SCOOP 2013: lowballeric earns a lowball title in Event #30-M ($215 Razz)

We're nearing a special day here at PokerStars with tomorrow's 10th anniversary of Chris Moneymaker's historic win in the 2003 World Series of Poker. One aspect of Moneymaker's story that has always intrigued many is the coincidence of Moneymaker's last name and the huge cash prize that came with winning the event. Sometimes in these SCOOP events we'll see uncannily-named players similarly doing well and occasionally winning events, and such was certainly the case in Event #30-M, the $215 razz event, appropriately won by lowballeric of the U.K.

lowballeric was one of 461 entrants in this one, with the $92,200 prize pool built by that group coming close to doubling the event's $50K guarantee. In addition to the SCOOP watch, lowballeric earned $17,518 of that prize pool after successfully making enough lowball hands to outlast the field.

It took nearly six hours for that field to shrink down to 100 players, led at that point by Bodhisattva6 (60,973), wadzon (59,967), and Chiesaraise (54,982). Also still alive and with an above average stack then was Team Online member Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara sitting just outside the top 20.

Alas for Kihara, he wouldn't quite make it to the cash after being ousted in 67th, just three spots shy of the money. Soon after the bubble burst, at which point eventual champ lowballeric had pushed past all into first position as the only player with more than 100,000 chips.

Eventually just 16 were left as they crossed the nine-hour mark, with Bryan "Brryann" Ruiter (50th, $345.75), Rens "Rens02" Feenstra (49th, $345.75), Shaun "shaundeeb" Deeb (46th, $291.85), Mike "Tîmex" McDonald (45th, $391.85), Steve "Illini23" Barshak (36th, $485.05), Paul "paulgees81" Volpe (26th, $599.30), Mayu "marroca5" Roca Uribe (23rd, $806.75), and Toby "810ofclubs" Lewis (19th, $806.75) among the eliminated.

It would take another half-hour to play down to eight, with Gigaloff building a big stack of more than 700,000 to assume the lead with krec23 the nearest foe with more than 500,000. zzzFFFzzz (16th), nilsef (15th), F3nix35 (14th), and RuudGullit (13th) each earned $1,060.30 for their finishes, while mapocalyps (12th), valera3000 (11th), mendozoQ (10th), and Bodhisattva6 (9th) made $1,383 apiece.

The final table was underway.


Seat 1: krec23 (Russia) -- 565,930
Seat 2: capeta333 (Brazil) -- 165,200
Seat 3: Paul "padjes" Berende (Netherlands) -- 171,182
Seat 4: Thayer "THAY3R" Rasmussen (Mexico) -- 112,264
Seat 5: Gigaloff (Russia) -- 789,779
Seat 6: Desslock (Canada) -- 78,400
Seat 7: shrek7771 (Russia) -- 143,784
Seat 8: lowballeric (United Kingdom) -- 278,461

THAY3R thwarted in eighth

The stakes were 12,000/24,000 to start the final table, and on just the second hand Thayer "THAY3R" Rasmussen was eliminated in eighth after losing the last of his short stack.

That hand started with a THAY3R raise over a bring-in from Paul "padjes" Berende. Desslock then three-bet and got two callers in shrek7771 and lowballeric, and when it folded back around to Rasmussen he typed "gg" and "gl all in" before reraising with the last of his chips to 27,864.

All three of his opponents called, then shrek7771 led with bets on the next three streets with Desslock folding on fourth and lowballeric calling all of the way. When checked to on seventh lowballeric then bet and Desslock called. lowballeric showed [3][5] / [6][Q][6][2] / [T] for a ten-low while shrek7771 had [5][6] / [3][9][9][5] / [4] for a 9-6-5-4-3.

shrek7771's hand was better than whatever THAY3R had as he mucked, and they were down to seven.

Desslock done in seventh

About an orbit later Desslock was down to just 8,936 and was open-raising all in with a [3] showing. shrek7771 reraised with an [A] up and everyone else folded, and the pair drew out their hands thusly:

Desslock: [J][A] / [3][A][4][2] / [Q] (J-4-3-2-A)
shrek7771: [6][T] / [A][4][5][9] / [Q] (9-6-5-4-A)

It was a disappointing card on seventh street for Desslock whose tourney run ended in seventh.

padjes put down in sixth

krec23 and Gigaloff continued to add chips while Paul "padjes" Berende's stack started to slide. Then with the stakes up to 16,000/32,000, it was krec23 raising with an [8] showing, then Berende called all in for a total of 14,782 with a [K] up.

padjes ended up drawing a second king yet made a ten-low -- [6][8] / [K][K][T][4] / [9] -- but krec23 started and ended even better, making a 7-6 after drawing out [6][4] / [8][7][A][7] / [5], and Berende was out in sixth.

capeta333 captured in fifth

Soon after that hand it was capeta333 first to act and opening with a raise with a [7] showing, then watching as lowballeric called also with a [7], then krec23 raised with an [8] up. capeta33 called all in for 10,800 more while lowballeric called.

lowballeric led with bets on fourth and fifth, with krec23 calling both times. On sixth krec23 check-called a bet, then on seventh krec23 check-folded. lowballeric turned over [4][2] / [7][5][A][7] / [T] for a 7-5-4-2-A, better than capeta333's [2][5] / [7][7][J][T] / [J] for J-T-7-5-2 and they were down to four.

shrek7771 sunk in fourth

Play continued as the stakes increased to 20,000/40,000, and soon chip leader krec23 was raising on third with a [3] up and getting one caller in shrek7771 who had a [9] showing. krec23 would bet again on fourth and shrek7771 called, then when krec23 bet fifth street, shrek7771 raised, krec23 reraised, and shrek7771 called all in, having committed 125,515 total on the hand. The pair's hole cards were flipped over...

krec23: [T][7] / [3][A][8]
shrek7771: [4][3] / [9][8][7]

shrek7771 had the edge momentarily, and would draw a [7] and a [J] to finish with a 9-8-7-4-3. But krec23 picked up a [2] on sixth street then a meaningless [T] on seventh, thereby making a 8-7-3-2-A and ousting shrek7771 in fourth.

Gigaloff gg'd in third

The remaining trio battled onward as the tourney approached the 11-hour mark and the stakes moved up again to 25,000/50,000. Both krec23 and lowballeric had edged up over 1 million chips while Gigaloff had slipped to less than 100,000. Then a hand arose in which krec23 and Gigaloff traded raises back and forth until the latter was all in with a [Q] showing while krec23 had a [6] up.

It was [A][5] / [6] for krec23 and [A][8] / [Q] for Gigaloff, meaning the latter needed major help on the remaining streets to survive. Ultimately Gigaloff would make a J-low, the board running out a not-very-cooperative [A][8] / [Q][9][5][Q] / [J]. Meanwhile krec23 made a 6-5 -- [A][5] / [6][T][4][2] / [8] -- and Gigaloff was done in third.

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Epic heads-up ends with lowballeric outlasting krec23

Heads-up play started with krec23 enjoying a lead of about four big bets' worth with 1,248,406 to lowballeric's 1,056,594. The first half-hour of play saw lowballeric grab the lead away briefly, but then krec23 took it back and edged out to a better than 2-to-1 lead.

Over the next couple of dozen hands krec23 chipped away further to build a stack of 1,763,406 at one point versus lowballeric's 541,594. But lowballeric battled back to even the match, then pushed out in front once again. Then suddenly two big pots in succession saw lowballeric up over 2.2 million and krec23 down below 100,000.

krec23 survived the next hand after getting all in by fifth street, then drawing out a 9-6 as lowballeric could only make a Q-low. krec23 then took a couple more big pots to close the gap back, and by the time the tourney's 12-hour break arrived krec23 was ahead again with 1,284,812 to lowballeric's 1,020,188.

They continued on for another half-hour, the heads-up portion of the tournament extending to more than 90 minutes. The lead changed hands once again in a hand that saw lowballeric perform the difficult trick of drawing a 7-low while also picking up two kings, both appearing among the up cards. From there lowballeric increased the lead, and as the stakes moved up to 60,000/120,000 lowballeric chipped up over 1.8 million to krec23's stack of just under 430,000.

That's when lowballeric raised with a [2] showing, krec23 raised back with an [8] up, and lowballeric called. lowballeric led on both fourth and fifth streets, with krec23 first calling, then raising all in and getting a call from lowballeric.

krec23: [2][7] / [8][Q][6]
lowballeric: [4][9] / [2][3][A]

lowballeric had the best hand and best potential drawing-wise going forward, and after picking up a [5] on sixth street could improve no further upon the made wheel. Meanwhile, krec23 picked up a [9] and [J] -- and after 298 hands of heads-up play (!) -- lowballeric had won.

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Congratulations to lowballeric for winning a lowball SCOOP watch in Event #30-M, putting a punctuation mark on the tournament by making the lowest of all low hands. And special acknowledgement as well to krec23 for that gritty almost-300-hand heads-up battle resulting in a runner-up finish but a nice five-figure score as well.

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #30-M ($215 Razz) results

Players: 461
Total prize pool: $92,200.00
Places paid: 64

1. lowballeric (United Kingdom) $17,518.00
2. krec23 (Russia) $12,908.00
3. Gigaloff (Russia) $9,459.72
4. shrek7771 (Russia) $6,915.00
5. capeta333 (Brazil) $4,610.00
6. Paul "padjes" Berende (Netherlands) $3,227.00
7. Desslock (Canada) $2,305.00
8. Thayer "THAY3R" Rasmussen (Mexico) $1,844.00

The excitement continues in the Spring Championship of Online Poker. Check out the SCOOP site for results of what's happened and information about what's still to come.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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