SCOOP 2013: osten overcomes lengthy final table to win Event #11-H ($2,100 Stud)

Stud events don't always attract the largest field, but they're always far from the easiest.

Sixty-six players signed up for Event #11-H, including Team PokeStars Online George "jorj95" Lind III and Team PokerStars Pros Eugene Katchalov and George Danzer. While these players didn't make it to the final table, a whole other slew of pros made it.

Two of the final table contestants, angrymoron and FONBET_RULIT, had Sunday Million victories under their belt. BrynKenney had already won one SCOOP and Shawn "buck21" Buchanan has a SCOOP and WCOOP victory under his belt.

Our eventual champion, osten, also had a WCOOP victory. Now with his victory in Event #11-H, osten is one TCOOP away from obtaining the coveted and elusive Triple COOP.

With such a stacked final table, it's no surprise that it took a while. The final table took so long that one of its players, Brian "$tinger 88" Hastings is suspected to have fallen asleep.

Hastings had the chip lead with five players left and during a routine "bring in or raise" decision, Hastings went AWOL. His time bank slowly ticked away and his stack was blinded away until he finished fourth.

Buchanan later confirmed the sleepiness:

But all players were awake when we hit the double bubble.

With nine players left, the next player would miss out on a cash and a final table. The $132,000 prize pool would only go out to the final eight players with a min-cash being worth $5,280.00.

The bubble started with koivu18's exiting in 10th and lasted just over 20 minutes.

BensBenz was having a rocky bubble. The Mexican player was chipped down, revived and chipped down again.

With 1,000/2,000 limits, BensBenz brought it in with a 5♦ and blony_tair raised with a J♦. BensBenz re-raised, blony_tair 4-bet and BensBenz called.

BensBenz: (X)(X) 5♦A♠2♦3♣ (X)
blony_tair: (X)(X) J♦K♠3♦Q♥ (X)

blony_tair bet every street until the river and BensBenz check-called all the way. Both players checked the river and BensBenz showed 5♣[10d]6♥ for a pair of fives while blony_tair showed 6♠J♣7♥ for jacks.

BensBenz was down to about 3,000 and was all-in a few hands later. buck21 brought it in with a 5♦ and FONBET_RULIT called with a 5♠. BensBenz raised with a J♦ and buck21 folded. FONBET_RULIT put in a re-raise and BensBenz called.

BensBenz only had 570 behind and called all-in on fourth street.

FONBET_RULIT: (K♥)(K♠) 5♠3♣[10h]A♥ (3♥)
BensBenz: (Q♥)(A♣) J♦K♦2♥Q♣ (3♦)

BensBenz managed to pair his queen, but FONBET_RULIT had kings and 3s for the win. BensBenz was out in 9th and became our money and final table bubble.

The final table


Seat 1: blony_tair -- 30,985
Seat 2: angrymoron -- 19,784
Seat 3: BrynKenney -- 27,396
Seat 4: FONBET_RULIT -- 42,556
Seat 5: generdir -- 47,404
Seat 6: buck21 -- 55,868
Seat 7: $tinger 88 -- 34,788
Seat 8: osten -- 69,479

It was an already tough field, and now players were faced with an incredibly difficult final table.

buck21's lead kept growing but $tinger 88 was in hot pursuit. Then $tinger 88 jumped into the lead:


angrymoron had been short for a while but managed to score a double up.

angrymoron: (K♠)(J♣) Q♣8♠K♥3♠ (9♥)
BrynKenney: (K♦)(Q♥) Q♠3♥A♥J♠ (7♣)

generdir brought it in with a 3♦ and buck21 called with a [10c]. angrymoron raised, BrynKenney three-bet and generdir and buck21 folded.

angrymoron called Kenney's raise and his bet on 4th street. Kenney bet again on 5th street and angrymoron moved all-in for 3,844. Kenney called and angrymoron showed kings to Kenney's queens.

angrymoron was up to 17,528 while Kenney was down to 6,612. Then Kenney doubled-up the following hand.

BrynKenney: (K♣)(K♥) 5♣3♣5♥7♣ (2♥)
FONBET_RULIT: (5♠)(4♥) 6♠3♦[10s]5♦ (4♦)
buck21: (X)(X) 3♥8♦

With 1,200/2,400 limits, buck21 brought it in with a 3♥ and BrynKenney and FONBET_RULIT called.

Kenney bet on 4th street, FONBET_RULIT called and buck21 folded. Kenney bet until the river and FONBET_RULIT called all the way. Kenney's river bet was a bit small though as he only had 12 chips left at that point.

FONBET_RULIT called and Kenney doubled-up with kings and 5s to FONBET_RULIT's 5s and 4s.

Two birds with one flush

Our first elimination actually brought us two eliminations.

FONBET_RULIT: ([10h])(2♠) [10s]2♦9♣5♥ (6♠)
generdir: (Q♠)(8♥) 8♠A♠K♣9♦ ([10d])
osten: (3♥)(A♥) Q♥7♥Q♣A♣ (K♥)

Kenney brought it in with a 2♥ and FONBET_RULIT raised. generdir and osten called while Kenney folded. generdir bet 4th street, osten called, and then osten bet 5th with a pair of queens.

FONBET_RULIT called and then called all-in after generdir raised.

osten called as well and then bet on 6th. generdir moved all-in and osten called. osten hit a flush on the river while generdir had a pair of eights and a busted flush draw while FONBET_RULIT showed two-pair.

FONBET_RULIT was out in 8th, earning $5,280 while generdir won $5,940 for his 7th place finish.

One double, one out

Kenney had doubled-up angrymoron up before, and now all of angrymoron's chips were in against Kenney again.

angrymoron: (J♥)(9♥) A♥2♠4♦8♥ (6♣)
BrynKenney: (Q♥)(2♥) Q♠3♦[10c]5♣ (Q♣)

Limits were 1,600/3,200 and blony_tair brought it in with a 7♠. angrymoron had been chipped down to about 6,000 and raised. Kenney called. angrymoron bet on 4th street and Kenney raised.

angrymoron called and then check-called all-in on 5th street.

BrynKenney was ahead with a pair of queens that turned into a trips. angrymoron couldn't improve his ace-high and was out in 6th with for $7,260.

Slipping out of the lead

Brian "$tinger 88" Hastings was in the lead and then tanked over a very simple decision. Hastings was showing a 2♣ and had to bring it in or raise.

We waited and his time bank activated. Then it started ticking down.

blony_tair: stinger's inet seem to take another nap ...
blony_tair: or he does
buck21: he said hes malnurished at the resort he is at bc its hard to get food, so sometimes i think he just falls asleep
buck21: then he wakes up when he hears it beep
blony_tair: does it beep the whole 3 minutes?
buck21: yea hes prob really hungry this time to he doesnt hear it really
buck21: hopefully he come sback after a while

Then the three minutes went by.

blony_tair: :(

Players then tried to wait but only BrynKenney and buck21 agreed. Then Hastings made a payjump in his sleep.

With 2,000/4,000 limits, blony_tair raised with the A♠ and Kenney called with a J♠.

blony_tair: (6♠)(6♣) A♠Q♣5♥9♣ (4♣)
BrynKenney: (8♦)(Q♦) J♠A♥8♣7♠ ([10d])

blony_tair bet until 6th street and Kenney called all the way. Then both players checked the river and Kenney showed 8s to blony_tair's 6s.

blony_tair was left with about 6,000 and lost the rest of it to Kenney the following hand. After a raise and a re-raise, blony_tair moved all-in on 3rd street and Kenney called.

blony_tair: (A♠)(A♦) 3♦J♣2♠K♥ (Q♥)
BrynKenney: (J♦)(5♠) Q♦7♦J♥7♣ (8♣)

blony_tair's aces wouldn't hold as Kenney hit jacks and 7s to take the pot. blony_tair was out in 5th and won $9,900 for his final table performance.

Slow bleed

BrynKenney: wonder what the line is he wakes up before he blinds out
buck21: lol
BrynKenney: bucky its gambling time lol
BrynKenney: set the line
buck21: it wasent even break i dont see hwo he could fall alseep lol
BrynKenney: bucky dont let him get 2nd while sleeping ;)
buck21: lol

We'll spoil it for you now. Hastings doesn't wake up and osten never speaks a word. Hastings didn't manage to sleep to 2nd or 3rd though, he finished 4th.

This was also the beginning of a very lengthy three-handed bout. With Hastings asleep, BrynKenney, buck21 and osten were at it for nearly two hours.

When we got three-handed -- plus one sleepy player -- Kenney was in the lead with 114,000, buck21 held 93,888 and osten was the short stack with 42,959. Hastings' 80,000 would slowly trickle off and die an hour after four-handed play started.

It was quite uneventful as Hastings was downto 284 and was automatically all-in. Limits were 3,000/6,000 and Kenney raised to 3,000. buck21 called and $tinger 88 automatically folded.

buck21: (X)(X) 9♠4♣9♦A♦ (X)
BrynKenney: (X)(X) Q♣K♣[10h]4♦ (X)

buck21 called Kenney's bet on 4th street, but then took the initiative and bet all the way down to the river.

The river bet left buck21 with only 4,000 and Kenney folded, nearly doubling buck21 up to 50,000.

$tinger 88 was out in 4th. Hastings will wake up later today with $13,200 extra in his PokerStars account.

Losing one

Real three-handed play also took a while. Players kept passing around the title of chip leader and short stack and the limits were getting larger and larger. Every time a player would be on the verge of busting out they'd even things right back up.

Kenney suggested a deal and buck21 showed interest, but osten was as quiet as always.

It was finally Kenney, who held the lead so many times, who fell after being chipped down:

Losing the other

With Kenney's elimination, osten held a massive lead with 248,340 to buck21's 81,660. With so many chips on his side and 4,000/8,000 limits, it only took a few key hands for osten to win the tournament.

osten brought it in with a 5♣ and buck21 raised with a [10s]. osten three-bet and buck21 called.

osten: (X)(X)5♣[10h]K♦8♦ (X)
buck21: (X)(X) [10s]6♥6♠K♥ (X)

osten bet on 4th street and buck21 called. buck21 took the initiative on 5th street and osten raised. buck21 re-raised and osten called. osten called another bet on 6th street and then fired one of his own on the river.

buck21 folded and was left with 44,860 to osten's 285,140.

A few hands later, osten brought it in with a 2♣ and buck21 raised with a [10s]. osten re-raised, buck21 four-bet and osten called.

buck21: (K♥)(Q♣) [10s]7♣3♦9♥ (6♣)
osten: (J♠)(2♦) 2♣A♥9♦K♣ (4♦)

osten bet until 6th street and buck21 called all the way down. Both players checked the river and osten took the pot down with deuces to buck21's king-high.

buck21 was down to about 10,000 and managed to hang in and double up a few times. But buck21 couldn't overcome osten's massive lead and eventually fell to the Norwegian:

buck21 finished 2nd for $27,720 and osten was up to 330,000 chips.

With all the chips in play, osten became the champion of Event #11-H. The title comes with a SCOOP watch and $42,900.

2013 SCOOP Event #11-H ($2,100 Stud) results:

Entrants: 66
Prize pool: $132,000
Places paid: 8

1. osten (Norway) $42,900
2. buck21 (Canda) $27,720
3. BrynKenney (Kenney) $19,800
4. $tinger 88 (Canada) $13,200
5. blony_tair (Germany) $9,900
6. angrymoron (Belarus) $7,260
7. generdir (Russia) $5,940
8. FONBET_RULIT (Russia) $5,280

That was a lot of stud, but it's still not over. There are plenty of tournaments to go in this year's SCOOP. Check out the SCOOP homepage for a full schedule and satellites to each event.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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