SCOOP 2013: krondix crushes Event #39-M ($530 PLO 6-Max)

A check of the SCOOP stats page tells us that through the first 114 tournaments of this year's Spring Championship of Online Poker, a total of 32 countries have produced winners thus far, with three of them -- Canada, Russia, and the United Kingdom -- in a tight race for most watches won with 16 apiece.

Meanwhile at the bottom of the list a number of countries are tied with a single event won thus far, and after Event #39-M, the $530 pot-limit Omaha 6-max. event, one more will need to be added to the list -- the Dominican Republic. That's where the winner of this one hails from -- krondix -- who topped a field of exactly 700 players in just under 11 hours of action-packed poker to grab the victory and $63,000 first prize.

Indeed, it looks like krondix's finish represents the first final table for a Dominican Republic player in this year's SCOOP, too, which will mean it will be added to the current list of 50 countries that have produced final tablists going into the final weekend of play.

Finding a final table

That field of 700 for this one produced a nice round prize pool of $350,000, well over the $200K guarantee for the event, with the top 90 splitting the prize money.

As the tournament approached the six-hour mark and the field had been carved down to less than 100, the money bubble was approaching with Chad "ChadBrownPRO" Brown the only Team PokerStars Pro still with chips.

That's when Brown got into a preflop raising war with Paul "paulgees81" Volpe that saw Brown all in before the flop for his last 19,459 (about 24 big blinds) with A♣A♠J♦4♠ versus Volpe's A♦Q♦[10h]7♣. Alas for Brown, the board came 8♦K♦6♣Q♥J♠ to give Volpe a straight and knock Brown out in 96th place, just five spots shy of the cash.

That hand gave Volpe the chip lead heading into the six-hour break, and soon after play resumed the money bubble burst, with allucan3at having just before nudged past Volpe into the chip lead with 90 players remaining.

An hour later they were down to 47, with allucan3at still on top. Then by the eight-hour break they were down to 23, with KamelAudun having moved into first position.

Among those cashing by that point included Quentin "MiPwnYa" Lae (87th, $910), Brian "$tinger 88" Hastings (85th, $910), David "Whooookid" Baker (75th, $980), Dan "Danny98765" Smith (64th, $1,085), Bryan "theczar19" Piccioli (59th, $1,155), Ami "UhhMee" Barer (58th, $1,155), Rui "RuiNF" Ferreira (41st, $1,505), Justin "ZeeJustin" Bonomo (38th, $1,505), Artem "Artem205" Metalidi (36th, $1,750), and Paul "paulgees81" Volpe (28th, $2,030).

Play continued through the ninth hour, and before long just 12 players remained with Steve "gboro780" Gross (23rd, $2,450) and Ana "ana marquez" Marquez (18th, $3,150) among the eliminated. KamelAudun continued to hold onto the top spot, with JohnSmith and Ronny "1-ronnyr3" Kaiser in second and third respectively.

derek182 then went out in 12th just before the nine-hour break, followed thereafter by totaloser (11th) and aDrENalin710 (10th), each of whom earned $4,550. aDrENalin710 was making yet another deep run in this year's SCOOP after having won two watches already in Event #27-M ($215 Triple Draw 2-7) and Event #37-H ($2,100 H.O.R.S.E.).

It would take a little over an hour for the next three to go, with JohnSmith (9th), Ronny "1-ronnyr3" Kaiser (8th), and allucan3at (7th) each earning $7,410 for their finishes. Meanwhile, cantbeat pushed over 1 million chips and ahead of the pack to take the lead to begin the final table.


Seat 1: cantbeat (Canada) -- 1,074,643
Seat 2: ANV1972 (Russia) -- 428,692
Seat 3: elabuga (Russia) -- 360,400
Seat 4: krondix (Dominican Republic) -- 961,580
Seat 5: KamelAudun (Norway) -- 313,507
Seat 6: Popiedejopie (Netherlands) -- 361,178

elabuga bounced in sixth

On just the third hand of the final table, the blinds were 6,000/12,000 when cantbeat raised to 24,000 from the button and got two callers in ANV1972 (small blind) and elabuga (big blind).

The flop came Q♠K♥8♦, and it checked to cantbeat who continued for 46,500. ANV1972 folded, then elabuga check-raised the pot to 211,500. cantbeat came back with a pot-sized reraise, and elabuga called with the 124,900 left behind.

elabuga had A♠K♦T♠3♣ (kings and a gutshot to Broadway) while cantbeat had K♠Q♣J♠6♥ (top two pair). The turn was the T♥ and river the 8♣, meaning cantbeat's two pair was best and elabuga was out in sixth.

KamelAudun done in fifth

About 15 minutes passed with cantbeat still leading. Then a hand arose in which ANV1972 raised the minimum to 32,000 from middle position, then KamelAudun reraised to 112,000 from the small blind. It folded back to ANV1972 who called, and the pair saw the flop come 7♠4♣Q♠.

KamelAudun promptly pushed all in for 136,177 and ANV1972 called right away. KamelAudun had K♥K♠6♠4♥ for kings plus a spade flush draw. Meanwhile, ANV1972 had A♣K♣Q♣5♦ for queens and some backdoor possibilities.

The turn then brought the 3♥ and the river the 2♣, and one of those possibilities was realized as ANV1972 had made a wheel to send KamelAudun railward in fifth.

cantbeat beat, out in fourth

Play continued, and cantbeat suffered a big hit after ANV1972 managed to double through to knock cantbeat back down under 500,000.

Not long after Popiedejopie was raising 2x to 32,000 from UTG, then cantbeat reraised to 120,000 from the button. Popiedejopie called, and when the flop came 6♠8♦5♥ Popiedejopie led out for 264,000. cantbeat pushed all in for 352,890, and Popiedejopie called quickly.

Popiedejopie: 7♠6♣4♥3♠
cantbeat: A♣K♣7♦5♦

cantbeat had flopped a straight draw, but Popiedejopie had already made an eight-high straight. The Q♥ turn and 2♦ river brought no improvement for cantbeat, and they were down to three.

krondix catches cards; Popiedejopie stopped in third

Three-handed play began with ANV1972 on top with about 1.35 million, Popiedejopie next with just under 1.25 million, and krondix third with a little over 893,000.

Just four hands later, however, the balance shifted considerably in an interesting hand that saw krondix double through Popiedejopie.

That one featured krondix being dealt a couple of aces among the hole cards and Popiedejopie a couple of kings, then both players making sets by the turn at which point all of krondix's chips made it to the middle. Check it out:

RSS readers click through to view replay

Suddenly krondix had the lead, and just a few hands after that would add still more after finishing off Popiedejopie in third place.

That hand saw krondix limp in from the small blind and Popiedejopie check, then krondix lead for 20,000 after a 2♣A♠Q♣ flop. Popiedejopie made it 100,000 and krondix called, then both checked the 4♣ turn card.

Fifth street brought the 6♦ and a bet of 240,000 from krondix, and Popiedejopie called all in for 184,334. krondix turned over K♣5♣4♠3♠ for a club flush, better than Popiedejopie's A♦Q♠J♦5♥ for two pair. Popiedejopie was out, having earned a seventh cash this SCOOP series.

krondix KO's ANV1972

krondix enjoyed the chip lead to start heads-up play with ANV1972 with 2,169,478 to the latter's 1,330,522. The pair played 16 hands with krondix adding a few more chips to widen the lead, then the final hand took place.

With the blinds at 10,000/20,000, krondix raised to 42,000 from the button and ANV1972 called. The flop came 2♠A♣3♠, and after ANV1972 checked, krondix bet 33,500. ANV1972 then check-raised to 140,000, krondix pushed back by making it 504,000 to go, ANV1972 shoved all in for 927,022, and krondix called.

ANV1972 showed A♦K♥9♣8♥ for aces while krondix had Q♣9♥5♣4♣ for a flopped wheel. The turn was the 3♦ and river the 6♦, improving krondix further to a six-high straight and securing the victory.

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Congratulations to krondix for grabbing the win and earning the Dominican Republic a few new entries on that SCOOP stats page!

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #39-M ($530 Pot-limit Omaha, 6-Max) results

Players: 700
Total prize pool: $350,000
Places paid: 90

1. krondix (Dominican Republic) $63,000
2. ANV1972 (Russia) $47,250
3. Popiedejopie (Netherlands) $35,000
4. cantbeat (Canada) $24,500
5. KamelAudun (Norway) $17,500
6. elabuga (Russia) $10,500

Take a look at the SCOOP site for all sorts of statistics on how individual players and countries are doing in this year's Spring Championship of Online Poker.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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