SCOOP 2013: nuds400 doesn't budge and wins Event #22-L ($27 NLHE)

Event #22-L was pretty big.

The online nature of online poker makes it easy to dismiss how large the fields are. What would take multiple Day 1s and hundreds of thousands of square feet with carpet, air-conditioning and cocktail service is reduced to a single number called "Entrants."

The number of entrants for Event #22-L was 25,172. That's nearly four times last year's WSOP Main Event and just 17 bodies short of filling the Red Bull Arena in New Jersey to maximum capacity.

The player to outlast the virtual stadium of players was nuds400. Aside from outlasting the 25,172 players and taking the largest chunk of the $617,972.60 prize pool, nuds400 was a rock during two final table deals.

nuds400 started with the lead, eliminated several players and was steadily in charge most of the final table. hartwith tried to negotiate some money from nuds400 during two deal attempts, but neither would go through.

Here's how it went down.

The final table


Seat 1: Borritoo -- 23,322,114
Seat 2: sr. quijito -- 12,136,350
Seat 3: elayu23 -- 22,314,230
Seat 4: nuds400 -- 58,469,355
Seat 5: maiorov_163 -- 24,348,842
Seat 6: ReeBroHan -- 24,366,435
Seat 7: hartwith -- 42,328,826
Seat 8: monk419 -- 16,097,166
Seat 9: Ezbn91 -- 28,336,682

No buds for nuds400

Final tables aren't places to make friends. You're there to eliminate, and that's what nuds400 started to do.

The final table started with 600K/1.2M blinds, a 150K ante and our final table short stack, sr. quijito, was down to 7 million in just a few hands.

sr. quijito went all-in for 7,168,350 from the button and nuds400 called from the big blind. nuds400 turned over A♣3♣ and sr. quijito showed Q♦J♣ for his tournament life.

The 5♣2♣Q♣ all but ended things for sr. quijito. nuds400 flopped the nut flush and sr. quijito was in need of a full house or quads. The K♠ on the turn ended any chance of that happening and sr. quijito was eliminated in 9th place, earning $3,707.83.

nuds400 was in the lead with about 70 million and then got another final table knockout.

An orbit after sr. quijito's elimination, nuds400 raised to 2.4 million from the button and maiorov_163 moved all-in for 17,298,842 from the small blind. nuds400 called and we had another showdown.

maiorov_163 turned over A♦3♥ while nuds400 showed two jacks, J♦J♥. The J♣7♣6♠4♦Q♣ board gave nuds400 another jack and another elimination.

maiorob_163 was eliminated in 8th place for $5,561.75.

nuds400 was in the lead with more than 80 million but then doubled a few players up.

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nuds400's final table monopoly was over. hartwith took the lead and Borritoo got the next elimination.

Blinds were up to 700K/1.4M with a 175K ante and Borritoo raised to 2.8 milliion. nuds400 re-raised to 5.4 million and monk419 moved all-in for 19,972,166. Borritoo called and showed K♥K♣ to monk419's Q♠Q♥.

It was a tough cooler for monk419 who got no help from the A♦9♣5♦7♥9♥ board. monk419 was eliminated in 7th place and earned $8,682.51.

hartwith's lead then grew even more. Blinds were up to 800K/1.6M with a 200K ante, hartwith raised to 3.2 million from the cutoff and Ezbn91 called from the button. The blinds folded and the random number generator graced players with a [10d]Q♥5♠ flop. hartwith bet 3.3 million and Ezbn91 called, bringing an A♣ on the turn.

hartwith check-called a 6.4 million bet and the 5♦ fell on the river.

Both players checked and Ezbn91 mucked when hartwith showed Q♠J♦. Ezbn91 was down to 10 million while harwith's lead grew to 101 million.

Ezbn91 then doubled up against Borritoo. Ezbn91 moved all-in from the small blind and Borritoo called from the big. Borritoo called with A♦4♦ and Ezbn91 showed Q♠[10c]. The board came 2♣8♣8♦J♣5♣ and the river flush doubled Ezbn91 up to 27 million.

More down

The sharing was over and the cutting board was back.

The hand after Ezbn91's double up, elayu23 raised to 3.52 million from under-the-gun and nuds400 moved all-in for 41,680,334. Action folded back to elayu23 who had about 18 million and called all-in.

elayu23: J♦J♠
nuds400: 7♦7♣

The 5♥7♥A♠K♥6♣ board gave nuds400 the set and another elimination. elayu23 finished 6th for $12,359.45 and nuds400 was back up to 67 million.

Then hartwith got one.

hartwith first doubled Ezbn91 up after raising to 20 million from the small blind. Ezbn91 called all-in from the big and showed K♠Q♥ to hartwith's 9♥5♥. The [10d]4♠Q♠A♣J♥ board gave Ezbn91 a straight and a double-up worth 40 million.

ReeBroHan moved all-in for 20,058,710 from the cutoff the next hand and hartwith called from the button.

ReeBroHan turned over [10d]9♠ while hartwith was ahead with A♠J♠. The J♣7♣6♦K♦4♣ fell in favor of hartwith this time and ReeBroHan was eliminated in 5th place for $18,539.17.

To and fro

hartwith had a steady lead with about 110 million while nuds400 and Ezbn91 kept battling for second. Both players kept passing around the lead until nuds400 finally pulled away for good:

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nuds400 then took another chunk out of Ezbn91's stack. Blinds were 1.25M/2.5M with a 312.5K ante and Ezbn91 raised to 7.5 million from under-the-gun. nuds400 called and the flop came 6♥Q♣5♣.

Ezbn91 bet 10 million and nuds400 called, bringing a 6♣ on the turn. Ezbn91 fired another barrell worth 12.5 million and nuds400 moved all-in. Ezbn91 folded and was left with 15 million. nuds400 on the other hand jumped into the lead with 134 million.

nuds400 then finished Ezbn91 off two hands later.

nuds400 raised to 5 million from under-the-gun and Ezbn91 moved all-in for 11,934,400 from the small blind. nuds400 called and showed [10s]5♠ while Ezbn91 turned over A♠8♦ for his tournament life.

The 2♥Q♣7♦2♦ board seemed safe for Ezbn91, but then a 5♣ came on the river to give nuds400 a pair.

Ezbn91 was out in 4th, earning $24,718.90, while nuds400 was up to 149 million.


Borritoo started three-handed with less than five big blinds but scored two consecutive double-ups to get to 39 million.

Both double-ups came through nuds400. In the first one, Borritoo showed J♥8♦ to nuds400's A♣6♠ and hit a J♣ on the flop.

In the second, Borritoo made his move with Q♠[10d] against nuds400's 8♠8♥. The A♠J♦[10s] flop fell in Borritoo's favor again and Borritoo doubled to 39 million.

Then players discussed a deal with hartwith doing most of the discussing:

hartwith: you're going to need to give me a lot
nuds400: lol
nuds400: me2
hartwith: you should have walked away with $2317 in 11th, so i'll give you that
hartwith: nuds takes 2317
hartwith: borrito can take 2k for a solid effort
nuds400: chip chop numbers plz
hartwith: i'll have the rest
hartwith: there's a very good chance we're playing here
nuds400: i think so too
hartwith: nuds we spoke about this
hartwith: you actually finished 11th
hartwith: but there was a misdeal and i didnt hit
hartwith: thus you're getting less than 8th
nuds400: lol but i am here
hartwith: allegedly

Then PokerStars staff came back with the following numbers:

Left To Play for place 1: $8,000.00

hartwith: pfft
hartwith: no chance
hartwith: 47 and i'll take it
hartwith: borito you have less than half of us
Borritoo: 35 is ok for me
Borritoo: 1.37 for u
hartwith: take 33,500, give me the difference and you still have 8k to play with

Borritoo refused to go any lower than $34,000 but hartwith insisted and even threw in a bluff:

hartwith: it's your biggest ever win
hartwith: i won sunday mill, this is peanuts
hartwith: i live in london, i cant afford sandwich with that deal

hartwith's deepest finish in the Sunday Million was actually a 2nd place back in 2009. Borritoo tried to get nuds400 to contribute, but our chipleader wasn't budging:

nuds400: i give nothing away up to you guys


The deal failed and Borritoo was out a few hands later. nuds400 raised to 5 million and Borritoo moved all-in for 34,134,920 from the big blind. nuds400 called and had Borritoo's A♥4♥ dominated with A♠9♦.

The board came 9♣3♣[10c]A♣6♥ and Borritoo was out in 3rd for $30,898.63.

This hand put nuds400 in the lead for heads-up with 179,543,754 to hartwith's 72,176,246.

One more try

Our two remaining players then tried the whole deal thing again.

HostJoshuaC (Administrator): nuds400:$51,385.95
HostJoshuaC (Administrator): hartwith:$48,351.82
HostJoshuaC (Administrator): Left To Play for place 1: $8,000.00
hartwith: 49 and we deal
hartwith: nice and easy
hartwith: we both want this to end
nuds400: lol
hartwith: so let's play for the bracelet and the 8k
hartwith: and i'll buy you a drink in vegas
hartwith: and theyre expensive
nuds400: you can husstel other guys

There was no deal (or bracelet, SCOOPs reward a more timely wrist accessory, watches) and play continued.

Heads-up play lasted 16 hands with only handful making it to the flop. hartwith made it past 100 million at one point but was back down to 85 million when things ended.

Blinds were 1.5M/3M with a 375K ante and nuds400 raised to 6 million. hartwith re-raised to 13,222,225 and nuds400 four-bet to 23,500,000. hartwith moved all-in for 85,350,996 and nuds400 called.

nuds400: A♥Q♥
hartwith: J♠5♠

The final board came 9♦K♥3♠2♥K♣ and harwith was out in 2nd for $45,921.54. This made nuds400 our most recent SCOOP champion. This is nuds400's first SCOOP victory, a win worth one SCOOP watch and $61,816.23.

PokerStars 2013 SCOOP Event #22-L ($27 NLHE) results:

Entrants: 25,172
Prize pool: $617,972.60
Places paid: 3,150

1. nuds400 (Germany) $61,816.23
2. hartwith (United Kingdom) $45,921.54
3. Borritoo (Germany) $30,898.63
4. Ezbn91 (Norway $24,718.90
5. ReeBroHan (Poland) $18,539.17
6. elayu23 (Argentina) $12,359.45
7. monk419 (United Kingdom) $8,682.51
8. maiorov_163 (Russia) $5,561.75
9. sr. quijito (Philippines) $3,707.83

Spring has barely begun but the SCOOP is half-done. There are still plenty of events for all kinds of bankrolls. For a full schedule of the remaining events, including a leader board, statistics, results and list of satellites, visit the SCOOP homepage. For more spring, head outside and roll around in a park.

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