blinds, piampiam raised from UTG leaving 2 big blinds behind and JacktShipper pushed all-in from the big blind. piampiam called with 9♦T♣ and was far behind 7♥7♦. No miracles on the board and piampiam was eliminated in 3rd place for $29,890.70.

carpediem200 finishes in 2nd, JacktShipper wins SCOOP #5-L

With heads-up play underway, there was finally a serious discussion about a deal. JacktShipper was sitting with 71,037,775 in chips while carpediem200 held a slim edge with 73,093,225. A deal should have been easy to knockout since they were virtually equal and heads up in a turbo format. Neither was able to come to terms and play was back underway with no change to the prizepool payouts. Chips were sliding back and forth for a few hands but it only took the 10th hand to crown a winner.

carpediem200 min-raised from the button which led JacktShipper to move all-in with just a 1,800,000 chip lead. carpediem200 called and was well ahead preflop with 8♦8♣ versus [6d As]. Pocket eights were once again playing a major roll at the final table but they could not hold up. JacktShipper hit his ace on the 9♥T♠A♣ with no danger on the turn or river to become the SCOOP Event #5-L Champion. carpediem200 added $41,206.46 to an already impressive bankroll while JacktShipper earned $58,291.29 and a sharp new watch.

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #5-L ($11+R NLHE Turbo) results

Players: 12,558 (22,128 rebuys / 8,014 add-ons)
Prizepool: $427,101
Place paid: 1,620

1. JacktShipper (Belgium) $58,291.29
2. carpediem200 (UK) $41,206.46
3. piampiam (Romania) $29,890.70
4. MrRabit (Hungary) $21,350.50
5. canario (Brazil) $17,080.40
6. pk420 (Canada) $12,810.30
7. Kes237 (Belarus) $8,540.20
8. drjovaside (Bosnia) $4,270.10
9. NMDL (Portugal) $2,668.81

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Al Rash
@PokerStars in SCOOP