SCOOP 2013: Noah "Exclusive" Boeken binks Event #13-H ($2,100 PLO Heads-Up)

Four cards. Two players. Event #13-H invited high rollers to put up $2,100 apiece for a heads-up single-elimination pot-limit Omaha tourney, and after two days and eight rounds' worth of matches it was Noah "Exclusive" Boeken proving the only player to go undefeated to win the title and an $85,520 first prize.

A total of 216 took up the challenge in this one, which built a prize pool of $432,000 that more than doubled the event's $200K guarantee. A few lucky ones earned first-round byes, but once they reached 128 players everyone had seven more matches to get through in order to win the tournament.

The schedule called for play to continue on Thursday up until the semifinals, with the semis and finals to play out on Friday. Here's how things went on both days on the way to Boeken's triumph.

Day 1: From 216 to 4

The first day of play saw the tournament play down from 216 to the final four, with each round taking between 90 minutes and a couple of hours to complete.

There were four Team PokerStars Pros taking part in this one, along with George "Jorj95" Lind of Team Online. Lind won an opening match agains LevotonKala in just two hands, the first match to complete in the entire tournament. But he'd lose in the next round to picture mic to make a short day of it.

Among the Team PokerStars Pros, Jason Mercier lost his first-round match to Johan5390, while George Danzer won one match against teddy wong before losing to eventual champ Boeken.

Johnny Lodden managed to win two matches (versus Sander "Berndsen12" Berndsen and leshkaGmBlZ) before losing a lengthy Round of 64 contest to Le Dolce.

Eugene Katchalov, meanwhile, was the only red-spade wearer to make the cash after receiving a first-round bye, beating FaKeOrReaL and Madammerock, then losing to RazzMan90 in an almost two-hour long match in the Round of 32 to cash for $4,752.


Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov

Others making it as far as Katchalov to earn $4,752 as well included Joe "Ender555" Ebanks, Alexander "joiso" Kostritsyn, and Jason "StatusUp" Lavallee.

Those making the Round of 16 before falling each earned $9,072, a group that included actionjohnny, cumicon, B00mslang, picture mic, Le Dolce, SilliSuhonen, TheFish77, and RazzMan90.

Then in the quarterfinals, tracyer defeated grapedrink07, ringosnuff beat Faith#1Virtu, Ankush "pistons87" Mandavia eliminated rascalico, and Noah "Exclusive" Boeken bested Liqqa, with those four defeated players each taking away $16,848.

The final four having been set, play was halted until Friday afternoon.

Day 2: From 4 to 1

On one side of the bracket the Dutchman Noah "Boeken" Exclusive had drawn tracyer of Hungary as a semifinal opponent, while a couple of players playing from Canada, Ankush "pistons87" Mandavia and ringosnuff, squared off on the other.

Semifinal losers would each earn $30,240, while the eventual runner-up was scheduled to receive $60,480 and the winner $95,040.


Ankush "pistons87" Mandavia grabbed the early lead against ringosnuff, keeping a slight edge through the first 20 minutes of play.

Then in Level 2 (15/30) a hand arose in which pistons87 led with a river bet with the board showing 5♠2♥5♣6♣J♣ and ringosnuff responded with a raise.

Mandavia paused a beat then called, turning over T♥6♦6♥4♠ for sixes full of fives. Meanwhile, ringosnuff showed 6♠5♥4♦2♦ for a lesser full house (fives full of sixes), and pistons87 was up over 7,800 while ringosnuff had sunk to less than 2,200.

A few minutes after that ringosnuff had chipped back a little, then came a hand in which ringosnuff raised 2x to 60 from the button, Mandavia three-bet to 180, and ringosnuff called. The flop came Q♥8♥Q♣, and when pistons87 led for 210, ringosnuff called.

The turn brought the 3♣ and another bet from pistons87, this time for 480. ringosnuff responded by raising to 1,130, Mandavia came back with a pot-sized reraise over the top, and ringosnuff called with the 1,345 left behind.

ringosnuff had Q♠6♥4♣2♠ for trip queens, but pistons87 had A♦K♥Q♦8♦ for a flopped full house. ringosnuff was in fact drawing dead, making the J♠ no matter and sending pistons87 into the final.

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Meanwhile in the other match it was tracyer jumping in front versus Noah "Exclusive" Boeken, but Boeken grabbed the lead back quickly and then steadily built his stack over the first half-hour to more than 7,000 while tracyer fell below 3,000.

The pair pushed on into Level 3 (20/40), with Boeken earning a succession of small pots increase his lead further. Then a hand arose in which Boeken was able to get tracyer to call bets on the flop and then on the river as the board came T♦K♣T♠T♣9♠, then Exclusive showed T♥9♥6♦6♣ for quad tens and tracyer mucked.

That hand left tracyer with but 743 chips to Boeken's 9,257. tracyer would hang on for a dozen hands more, then managed to double up to climb up out of the danger zone after flopping trips against Exclusive's flush draw and the hand holding up.

From there tracyer would inch back up over 2,000 as they moved into Level 4 (25/50), but fell back down below 1,000 by the time a hand came up in which Boeken raised to 150, tracyer reraised to 450, Exclusive reraised back and tracyer called all in with the 482 remaining.

tracyer: Q♠J♦T♠4♣
Exclusive: K♥J♠J♣5♥

The flop came J♥7♦4♦ to give Boeken top set, then the 8♠ fell on the turn which meant tracyer could still make a saving straight. But the river was the 7♣ to improve Boeken to a full house give him the second spot in the finals.

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Shortly after the final match began, both Ankush "pistons87" Mandavia and Noah "Exclusive" Boeken agreed to tighten up the scheduled-for prize money a tad to give $70,000 to the second-place finisher and the remainder of $85,520 to the winner.


During the first level it was Boeken seizing the early advantage, then in Level 2 a hand arose in which a series of preflop raises between the pair concluded with pistons87 calling a Boeken five-bet, then calling all in following a Boeken bet on the 9♠8♣J♠ flop.

Mandavia had Q♠J♣9♣6♦ in his hand and so had two pair (jacks and nines) and a gutshot while Boeken showed A♠A♦J♥8♦ for a lesser two pair (jacks and eights). The turn was the 5♣ and river the 6♣, giving pistons87 a back-door flush and a big chip lead with 8,200 to Exclusive's 1,800.


Ankush "pistons87" Mandavia

Boeken kept battling, however, and by the time they'd reached the fourth 15-minute level he'd closed the gap to close to even.

That's when a hand came up in which Mandavia raised 2x to 100 from the button, Boeken reraised to 300, and Mandavia called. The flop came J♦5♣8♥ and Boeken check-called a bet of 350 from his opponent. Then the turn brought the 9♥ and another check from Exclusive. This time pistons87 bet 850, and Boeken came back with a raise to 3,850. pistons87 then reraised all in and Boeken called with the 115 chips he had left.

Boeken had A♣Q♠T♥8♦ for the queen-high straight while Mandavia had 7♦7♥6♠4♦ for a no-longer-good draw to a lesser straight. The meaningless Q♥ came on the river, and suddenly Boeken had 9,230 to Mandavia's 770.

Just two hands later, pistons87 was all in before the flop with 7♠7♥5♠2♠ against Exclusive's J♦J♣T♠8♦. The board came 4♦J♥T♦2♦2♥, giving Boeken a full house, the best hand, and the victory!

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Congratulations to Noah "Exclusive" Boeken for taking down Event #13-H to earn a SCOOP watch to go along with his WCOOP bracelet won back in 2011.


Noah "Exclusive" Boeken

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #13-H ($2,100 Pot-Limit Omaha, Heads-Up) results (*reflects two-way deal)

Players: 216
Prize pool: $432,000
Places paid: 32

1. Noah "Exclusive" Boeken (Netherlands) $85,520*
2. Ankush "pistons87" Mandavia (Canada) $70,000*
3-tie. tracyer (Hungary) $30,240
3-tie. ringosnuff (Canada) $30,240

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