SCOOP 2013: L0stKeys unlocks Event #19-H to win $114,660 ($1,050+R PL 5-Card Omaha 6-Max)

The game was five-card pot-limit Omaha, one designed to add another layer, a fifth dimension if you like, to a game already laced with volatility. The result was a typical SCOOP final, one filled with good players, good play, and a winner worthy of the accolade "SCOOP champion". That was L0stKeys, who secured a shock win against Odd_Oddsen, to win the title, a SCOOP winner's watch and an un-chopped first prize of $114,660.

That the prize was a big one owed everything to the re-buy and add-on option which swelled the $300,000 guaranteed prize pool to more than $440,000. From the 151 players there were 166 re-buys and a further 124 add-ons. Frugality, thy name is not 5-card pot-limit Omaha.

A few hands into the SCOOP 19-H final table

Clarity, your name is not 5-card PLO either. As hands flashed up the fifth card meant only the sharp-eyed were able to spot winning hands before they disappeared, the chips were pushed in one direction or another. For the sleepy, watching late at night, or early in the morning, the hand re-player served its purpose. What that showed was a pretty entertaining final table.

Seat 1 - Odd_Oddsen Norway), 398,245
Seat 2 - L0stKeys (Costa Rica), 315,051
Seat 3 - VOZNI (Russia), 196,483
Seat 4 - blanconegro (Mexico), 138,113
Seat 5 - sexygee (United Kingdom), 169,826
Seat 6 - Ledicus (Ireland), 353,282

As you'd expect in a $1,050 buy-in Omaha event, the line-up was a one of competitive distinction. Among the last six there were former runners-up, of SCOOPs and a Sunday Millions, as well as those set for a career best finish.

Odd_Oddsen secures the lead

The relatively inexperienced Norwegian Odd_Oddsen led with nearly 400,000 chips, ahead of Ledicus, from Ireland, with 353,000.

The pair would wrestle for the lead in the early stages before Odd_Oddsen pulled away through the application of relentless pressure, and a locking of antlers that took Odd_Oddsen up to more than 650,000 when Odd_Oddsen rivered an ace-high flush to beat Ledicus's ace-high straight. It was a lead he would keep until he was heads-up.

Meanwhile VOZNI was first to depart. A SCOOP runner up from 2010, VOZNI's tournament ended in sixth place when his turned second nut flush was pipped by Ledicus's nut flush. Three minutes later Sexygee followed. Sexygee, who finished second in the $7m guaranteed Anniversary Sunday Million in March, was busted when he could only show ace-high against the ace-high straight of Odd_Oddsen. It meant advantage Norway, up to more than 750,000.


At the other end of the scale was Blanconegro, another SCOOP 2010 runner-up, who survived a further 15 minutes as the short stack before he too was despatched by the chip leader in fourth place.

Three handed, Odd_Oddsen's lead was significant.

Odd_Oddsen - 852,000
Ledicus - 415,000
L0stKeys - 295,000

L0stKeys, boxing out of Costa Rica, had been relatively quite up to now, but got to work taking over second place from Ledicus, while Odd_Oddsen took his stack above the one million mark. Ledicus, though, was never able to recover, busting in third place.

Odd_Oddsen had led all the way and, with a two-to-one advantage over L0stKeys, looked destined to secure a first SCOOP title. With blinds at 3,000-6,000 however, the stacks were deep, deep enough for L0stKeys to set about clawing back. It looked to be working until Odd-Oddsen undid all his work to restore his lead.

Then a massive hand.

The hand effectively switched the stacks around, L0stKeys now leading and crippling Odd_Oddsen minutes later.

Going into the last break L0stKeys's 1.3 million towered over Odd_Oddsen 269,000. It was beginning to look inevitable when Odd_Oddsen got his chips in on the flop of 3♣9♣T♥. L0stKeys fired before Odd_Oddsen shoved for his remaining 124,000...

L0stKeys's tens and nines were enough to secure his first SCOOP bracelet, a well-timed display to pull off the unexpected win. Congratulations to L0stKeys on an excellent performance.

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #19-H ($1,050+R PL 5-Card Omaha [6-Max]) results

Players: 151
Prizepool: $441,000 (166 re-buys, 124 add ons)
Places paid: 18

1. L0stKeys (Costa Rica), $114,660.00
2. Odd_Oddsen (Norway), $77,175.00
3. Ledicus (Ireland), $57,330.00
4. blanconegro (Mexico), $37,485.00
5. sexygee (United Kingdom), $28,665.00
6. VOZNI (Russia), $19,845.00

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

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